Can't Straighten Leg In Morning Due To Extreme Pain On Knee Top

Apr 29, 2015

Starting about a year ago, sometimes when I wake up in the morning my leg is bent and it causes extreme pain at the top of my knee to straighten it. It generally takes several minutes for me to straighten it out. But once I get it straight I can bend it again and straighten it again with no pain or stiffness. I sleep on my stomach so I always thought it was blood loss in my knee from sleeping at an odd angle. But i have injured my knee before (strained) and arthritis does run in the family. It only happens with the one knee. Is this something I should see a doctor about?

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Pain And Knee Will Not Straighten After 5 Months Of TKR

i am 5 months post op from a tkr. My knee will not straighten. And I have pain when I walk. My Doctor said I will see you in November, should I get a 2 no opinion.

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How To Straighten Knee After TKR?

I am about 6 1/2 weeks out.  Bend is great but need to work on straightening knee.  How long did it take to get it totally straight after surgery?  Just wondering if I am behind.

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Can't Straighten Knee - 11 Weeks After TKR

Hi, I know this has been mentioned in the past, I think I commented on it, but I am now beginning to stress about this. My recovery seemed OK until about 7 weeks post op when I realised that I couldn't straighten my knee. I don't know if the swelling had stopped me noticing this before, but at my 6 week check, all was well and my surgeon was happy. Now I can't walk properly, uphill is ok, but downhill is a struggle and painful, also back of knee really stiff and painful after even a short sit down.

I attend physio weekly and have been advised to hold off from all usual exercises, can use the static bike, bend and extend my knee and use the bottom stair as a "step" for exercises. I can also use the pool when I can get there, but there seems little or no improvement.

Has anyone else experienced this at 11 weeks or beyond, or have any advice that has worked for them.

I am in the UK.


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Knee :: Can't Straighten Leg 5 Weeks After TKR

The physios tell me this is normal but the exercises don't seem to make any difference.  Does using an exercise bike help or are there any other suggestions?  Saw the consultant yesterday for a follow-up appointment and he seemed to think that I should be completely pain free by now.  Should I be?  My reaction was that he can't possibly have much post op experience.

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Cannot Straighten Knee Fully Or Bend

I'm a 18 year old me female and last month I fell off of a quad and since them my knee hasn't been normal. I cannot straighten it fully or bend it fully, it doesn't affect my walking or anything. Sometimes, randomly, like when I move a certain way it goes out of place? Whatever it does it hurts REALLY REALLY bad 10/10, it almost feels like I can't move my knee/leg for at least 1 minute and then the pain gradually lets off and takes about 10 minutes to go away and be back to me just not being able to straighten it or bend it fully. I also can't put my body weight on my knee at anytime or it hurt. When I first got hurt falling of the quad I did go to the hospital because my mom was worried and everything on X-rays way ok?

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Knee Exercises - Leg Raises, Bending And Now Can't Straighten It

In PT they me doing strengthening exercises.doing the pedal. Leg raises. Leg bending. What I want know is why my knee and leg isn't straight? I ice it and put heavy books on the knee, I stretch and I hang my leg off the bed just below the knee lying on my stomach. What else can I do?

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2 Surgeries But Unable To Straighten Knee - MRI Clear

I had a scope three years ago. Knee wouldn't straighten out and had difficulty walking( I played volleyball but nothing traumatic happened ), they found I had a discoid meniscus and took out a lot of inflamed tissue to "clean it out". After surgery was able to straighten my knee and was back to normal. A year later I started having the same issues(no sports this time, just running), so another scope and they removed more inflamed tissues and a small mass (tested negative for anything ) . Was good for about a year after surgery, am now having the same problem. MRI never showed anything the past couple of years, can't figure out what's going on

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Cant Walk Or Straighten Knee After Bike Accident

