Cervical Rib Syndrome :: Extra Rib - Slight Pain,numbness - Exercise?

Jan 15, 2013

I'm 47 and have just had an x ray to confirm I have an xtra rib on my left side.My symptoms are mild at present - slight pain,numbness and extreme coldness at times. My doctor advised to do nothing and carry on as I have been. I do some yoga and fitness classes. Are there any specific exercises that help this condition?

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Cervical Rib Syndrome :: Have An Extra Rib And It Hurts

I'm 15 Years Old , And I Have An Extra Rib. Mom Found Out When I Was A Baby. It Hurts Every Now And Then ! But When Its Hurts It Feels Like Something is pinching it from the Inside . Like Its Jammed Or Something. I Cant Run Or Walk For To Long Because Of The Pain It Causes , Sometimes I Cant Even Lay On That Side. The Pain Goes Through My back Too. Its Sometimes Unbearable. Is This A Bad Thing? I Haven't had it checked Since I Was Maybe 6 or 7 . could Be Younger. Ill Be 16 In May . and i Definitely Don't Want Rib Removal. What Can I Do?

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Cervical Spasm, Neck Pain, Left Arm Pain, Numbness, Heart

I dont know i have cervical spondylosis  , but MRI said i have a cervical spasm < now even  after eating food my heart rate increase some times and there are weird feeling  all day long in the chest ,pain in arm .. i feel tingling numbness, in legs ,arms , shouledrs some time. disbalance when i just stand up 

Mty Doctors are sending me to neurologist,Cardio , Rheumatologist,Internal medicine . 

nothing solved . Heart is ok , ECG is ok, x-ray of heart is ok.Blood test was ok ...

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Cervical Rib Syndrome :: Bilateral Cervical Ribs With Neckache And Shoulder Pain

I'm 42 and i have just found out that i have this condition. The 1st doctor i saw after having an x ray didn't bother to tell me that i had this condition, and it was the next doctor that did. I have been having symptoms for the last year or so , which are dizziness, some numbness in my little finger and ring finger, neck ache, which is muscular and nerve extending to my shoulder and arm i have also been getting jaw ache, and i've had tension headaches for years.

i'm not sure if all these symptoms are due to having 2 ribs. i'm waiting to have an mri in october.

However i am seeing a 'sacral-cranial' osteopath who is really helping, and i am also having homeopathy which is also helping.

I'm not sure what is going to happen and it's comforting to know that there are others out there that will know what I'm talking about and who i can talk to.

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Cervical Spondylosis :: For 12 Years - Pain In Neck And Base Of Skull - Numbness

I have suffered with cervical spondylosis since i was 35 i am now 47 and in terrible pain i have physio naproxen co dydramol 500/30 nothing works i have a tens machine. Can not swim now due to severe pain,i get a constant feeling like a electric shock..or something cutting down my spine i have a feeling of unbalanced sometimes when i stand up my eyes are sensitive to the light,and my neck constantly feel to heavy for my shoulders.i get numbness tingling in hands feet hip sometimes and burning like you would not believe...Does anybody else get any of these symptoms ?plus terrible pain in neck and base of skull would love to hear from somebody else who suffers this terrible condition

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Neck Pain, Numbness In Arms / Legs, Dizziness, Vision Problems

I was a raving hypochondriac, have suffered cs for 5 years,had mr scans,ct scans,myelograms and lumbar punctures,see my specialist regularly and just given different medication,vi suffer neck pain, headaches,numbness in arms and hands,but also have severe numbness in legs and feet,my hands and feet are permanently icy while the rest of my body burns up,feel permanently dizzy and nauseous,i have vision problems and incontinence problems,for past few months i have got steadily worse and not able to walk more than few yards,and cant get outdoors without aid of wheelchair,as pain in my joints and muscles is so bad,the nerves that are trapped have moved down my spine which is causing the leg pain,i have seen 3 specialists and a professor of m.s,i have meltdowns every so often as i always have been so active and cs can just bring you to your knees,i find that the specialists i see seem to think i am neurotic,i asked him to have my pain for a week and then come back and tell me how he feels...i feel people just don't understand how debilitating cs is and because outwardly you look ok and you do your hair and put some slap on your face,but walk a mile in my shoes when at 3am im walking the floor counting the hours till can have another pain killer,my last visit to my specialist i was given morphine patches,but suffering from ibs and gall stones was warned by my doctor that they would have adverse effects and they were so addictive.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Joint And Bone Pain, Diarrhea, Fatigue, Slight Anemia

