Migraine :: Migraine Attacks Are Back / Menopause

Jul 1, 2008

I never suffered from migraine attacks until I was in my mid-40's.

They seemed to be linked to the beginning of hormonal changes related to the start of menopause. I would get a pain over my left eye (usually, though right occasionally), with a feeling of nausea and sometimes slight numb feeling on the side of my face. I would turn quite a pale white colour, and also feel very tired, yawning a lot. I would take medication, migraleve tablets and lay down in a darkened room. Usually, I would recover within 24 hours, though I would feel 'worn out' for a few days after the attack.

Since I have discovered by self analysis, that citrus fruits, especially orange juice (which I no longer drink), chocolate and strong coffee all seem to be triggers, which I try to avoid.

For the last five years, I have been clear of migraines, but have now started to get them again. I have passed the menopause but have had a lot of stress in my life recently, so I wonder if this is the cause of the recurrence? My last attack was quite different from the others I have experienced, in that I was feeling fine (though had been really tired the day before for no apparent reason) when I suddenly developed black zigzag lines across my left eye (very frightening at first). These went on for about 10 minutes and then slowly I developed a severe migraine, though this was not over one particular eye, but both. I had feelings of nausea and also felt cold at times. I took Migraleve pink and yellow but the headache is still persisting the next day. I wonder why I developed these other symptoms of visual disturbance. Can stress really do this to your body?!

PS I know there is a family history of migraine.

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Classic Migraine Changed To Silent Migraine In 30's

I had classic migraines through my teenage years which stopped for a couple of years before continuing at on average one every couple of months with the odd instance of a back to back cluster of 3-10 at once. They were always the same 20 minute aura then axe in the head pain and repeated vomiting for 6 hours followed by a 24hr hangover.  Over the years I have tried all preventers with only Epilim and Topiramate working for 18 months. I built up tolerance to Epilim and Topiramate gave me side effects that ended in a blood disorder so cannot take either any more. Beta blockers and antidepressants never worked and Lisinopril was also a short lived waste of time. The only triptan that ever worked was Maxalt rizatriptan but again it lost its effect after 6 months. Something weird has now happened and I wonder if others have had this? I am now 36 and in the last 6 months my migraines have totally changed. I still get the aura but if I take Express Nurofen and an anti sickness tablet straight away or use a heat pack on the back of the neck no pain or sickness comes just 6 hours of extreme tiredness. I always used to throw up any tablets so this is a miracle however the frequency has stepped up to between 5 and 20 a month so it is really impacting on my life. I have had an MRI and all is normal. I have also tried supplements and alternative therapies with no success. Botox and nerve blockers are the next suggestion but will they treat this scenario if there is no pain? Will it stop the aura too and prevent the whole episode? Help!

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Migraine :: Pain Goes Down My Back And Down My Right Arm?

I'm in my early 20s. I get severe headaches and the pain goes down my back and down my right arm. I don't lift anything heavy and the pain does not go away with over the counter medicine. I do get migraines every so often. The pain is much worse then a migraine. After about a month it tends to go away somewhat at least.

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Menopause :: Migraine, Aura, Cramps, Dry Eyes, Twitches And Mood Swings

I have been reading over the time on this site some scared and desperate lovely ladies in need of reassurance. I know because i have been there and i just want to reach out a reassuring hand and say it probably is the start of menopause, of course get it checked out but don't feel you are alone and going mad! Here is some of my awful symptoms!



Panic attacks


Food cravings



Migraine auras

Leg cramps

Nose and gum bleeds


Hot sweats

Brain fog

Heavy clotty periods

Irregular periods

Eye twitches

Mood swings

Sensitive teeth

Brittle nails

Watery eyes

Dry eyes

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Menopause :: Migraine Headaches And Pressure Headaches

I've been having migraine headaches, pressure headaches, dizziness and nausea. I kept chalking it all up to menopause. Because as most of you know, so many of these symptoms are menopause. 

Last Friday, Jan 2nd at around 7:30PM my boyfriend and I were leaving a restaurant, suddenly I started getting shocks in my right leg like my leg was falling asleep, while I was walking to the car. This shocking feeling quickly radiated up my arm and into my head, all on the right side. My boyfriend quickly started toward the hospital. On the way I lost the ability to formulate sentences and words. I would say one sentence and a totally different sentence would come out. I would try to say one word and a totally different word came out. Being a former medic the only word I wanted to relay was "stroke". It felt like someone had tasted my right side. It was the most frightening thing I'd ever experienced and I was awake for the entire ride. After getting to the hospital I was in the ER for about 3 hours. Then sent to Neurology/Stroke ward. For the next few days I had a battery of MRI's, EEG, EKG's, CT Scans, Blood Work, Ultrasounds and a Spinal (Lumbar Punch). Within 6 or so hours I was able to formulate sentences and say words again. I forced myself the entire time. My right side started getting feeling back within a few days. I still have some numbness in my right hand and am experiencing peripheral neuropathy symptoms in my right leg and foot. 

