Hemorrhoids :: Extreme Pain Post PPH Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

Apr 4, 2016

Three months post stapled hemorrhoidectomy. Still experiencing terrible pain throughout rectum and butt cheeks. Feels like someone crushed glass, poured alcohol on it, then smeared it inside me. Symptoms indicate prolapse as well, but surgeon has examined multiple times and says that is not the problem. No hemorrhoids present and surgery has healed normally. He does not know what to do though. I did have similar pain for many years before the surgery, but more like sand paper was rubbing against my skin and rectum and only half as painful. Anyone else with this experience?

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Hemorrhoids :: Hysterectomy With Hemorrhoidectomy - Pain 2 Days Post Op

I had my hemorrhoidectomy and they also removed my right ovary in the same operation on 30 March 2016.

It is now 3 April 2016 so it has been 4 days since my op. I had no pain the first 2 days and then the local anesthetic wore off!

Now it is excruciatingly painful. I have found that bathing in a little lukewarm water with 2 hands of salt for 15 minutes help a lot.

And for constipation you can go to your local pharmacy and buy an enima ask them for one that you can drink!

Trust me it is much better than to put a tube up your sore bum!!! The doctor can also prescribe a numbing ointment that helps a lot!!

Goodluck to all my buds out there!!! I know how it feels!!!

One question i have is it normal to still have the swollen loose skin on the outside of your anus?

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Bowel Disorder :: Hemorrhoid One Week After Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy?

On March 13th, I had a hysterectomy along with a Hemorrhoidectomy. The hysterectomy was performed first and then the Hemorrhoidectomy.

I haven't seen the hem surgeon since my initial appointment. He didn't come see me during pre-op, nor did he visit my family to let them know the results when the surgery was over. He didn't even come see me for discharge. I have received nothing from him, which means I have absolutely no idea what occurred during my surgery, nor what to expect during recovery.

Exactly one week to the day of my surgery, I developed what I think is a hemorrhoid. It is swollen, painful, stings, burns and itches just like one. I called his nurse, alarmed. She basically brushed me off. She said I could see him in another town on Wednesday, go to the ER, or see him at my scheduled follow-up appointment on Friday. She didn't even address my concerns that I have a hemorrhoid right after the surgery to remove them.

Can anyone please clue me into the recovery expectations from the stapled Hemorrhoidectomy procedure? I plan on letting this man have it when I see him at my follow-up appointment.

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Hemorrhoids :: Pain Relief After Hemorrhoidectomy?

I had my op 2 days ago and at first I thought that the pain was bearable,what I didn't know was that it hadn't even begun!

I have suffered with painful piles for many many years, I had them injected which eased them for a while the doctor at the hospital told me it was necessary for me to have surgery.

I prepared myself as best as I could by getting healthy. I ate a healthy diet and walked for an hour a day as well as working a 40 hour week.

But nothing prepares you for this. I have been in terrible pain all night, I passed my first motion in the early hours and the pain was so severe I was sick everywhere at the same time, which put a further strain on my bum. The pain since has been so intense that I don't know what to do with myself. I laid in the bath for half an hour which gave some relief but once out the pain was back.

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Hemorrhoids :: PPH - Stapled Haemorrhoidopexy - Relief After 2-3 Weeks?

I had this procedure the beginning of January 2012 under general anaesthetic, and afterwards it was one of the worst pain/uncomfortable experiences of my life. I didn't know what to do with myself afterwards. I couldn't walk, sit or lay comfortably, and was in constant pain. And forget any ideas about going to the loo.

I now have some idea of what childbirth must be like after I finally managed the 'two the loo' for the first time after five days, horrendous. Thank god I'm not a woman.

Never again, hopefully.

I would also add, according to my surgeon, it can take up to three months before everything is back to normal. Although you will feel alot better after the first two to three weeks.

I don't know how the information sheet (link below) can say that you can usually return to work around a week later after this particular procedure. As far as I was concerned, not a chance. I'm now nine weeks in and feeling OK. Internally healing is still going on, and am still having the odd day with regular visits to the loo. But I am told this will settle down.