For the past 18 months I have experienced joint & bone pain, predominantly in my fingers, hands, wrists and elbows but also affecting my forearms, feet, ankles, knees, hips and shoulders. I have spent months trying to ignore it and at other times have kept detailed diaries, but can find no pattern relating to the area and level of pain and what I may have been doing, eating, drinking or how well I've slept.

I am nearly always fatigued ... I do work hard but even when I have time off, I'm exhausted to the point of needing to nap or walking around like a zombie. I used to run a lot and completed marathons, but now can't face a short jog.

Whenever I go to give blood, 4 out of 5 times my blood is too low in iron. It's not considered a dangerously low level for me but it is too low for the blood service to accept. The last time I went I succeeded in giving blood but was borderline and they only just accepted me.

Diarrhea; like many women I usually have this around the first couple of days of my cycle. However in recent months this is happening more frequently. Again there is no pattern relating to what I eat, where I eat or who prepared it. When it happens I get cramps and an urgency to go, but no nausea, sickness or loss of appetite.

Finally, I've recently begun getting pins and needles in one hand / fingers in a pattern that suggests carpal tunnel syndrome. It lasts for a few days then fades.

All of these things could be related or entirely unrelated, I just don't know. Also, one or two on their own might be easier to deal with but combined they can really get be down. My doctor has recently given me blood tests for arthritis and they came back normal. Any other ideas please?

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Cervical Rib Syndrome :: Average Size And Width Of Cervical Ribs

I have recently been told after 15 years of going to the doctors asking for help i have 2 cervical ribs and need to see a respiratory specialist.

I have been suffering with breathing problems which they did put down to asthma which might not be now, pains in my back, stomach, neck and arm. and sometimes get numbness in my arm and fingers.

I am cold and feel weak and tired all the time. I can sleep for days and still feel tired, the more i do the more i feel ill.

I have a large bone showing above my left collarbone which i can feel a large tube or vein above it going over the top of the bone which i measure to be about 2" wide.

Just wanted to know what the average size and width of cervical ribs.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome :: Numbness + Pain In Ring Finger?

I'm 25, and have recently developed symptoms (last 2-3 months). I had some mild sore wrists before but over the last few month it progressed to numbness in both hands. I did some physiotherapy and stretching and it did actually improve a bit but then my left ring finger began to develop pain and severe numbness, enough to stop me from typing with my left hand. I ice it several times a day which is keeping it at bay but doesn't do anything for the numbness.

Any comments or advice? I'm on a 1 month wait for an EMG specialist. The only thing that makes the numbness better is bending my wrist into a flexed position and holding it there for a few seconds.

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Numbness And Tingling Throughout My Body

I have multilevel spondylosis and I have been getting numbness and tingling throughout my body  . Does anyone else get this 

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Headaches, Tingling And Numbness On Face

I have cervical spondylosis of the neck and top of the spine I have had awful headaches tingling and a numb feeling on the face

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Burning, Aching Tingling And Numbness In Both Hands, Wrists And Forearms

Male age 49, started with pain in my right hand 4 years ago. Gradually transferred to left hand and now is what I would describe generally as a combination of burning, aching tingling and numbness in both hands, wrists and forearms. No other issues, aside from that in good health and do lots of regular physical activity.

Lived with the pain which has gradually got worse and probably is something like a 5/10 on the pain scale now.

