I Keep Getting Headaches For No Reason

Aug 21, 2013

I keep getting headaches for no reason. It happens very often, and I do not know what causes them. Sometimes I'll wake with one , and other times it will happen later in the day. Also, it happens in different places on my head, but it's usually on my temples or behind my eye. What's causing this?

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Erections For No Reason

I am 13 years old turning 14 and I always have a erection for no reason I will be just sitting down watching tv or something and then boom I have a massive hard on is this normal or bad?

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Poor Circulation Be A Reason For Acne ?

could poor circulation be a reason for acne and redness on face? Maybe not enough blood is reaching all areas limited the number of cells to help kill bacteria under the skin.

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ENT :: Reason Of Throat Clearing For Almost 2 Months?

I'm posting on behalf of a close family member - somewhere around the beginning of December, she started experiencing frequent but very short dry coughs (literally "ahem ahem" and that's it). Over the weeks, the cough became less and less prevalent and the dry coughs were replaced with productive throat clearing - around late December the coughs were rarer and rarer while she frequently had to hem to clear the throat (every time there actually was something to clear so it was no longer dry).

Around the beginning of January both the hemming and coughing suddenly disappeared and for some three days, she did neither. Then the hemming came back and it stays up to today. It's not constant and varies highly around the day - sometimes she rarely ever hems and only starts in the evening, sometimes she does hem very frequently in the afternoon while in the morning and in the evening - nothing. There were also one or two days when suddenly the dry cough came back for some one hour and then disappeared. She also had a few days when the dysphonia was clearly hearable but now it seems to be gone. Now the only thing that's left is the hemming to clear her throat though most of the time it's either gone or rather weak now (though yes, there usually is a 1 or 2-hour period during the day when the throat clearing is more pronounced and some occasionals throat clearings on other occasions).

What may be the reason? There are no other symptoms at all and as I said, it varies highly depending not only on a day but also on the time of day. It's still pretty frequent but sometimes it's really frequent - and sometimes it only happens once in a while. As for her point of view, she says she hems cause she feels there is something to clear from the throat and she feels dryness there and as for the coughing (which happens very rarely now, as I mentioned) she says she does it when she feels dryness and there is this tingling sensation which makes her cough. In the last week she bought herself a A+E Vitamin + Aloe spray for dryness and it seems to greatly help her so that her hemming is greatly reduced - but it's still there. Also, she works with her voice (lecturer), if that's important.

Oh, and the description of our patient:

Age: 45

Sex: Female

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 132lbs

Duration of complaint: around 7-8 weeks

Any existing relevant medical issues (if any): none

Current medications: none

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Penis Disorders :: Ejaculations Without Any Reason

I am having ejaculations without any reason ..I really don't know why they are happening...they are happening without any reason or anything whenever I am about to have an arousal I ejaculate automatically ..it's creeping me out...i don't know how I it possible....is it premature ejaculation or anything else?

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Anxiety :: Without Any Reason / Physical Symptoms?

Started questioning my state again since i saw many anxiety complains go around physical symptoms like heart rate or dizziness and i got none! 

Not that i'm upset about that but was thinking if it is normal ? 

In fact my mental symptoms overwhelming i can't talk to people almost i feel dumb with foggy brain everything seems strange sometimes and i seem to get almost confused and i can barely sleep and when i am in transitional state between sleep and conscious i start hearing sounds and i get completely random thoughts that makes me wake up frightened so i can't sleep .. Most strange that apart of me being obsessed with whether i becoming insane or not nothing seem to trigger it ! Its not that i think negative but it just starts on its own. Really worried about that, i also experience throughout the day attacks of fear , my heart is normal but everything starts seem to be scary for no reason and my hands starts to sweat ....

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Mental Stress Can Be The Reason Of Hair Fall

i have come across a person who told me that mental stress can be the reason of hair fall. and if i become happy i won't be having unnatural hair loss...

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Women's Health :: Urinary Incontinence Without Any Reason?

I've noticed in the last couple of months every now and then I have urinary incontinence. It's not a massive amount but it's more just embarrassing because I don't realise it has happened. I'm 25. Any ideas on what could cause this?