Some tips that will help with recovery.

Apart from painkillers and drinking plenty of fluids I found warm baths help give relief (albeit for a short while) from the pain, discomfort and that constant feeling that you want to have your bowels open. I was sometimes having up to three baths a day for the first two weeks just to give me some relief. And if you are prescribed Co-codamol pain relief, come off them as soon as you can or you will suffer with constipation, and that isn't good I can assure you.

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Hemorrhoids :: PPH Stapled Haemorrhoidopexy 5 Days - Blood In Stools

i had the op 5 days ago, has been 5 horrible horrible days. Lots of very bad pain, etc.

now I have had traces of blood in all my stools. And have kept myself regular with movicol. But today, I had to 'push' ever so slightly nothing major, I couldn't stop it. Wasn't a major push ,etc and out popped a tiny more condensed poop.

its about 4 hours later, and was back on the pot, and was feeling like I needed to go, it felt watery again, and it was again a small bit. But this time a lot of blood. Before there were just streaks but this time it's was just blood instead of the mucous fluid with traces in.

is this normal, ? Due to the earlier little push. I was shocked as it's the most blood I have passed. Should I gear up for more of this and not be worried.

i have stopped the codeine yesterday and just on a ibuprofen . I'm in less pain which is good, but worried I might have torn staple or stitches etc hence more blood and less pain.

i'm waiting for my next bm , but have hardly eaten since the opp, today was a small bowl of all bran this am, I have dropped about 7lbs since opp. I'm going to eat a decent slab of salmon tonight, but worried with the consequences.

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Hemorrhoids :: Hemorrhoidectomy Countdown

41 year old male. Had piles on and off since I was 15 (damn exam stress). Last year things got worse, explosive toilet sessions, blood everywhere... Decided to go see my GP, it was a new doctor, heard my symptoms and immediately referred me to a hospital. A few months later, saw the conflating (nice chap) and advised to go for the chop.

was due to have a pre-op on 22nd Feb but they had a cancellation so moved my procedure to 11th!

is there anything I can do to prepare myself in the remaining few days?

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Hemorrhoids :: Advice Before Hemorrhoidectomy?

I am 34 yrs old, and have grade 3 prolapsed hemorrhoids. I am having my op on wed, I have heard the recovery is long and painful, I have 3 children my youngest being 2, and thought after a couple of weeks I would be ok!

I need to know everything pls, as my husband works full time, how long is it b4 I will be able to do things, school run etc?

I also have a pacemaker which has to be turned off or set differently, i'm not sure as I haven't really been told much. when I went for my pre op yesterday I had a list of a questions that the nurse cud not answer, and told me to ask the surgeon on the morning of my op. I would like to know b4 I even go into hospital.

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Hemorrhoidectomy For Hemorrhoids After LUPUS Flare

I had a hemorrhoidectomy on 3/12 and I just had my follow up appointment. My doctor didn't even look to see if I was healing properly. He asked about pain and discomfort then offered to write another prescription to get me through even though I told him I stop taking the prescribed pain pills and moved to over the counter Tylenol after a BM. Let me rewind, this was my first case of external hemorrhoids which occurred during a LUPUS flare. On top of me having LUPUS, my first case of hemorrhoids were thrombus. Anyway back to the concern at hand. I still see what appears to me as two hemorrhoids, one red, and constantly bleeding and the other itching like crazy. I'm not sure what I can do for the discomfort due to one of the hemorrhoids appearing to be open, I'm afraid to put any type of medication on them due to the fear of pain returning. This surgery was my first surgery, I've never had kids, so the pain I experience during these last three weeks had me on the verge go asking God to take me now. I'm not sure if I should be concerned and schedule another appointment with the doctor and request him to take a look or if this is the normal healing process.