Recent stressful domestic issues seemed to aggravate the pains so finally decided to see a Spine Doctor (I am a Brit but live in the Philippines where medical care is excellent, especially when they see a foreign face with bulging pockets !)

The Dr did all the usual physical tests and none of them replicated the symptoms and her diagnised me with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands, to which I said "Sorry Sherlock, it ain't CTS).

Ok, he said, go do an MRI, which I just did and have the results (results pasted at the end of this post)

Went back to see the Dr and he said that I need surgery (Fusion of C5 and C6).

So, my quandry now is should I believe him or should I try a different approach.

The first paste below is the original MRI findings and the second paste is a second opinion that I got from an independent on line service.


Second Opinion


There is a moderate sized, posterior disc protrusion/osteophyte complex at C5/C6 causing moderate spinal canal stenosis, moderate compression of the cervical cord and cord edema. The segment of cord edema extends from the level of the C4/C5 disc to C6/C7 disc and affects the left hemicord more than the right hemicord. Significant bilateral foraminal stenosis at C5/C6 with compression of both exiting C6 nerves (right more than left) seen.

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Restless Legs Syndrome :: Exercise - Buy Yourself A Dog And Walk

I’ve suffered RLS for 30-40 years now. I take Pramipexole. I offered to care for my daughter’s dog whilst she went on holiday. It’s a Pug about 2 feet tall. In the space of about 3-4 days, I must have walked that dog 10-15 miles. I was devastated when she wanted him back. Apparently he slept for 2 day’s. The following day I developed left sided hip Bursitis. The pain was excruciating. After 4 days of this pain, at 3 in the morning, I dialled 111. A doctor told me to take paracetamol. Around 10am later that day, I dialled 111 again and was referred to a primary care doctor who prescribed 30-500 co-codamol. Two day afterwards, the pain began to subside to a dull ache and 2 weeks later, no pain at all. Where’s all this going. Between the Bursitis pain starting and now, I have suffered hardly any RLS. Occasionally a little in the afternoons but that’s all. Apparently exercise helps to relieve RLS and I believe that is the case. However, I’m wondering if prolonged intense exercise gives more prolonged relief. Be aware of other conditions though. Particularly cardiac related. Discuss with your GP. I have reduced my Pramipexole from 4 tablets at 17.30 to 2. Still no RLS. The moral of the story. Buy yourself a dog and walk the hell out of it.       

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Exhausted Following Little Exercise

I am a 32 year old female. My question relates to Exercise Intolerance. I am very unfit and am wanting to get fit for the first time in my life but whenever I start even an easy exercise program, I get really wiped out. I usually feel okay after my "workout" (barely a plausible term) session, but feel extremely fatigued the next day. Which interrupts my program. This can be very irregular tho, sometimes I can do quite a bit and feel fine the next day. I had bulimia, starting at age 17 for 10 years and am wondering if this is still the effects on my body. I have no other side effects from the bulimia. Apart from that I have suffered Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but these symptoms disappear if I don't exercise. I have had my heart and lungs checked out, blood tests etc, all come back fine. Can someone please, please shed some light as to why I get so exhausted following even a small amount of exercise. It doesnt seem to matter be it cardio or weights.

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Gilberts Syndrome :: Severe Nausau And Vomiting During Exercise

I was diagnosed with GS about 15yrs ago when I was playing high school football. Got to noticing during wind sprints at practice I'd lose energy and get very sick to my stomach. So much so that I would throw up. This went on for weeks until my coach advised me to get a check up. After weeks of blood tests the Dr. diagnosed me with GS.