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Depression :: Started Taking Citalopram And Crying For No Reason

Today may 24 I just started taking my citalopram 10mg and at first I was okay. But then I felt overwhelmed. I felt like my head wasn't getting any oxygen. Like someone was sitting on my head. When for a car ride with my wife and just felt motion sickness. All day I didn't feel normal and then all of a sudden I just started crying for no reason. I had to force myself to eat. I feel really tired and drained but I can tend to even take a nap. I just don't know what to do.

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Sleep Disorders :: Sporadic Fatal Insomnia For No Reason

For the first time in my life, it happened to me last night to go to sleep and to almost not fall asleep AT ALL during the night , and without any real reason to me . I didn't feel tired at all last night, but now I feel absolutely horrible. I tried to take a nap now, but no use, I didn't sleep a single wink.

I was watching TV last night and a movie before bed , which wasn't very intense , but I could have broken my "drowsiness" with it, as my brain was active and I wasn't sleepy at all when I went to bed and didn't feel the need to sleep at all. So after tossing and turning for a couple of hours without falling asleep, I went to the bathroom , to change the air a bit and after returning to bed, after some time, I seem to have felt asleep but only for a couple of minutes (I didn't even remember when I felt asleep), but after that ended I felt totally refreshed, as if I slept the whole day. Later, I had a similar episode, I was asleep for about 25 minutes, and also felt totally refreshed when I "woke up". Now I am dizzy, but not sleepy.

I just googled the symptoms a bit and I found something called sporadic fatal insomnia . I know it is rare and all.........but my symptoms fit that. Nobody in my family, as far as I am aware, has died of anything similar to FFI, but sporadic variant can strike anyone.

Am I going to die from this? I saw a case study of the first case, where a man, at one point couldn't even get 1 hour of sleep and lost it completely. I am so totally freaked out as I also didn't get even 1 hour of sleep last night.

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Child Health :: Bruising (purple And Blue) For No Reason?

I'm a 14 year old girl. I have recently being getting purple and blue bruising on my knee, the side of my knee and my hip bone. I also have a small green bruise on my left breast and brown bruising over my calves and thighs. All of this has appeared within the last 2 weeks. I really don't know how I got them as I have had no recent traumas or bumps. The only thing I can think of that might be linked to the bruising is the exercise I do at the gym. I go on the elliptical trainer for 40 minutes 4-5 days a week, but I being doing exercise for 3 months and It don't make sense that the bruises are only appearing now. If you know what this is then please help me as I'm starting to get a bit worried now

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Trouble Sleeping For No Reason? Depression? Sleep Therapy?

I have some, well a lot of trouble sleeping, i get into bed around 10pm with no t.v or anything so my mind is not pre occupied and stopping me from nodding off but come 4 am I'm still wide awake laying there somewhat tired? Sometimes I'm not tired at all and sometimes I feel like death warmed up..

Around a year ago I used to be able to get in bed whenever I was tired put some tele on, set the timer and just drop off but now, nothing.

Had a consultation with my Gp, at first he said it could be stress at my age or due to me growing, so he just suggested buying some over the counter sleeping pills, so that's what I did, took them for two months, sometimes even taking 2/3 times as much as I should just hoping for a few hours sleep, but they had no effect on me at all, So I went back and he gave some prescription sleeping pills, I forget the name it's been a while. 

Well long story short they didn't work either and I'm in no position to pay for sleep therapy? 

I drink no forms of caffeine in the day, I only drink water. I exercise at least an hour a day without fail?

Anyone have some similar issue? and if so what can I do to get some sleep, It's really getting me down in the day because I can't function properly, simple things like reading become an issue and i get somewhat emotional and angry with myself, so as you can imagine that also impacts the next night's sleep.
-Ellis... P.s It's 5 Am and I'm not leaving bed as i'll have to get up soon to go to work but I've not even had 10 minutes sleep

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Fluoxetine :: Excess Worry, Feeling Guilty For Hardly Reason, Mood Swings

I've been on prozac 40mg 5 weeks and my mood is getting so much improved. But I am having mood swings, and I worry about everything. I feel guilt out of nowhere. I'm in college and I even feel guilty for going to see my partner 15 minutes away because of fear of my parents being upset. Because they gave me impression that they would like me to see my partner over the weekend and not on the weekdays. I am almost paranoia. I have this feeling of anxiety and guilt. Is this a side effect? Will this go away? It was not this way before.