The neurologist found a mass in my brain. Thanks be to God that it is benign. I just found out yesterday that I am cancer free. However, they still don't know what the mass is. It could be a tumor or a jelly bean I stuffed in my nose as a child. (joking) But we won't know for a while.Also it might be inoperable too. I will be seeing the Dr on the 13th for an MRI Rx. In a month we'll do the MRI and see what has happened with this mass. Is the edema gone, has it shrunk or grown? Things like that.

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Migraine That Won't Go Away

Been suffering from migraine since I was 18. I am now 41. My migraines are changing and at the mo the pain is coming from my neck and back pain. I have had this horrible migraine for more than a week now. Pain in the neck, back of my head and side of my head. I feel sick and dizzy. I have been signed off from work, but need to get better as I can't afford to be off work. I am at the end of my tether. I feel so down and to top it all I came on my period today and am in pain with that. I don't know what to do anymore.

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Aneurysm Or Migraine?

As of late I have been suffering with a multitude of symptoms, starting about 4 months ago with stiff neck. From there it progressed to chronic "brain fog" (or feeling like I had one too many beers) sinus pressure, now a 4 day "head ache" on my left temple, behind and above left eye and left side of neck. The pressure is insane, I went to the doctor about it yesterday and she told me to just take an antihistamine and get massage. I have seen a neurologist for the brain fog and have an MRI schedule but not until September. I am due to go away in a week to work at a camp for 3 weeks and wondering if this pressure persists if I should go to the ER before I go away to get checked. My name sister died from a brain aneurysm and so I am nervous I have one! Any info or advice would be helpful. Oh I also have had stomach pains like dull ache, my eyes are also sore but I got t eyes tested and they are fine a little dry that's all.

I should also mention I just had a baby 6 months ago.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Headaches Like Migraine

Is anyone else getting headaches like constantly? I literally get headaches every day sometimes more than once. Some times like a migraine, sometimes just like a little pinch in my head, I don't know what to do.

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Migraine :: Frequent Headaches?

I suffer from headaches quite frequently. I also get episodes of a numb feeling down my right side. The headache is not always there.

My GP and a neurologist think it's migraine. I take propranolol and it doesn't stop it.

Could it be migraine?

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Migraine?

I'll start at the beginning last December I woke to go to the toilet and the next thing I new was my husband asking me if I was ok ( I had fainted) . Passed no remarks thought I had stood up to quickly, went to work the next day and felt lightheaded and even though my colleagues were talking to me I couldn't process what the were saying. I went to the doctor and explained what happened and she said it was vertigo. At this stage it was xmas week and I started taking serc but the didn't seem to be working. Went back to work in the new year and after 1 hour I was totally disoriented so I went back to the doctor and she sent me to a neurologists who said I had migraine. He prescribed me with amitriptyline starting at 10mg and I have slowly worked up to 40 mg but still not feeling right in the last few months I have facial numbness. My neuro is sending me to see a a neurophysiologist but my appointment isn't until February of next year and that's going private.


Lightheaded /dizzy
Stiff neck
Blurred vision
Extremely tired
Stiff ankles and hip joints in the morning
Facial numbness

Pain in my head sometimes like ice cream headache but only a few times a day. Have had mri which was clear and all my bloods are normal

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Migraine During Bowel Movement

A week ago I went to the restroom and was in the process of a BM and got the worst headache starting from my neck to the top of my head. I went straight to ER and cat scan was performed and showed nothing. 3 days later I was having stomach pain went to the restroom didn't make it to have the BM and got the same headache went straight to ER given meds and home.  Yesterday morning stomach started hurting went to restroom sat down to have BM and same headache went straight back to ER this time they gave another cat scan and it came back normal and they decided to do a spinal tap all four samples had blood which isn't supposed to.  They shipped me to a bigger hospital for a different cat scan nothing showed up some an mri nothing showed up.  They discharged me.  I am now to the point where I an afraid to have a BM. The doctors never looked at my rectum or my stomach.  Please someone tell me I'm not alone and what I can do to prevent these headaches from coming back. I can't hold these bm  forever.