So 3 weeks ago, I had a bad bike accident where I flew off the bike and slammed onto my knee. Had no immediate pain until about 2 hours later, but at that point my knee was so swollen that it looked like I had grown a second kneecap! The pain got progressively worse and by the end of the day, I couldn't walk. I'm homeschooled so for the past 3 weeks, I've only left my house to go to doctors appointments because the pain is so bad even while sitting. I can't bend my knee too far or straighten it much at all, it pretty much has stayed in a bent position for three weeks. So I went to the dr, got an MRI done, and the dr was so disrespectful to me. Told me my pain was all in my head, told me to "just get up and walk" even though I visibly couldn't. He tried to manipulate me into straightening my knee by talking to me about college while trying to push the knee straight. So unprofessional. But that's besides the point - he told me my MRI looked completely normal? My knee is always popping and has all the symptoms of a torn ligament (although I don't have excruciating pain if you put physical pressure on the kneecap, although it is somewhat painful.) anyway, just wondering if I could get a few second opinions on these MRI's? I was thinking torn meniscus or ACL, but let me know.

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Knee Hurts After Grit Plyo Exercises - Can't Straighten It

I'm currently training for the army and my fitness level is so-so. I ran up and down hill, and then did Grit Plyo exercises. During Grit my knee felt sore, kind of a shooting pain. Afterwards it hurt like hell. Keeping it curled seems to make the pain go away but I can't fully extend it and I limp everywhere. I can't feel any swelling 24 hours later but there is inflammation (it's a bit stiff) I didn't hear any popping sounds and I rest it with a hot water bottle and some anti flammability pills three times a day. I've had achilles problems in the past if that's any help but I seem to get knee problems from going up and down hill, as last time I went uphill my knee hurt but I was able to rest on it. I went to a physio and within two weeks it was fine. I waited a month before getting back into high impact exercise and now this happens. Any advice please?

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Bone / Joint :: Knee Pain: Ligament Tightness Behind Knee, Slight Knee Pain Under Kneecap

So I dislocated my knee in January of this year.  I was given a device that isolates my knee cap and hold it in place.  I wore the device off and on over the year whenever my knee would feel sort of irregular. I worked out routinely to help strengthen my knee, it helped the pain somewhat, but mostly just made me feel better about the way I looked, and kept me healthy.  I haven't worked out since some time before Thanksgiving.  Starting this week i've started to feel this new akward feeling behind my kneecap, sort of like the ligament behind my knee cap is tightening, sort of similar to how it felt when I dislocated my knee, but not exactly the same.  I get the pain after fully bending my knee, for example when I am on my knees doing my job stocking shelves at work, when I stand to my feet I can usually feel the pain.  I try doing a couple of different stretches when to make the feeling go away a bit, but it comes back, and then it eventually goes away again.    

My knee "pops" (makes a loud popping noise and pressure) pretty regularly now but when I get off of work and off of my knees I experience the discomfort much less. I want to start exercising again on Monday, but I am scared I might dislocate again.  I will try using the knee cap device again tomorrow, but I feel as though whenever I use the device, it makes my knee feel like jello the next day, and make me want to use the device again, even though I was advised by my doctor that I should not need to use it regularly. ....

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Pain Management :: Extreme Calf Muscle Pain?

Couple days ago I stepped out of bed and almost hit the floor as the excruciating pain shot through my calves. I have not exercised or done anything extreme. I have tried stretching and over-the-counter pain meds ..

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Back Pain :: Extreme Lumbar And Leg Pain

I am a 41 year old girl with Chiari Malformation and Back Pain and I have Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (not really related to my question issue here). For quite awhile I have had back pain (upper/cervical) and lower. I tried to tell the doctors but they always told me it was nothing. Then it got severe one day. I don't know how to explain it but it felt like something happened in my lower back area. The pain was in my back and leg (left side) and it was not in my butt at all. Some days the pain in my leg felt like a stake was being driven in it. Otherwise most of the time it was just plain pain (don't know how to explain it - it was 2 types of pain). Well I finally called my doctor and I had an appt and he got me a couple of MRI's and said that I had a herniated disc and that a chunk broke off of it (he gave me copies of my reports as well)and the chunk was lying elsewhere. Well to make a long story short, he sent me to an Ortho Neuro who ended up doing a surgery...he was like you can do PT (which would mean I still had to live with it), Live with it or surgery. I didn't want to live with it. Well, it took awhile but after so many months/weeks I ended up having PT after the surgery.