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Hemorrhoids :: Hemorrhoidectomy - Swelling After Surgery

I am two weeks post surgery and I have a lump where the surgery site was and the stitches. This was external hemorrhoid surgery. I would like to know if this is common and how long does it take to go away? ?

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Hemorrhoids :: Scar Tissue After Hemorrhoidectomy

I had a Hemorrhoidectomy in October of 2012 and I did have some complications with it. It is now 3 years later and things have gotten a little worse. Over time I have developed some internal scar tissue at the site of the wound (this was confirmed today by a Colorectal Surgeon) which has resulted in me having a hard time defecating and constant constipation. The outside of my anal opening is a little irritated as well and he gave me a topical cream for it. However, he told me not to worry about the scar tissue....that I wouldn't have never known it was there until he told me. However, I knew something was wrong because of the narrow stools. So I'm not trying to determine if their are any OTC creams i can use internally to smooth out or get rid of the scar tissue. I remember reading somewhere awhile back about non surgical treatments for scar tissue due to Hemorrhoidectomy surgery but I can't remember where.

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Hemorrhoids :: Fecal Incontinence After Hemorrhoidectomy

I'm curious about others who have had this experience after the procedure. Mine seems to be getting worse everyday. I'm on day 9 post surgery. I've had a very difficult time going to the restroom when on the toilet, generally I just sit there for a couple of minutes hoping for something (I'm afraid to strain so I don't push at all). It seems to only happen when I'm not on the toilet, and it has been happening almost every hour at this point.

And I'm barely eating, I've lost 20 pounds over these 9 days (I'm a big man, but not obese). What I have eaten has been strictly fiber rich foods. And I'm also taking fiber, along with lortabs for the pain and milk of magnesia at night to counteract the pain killers.

There is no warning though, I simply lose control of my bowels and can't stop it until it wants to stop. If anyone else has experienced this please reply to this. I'd like to know when it stopped. I desperately want to get out of my house but cannot until this ends.

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Hemorrhoids :: Thrombosed And Hemorrhoidectomy Experience

I'd like to post my experience with these awful, awful hemorrhoids. Let me give you all some background first....so I have a habit of bringing my phone in the bathroom and reading articles, checking emails, social networks, whether, bank accounts, credit cards, bills, but the point is my BMs generally took a few minutes but sat on the toilet far too long, anywhere from 15-30 minutes and maybe longer. I saw having BMs as a perfect break point in my super busy life to get updates on emails and such. DO NOT DO THAT, please God do not make the same mistake as me.

So this behavior has been going on for quite some time and a week or so ago is when it all went downhill. Now I always shower after BMs if I'm home, so I started noticing these bulges in my anal area during my showers. They just went away and they didn't really hurt or anything and my initial thought was, "huh...hmmm that's weird". But other than that, I totally ignored it.

I didn't even really know what hemorrhoids were. So then one Friday night a few days ago I had a BM. Hopped in the shower (as I was home) and noticed another bulge in my anus and initially I was like, "huh, what is this weird thing". Towards the end of the shower I noticed that this time it didn't go away. At this point all I was thinking was, what the f***....so I began googling and soon educated myself on hemorrhoids and made the self diagnosis that I now had a thrombosed hemorrhoid. I immediately called my family doc and Monday afternoon I had it checked out. He confirmed my self diagnosis and referred me to a specialist whose literal job is to look at hemorrhoids. By the way, that weekend while waiting for my appointment was awfully painful, I had a hard time playing with my dog, making love and BMs were the absolute worst. Anyway, my family doc said that the specialist would probably make an incision, drain the dreadful roid and then I'd be fine....WRONG.

So I called the specialist (over 25 years of hemorrhoid experience) and scheduled an appointment later the same day (Monday). I went in optimistic, however, after the specialist checked it he said, "Chris, this is a pretty big thrombosed hemorrhoid, and I'm going to have to remove it. You also have a rather large internal hemorrhoid that needs to be removed as well, I can't just drain it at this level". By the way, it was about the size of a decent grape tomato. So surgery was scheduled for the next day (Tuesday) , a hemorrhoidectomy.

