Cerazette - After Stopping - Periods Will Be Disturbed?

Feb 2, 2016

I was on Cerazette for 13 months and had a regular period every month for the whole time. I have now stopped taking it (4-5 weeks) can this affect my periods as I am now late.

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Cerazette Pill - Irregular And Disturbed Periods

I have been on the pill for nearly a month now, before I went on the pill, I had really irregular periods, probably one every couple of months, if that.. now last tuesday I noticed I had started my period, but it wasn't a 'proper' period, it isn't enough to worry about it leaking, and it only seems to happen if I use a tampon, last night I used a pad and woke up to nothing so assumed I had finished, but shortly after I thought I should be safe so used a tampon and there was suddenly a lot of blood on it.

Now over the last week and 2 days, it hasn't always been blood, more like weird brown stuff, what should I do, is this normal or shall I go back to the nurse? It's just a nuisance, as although I'm not actually on my period, I can't have sex like it?

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Contraception :: How Long To Wait Periods After Stopping Cerazette

I stopped taking Cerazette after approx 8 years of taking it. I didn't really have much break through bleeding and no periods whilst taking it maybe a handful of times over the 8 years.

My last pill was last Monday and by the Saturday I started bleeding (but it was more like the breakthrough - brownish), only enough to use a panty liner rather than a pad or tampon. We are wanting to start a family as I'm 31 and have no children yet but I am wondering whether this is my first period or not? I had period pains with it which I've not had before.

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Stopping Cerazette - Light Spotting/brown Discharge

I finished taking cerazette last Sunday due to various reasons. I had a couple of days of v. Light spotting/brown discharge. Then on Wednesday started bleeding properly,just.a lot lighter than before. This is still going on so 5 days later. Before the pill they usually lasted 4/5 days and they were gone.

It doesn't seem to show any signs of stopping. Is this normal? How long do I give it before another trip to the GP?

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Birth Control :: 2 Months After Stopping Cerazette? Brown Discharge

I was previously on the Cerazette pill in November, I took it for approx 6 weeks- However it wasn't for me. So I stopped on the 18th of December, and my period began straight away (Up until then it was pretty much just 6 weeks of solid bleeding! Barely any pain) I then got one again around the 25th of January. However the past 2ish weeks I have been having brown discharge and the past few days it has been BLACK with a little back pain and traces of fresh blood as well. I do have a partner and we had unprotected sex however he did not finish (I know, not a smart move) but the bleeding started a day later.

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Cerazette Pill - No Periods But PMS (cramps) And All Other Symptoms

It's great for me and I have no real problems with it, I no longer get a period which is fine with me! However, when it comes around to the first couple of days of the month I get some of the feelings I used to get when I did get a period like, mood swings, painful tummy, eating non-stop chocolate!! I can handle this as it's only a few days and not unbearable, but I just wanted to know if this is a common thing to happen. Do women usually still feel an effect of their period, without actually having a bleed?

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Early Pregnancy Symptoms? No Periods With Cerazette

I've been on Cerazette for the last 10 months or so, I don't get a period with this pill, so I don't know if I've missed it or not. The last 2 weeks I've been feeling so tired, all the time, from when I wake up till I go to bed, stomach cramps, feeling sick, and lots of headaches. I'm confused as I don't know whether these are pregnancy symptoms or something else?

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Contraception :: Cerelle/Cerazette Stopped - When Periods Start?

I was wondering if anybody could help or possibly share their experiences? I stopped taking Cerelle on the 1st July 2014 due to suffering from migraines, since coming off it I haven't been using any contraception on order by my GP due to suffering from migraines. I was wondering how long it took other people's periods to come back? I have had spotting now and again but nothing else, it will have been 9 weeks tomorrow since I stopped taking it and my GP told me they would return to normal quite quickly.

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Contraception :: Started Getting Periods On Cerazette Pill - Is It Normal?

I've been on Cerazette (mini - pill) for 2 years and since I started my periods stopped which was great and what my doctor told me would probably happen. However 3 months ago my periods have seem to have come back the same time each month as if I'm not on the pill anymore. The only thing that I can think of that's caused this is that i've change the time i'm taking my pill from about 9am to 6pm could this be why? I thought after my first period I might just need to settle back but maybe not!

Just wondered if anyone can help me is this normal? I've read that irregular bleeding can occur but this seems to be pretty regularly, it's really annoying!

I'm thinking of changing to the implant will this be a better option? or as it's the same kind of hormone will my periods still carry on? 

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Abnormal Periods Since Stopping Birth Control Pills

I'm 23 and have been trying to conceive for almost a year. I’ve had abnormal menstrual periods ever since I stopped taking birth control pills – since 4 years ago. During first 15-16 months, my periods came every 3 months, but now it got closer to normal - every month or so, and sometimes even after three weeks. Moreover, during my period I experience intense pain and heavy flow. There is a history of endometriosis in my family so I’m worried that I may never be able to conceive. I had all kinds of tests by now and the doctors told me I would become normal again within six months to a year but that did not happen and now they don't know what to do with me. Could anybody here suggest something?

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Contraception :: Copper Coil - Period Cycle Disturbed And Heavy

Had my daughter in Oct 12 by c sec and in Dec 12 I had the copper coil fitted. Worst thing I have ever done!

Ever since I have had it fitted, my cycle is only 25 days and my periods are very very heavy and last 12 -13 days!

I feel like I am always bleeding and it's starting to get me down. My normal cycle ( before baby was born) was never like this.

