Carbimazole :: Graves Disease - Sick And Headaches

Nov 21, 2009

I've been taking carbimazole 20 for 2 months now as i have graves i had a uptake scan which shows its my whole thyroid gland is playing up .up and down so my specialist had gave me carbimazole to block my thyroid hormones and replacing them back with thyroxine 50 i feel so terrible sickley cant eat well also headace i believe the carbimazole is causing all the trouble.with side effects.

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Carbimazole :: Best Time Of The Day To Take Them? Graves Disease

I have just been diagnosed with graves disease (and overactive thyroid as a result) and prescribed 3 5mg carbimazole pills a day whilst i wait to see a specialist and have an ECG so i can also be prescribed beta blockers.

My doctor said to take all 3 pills at once but i have read that the effects don't last 24 hours and its better to spread them through the day. Does anyone else take 15mg and do you take them all at once or spread out? In your experience when is the best time(s) of day to take them?

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Carbimazole For Graves Disease - Aching Leg Muscles - Sleeplessness - No Energy

I've just been diagnosed with Graves disease. I am taking Carbimazole 40mg daily now, for 8 days. I have the dreaded 24hr sweats - aching leg muscles - sleeplessness - no energy and lie on bed for most of each day!

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Hyperthyroidism :: During Pregnancy Graves Disease And Thyroid Eye Disease

I'm wondering if anyone has any advice regarding diagnosing graves and thyroid eye disease in pregnancy. Having never had any problems until being pregnant I'm very confused as to why I've suddenly got it? At around 12 weeks into my pregnancy I noticed a change in my eyes (one was protruding), after seeing an eye dr, he advised I'd be tested for hyperthyroidism and following his advice the bloods came back as a positive for hyperthyroidism. I was put on PTU by an endocrinologist for the rest of my pregnancy  and at week 39 I noticed a yellowing in the White of my eyes and admitted myself to the maternity unit for blood tests following speaking with a midwife. It turned out I had developed severe jaundice (Which I now have learnt through research to be a severe side effect to PTU) and that my liver was failing; I had to have an emergency c section that night. I am pleased to say I have a had a healthy baby boy but I'm so anxious as to whether these conditions will worsen post pregnancy.

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Carbimazole :: Sick And Rash On My Hands

I am into my third week of this treatment and today I am feeling really sick.  I noticed a slight rash on my hands.  I think I actually felt better taking nothing!  Anyone else have problems taking carbimazole?  Does it pass?

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Carbimazole :: Sick And Weight Gain?

About 3 months ago i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism a irregular heartbeat and was stuck on warfarin carbimazole and heart tabs i had a heart rate of 197 bpm and this all was only found by a routine medical cause i was sweating so bad anyway i was stuck on 180mg of carbimazole all seemed well until i noticed i was gaining quite a lot of weight 15kilos to be precise managed to get in to see dp and he lowered it to 6omg a day as im hoping i have my radioactive iodine soon but since i been on 60mg a day i have good days and bad days i am still working but when this sicky feeling comes it renders me useless and end up not going to work im 37 years old very fit as work as a lead roofer but am at end of my patience with this shit


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Carbimazole :: Weight Gain? And Sick

I was diagnosed yesterday with overactive thyroid and given Carbimazole 15mg until I get appointment to see endocrinologist. Feel very sick today, is this normal. What is the normal T4 level supposed to be, gp didnt tell me only said mine was 26. Looking at some of comments does everyone put on weight when taking these tablets.

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Graves Disease With RAI :: What Happens To The Antibodies (autoimmune ?

Say you have been treated for Graves Disease with RAI and that deals with the hyperthyroidism (not so much with the eyes though!), what happens to the antibodies that were attacking you thyroid with such vigour and verve? Do they just go home because there's nothing left to attack? Are they always in your system waiting to attack public enemy number 2? And why do these things decide to attack the very thing they are meant to be protecting? Is it genetics? Childhood illness (whooping cough, measles and mumps in my case.) Environmental factors? Stress? Diet?

I am sure there are many schools of thought and theories to all of these questions but I am curious still about where these wee anti-bodies go after the illness (or symptom of your illness) has been irradiated in my case.

