Migraine During Bowel Movement

Jan 18, 2016

A week ago I went to the restroom and was in the process of a BM and got the worst headache starting from my neck to the top of my head. I went straight to ER and cat scan was performed and showed nothing. 3 days later I was having stomach pain went to the restroom didn't make it to have the BM and got the same headache went straight to ER given meds and home.  Yesterday morning stomach started hurting went to restroom sat down to have BM and same headache went straight back to ER this time they gave another cat scan and it came back normal and they decided to do a spinal tap all four samples had blood which isn't supposed to.  They shipped me to a bigger hospital for a different cat scan nothing showed up some an mri nothing showed up.  They discharged me.  I am now to the point where I an afraid to have a BM. The doctors never looked at my rectum or my stomach.  Please someone tell me I'm not alone and what I can do to prevent these headaches from coming back. I can't hold these bm  forever.

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Anxiety :: Dizzy Before Bowel Movement

For about 3 months I've been getting spells of dizziness and nausea. Not always before bowel movement but very often. After I have emptied my bowels the dizziness and nausea seems to subside after 10 mins or so.

I was thinking IBS but I can tolerate all kinds of food.

I went to my gp today for the dizziness (along with a few other symptoms) and I'm being checked out for autoimmune disease. Slightly different topic but bloods will be taken on Monday. 

What I want to know is, does anyone else have the dizzy/nauseous issue before bowel movement? It's very unnerving when it happens and I've had no answers so far.

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Hemorrhoids :: On Bowel Movement Protruding Bump From My Anus

I have a protruding bump from my anus when I have a bowel movement. It comes out when I have a BM and then goes back up when I'm done. Sometimes it will stay out for a day or two. There is also occasion minor bleeding from this. There is sometimes shape pain while having BM and sometimes no pain at all. Sometimes I have diarrhea and sometimes it's harder to come out. There generally isn't much pain except when the bump/lump won't go back up. This has been going on for years. I am 33 year old female. What could this be?

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Hemorrhoids Or Fissure? Painful Bowel Movement And Occasional Blood Spotting

I delivered 5 weeks ago and ended up with very bad anal pain.. Not sure if it's hemorrhoids or fissure...

The symptoms are painful bowel movement and pain remains for at least 5 - 6 hours and blood spotting sometimes...

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Coeliac Disease :: No Bowel Movement - Gluten Free Dairy Free (GFDF) Diet

My 12 yr old son is experiencing no BM after 4 days of switching him to this GFDF diet ... Before he was IBS .... Not sure what to do

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Migraine :: Migraine Attacks Are Back / Menopause

I never suffered from migraine attacks until I was in my mid-40's.

They seemed to be linked to the beginning of hormonal changes related to the start of menopause. I would get a pain over my left eye (usually, though right occasionally), with a feeling of nausea and sometimes slight numb feeling on the side of my face. I would turn quite a pale white colour, and also feel very tired, yawning a lot. I would take medication, migraleve tablets and lay down in a darkened room. Usually, I would recover within 24 hours, though I would feel 'worn out' for a few days after the attack.

Since I have discovered by self analysis, that citrus fruits, especially orange juice (which I no longer drink), chocolate and strong coffee all seem to be triggers, which I try to avoid.

For the last five years, I have been clear of migraines, but have now started to get them again. I have passed the menopause but have had a lot of stress in my life recently, so I wonder if this is the cause of the recurrence? My last attack was quite different from the others I have experienced, in that I was feeling fine (though had been really tired the day before for no apparent reason) when I suddenly developed black zigzag lines across my left eye (very frightening at first). These went on for about 10 minutes and then slowly I developed a severe migraine, though this was not over one particular eye, but both. I had feelings of nausea and also felt cold at times. I took Migraleve pink and yellow but the headache is still persisting the next day. I wonder why I developed these other symptoms of visual disturbance. Can stress really do this to your body?!

PS I know there is a family history of migraine.

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Classic Migraine Changed To Silent Migraine In 30's

I had classic migraines through my teenage years which stopped for a couple of years before continuing at on average one every couple of months with the odd instance of a back to back cluster of 3-10 at once. They were always the same 20 minute aura then axe in the head pain and repeated vomiting for 6 hours followed by a 24hr hangover.  Over the years I have tried all preventers with only Epilim and Topiramate working for 18 months. I built up tolerance to Epilim and Topiramate gave me side effects that ended in a blood disorder so cannot take either any more. Beta blockers and antidepressants never worked and Lisinopril was also a short lived waste of time. The only triptan that ever worked was Maxalt rizatriptan but again it lost its effect after 6 months. Something weird has now happened and I wonder if others have had this? I am now 36 and in the last 6 months my migraines have totally changed. I still get the aura but if I take Express Nurofen and an anti sickness tablet straight away or use a heat pack on the back of the neck no pain or sickness comes just 6 hours of extreme tiredness. I always used to throw up any tablets so this is a miracle however the frequency has stepped up to between 5 and 20 a month so it is really impacting on my life. I have had an MRI and all is normal. I have also tried supplements and alternative therapies with no success. Botox and nerve blockers are the next suggestion but will they treat this scenario if there is no pain? Will it stop the aura too and prevent the whole episode? Help!