I went to my GP in feb and they advised as baby was 4 months old I'd had a dip in my hormones ( apparently everyone does) that's why I was feeling so sh1tty and to give it a few more months. I went bk in April and again in May abd I've now been given tablets to stop the heavy bleeding. I've tried 2 different tablets now and they don't seem to help. The first day or so is not too bad ( I still have to wear 'super plus' but change every few hours) . The next 8 days are horrendous!! I am usually house bound and even walking kids 15 doors up from my house to their school turns in to a rush bk to chabge my clothes as I've leaked everywhere!! I am using super plus and a night pad and I would say I need to change ever 30-40 mins!!

Sex is out of the question as I am heavy bleeding constantly! I feel tired. ( where I'm looking blood constantly ) and now my doc have put me on iron tablets.

I have just had blood tests done as my doc wants to check hormone levels etc.

Really thinking of having it taken out as I am feeling like I'm constantly bleeding and feeling sooo tired. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this with the coil?

When I had my section I did have a heavy bleed and lost alot of blood. Don't know if I have a slight tear or something which causes my bleeding ?

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Citalopram And Cerazette Can Be Taken Together?

So I have successfully completed my first week on 10mg of Citalopram....bloody tired ha! I should be on Cerazette but since not being in the mood to have sex for well more than 6 months, I haven't really been taking the "pill", I know most people are going to say ask my Doctor but I don't have an appointment till the 21st and was just wondering if the 2 can be taken together?

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Switching Between Microgynon And Cerazette

So basically I was on microgynon for about 3 years before switching to cerazette as I told the doctors I had headaches from microgynon as I didn't want to have periods anymore (stupid I know). So now I have been on cerazette for about 6 months my bleeding is extremely light however can come at any time. Sometimes for weeks of light bleeding. I now want to swap back to microgynon as I am going on holiday in November and want to ensure I am not bleeding whilst I am there. I am worried that If I switch back I could potentially bleed for a long period of time. My doctor told me to double up on cerazette but I have had other symptoms such as vaginal dryness which is affecting my sex life. If I switch back to microgynon will I bleed for ages or will it just be for a week, I never had problems with this pills before.

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Cerazette - Sore And Have Spotting

Been on cerazette for nearly 4 weeks. Read so many bad stories about it, but so far has been great. No bleeding, no mood swings, just some sore breasts....but that's nothing new!

Had sex for first time last night since being on it, with husband. Had slight spotting after (very slight....pinkish dot on toilet roll for a couple of times). Today I'm very sore, especially when wiping after a wee!

I've got my smear booked tomorrow, am a few months late with it because my dad died recently and just haven't felt up to it. But all previous smears have been fine, no problems.

I'm now scaring myself silly that I've got the Big C. But the logical part of me says this must be the pill that has caused this as I've never had problems before. I know it can cause dryness (and then obviously make me sore) so assume this is what's wrong.

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Horrific Stories Of Ladies Being On Cerazette

I went straight into it so I went from one pill, to another without a break for a period as my doctor suggested and I am 10 days into cerazette and have been bleeding for 8 of these days, I'm very worried as I have read up on it and all I've heard is horrific stories of ladies being on cerazette.

I've now completely convinced myself I'm going to bleed for the rest of my life ( can anyone give me some reassurance on this pill at all? (

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Contraception :: Cerazette - When Bleeding Will Stop?

i've started being back on cerazette after years of not being on contraception. i started on my 1st day of my period and i finished like normal then after two days of none bleeding iv started again i'm on my 13 day of taking cerazette.... how long does the bleeding stop

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Cerazette :: Mood Changes And Leg / Thigh Pains

I've been taking cerazette for a month now but since being on it i have been having what i can only explain as shooting pains in the front of my thighs?! Just wondering if anyone else has experienced it?! The mood swings i also have are crazy! Constantly being in a mood over anything someone says......

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Contraception :: Cerazette Pill - How Reliable It Is?

I have just started Cerazette yesterday and I am wondering how reliable it is. I have a long term partner and I am wondering if we need to use protection when having sex or can I trust this method of contraception?

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Cerazette - Anxiety, Emotional And Depression

have been on and off Cerazette for last few years and have started with bad anxiety to the point where I stopped taking it but then had horrendous periods and was going dizzy. So I'm scared to come off it but at the same time wondering if it's perimenopause as I'm getting fast heartbeat at night but feel constantly emotional and exhausted and also nervous/ anxious so I'm wondering if anyone else has felt like this on Cerazette?

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Endometriosis :: Cerazette - Emotional And Depressed

I was diagnosed with endometriosis behind uterus Dec 15 had diathermy and put on cerazette Feb 15 however the tablets seem to have been making. Me upset extremely emotional and depressed, the GP has taken me off them for a month. What other options. Are there apart from pill? I'm really worried all the pain will come back as cerazette has kept it all at bay!

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Cerazette - Women Have Gotten Pregnant On This Pill

I started Cerazette about 6 months ago as I'm in my late thirties and my periods were becoming more painful, plus, condoms were started to irritate me. since starting it I had one tiny bleed and that's it, it's a revelation but I am constantly worried that I'm pregnant as it's odd not having periods and I have read that women have got pregnant on this pill, I have always taken it correctly. I may be being silly but if I'm not getting periods does that mean that I am not ovulating either, hence, would not be able to get pregnant and if I was accidentally to get pregnant on the pill then would i still be able to use a pregnancy test whilst still on the pill, i.e. would it show up? I'm just paranoid that after my Husband and I have had sex that a week later I take a test!!! Any ones views on this would really put my mind at rest as I'm considering coming off it just to get a period even though I don't want one!!!

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