Well during PT my pain went from being bad to worse! I cried during PT and after my sessions. I had a couple of weeks here and there I had it put off because of my neuro appts out of state, but it was not long periods of time. Anyway, my PT told me I needed to stop my PT sessions and contact my doctor because they could tell that I was having a ton of pain and I was not getting better - only worse. I did let my ortho know and waiting on my appt I let them know that on some days the pain would spread (it was kind of like radiating) to my right side. Apparently they assumed I meant it was on the right side. During my appt after my MRI, he kept saying the right side - that my results showed nothing about the right side and he left it go at that. I kept trying to say it was on the left but spread to the right (radiated on some days). He did not listen to me. I let him know that my leg was weak and I kept falling. Still didn't listen. My appt was directly after my MRI so he read it and didn't have the radiologist results. I was so devastated as I had no idea what was going on. I decided to obtain my results and after I did I had an appt coincidently with my regular doctor and I told him about my appt and showed him my results. He seemed concerned and told me that I needed to contact the ortho and ask them to explain my results and go over them with me. He said I had a right to have them explained to me. He didn't because he was not the one who ordered them and it is not his area anyway.

I did again and they said that the results got misfiled/lost in a folder somewhere. They called me back a week later and set an appt up. I explained to them again that it was my left and it had just radiated to my right. It has always been my left said. I explained I was falling and my leg is now like a noodle and it is scaring me. I am so afraid I will not be able to walk one day. I am afraid to go anywhere by myself due to the risk of falling, as I have fallen stepping out of the car and just walking about a few feet or so. My leg just gives out on me. The pain is excruciating as well. Well I went to my appt and they cancelled it on me and I am scheduled this week. As usual I am sure they will say there is nothing on there (as they have before - every doctor is different it seems telling me what could be). Well, one thing my regular doctor was concerned about was other than my disc is herniated again, is that it has something on there he does not know what it is supposed to be is that it says: enhancement noted in the left erector spinae musculature. That is the concern. Anyone ever see this before or know what it could be?

The last thing is that again my disc is herniated and compressing the sciatic nerve. The rest is not concerning as it is normal they said: Enhancement in the surgical bed as well as along the left side of the thecal sac and encasing left S1 and S2 Nerve Roots. Although it has been 9 or 10 months since my surgery on my lumbar area, they said that is normal to have.

I am really worried about the pain and the falling - the fact that my leg is like a noodle and only getting worse. I am so off balance and more. I have a ton of symptoms but they say the other stuff is neurological and related to my P.O.T.S. I have been more nauseated and throwing up more than ever (although it is not causing me to lose weight, because I don't walk as much because of the problem with walking and the pain from exercise (as found out in PT). I assume the nausea and vomiting is from the extreme pain. I am so tired of being ignored by the doctors. I don't think my regular doctor would tell me I need to go back to the ortho if he didn't think something was wrong too. I feel like crap and I just want to feel better. I may never get better from the P.O.T.S. or the Chiari/Cervical pain, but there is hope that someone can fix my back problems. My walking is important to me because I love to take walks with my family and I love walking in the snow, etc. I want to be able to do more things. I can't go see the specialist (for my neuro stuff) until I get this taken care of, as they are out of state.

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Urology :: Extreme Pain While Urinating

Extreme pain while passing urine, how do cure

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Hip Replacement :: Extreme Pain Still After A Year

My mother has done surgery for a total hip replacement 1 year ago and is still in extreme pain.

