COPD :: Lungs Inflating

Jan 31, 2016

i was lying down on my back last night and suddenly felt my whole chest (lungs maybe)inflate. Does anybody know why this happened as its happened quite a few times recently? This left me really gasping for breath.

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Feels Like Gas In My Lungs?

I have had a problem with excess stomach acid for the past 3-4 months which seems to finally be going the right way now. The thing I struggle most with now is some sort of respiratory problem that occurred about a month ago. Whenever I take a deep breath and blow out as much air as I can it hurt at the top of my lungs near the center of my body. It feels like my lungs are tight.

At the same time I have this odd gas-like air at the bottom of my lungs. When I blow out air I can feel the last bit of air is gas like and taste like gas from like a stove or something. Anyone got any idea what is?

6 doctors have diagnosed me with excess stomach acid and I have been tested for just about anything and there seems to be nothing wrong with me, except for the fact that I'm having these problems. My EKGs are also great and so are my blood tests. I've never smoked and I never get drunk.

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Anyone Had Burning In Their Lungs?

I've been sick a long time and only recently learned about reactive arthritis and think this is what i have had all these years! I haven't had all the symptoms of reactive arthritis though.

I have had a lot of burning-like symptoms and now getting it in my lungs. Anyone the same?

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What Could Be Causing The Burning In My Lungs

I would like to know what could be causing the burning in my lungs. This has been going on for about four months. Right side.

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Cystic Fibrosis And Lungs

While I was in hospital waiting for my baby to be born, I heard a lot of stories about various things that could go wrong with both babies and their mothers. One of those was about cystic fibrosis and lungs. I mean how lungs are affected by this illness and things like that. I was very shook up. I mean this cystic fibrosis is just one of so many potential diseases. Thank God I had a safe delivery, and there is nothing wrong with my baby.

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What Caused Scars On Your Lungs Just From A CT Scan?

Is it possible to tell what caused scars on your lungs just from a CT scan?  Do different causes look different?

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How Do You Strengthen Your Lungs After You Quit Smoking?

How do you strengthen your lungs after you quit smoking?

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Trouble Breathing Deeply - Not Enough Air Going Into My Lungs

For the last few days its very difficult for me to take a deep breath, or to feel like I have enough air going into my lungs. I'll try to breathe deep and it's like I just can't reach that point. I feel like I'm breathing fine but I could be taking in more air. When I'm laying in bed I can take breaths better if I'm sitting up. It's really aggravating and hard not to notice. It's been staying this way since yesterday and today, other times it was just an off and on type of thing. Another thing I noticed was if I gently press on my chest I feel a slight pain, maybe like pressure, or sensitivity. I don't know what to do about this, and it's really scaring me. I can't imagine having something wrong with me.

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Lungs Congestion Due To Atrial Fibrillation / Flutter

i've had AF for 4 years now but a recent X-ray showed lung congestion which they think is being caused by the heart.  I also get excessive facial sweating - does anyone else suffer these symptoms.  Also I am breathless going uphills and stairs which is a new development although I can walk miles on the flat.

When is AF just AF & not a heart attack?

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GERD (acid Reflux) :: Caused The Crackling In My Lungs?

I have had Gerd daily for last 2 months. Prescribed lansoprazole and gaviscon, but still not improved. Chest started getting worse so doctor checked my lungs and said they were crackling. I was prescribed antibiotics and inhaler. I still feel no better. Starting to think it will never improve. Have appointment tomorrow hopefully will sort out an appointment for endoscopy. One of my many symptoms is excessive saliva. Does anyone else suffer from this??

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Chest Pain :: Acid Reflux? Depression? Mucus In Lungs? Costochondritis?

So approx 6 months ago i was having lots of chest pain, having gone to a & e i had an ecg/bloods/lung xray etc and all came back clear, so my doctor prescribed me omeprazole, he thought maybe acid reflux, it wasn't this, i was then prescribed some anti depressants which did not work ( im no longer taking these) im not depressed im just down about what is actually wrong with me, so having agreed with me he thought maybe it was costochondritis, now he thinks i have some mucus on my lungs as i only blew 250 in a peak flow test last week( but my lung scan was clear), all these diagnoses are driving me insane, i just don't know what is wrong with me, and the doctors don't seem to care, my usual daily pain is to the left of my right breast, sometimes it's just a twinge and other times it's quite a dull ache, i also get a deep ache in my left shoulder, is anyone in the same boat as me, as today i feel im at my worst.

I'm female, 30 yo, obese( but been losing weight), i walk plenty.

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Pneumothorax :: Collapsed Lungs X4, Two Lung Operations, One Sealed, One Stapled - 20 Years On

I had all my lung drama in the 1980s, two collapses on each side, then followed by each a major lung op, one side using a blebectomy (I think it was called) which was a partial lobectomy that was then stapled back together. The other was a filler where they used some seal to fill the space between the lung and the pleura. So many years later, I survived without needing other operations but heres what happened to my lungs...!