This being my first surgery ever, I was scared out of my mind. I watched the medical procedure on some college website which only worsened my anxiety (please don't do that). The surgery went well and I felt perfectly fine in the recovery room (the drugs hadn't worn off yet). However, the pain started to present itself after a few hours being at home. I tried to have a BM that night but nothing but blood came out, no pain though. After my BM attempt I made a warm bath and sat in it for maybe 30 mins, which really relieved the pain. So this brings me to today, this morning (Wednesday).

I'm currently sitting in another warm bath and the pain is minimal in the water. I have a difficult time walking around as I can't stand up straight. So far the pain has been tolerable and overall not as awful as some other posts suggest. I still haven't had a BM since the surgery about 14 hours ago. Honestly, I'm terrified too. I'll try to keep updating this with comments as I progress through recovery.

I have the idea that when I attempt to have my first BM, it will be in a warm sitz bath. I'll clean it out then hop in the tub, as I heard having a BM in the water is much less painful, gross but I think it will be effective and absolutely worth it. Just remember to stay as clean as possible. This is my first forum post ever so bare with me as I attempt to update. Thanks for reading and wish me luck.

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Hemorrhoids (stage 3) :: Does Hemorrhoidectomy Worth It?

Hi! I'm going to preface this post with some background information: I'm 19 and I've been suffering with constipation for my entire life (my parents have videos of me straining to have a BM when I was still in pampers). It wasn't until last year that I was diagnosed with constipation by delayed colonic transit and put on Miralax to help move my BM's.

Unfortunately, because this diagnosis came so late, I've been straining to have BM's for the past 19 years, changes in lifestyle (diet, exercise, fiber supplement, etc.) all for naught. This straining led to hemorrhoids, which brings me to this forum. I've been dealing with hemorrhoids since elementary school, and when I have a flare up, I'm practically debilitated from the pain– my last flare-up kept me awake for 3 days straight and gave me multiple migraines. The flare-ups happen once every few months, but can last up to a week. 

I wanted to know if anyone on here has had a hemorrhoidectomy, and what their experience with the procedure was like. I'm figuring that my hemorrhoids are AT LEAST a stage 3, and the surgery looks like the most permanent option. Also, if anyone has constipation by delayed colonic transit and as a result have developed hemorrhoids: how have you dealt with it? What has worked for you? 

I see a lot of the post-op for a hemorrhoidectomy has to do with the intake of fiber, but too much fiber can actually make me MORE constipated. :( 

Any thoughts, opinions, or personal experiences would be a LIFESAVER. Thanks for listening to my rambles! 

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Hemorrhoids :: Hemorrhoidectomy, Rubber Band Ligation And Other Solutions

I'Ve had hemorrhoids my whole life, i'm 35 and overweight and not active.  I sit for hours on the toilet and usually only eat meat.  I have fast tracked surgery and am now terrified to get it done.  My piles have since become a normal part of my life, but every once in awhile ill have flare ups when i eat something i KNOW my bowels don't like, like pork fat or beef fat or if foods were cooked or defrosted improperly, like rotting meat etc.  AFter every flarup i usually go through what i ate and i can pinpoint what it is by buying what it is and trying to only eat that product for the day to see how my bowels react.    My question is that should I get this surgery done to remove my internal and external piles?  I have heard that people lose the ability to control it and my own parents have both had hemorrhoidectomies, and my father has had leakage ever since that surgery.  Needless to say hemorrhoids run in my family.  I want to be able to eat whatever foods and enjoy my life.  I hate having to live in fear of food and how it totally screws my life up for work and play.  I just want to live a normal life like all the normal people who eat whatever they want and don't get hemorrhoids.  I realise that even when I get the surgery I still cannot eat anything that will cause my bowels to flare up because it will just cause more "new" hemorrhoids to flare up?  Proper diet, exercise etc will make sure that I never get them again, but should I get the surgery done?  I have had rubber banding done and I had a real bad flareup after it so I booked surgery instead of spending a year of rubber banding my anus.  My uncle told my mom that he had the rubber banding done and still had to have surgery because they can come back after the rubber banding!  My doctor said that it could take more than 1 surgery to remove them all and I'm terrified at having to have one surgery let alone 2?  I'm at a place right now in my life where I can cope and live with it, and live with the flare ups, but i keep wondering that if there is hope i can live a normal life without hemorrhoids, should i take that chance?  Please I need help from fellow sufferers of this affliction, or medical professionals.  I tried to talk to my surgeon and he wants to continue rubberbanding and then discuss surgery.  I then went to see him again to talk about surgery and that I had heard that they can come back even after banding and that I want them removed and never to come back again, and he then said that he can do the surgery and scheduled my hemoroidectomy in 2 weeks.  Should i just continue with RBL(rubber band ligation) although painful flareups for two weeks happen afterwards?  Should I just keep my surgery appointment and get them cutout and then deal with whatever consequences?  Im scared reading about people getting fistula's or puss and bleeding and other complications from surgery which turn their lives into a living hell.  living with hemoroids seems much better than having your *** swell up so huge and be constantly painful and having to have more surgeries or procedures to cut and drain the puss from absess's or fistula's that are a result of surgery.