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Thyroid Disorders :: Graves' Disease Or Hashimoto's ?

I Am wondering if someone can help me out with what my blood results mean . ok so i went to a walk in clinic because i was having a laundry list of stuff going on with my health . asked doc to do some blood work and see if he could find what might be wrong .

blood work came back showing some thyroid issues . my TSH was .16 my T4 free was 18 free T3 was 6.1 and my TPO was 102

the doc said i have Hashimoto's thyroiditis and referred me to endocrinologist which im waiting for appointment .

so my question is after doing some googling im wondering if the doc might have meant to say graves disease rather than hashimoto's . it was very busy in the office and maybe he just mixed the two up ? the reason im thinking this is because when i look at what my blood work results are they point to hyperthyroid rather than hypo . can anybody tell from my numbers i really would like to know and its a bit of a wait till my appointment with the specialist.

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Thyroid :: Graves Disease Or Hashimoto's Thyroiditis?

I am very new to this site and extremely grateful that I found it. I was diagnosed with inappropriate sinus tachycardia almost three years ago. I am taking 350 milligrams of metoprolol. My primary doctor ordered new labs since my cardiologist has not requested any in the last 2.5 years. My results are as follows:

TSH - 0.01
Vitamin D - 26
Carbon Dioxide - 18
Free T4 - 1.3
Thyroglobulin Antibodies <1
Thyroid Peroxidase Ab 421

Primary doc originally thought I graves or Hashimoto's, but now wants me to follow up with an endocrinologist. Of course that appointment is 2 months away.

I do not have many symptoms. I do have the feeling of warmth in my shins, but that comes and goes. I have a little muscle weakness. I have been having trouble sleeping through the night, but 2 glasses of wine have been helping.

If I do have either Graves or Hashimoto's is waiting 2 months for a doctor appointment ok? I would think that I need some type of medicine.

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Hyperthyroidism :: Natural Treatments For Graves Disease Patient?

I have posted to this Board before about what has made a difference to my recovery from Graves. In addition to the medication Methimazole, I started on Regular L-Carnitine and then later Acetyl-L-Carnitine and vitamin D supplementation. Others on the Board have posted about the addition of selenium as well as other natural herbs such as Melissa and Bugleweed. I saw this posting on another Hyperthyroid Board and the author has given me permission to copy it to this Board as follows:

I am shocked that our doctor's don't know more about the thyroid, autoimmune disease and its connection to the gut. I went to a naturopath when I was first diagnosed in 2012 because my husband and I didn't like what the endo suggested. After seeing the naturopath we made a connection between my occasional IBS type symptoms, bloating and my thyroid. We started a probiotic and immune support vitamin called Moducare. Then she ran food sensitivity testing through All Tests labs (some MDs are skeptical about this but it worked for my stomach). I had all four antibodies for graves and Hashimoto's and I had symptoms from both and almost undetectable TSH levels. She removed gluten and dairy from my diet and pulled out foods I tested sensitive to like yeast. Then added Lycopus Virginicus and lemon balm tincture to my routine along with vitamin D, B complex and CoQ10. I finally figured out though that the real cure for me was going gluten free and dairy free. No more bloating, no stomach cramps, gas or the big D. Then I found out there is a link between Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, leaky gut and Thyroid disease. There is a natural graves treatment FB page I am on and a lot of us have cured ourselves of Graves using dietary modifications. I went into remission within 3 months of this diet. I have been normal for over a year now. You really need to be tested for celiac before you start the diet. If you don't have it (it can lead to thyroid disease and then other autoimmune disease when left untreated) then you are sensitive to something you are eating and are most likely dealing with leaky gut. Someday the MDs will catch up with what is really going on here. Our pediatrician is so progressive and knows all this stuff but warned us that a lot of her colleagues are not there yet when it comes to medicine."

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Coeliac Disease :: 2 Years Into Being Gluten Free Still Sick

My daughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease end April 2014 and since then we have taken her completely off gluten.  She is now hyper-sensitive to even trace amounts of gluten and can be sick for days if she eats the tiniest of crumbs.  Her tests for gut damage were 300+ and she is down to around 18, but doctors would like her levels to be 7 or below.  We have been seeing a chiropractor and physiotherapist to help with her muscle spasms and aching over the last few years (back and legs).  She has been tested for lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, anaemia, vitamin D deficiency, thyroid problems, calcium deficiency and she came off lactose for a month.  Everything has come back negative - although in January this year the consultant put her on calcium supplements to be on the safe side.