I personally think she has two problems. First with her wound/scar and second with the hip itself.

The first because her scar/surroundings of the wound is still extremely painful and sensitive. Even looking at it already hurts and this makes it almost impossible even wear clothes. This problem I suspect must be related to nerves maybe encapsulated by the scar tissue or something. I am not sure.

The second problem must be her hip or the prothese or something related. She has extreme pains which start in the morning. While still lying in bed, she is almost without pain but then getting up and even walking to the bathroom is enough to invoke the pain again. Then during the day active or inactive the pain worsens till a point where she can´t do anything anymore. Sit, walk, stand it all hurts. Riding a bike is still best for her and walking small distances also but sitting is terrible. So why if in inactive state in the morning is she ok and when she starts moving the pain incurs? This must be because of the hip or prothese which must invoke the pain. Either the replacement is too big, wrongly placed, causing whatever. Right? I am not sure but still after 1 year no one, even a second opinion was able to shed some light on her state. No one is able to find a cause of the pain nor for the wound nor for the hip.

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Total Knee Replacement - Developed A Knee Effusion And Pain After 2 Years

I have now developed a knee Effusion and have tremendous pain.  Put onto Celebrex.  Do I use crutches again or strap knee?  Doctor says i need to rest it as much as possible

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Erection Problems :: Extreme Pain After Ejaculation

I'm 29 years and I am really hoping to get some help or at least some idea of what is going on with me because I have been to a few doctors done a few tests and I still haven't found any solution.For a few years now, anytime I ejaculate I experience extreme pain in the shaft of my penis. It is very uncomfortable and very painful, especially when I have another another erection after i ejaculate. I've done a few tests and it is not an std/sti thankfully.I really hope someone can shed some light on what is happening to me, what I have to do.

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Ovarian Cyst :: Extreme Chest Pain After Rupture

I'm 22 and had a cyst rupture two weeks ago which hemorrhaged and left me in the hospital for 4 days due to blood loss and infection. The week before the rupture I fainted randomly and felt fine afterward. When I went to the ER after my BP fell to 75/44 and my h/r was at about 130 for days. Now, two weeks later, I'm tired from the blood loss but my main complaint is extreme chest pain on my right side (where the cyst was). I had chest and shoulder pain which was excruciating and worse than the abdomen but the shoulder pain has subsided while the chest pain hasn't gotten better. The stabbing pain makes me scared and then the pain gets worse. Has anyone experienced this?

Also has anyone experienced fainting and feeling fine afterwards as a symptom of a cyst that hasn't ruptured yet? It came out of nowhere it was probably only 30 seconds from when I started feeling off to when I actually passed out.

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Lumbar Puncture :: Extreme Pain And Has Limited Mobility

My son had an LP done in Sept. He walked into the hospital fine and ever since then has been in extreme pain and has limited mobility. They can't find anything medically wrong with him.

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Ruptured Ovarian Cyst :: Extreme Pain During Periods

Can you please tell me what, "both ovaries are heterogeneous in attenuation" means? Also,  Could you please explain these findings and if there is cause to be concerned? "The right ovary measures 4.4 x 4.2 x 4.4 cm and there is a 4.1 x 3.7 x 4 cm complex cyst which may be hemorrhagic as well as free fluid in the cul de sac on both right and left side."

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Hemorrhoids :: Extreme Pain Post PPH Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

Three months post stapled hemorrhoidectomy. Still experiencing terrible pain throughout rectum and butt cheeks. Feels like someone crushed glass, poured alcohol on it, then smeared it inside me. Symptoms indicate prolapse as well, but surgeon has examined multiple times and says that is not the problem. No hemorrhoids present and surgery has healed normally. He does not know what to do though. I did have similar pain for many years before the surgery, but more like sand paper was rubbing against my skin and rectum and only half as painful. Anyone else with this experience?

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