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Hemorrhoids :: Still Pain - 5 Days Post HALO (Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation Operation)

had the above operation done 5 days ago,i would be very grateful if anyone who has had the same operation would be able to advise me as how long the pain and discomfort will last as i am getting like a contraction type pain in my anas area and when braking wind it is very painful.Going to the toilet for a poo is not normal as i was a one a day person.I Am hoping this will all settle down with time.

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Pain Management :: Extreme Calf Muscle Pain?

Couple days ago I stepped out of bed and almost hit the floor as the excruciating pain shot through my calves. I have not exercised or done anything extreme. I have tried stretching and over-the-counter pain meds ..

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Back Pain :: Extreme Lumbar And Leg Pain

I am a 41 year old girl with Chiari Malformation and Back Pain and I have Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (not really related to my question issue here). For quite awhile I have had back pain (upper/cervical) and lower. I tried to tell the doctors but they always told me it was nothing. Then it got severe one day. I don't know how to explain it but it felt like something happened in my lower back area. The pain was in my back and leg (left side) and it was not in my butt at all. Some days the pain in my leg felt like a stake was being driven in it. Otherwise most of the time it was just plain pain (don't know how to explain it - it was 2 types of pain). Well I finally called my doctor and I had an appt and he got me a couple of MRI's and said that I had a herniated disc and that a chunk broke off of it (he gave me copies of my reports as well)and the chunk was lying elsewhere. Well to make a long story short, he sent me to an Ortho Neuro who ended up doing a surgery...he was like you can do PT (which would mean I still had to live with it), Live with it or surgery. I didn't want to live with it. Well, it took awhile but after so many months/weeks I ended up having PT after the surgery.

Well during PT my pain went from being bad to worse! I cried during PT and after my sessions. I had a couple of weeks here and there I had it put off because of my neuro appts out of state, but it was not long periods of time. Anyway, my PT told me I needed to stop my PT sessions and contact my doctor because they could tell that I was having a ton of pain and I was not getting better - only worse. I did let my ortho know and waiting on my appt I let them know that on some days the pain would spread (it was kind of like radiating) to my right side. Apparently they assumed I meant it was on the right side. During my appt after my MRI, he kept saying the right side - that my results showed nothing about the right side and he left it go at that. I kept trying to say it was on the left but spread to the right (radiated on some days). He did not listen to me. I let him know that my leg was weak and I kept falling. Still didn't listen. My appt was directly after my MRI so he read it and didn't have the radiologist results. I was so devastated as I had no idea what was going on. I decided to obtain my results and after I did I had an appt coincidently with my regular doctor and I told him about my appt and showed him my results. He seemed concerned and told me that I needed to contact the ortho and ask them to explain my results and go over them with me. He said I had a right to have them explained to me. He didn't because he was not the one who ordered them and it is not his area anyway.