However, she is in constant pain which gets worse by the evening (she rates most evenings as 7/10, 8/10 if she has a headache and saves 10/10 for how she remembers it feels when glutened) - her joints and muscles ache (no swelling).  She has to have her legs and back which are the worst affected parts, rubbed at bedtime and she goes to sleep with heat packs to ease the pain.  She gets a headache as a result of the neck pain about 1 a fortnight.  She can get very tired and last Friday she was sent home from school as she was tired, headachy and achy.  She came home and spent the day in bed.  She used to be so active and was able to swim 4 x a week in a squad - if anything she seems to be getting worse not better and cannot attend as much training.  It's horrible to watch her walking around like a little old lady at age 9.  In the last three months even during the day - her best day was 3/10 pain.  Naturally it really gets her down. 

I have been told that the gut in some people can take 2 and half to 3 years to recover - but surely malabsorption wouldn't make her feel worse?

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Hormones :: Feeling Like Im Dying, Tired,headaches, Feeling Sick

I'm only 17 years old. I have felt the way i feel now for months. I am not pregnant before anyone suggests that!

I suffered from a disease/illness where my glands swelled up til they were huge and you could clearly see them. I had a fever all day, i would go cold and the hot, i had no energy at all and was generally sick! The doctor gave me some antibiotics and it cleared up.

Ever since then i have not been myself. I feel sick at some point during the day, i constantly have a weird feeling in my head, its not pain as such, but like a numbing feeling and irritation. I feel like im going to faint all the time, im weak and very tired, i also get chest pains from time to time & my breathing is rubbish, its hard to breath at times, i generally feel like im dying

I have had countless blood tests and all of them showed nothing!

This totally upset me because im frustrated, i just want it to be over!!

The doctor told me just to have lots of water and exercise.

My family were convinced that i suffer from anxiety and panic attacks!

As i had a panic attack due to the fact i felt so ill i thought i was dying!

It wasn't just happening to me for no reason the attack.

so they took me to the doctor where he told me my symptoms were that of anxiety and panic attacks so he gave me some tablets to take.

But i still feel the same!!

I do not believe that i have anxiety

I am sick if people believing that is what it is!!

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Carbimazole :: Stopping Carbimazole - Started To Gain Weight

I have been on Carbimazole for only about a month and have started to gain weight. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism at Easter and am seeing the endocrinologist tomorrow. I am coming off the stuff as I'd rather be dead than fat and will tell him that. I'm 51 and work in the media. Weight gain could cause me to lose my job and it's just out of the question to be overweight. People in my industry are being made redundant everyday and my job is really at risk.

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Can Hashimoto's Disease Cause Headaches And Depression?

I'm a 16-year-old female who has been diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease. I was diagnosed in November of 2013, and in December of that year I had the left side of my thyroid removed because of a mass. I am currently taking 88 mcg of Levo. I have struggled with headaches nearly every day for the past year and a half. I've tried everything, I've had blood tests, an MRI, I've tried every OTC pain pill, and I was prescribed Vicodin and Hydrocodone. I have gone to an ophthalmologist as well. I haven't had my levels checked in about 3 months, and my appointment isn't until next month. But I wanted to know if anyone knew if this disease can cause constant headaches, as well as depression.

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Autoimmune Disease? Flu, Achy Joints, Headaches, Tired And Fatigue

I'm sick all the time, flu like symptoms, achy joints, headaches, tired all the time, fatigue.

lab results
Ana titer 1:640 speckled
anti-dna titer 1:20
ra- neg
everything else is neg and normal. What can be wrong with me?

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Does Gluten Free Diet Really Help Graves Or Hyperthyroidism?

Is there anyone out there that eats gluten free and any evidence to say that it will help with Graves or Hyperthyroidism?

