Menopause :: Migraine Headaches And Pressure Headaches

Jan 11, 2015

I've been having migraine headaches, pressure headaches, dizziness and nausea. I kept chalking it all up to menopause. Because as most of you know, so many of these symptoms are menopause. 

Last Friday, Jan 2nd at around 7:30PM my boyfriend and I were leaving a restaurant, suddenly I started getting shocks in my right leg like my leg was falling asleep, while I was walking to the car. This shocking feeling quickly radiated up my arm and into my head, all on the right side. My boyfriend quickly started toward the hospital. On the way I lost the ability to formulate sentences and words. I would say one sentence and a totally different sentence would come out. I would try to say one word and a totally different word came out. Being a former medic the only word I wanted to relay was "stroke". It felt like someone had tasted my right side. It was the most frightening thing I'd ever experienced and I was awake for the entire ride. After getting to the hospital I was in the ER for about 3 hours. Then sent to Neurology/Stroke ward. For the next few days I had a battery of MRI's, EEG, EKG's, CT Scans, Blood Work, Ultrasounds and a Spinal (Lumbar Punch). Within 6 or so hours I was able to formulate sentences and say words again. I forced myself the entire time. My right side started getting feeling back within a few days. I still have some numbness in my right hand and am experiencing peripheral neuropathy symptoms in my right leg and foot. 

The neurologist found a mass in my brain. Thanks be to God that it is benign. I just found out yesterday that I am cancer free. However, they still don't know what the mass is. It could be a tumor or a jelly bean I stuffed in my nose as a child. (joking) But we won't know for a while.Also it might be inoperable too. I will be seeing the Dr on the 13th for an MRI Rx. In a month we'll do the MRI and see what has happened with this mass. Is the edema gone, has it shrunk or grown? Things like that.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Headaches Like Migraine

Is anyone else getting headaches like constantly? I literally get headaches every day sometimes more than once. Some times like a migraine, sometimes just like a little pinch in my head, I don't know what to do.

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Migraine :: Frequent Headaches?

I suffer from headaches quite frequently. I also get episodes of a numb feeling down my right side. The headache is not always there.

My GP and a neurologist think it's migraine. I take propranolol and it doesn't stop it.

Could it be migraine?

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Headaches And Migraine On Masturbation

M.29. Good health and have been getting serious headaches while masterbating. This has happened before and but never on this magnitude. I was in the shower mas. And as I became closer and closer to ejactulating this headache appeared and became so strong I could not continue mast. I have never had a migraine before but this headache hurt so bad I couldn't move. I had to call for help to my wife in the other room. Long story short. Aspirin ib or whatever was in the house I took. Hot caffeinated tea. Coffee works too. Quite dark room. Focus on relaxing and breathing. Lay down and put ice pack where on your head. Feels like u wanna get up and rip ur head off but don't do it.

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Headaches :: Trying Migraine Free Diet

I decided a few days ago that I am going to try a Migraine free diet. I love to eat (I'm lucky I have always been thin) and this is a desperate measure, I must tell you. I had 3 migraines last week. If anyone has read my last thread you can see that I used to have only 1 real migraine a month and daily mediocre to severe tension headaches. 3 migraines in a week made me feel broken. I didn't have a headache all weekend, weird, but welcome! My husband is being really supportive and that is a huge plus. Anyone have any advice or thoughts on this diet? Or on reintroducing items?

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Anxiety :: Headaches - Racing Heart And Migraine

Over the past year and a half, I have been struggling with headaches every other day.  I also have been having a racing heart, but not as often.  Once a month or so.  I've been to a PT, massage therapist, a headache specialist, and a chiropractor.  My chiropractor thinks it is from stress, but when I am visibly stressed - I don't get a headache.  I was thinking it was from something that I am eating, but I cannot find a common pattern in my food diaries.  Maybe gluten or dairy? or is it really stress??  

I did notice today that I had a monster migraine when I got to work.  I was anticipating a very stressful day at work (it was fine though) and after I got home and had dinner - my headache was gone.

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Lipitor (atorvastatin) Causing Migraine Headaches?

I've been diagnosed with hyperlipidaemia and high blood pressure. I've started taking 20mg of Lipitor few weeks ago to help me maintain LDL and total cholesterol levels. My doctor who prescribed Lipitor told me that it should also help with my hypertension. But since I've been taking it I got a terrible migraine headache. I was literally unable to get up or to do anything. The migraine pain is especially severe during the night. I could barely sleep. I never had a migraine before, just regular headaches, but not too often. I also got diarrhea and really bad smell when passing gas. Sometimes I feel nausea and cramps in my stomach. I've read that ingredient of Lipitor called atorvastatin calcium could be a cause of migraine headaches and other symptoms I'm experiencing. My doctor is unavailable until January, so I discontinued Lipitor by myself because I think it actually caused a migraine. Has anyone had any experience with Lipitor and migraine headaches while using it?