I did again and they said that the results got misfiled/lost in a folder somewhere. They called me back a week later and set an appt up. I explained to them again that it was my left and it had just radiated to my right. It has always been my left said. I explained I was falling and my leg is now like a noodle and it is scaring me. I am so afraid I will not be able to walk one day. I am afraid to go anywhere by myself due to the risk of falling, as I have fallen stepping out of the car and just walking about a few feet or so. My leg just gives out on me. The pain is excruciating as well. Well I went to my appt and they cancelled it on me and I am scheduled this week. As usual I am sure they will say there is nothing on there (as they have before - every doctor is different it seems telling me what could be). Well, one thing my regular doctor was concerned about was other than my disc is herniated again, is that it has something on there he does not know what it is supposed to be is that it says: enhancement noted in the left erector spinae musculature. That is the concern. Anyone ever see this before or know what it could be?

The last thing is that again my disc is herniated and compressing the sciatic nerve. The rest is not concerning as it is normal they said: Enhancement in the surgical bed as well as along the left side of the thecal sac and encasing left S1 and S2 Nerve Roots. Although it has been 9 or 10 months since my surgery on my lumbar area, they said that is normal to have.

I am really worried about the pain and the falling - the fact that my leg is like a noodle and only getting worse. I am so off balance and more. I have a ton of symptoms but they say the other stuff is neurological and related to my P.O.T.S. I have been more nauseated and throwing up more than ever (although it is not causing me to lose weight, because I don't walk as much because of the problem with walking and the pain from exercise (as found out in PT). I assume the nausea and vomiting is from the extreme pain. I am so tired of being ignored by the doctors. I don't think my regular doctor would tell me I need to go back to the ortho if he didn't think something was wrong too. I feel like crap and I just want to feel better. I may never get better from the P.O.T.S. or the Chiari/Cervical pain, but there is hope that someone can fix my back problems. My walking is important to me because I love to take walks with my family and I love walking in the snow, etc. I want to be able to do more things. I can't go see the specialist (for my neuro stuff) until I get this taken care of, as they are out of state.

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Urology :: Extreme Pain While Urinating

Extreme pain while passing urine, how do cure

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Hip Replacement :: Extreme Pain Still After A Year

My mother has done surgery for a total hip replacement 1 year ago and is still in extreme pain.

I personally think she has two problems. First with her wound/scar and second with the hip itself.

The first because her scar/surroundings of the wound is still extremely painful and sensitive. Even looking at it already hurts and this makes it almost impossible even wear clothes. This problem I suspect must be related to nerves maybe encapsulated by the scar tissue or something. I am not sure.

The second problem must be her hip or the prothese or something related. She has extreme pains which start in the morning. While still lying in bed, she is almost without pain but then getting up and even walking to the bathroom is enough to invoke the pain again. Then during the day active or inactive the pain worsens till a point where she can´t do anything anymore. Sit, walk, stand it all hurts. Riding a bike is still best for her and walking small distances also but sitting is terrible. So why if in inactive state in the morning is she ok and when she starts moving the pain incurs? This must be because of the hip or prothese which must invoke the pain. Either the replacement is too big, wrongly placed, causing whatever. Right? I am not sure but still after 1 year no one, even a second opinion was able to shed some light on her state. No one is able to find a cause of the pain nor for the wound nor for the hip.

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Can't Straighten Leg In Morning Due To Extreme Pain On Knee Top

Starting about a year ago, sometimes when I wake up in the morning my leg is bent and it causes extreme pain at the top of my knee to straighten it. It generally takes several minutes for me to straighten it out. But once I get it straight I can bend it again and straighten it again with no pain or stiffness. I sleep on my stomach so I always thought it was blood loss in my knee from sleeping at an odd angle. But i have injured my knee before (strained) and arthritis does run in the family. It only happens with the one knee. Is this something I should see a doctor about?

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