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Pregnancy :: Migraine (36 Weeks)

I'm 36 weeks now ,at the first trimester of my pregnancy i had severe migraine then it's disappear at 5 months but now it's come back.

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Headaches And Migraine On Masturbation

M.29. Good health and have been getting serious headaches while masterbating. This has happened before and but never on this magnitude. I was in the shower mas. And as I became closer and closer to ejactulating this headache appeared and became so strong I could not continue mast. I have never had a migraine before but this headache hurt so bad I couldn't move. I had to call for help to my wife in the other room. Long story short. Aspirin ib or whatever was in the house I took. Hot caffeinated tea. Coffee works too. Quite dark room. Focus on relaxing and breathing. Lay down and put ice pack where on your head. Feels like u wanna get up and rip ur head off but don't do it.

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Migraine :: Gabapentin - Anyone Experience?

I am just coming off of Amitriptyline 50mg which I have been taking for 5 years nightly for hormonal migraine. I have a prescription for 300mg of Gabapentin and wondered what experience others have had with Gabapentin. Did it help?  Have you put on weight with it? Does it make you fatigued or drowsy? would love to hear your experiences.

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Migraine :: Gabapentin - Anyone Else Taking?

I am 20 years old and have suffered with migraines for a few years! I had my worst one a few months back which resulted in me being physically sick a number of times! Anyway I went to my GP as I was worried because my Mum suffered with migraines and she died from a massive stroke when she was only 33, so I was worried, as was my Doctor! So she referred me to a neurologist at Guys Hospital in London and he doesn't seem to think it is related what happened to my Mother but he wants me to have an MRI just to see if anything shows up! Anyway he has put me on Gabapentin as I am diabetic and he didn't know what else to put me on! ...3 a day for a week and then 6 a day for a week and then 9 a day for 6 months! I took my first lot on Saturday and it gave me such a terrible migraine similar to the one I had a few months when I was sick but this time I wasn't physically sick....luckily! I seem to be okay now though! 

Anyway, is anyone else taking this?

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Migraine Along With Tension Headache

I am someone who suffers from tension headache as well as occasional migraine and I have found that any antihistamine with a combination of paracetamol induces sleep and controls pain.

Medications that control pain the best are:

Codeine 30mg (prescription only)

Solpadeine Max - contains paracetamol

Nurofen Plus - contains ibuprofen

Syndol - contains paracetamol

Those medications that cause sedation but don't necessarily control pain as well are:

Covonia 'Night time' cough mixture - contains diphenhydramine

Allergy relief (Chlorpheniramine Maleate)

The medicine that works best in my experience is Syndol, although it has less codeine than Solpadeine Max it is effective and non addictive.

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Tension Headache Or Possible Migraine

Has anyone ever experienced a burning sensation in your head from a tension headache or a Migraine? Or any kind of burning sensations from any kind of headaches?

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Migraine For 2 Years Following A Very Bad Tonsillitis

I have suffered migraine for 2 years following a very bad tonsillitis.  The symptoms have progressed to the point where I have had to give up my high pressured job and my memory is becoming increasingly and worryingly so bad that I cannot remember what I did a few minutes earlier, names of medications etc.  The main symptoms are a tearing feeling at the top of my head, liquid running down the back of my throat causing me to cough or swallow as well as noise intolerance which at times is unbearable. I saw a neurologist for 6 minutes. I am seriously thinking of ending it all and I have weighed up all the pros and cons.  I cannot take this any longer.  I cannot believe this is just migraine.  I cannot understand why nothing is helping.  My life is all day pain.  If nobody can give me some reason to try something valid then its goodbye.  I have had Gabapentin with moderate  benefit, Candesartan with no benefit, and stopping all the usual painkillers.  Sumatriptan did not help. 

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Migraine And Raynaud's - Connection?

As a chronic migraine sufferer i'm just wondering if there is anybody else who also suffers both migraine and raynaud's? Maybe some sort of connection?

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Antidepressants Help Migraine-associated Vertigo (MAV)?

I wonder if anyone could please let me know of their experiences of treating MAV with anti depressants. After a 6 month roller coaster of diagnosis, I have no other option but to start on these.

I have specifically been out on dosulepin which is close to amitriptyline but am worried about the side effects as I already have really low blood pressure and am really skinny.

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Depression Due To Migraine / Dizziness

I'm 23 suffer with serious migraine / dizziness. Which has caused depression.

I have no life what so ever and constantly having blood tests, ENT ect ect. I keep a food diary and waiting on MRI results.

Here's everything iv been putting down ...

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