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Migraine :: Headaches Using Computer, Phones And Reading

I had a minor car accident 18 months ago and my neurologist diagnosed. Me with post concussion. Syndrome which is basically migraine symptoms.

However since October 2013 I have not only suffered severe headaches I have had increased headaches using computers, phones, reading and can not even go near a tv screen without setting off a major migraine attack.

I am currently taking lamotrigine and zonisamide for my migraines.

Does anyone else suffer with similar symptoms and if so is there any help out there as this is life debilitating. I cannot work and it has changed my family life considerably. I have not worked since October last year.

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Headaches / Migraines :: Pressure In My Temples

What is wrong with my head?

For the last month how I feel has just become worse (today being the worst I have ever felt) everyday I feel like I am going to pass out, vision goes blurry and feels like the room goes dark and closes in. I feel weak and constantly fatigued. I have pressure in my head and nearly everyday have woken up with a very bad headache, I am now getting stabbing like pains in my head (it feels as if a knife is being dragged at the top of my head) pressure in my temples. My head feels as though there is fizzing in it.

My muscles feel weak and achy my legs feel like I have been doing a workout down the gym, my eyes are very heavy and sore.

I have tingling sensations through mainly my left arm (like pins and needles) I have vomited a few times.

A few times I have had pains in my chest (like pressure and shooting pains) and have had to take deep breathes to try get it to stop.
When I bend down my head feels like it is going to explode and my vision is very disturbed, I have had to hold on tight to stop myself from falling at times.

I have no energy and just cannot carry on like this.

Just now I have had a fizzing feeling at the front of my head (left side of forehead, feels a little like something is crawling inside my head).

Any insight would be appreciated.

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Undiagnosed Dizziness And Pressure Headaches

I am 21 year old female college student, I have been dealing with these health issues since November 2013. I used to lead a healthy lifestyle, doing great in school, had a job, and participated in school organizations. Also, I was able to exercise everyday and was in the best shape of my life and ate extremely healthy no bread, lots of veggies and grilled chicken. Happier as ever.

Then one day after exercising i began to feel this nauseated off feeling that made me feel as though im not stable. I have never fallen over or fainted (except once when i got my blood drawn to check for this problem). Then gradually over time dizziness is what i began feeling not the room spinning but i feel like i am moving when im not, i feel like i have to second guess where i walk and concentrating on the computer or driving long distances is a challenge. Then started these headaches since April 2014 where i feeling like my head is shaking and pulsing inside. This pulsing and pressure worsens when I am lying down and it takes a while for me to adjust from lying down to standing up i feel woozy when i do. Anyway I have had this constantly everyday. At first it got me really emotional but I have been practicing yoga/meditation everyday as well as acupuncture and massage therapy to help manage the stress and anxiety i was having about the dizziness/head pressure.

Heres the many doctors I have seen:
blood work - all normal according my GP; blood pressure, b12, thyroid is normal

eyes (i wear contacts) - optometrist, ophthalmologist, neuro-opthamologist - all normal; no elevated optic nerve pressure; prescription is the same

ears - saw two ENTS, had vestibular testing done - nothing wrong

finally got an MRI - it showed i have a cavum velum interpositum cyst (3x3.7 cm in sagittal views (side), 3.2x 4 cm axial view); i was most likely born with this - it is hard to say if has grown or always been this size and might be an incidental finding - hard for doctors to say which makes it super frustrating
**NO HYDROCEPHALUS, hemorrhage, midline shift, extra axial collection, or acute intracranial mass effect

i have seen about 3 neurosurgeons all with different opinions

- first was an adult surgeon at the cleveland clinic - said my cyst is very rare; suggest a shunt (but would not want this due to the risky foreign object nature of the device, i would rather an endoscopic procedure)

- second saw a pediatric neurosurgeon; put me on diamox 250 mg twice a day it has been making my head feel better so the doctor is inclined to think its the cyst

- third pediatric neurosurgeon at University of miami; was not convinced the cyst is causing my problems said it was probably incidental and wants me to wait 3-6 months to get another MRI

is anyone going through this.. i'm trying to stay as optimistic as possible. i just hope i do not have to feel like this forever i had to take the semester off of my senior year of college because i wanted to get to the bottom of these problems that have affected my whole life. just want to be normal again.

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Frontal Headaches And Ear Pressure

I am getting to be concerned now of my symptoms. I have a pressure feeling in my head with frontal headaches and ear pressure (left ear) and i often feel unsteady on my feet. I have been to my GP and she gave me some antibiotics and nasal spray. I have finished the antibiotics but still using the nasal spray but i don't feel any different. I went to an opticians about a month ago just to rule out anything serious and she ruled out a tumour because she said opticians can pick these up as they can tell by the pressure but i am getting worried again because i just don't feel right - my head doesn't feel clear, it always feel full and blocked. I want to ask for a scan when i next visit my GP in a couple of weeks as i can't help thinking there is something serious going on.