Just exploring my diet as I'm on 30mg of Carbimazole daily and have put on weight. I normally have low fat, high protein, low carb, veggies, fruit and lots of water, but still putting on weight.

Weight gain is this because I'm going back to being hypothyroid or the Carbimazole? Back at the doctors next week for a blood test.

Just wondered whether to try gluten free, although at the most I only eat 2 slices of bread a week and my diet is quite healthy apart from the occasional glass of wine.

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Thyroidectomy Due To Graves Diseases - Edema Of Both Eyelids

total thyroidectomy 2 months ago due to Graves disease, 3x since, I have experienced, edema of both eyelids, itching and redness, I am on Synthroid 0.1mg po/daily. The symptoms dissipate after about 2 days.Anyone post Thyroid removal ever have this happen?

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Menopause :: Migraine Headaches And Pressure Headaches

I've been having migraine headaches, pressure headaches, dizziness and nausea. I kept chalking it all up to menopause. Because as most of you know, so many of these symptoms are menopause. 

Last Friday, Jan 2nd at around 7:30PM my boyfriend and I were leaving a restaurant, suddenly I started getting shocks in my right leg like my leg was falling asleep, while I was walking to the car. This shocking feeling quickly radiated up my arm and into my head, all on the right side. My boyfriend quickly started toward the hospital. On the way I lost the ability to formulate sentences and words. I would say one sentence and a totally different sentence would come out. I would try to say one word and a totally different word came out. Being a former medic the only word I wanted to relay was "stroke". It felt like someone had tasted my right side. It was the most frightening thing I'd ever experienced and I was awake for the entire ride. After getting to the hospital I was in the ER for about 3 hours. Then sent to Neurology/Stroke ward. For the next few days I had a battery of MRI's, EEG, EKG's, CT Scans, Blood Work, Ultrasounds and a Spinal (Lumbar Punch). Within 6 or so hours I was able to formulate sentences and say words again. I forced myself the entire time. My right side started getting feeling back within a few days. I still have some numbness in my right hand and am experiencing peripheral neuropathy symptoms in my right leg and foot. 

The neurologist found a mass in my brain. Thanks be to God that it is benign. I just found out yesterday that I am cancer free. However, they still don't know what the mass is. It could be a tumor or a jelly bean I stuffed in my nose as a child. (joking) But we won't know for a while.Also it might be inoperable too. I will be seeing the Dr on the 13th for an MRI Rx. In a month we'll do the MRI and see what has happened with this mass. Is the edema gone, has it shrunk or grown? Things like that.

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Crohn's Disease :: Indicative Inflammatory Bowel Disease

I am a 24 year old who works a 12 hour rotating shift pattern (including night shifts). For the past 6 months or maybe more o have had upper left abdominal pain (cramping/aching) and more recently lower pain (sometimes across lower, sometimes left and sometimes a specific place on the lower right). I put it down to IBS due to shift work. My partner convinced me to see the GP as I have a family history of IBD. Oh and my bowel movements vary from constipated (less than once a week) to lose (not diarrhoea and multiple times per day)

Had stool tests and blood tests. I expected them not to find anything to be honest and just did it to please my boyfriend and put his mind at rest.

Doctor phoned and said that "the stool test shows signs of inflammation indicative of inflammatory bowel disease". I couldn't really ask more questions because of where I was. Phoned in for blood results and told by reception that they were fine.

I have been referred to the gastroenterologist and have an appointment in 2 weeks.

I am tired all the time and find it really difficult to get out of bed, frequently have naps at work but put that down to shift working.

I don't want to take any laxatives because I never know when it will change between constipation and loose stools and when I'm working, I often can't get to the toilet.

I often have joint pain but I also have a knee injury and some hyper mobile joints.

I am so confused as to what is going on and hate not being in control of my body. I know I only have mild symptoms, I feel so alone (shift work doesn't lend itself to meeting people regularly).

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Carbimazole :: After Hysterectomy - On HRT

Off to Endo tomorrow to see what they say, I was wondering if anybody is taking Carbimazole with HRT. Had complete hysterectomy last year so taking HRT and just wondering if this has anything to do with my over active thyroid, a few people spoke to know of women who have had hysterectomy and gone on to have OA thyroid.

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