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Menopause :: Migraine Headaches And Pressure Headaches

I've been having migraine headaches, pressure headaches, dizziness and nausea. I kept chalking it all up to menopause. Because as most of you know, so many of these symptoms are menopause. 

Last Friday, Jan 2nd at around 7:30PM my boyfriend and I were leaving a restaurant, suddenly I started getting shocks in my right leg like my leg was falling asleep, while I was walking to the car. This shocking feeling quickly radiated up my arm and into my head, all on the right side. My boyfriend quickly started toward the hospital. On the way I lost the ability to formulate sentences and words. I would say one sentence and a totally different sentence would come out. I would try to say one word and a totally different word came out. Being a former medic the only word I wanted to relay was "stroke". It felt like someone had tasted my right side. It was the most frightening thing I'd ever experienced and I was awake for the entire ride. After getting to the hospital I was in the ER for about 3 hours. Then sent to Neurology/Stroke ward. For the next few days I had a battery of MRI's, EEG, EKG's, CT Scans, Blood Work, Ultrasounds and a Spinal (Lumbar Punch). Within 6 or so hours I was able to formulate sentences and say words again. I forced myself the entire time. My right side started getting feeling back within a few days. I still have some numbness in my right hand and am experiencing peripheral neuropathy symptoms in my right leg and foot. 

The neurologist found a mass in my brain. Thanks be to God that it is benign. I just found out yesterday that I am cancer free. However, they still don't know what the mass is. It could be a tumor or a jelly bean I stuffed in my nose as a child. (joking) But we won't know for a while.Also it might be inoperable too. I will be seeing the Dr on the 13th for an MRI Rx. In a month we'll do the MRI and see what has happened with this mass. Is the edema gone, has it shrunk or grown? Things like that.

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Pregnancy :: What To Take For Headaches ?

I know I cant just take anything. What can I take for headache?

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Ramipril And Headaches

have been on 2.5mg for 9 tablets, 1 a day taken in the morning - and in the afternoons over the last 3 days have developed severe headache - cannot find headaches as a side effect - anyone else had this?

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Duloxetine :: Having Headaches

Been on Duloxetine 30mg for 5 days now - having headaches -Will they go away ? - I want to feel myself again any idea how long it takes for the tablets to kick in. I feel ok for a little while in the morning then i feel poorly again have to lay down and take co- codamol to take the headaches away - Can anyone give me any information of their experiences please -

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Headaches Daily

I have been struggling for years with daily headaches. Typically I will wake up in the morning with a headache  and it remains with me for most of the morning. (The pain is across my forehead)

I have tried all sorts....

Making sure I am hydrated - Drinking plenty of water

Cutting back on caffeine - 2 coffees a day only

Good quality sleep

Wearing a gum shield at night to prevent teeth grinding

Regular exercise

Glasses/Eye test

My job is fairly stressful and I sit in front of a screen all day at work. There is a possibility this perhaps responsible?

I have been to my GP and was referred to a neurologist. Following a MRI scan everything checked out all OK.

One worth I noticed this year, is the headaches worsened as soon as the weather started to get colder?

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Daily Headaches

I have had this headache for two weeks now, everyday, and sometimes every hour. I have recently got a reprieve after two weeks. The pain is concentrated on the right side of the head affecting the eye as if someone is trying to pull it out. The pain is unbearable, it ranges from numbness, throbbing, pulsating, shooting,stabbing or a combination of any I have mentioned. Night pain is so unbearable it wakes me up and I reach for painkillers. When I am not in pain I get hot and cold flashes like a breeze. After an episode of attack I feel so tired as if I have been doing a work out. Initially my Dr prescribed paracetamol and ibuprofen and this didn't work, later it was co-dydramol and ibuprofen. I only managed relief lasting no more than 3 hours on co-dydramol and ibuprofen. Could this be a cluster headache?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Constant Headaches

Im 14 weeks and I keep having constant headaches any ideas how I can get rid of them ?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Headaches Getting Worse

My doctors told me i cant take anything for headaches unless they were really bad and today my headache has just gotten worse by every hour and I cant deal with it anymore. What can I take?

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