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Menopause (46) :: Headaches, Anxiety, Depression, Acid Reflux And Hypersensitive

Severe pressure headaches, anxiety and depression.Tinnitus,weak legs, balance problems, acid reflux, hyper sensitive,can't get any sleep 😕

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Temporal Pressure Headaches, Dizzy Spells And Blocked Ears - All Tests Clear

I am a fit, healthy 28 year old guy who has spontaneously developed severe high blood pressure, temporal pressure headaches, dizzy spells and blocked ears. The symptoms vary, with acute periods lasting a couple hours and occurring on a weekly basis. Generally an acute period is characterized by severe headaches, needing to lie down, blocked ears and extreme lethargy.

I have had CT’s and MRI’s of the brain and cervical spine, PET scans, ECHO’s, a multitude of blood tests and various other tests with no abnormalities.

I gym 4 times a week, eat healthy and work as a hairdresser, so my lifestyle is pretty healthy overall.

This condition is starting to limit my lifestyle and with two years of no answers I am putting it out there for someone to recognize or provide advice about what could potentially be going on!

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Migraine :: Migraine Attacks Are Back / Menopause

I never suffered from migraine attacks until I was in my mid-40's.

They seemed to be linked to the beginning of hormonal changes related to the start of menopause. I would get a pain over my left eye (usually, though right occasionally), with a feeling of nausea and sometimes slight numb feeling on the side of my face. I would turn quite a pale white colour, and also feel very tired, yawning a lot. I would take medication, migraleve tablets and lay down in a darkened room. Usually, I would recover within 24 hours, though I would feel 'worn out' for a few days after the attack.

Since I have discovered by self analysis, that citrus fruits, especially orange juice (which I no longer drink), chocolate and strong coffee all seem to be triggers, which I try to avoid.

For the last five years, I have been clear of migraines, but have now started to get them again. I have passed the menopause but have had a lot of stress in my life recently, so I wonder if this is the cause of the recurrence? My last attack was quite different from the others I have experienced, in that I was feeling fine (though had been really tired the day before for no apparent reason) when I suddenly developed black zigzag lines across my left eye (very frightening at first). These went on for about 10 minutes and then slowly I developed a severe migraine, though this was not over one particular eye, but both. I had feelings of nausea and also felt cold at times. I took Migraleve pink and yellow but the headache is still persisting the next day. I wonder why I developed these other symptoms of visual disturbance. Can stress really do this to your body?!

PS I know there is a family history of migraine.

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Pregnancy :: What To Take For Headaches ?

I know I cant just take anything. What can I take for headache?

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Ramipril And Headaches

have been on 2.5mg for 9 tablets, 1 a day taken in the morning - and in the afternoons over the last 3 days have developed severe headache - cannot find headaches as a side effect - anyone else had this?

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I Keep Getting Headaches For No Reason

I keep getting headaches for no reason. It happens very often, and I do not know what causes them. Sometimes I'll wake with one , and other times it will happen later in the day. Also, it happens in different places on my head, but it's usually on my temples or behind my eye. What's causing this?

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Duloxetine :: Having Headaches

Been on Duloxetine 30mg for 5 days now - having headaches -Will they go away ? - I want to feel myself again any idea how long it takes for the tablets to kick in. I feel ok for a little while in the morning then i feel poorly again have to lay down and take co- codamol to take the headaches away - Can anyone give me any information of their experiences please -

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Headaches Daily

I have been struggling for years with daily headaches. Typically I will wake up in the morning with a headache  and it remains with me for most of the morning. (The pain is across my forehead)

I have tried all sorts....

Making sure I am hydrated - Drinking plenty of water

Cutting back on caffeine - 2 coffees a day only

Good quality sleep

Wearing a gum shield at night to prevent teeth grinding

Regular exercise

Glasses/Eye test

My job is fairly stressful and I sit in front of a screen all day at work. There is a possibility this perhaps responsible?

I have been to my GP and was referred to a neurologist. Following a MRI scan everything checked out all OK.

One worth I noticed this year, is the headaches worsened as soon as the weather started to get colder?

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Daily Headaches

I have had this headache for two weeks now, everyday, and sometimes every hour. I have recently got a reprieve after two weeks. The pain is concentrated on the right side of the head affecting the eye as if someone is trying to pull it out. The pain is unbearable, it ranges from numbness, throbbing, pulsating, shooting,stabbing or a combination of any I have mentioned. Night pain is so unbearable it wakes me up and I reach for painkillers. When I am not in pain I get hot and cold flashes like a breeze. After an episode of attack I feel so tired as if I have been doing a work out. Initially my Dr prescribed paracetamol and ibuprofen and this didn't work, later it was co-dydramol and ibuprofen. I only managed relief lasting no more than 3 hours on co-dydramol and ibuprofen. Could this be a cluster headache?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Constant Headaches

Im 14 weeks and I keep having constant headaches any ideas how I can get rid of them ?

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