Not sure exactly, but my chest cage, lung cage, shrank relatively suddenly - the doctor noticed the xrays looked as if they belonged to different people. Then I experienced permanent shortness of breath, I have now lived with this for six years. It was accompanied by permanent elevated adrenaline and heart pounding, none of which has been diagnosed by the doctor who always say 'everything is within normal range'. I exercise as much as I can to keep my breathing in as good a shape as possible but I feel like if they opened me up they would find an awful mess in their. I cycle a lot and swim as much as possible - I was always super active - but my breathing capacity in exercise is so much less than it was. I am 50 now and know that damage is also due to binge smoking throughout my life but I haven't smoked for a long time. I'd love to know if other people have had this or varied reactions from their lung op history and what they did about it, especially what their solutions have been. MY SOLUTIONS HAVE BEEN variously holding my breath under water for as long as possible to try and expand my lung capacity - not for the pre-op pneumo people!, Yoga, Stretching, breathing in a spine stretching folded position, meditation, cycle till you are out of breath, Buteko methods of CP and green juicing for best method of getting positive amount of super nutrients to the brain and blood stream oxygene. This might have helped someone, it helped me but it took me years to discover all the different methods I now incorporate. My condition puts me in a state of constant panic that I need to daily manage.

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Ramipril And CHF While Also Having COPD

I have COPD along with CHF. My blood pressure is normal. Have only 20% use of mitral valve. ( Cardiomyopathy). I was put on 60 mg of Furosemide (Diuretic) then 2.5 mg. Then after 2 months I am now at 7.5 mg.

My question is I have a constant cough, pulling up mucus. It starts with a real itchy throat and then the coughing. There is no relief. It goes on for anytime 7 to 15 minutes stop and then starts again. At night it is worse.

I am afraid that my COPD will get worse. Please let me hear from you if you have the same problems.

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COPD :: Pleurisy

I am a carer for my Hubby, who  has Pleurisy at the moment. I am his carer & I am meant to be going into Hospital for a hip operation. I am full of acute Anxiety myself as I need to get my Husband better. He is on antibiotics and strong painkillers as well. He also suffers from arthritis and also is deaf & severely sighted.. I am giving him hot fluids as much as possible.

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Cold Feet And COPD

I know a lot of people that have cold extremities and they don't have COPD. My adoptive Mom was one of those people.  Her hands and feet were always freezing cold and she did not have COPD.  I've had cold feet and hands all of my life long before the diagnosis of COPD. 

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Cold Weather And Copd

I was diagnosed with copd two years ago and use a serovent inhaler twice a day and have a ventolin for back up. This is my second winter since being diagnosed and the cold weather seems to be affecting me more this year. My spiro test in January showed a slight improvement but generally l feel more breathless and l wondered if maybe l should ask for a change of inhaler. Does anyone know of an alternative to serovent or is it just the weather making me feel worse.

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COPD :: Emphysema Headaches 24/7

i was diagnosed with Emphysema in February and am having further tests. This has all come at me so quickly and caught me off guard. Is anybody else suffering with these headaches? 

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COPD :: Not Able To Take Deep Breath

i am 25 years old, i have been suffering from breathing difficulty or not able to take deep breath problem.. all day i feel like taking deep breath. but when i try for it.. am not able to take deep breath. during night time i sleep normal.

what could be the reason. anybody pls help.. my Xray CT scan all normal.

could this be psychological problem. doctors trying to say that also. if so. how to recover from this.. it feels like i don't have any life without solving this problem.

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COPD :: Anyone Get Sore Throat?

Anyone get sore throat? I have a bad one. I read that it could turn into strep? Or just common? Remedies at all?

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COPD :: Feeling Better With Smoking

I foolishly went back to smoking a while back because I feel BETTER when I smoke. I stopped, but get tempted because my breathing is much better when I do! I know it is insane, but has anyone experienced this? When I quit My breathing was much worse. I think it has to do with waking up your lungs, clearing them out, so you become sob. But I swear when I did smoke, I felt fine! So crazy.

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COPD (42 Years Old) And Smoking

I gave up smoking at new year, just over two years ago. My dad died from emphysema when he has 60, and i always said that if i ever got a cough that reminded me of my dad i would quit. It got to the point where i was coughing myself to sleep each night, and i realised this wasn't just a cold that was going away, so i set myself a smoking deadline of new year (this was in the autumn) and did just that. Well 90% of my cough went away virtually overnight, but i was left with a niggly throat clearing thing, which wasn't too much hassle. Felt pretty good, and pleased with myself. So anyway, a couple of weeks ago i was doing a meditation app, and the instruction was to take a deep breath and hold it. It kind of took me by surprise, and the next day my back was hurting. So i made an appointment for the docs and she booked me in for a chest x ray and prescribed me a peak flow meter and some ventolin. 3 times a day i have to do a best of 3 reading, take two puffs of ventolin, then twenty mins later do another best of 3 reading. After three days of doing so i'm feeling constantly breathless, worse than i ever did, i still have that pain in the left side of my back, and i am sure now that indeed i have emphysema like my dad. I feel like crying all the time yet i'm putting a brave face on for everyone. I don't have any kids, and my boyfriend still smokes in the house. I try not to be around it, bit it's only a small house and difficult to avoid. He didn't see the long horrible death my dad had, both his parents are still fit and healthy. My morning peak flow reading is 350 and the other two (noon and night) are roughly 370 with hardly any difference from the ventolin except i think its giving me a dry throat. I guess my question is, has anyone else had COPD from age 40 and still lived a long time? How bearable is it? Because my dad carried on smoking quite far into his (he gave up when he went on oxygen) i'm finding it hard to expect anything different than he got. Also is it possible for the peak flow tests to be making me breathless?

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