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Bowel Disorders :: Pain And Constipation - Removal Of Large Bowel

removed large bowel due to years of suffering from pain and constipation 

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome :: Intestinal Noise And Bowel Movements

Hope right forum at end of post its about ibs. So few years ago started having ruq pain, Dr said lung xray clear ultrasound small liver cyst, alt slightly elevated, no doubt drinking, thinks stress, went on, bowel movements from normal, loose, some days 3-5 times, some days none, but never more than a day or two constipated, Er visit a few months ago for stomach virus, full blood panel because of history normal, abdomen palpation normal. Pain persist on daily basis more last two ribs both sides front and back doesn't seem deep, lots of bowel sounds and gas, worse in evening, worse sitting, better standing or laying down.Got nervous went to walk in clinic, nurse practitioner(I'm in USA) said probably cirrhosis with my history, gi appointment in 3 weeks, paniced and went to Er next day, Dr said no way cirrhosis, this muscular or ibs, his blood work said normal alt 52, good to him, but walk in NP said alt 55 elevated.no other symptoms, no jaundice, no blood anywhere, gassy, occasional bloating and the pains in front sides and back come and go. Have a lot anxiety issues. Lots of intestinal noise and bowel movements, losing my mind. any Thoughts. Ibs?

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Bowel Disorders :: Painful, Odd Bowel Movements

I have had IBS for 20 years, and have been treating it with fiber therapy pretty successfully. In the last few months, i've had some odd bowel movements. the first one i noticed was long and thin and tough, like an elastic. i thought tapeworm, but my stool tested negative for worms. i can't explain it, but after wiping and checking it flings itself off the toilet paper a fair distance. I'm afraid to ask my doctor because he scoffed at me when i told him that i thought i had worms. i had a colonoscopy for my 50th birthday in august and everything checked out. Any idea as to what's happening?

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15 Week Of Pregnancy - No Movement

I'm about 185 and 5'3 and on my 15 week of pregnancy..I'm not showing at all and not sure I've felt any movement either. is this normal..very worried. .last heart beat check was at 13 weeks at 140

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Movement Disorders :: Difficulty In Writing A V R And D

Recently when I find it difficult to begin certain letters, such as 'a', 'v', 'r' and 'd', when I am writing. I am studying Physics, and so write a lot of maths. I have never previously had any trouble writing letters, and consider myself to have neat handwriting. I have tried different pens, pencils e.t.c, and worry this might have some link with Parkinson’s disease, which runs in my Dad's side of the family. I am a male aged 18.

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Pregnancy :: Fetal Movement Reduced

My fetal movement has reduced alot I'm 21w3d do you think my baby girl is sleeping, I'm a ftm so I don't know much.

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Pregnancy (38 Weeks) :: No Fetal Movement

So I'm 38 weeks today and I rarely feel my baby move anymore . Is this normal ?

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Pregnancy :: No Fetal Movement Yet - 18 Weeks

I'm going into my 18th week, and have yet to feel the baby moving. This is my third child, but it's been 11 yes since I was pregnant last. Should I be worried? App keeps saying I should have been feeling movement around 16 or 17 weeks

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Pregnancy :: No Fetal Movement At 18 Weeks

Almost 18 weeks and i still don't feel any moments?

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Pregnancy :: How Much Baby Movement At 25 Weeks?

I am 25 weeks going on 26 in two days I was wondering how much movement do you all have at 25 weeks of pregnancy it seems like mine has decreased a little.

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Pregnancy :: When Did You Experience First Baby Movement?

I am 23 and a first time mom. I am 19 weeks and 3 days, I haven't felt any kind of movement :( the doctor says baby is healthy and growing on track. I just want to feel the baby move! How far along were you the first time you felt your baby?

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Second Pregnancy - 12 Weeks :: Baby Movement?

This is my second pregnancy, I am 12 weeks 4 days. When do you start to feel quickening? Did anyone feel it earlier with a second pregnancy?

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Pregnancy :: Baby Movement At 10 Weeks - Possible?

Is it possible to feel a baby move at 10 weeks? This is my second baby and i swear i feel little kicks or movements every now and then.

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Loss Of Movement Still Have Some Pain After Bunionectomy

I had a bunionectomy in August on each foot. I have lost a lot of movement on the right foot and still have some pain. The left foot was very painful and both toes are extremely crooked. In January I had a second bunionectomy on my left foot and a screw placed. I still have moderate pain, especially with lots of walking. I have noticed a round spot that is getting larger underneath my toe almost like the screw came through and is working it's way out the bottom. Is this possible? Also, both toes now bend sideways at the second joint, literally the top half if each toe bends toward the pinky toe. Has anyone had this issue? Can it be fixed and is it worth it? I wish I could undo all the surgery and just live with the original pain and disfigurement.

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