Now at 31yrs old if the outside temp is higher than about 75 or 80 and I'm doing some type of strenuous activity for a long period of time I'll get sick. I also race dirt bikes off road, its very common for me to throw up several times after a race if its warm/hot outside and/or I get extremely tired. The nausea is the worst pain I've ever had by far, almost to the point of blacking out. Once I throw up the pain will stop for 20mins or so then comes back until I throw up again. Most times I will throw up three times before the pain will go away. Also either during or after the vomiting I'll have diarrhea once or twice. I'm hoping by coming on here I can find something to help me.  Like others on here I have night sweats from time to time also.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Triggered By Sports/Exercise?

I've had some form of IBS since I was around 15. I used to get it all the time and wasn't sure why.

Around 6 years ago it just stopped. I thought it was because I had some drastic changes in my life - career, home, love, etc - but then it came back about 3 years ago. I realised that it came on, very badly, the day after I had been to the gym. 6 years ago I stopped all exercise due to the above changes, as well as recovering from an op over a year.

I wasn't doing anything too heavy, just getting back into shape. I then remembered that from the age of 15 I had started doing martial arts, and over the years, added swimming and going to the gym exercise 5 or 6 times a week. This is when I was getting IBS symptoms daily.

Now even if I do any stretching around my lower abdomen, a few hours later I get painful IBS.

The doc said, on several visits, that exercise should make it better, and didn't seem to want to entertain it as a cause.

At first I thought it was foods and was cutting out anything that could trigger it, but this didn't help as there was no pattern when I was eating possible trigger foods.

Anyone else find that sports and/or exercise has triggered your IBS?

If there is another thread already discussing this please could someone direct me to it?

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Cervical Rib Syndrome :: Discomfort Under Right Rib

I've felt something, fluid-like, under my right rib for some months. I had my gallbladder removed last September and had no problems for several months. Recently I have had irritation under my rib with soreness. It feels like a fluid sac that moves around. It's uncomfortable at time and I have to watch how I sleep on my right side.

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Cervical Rib Syndrome :: MRI Showed Bilateral Ribs

7 years ago i woke with tremendous pain in my neck. Took 5 years and many doctors before first MRI. MRI showed bilateral cervical ribs. Tests were performed which suggested TOS. From 1 specialist to the next, I have now been told to basically go home and live in pain. They won't perform the surgery because they told me 60% of patients are worse off. Have to live in this horrible pain forever. Lost in the system

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Cervical Rib - Thoracic Outlet Syndrome And Venogram?

Im looking for some advice,I have been diagnosed with cervical rib on both sides and also thoracic outlet syndrome. I have had loads of tests and been told I have got to have the ribs removed but before they can do anything I have got to have one more test that is a VENOGRAM of the upper limbs, they have told me I will need anorectic and I will be in for the day but I'm still none the wiser of what they are doing other than having the dye. I was hoping someone on here has had it done and could tell me more about this procedure.

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Thoracic Outlet Syndrome :: Cervical And First Rib Removal

I (have) had Thoracic outlet syndrome. It took approx 8 years to figure out what I had. Finally found a doctor I could agree with. He found cervical ribs both right and left. Only had symptoms on my right side. Pretty sure symptoms were brought on by a car accident (whiplash). Anyway.. Had the cervical rib removed and the first rib removed along with the scalene muscle that was in a spasm. It has been 5 weeks and I am still taking pain meds, although I am finally starting to feel some relief. Not ready to quit the pain meds though. Although I'm gonna have to since my dr wants me off them. Wish he could feel this pain. My chest is numb but it is painful underneath. It burns like heck and the muscles, or it may be the fascia that runs from my neck to my chest that is so tight it kills me. I try to do my stretches but it hurts. Mornings are awful. Be prepared to not sleep at first. I am thankful to have found this site. You feel like you are the only one out there who has been through this since it is such a rare anomaly. If you are going to have this surgery prepare yourself for not only the pain but the mental challenge of being in pain for so long. You will have some really down days.

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Urology :: Slight Pain During Ejaculation And Little Bit Testicular Pain

i am 23 years old male. it was very slight pain after ejaculation. second time it was like peeing. i have little bit testicular discomfort. it is about two days. what is the reason.

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