Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - Tips And Techniques To Recover?

Oct 21, 2014

I was diagnosed with M.E. in August 2012.  I now consider myself to be practically recovered from it.  I still have the issue of fighting infections off, but other than that, I feel I can do anything that I want to do!

I was sleeping for 16 hours a day, not able to move without becoming too tired, headaches, muscle tiredness, unable to work, and many other common symptoms!  My M.E. became apparent when I had tonsillitis, but that was obviously the final straw for my body as I had been having symptoms for months previous to that but hadn't thought much of it!

I followed a number of different ideas and techniques which I believe had a major impact on my recovery.  I know that this won't be for everyone, as there are symptoms I didn't experience, and I didn't have other linked conditions such as Fibromyalgia etc.

If you would like some PERSONAL advice, and I have to stress that these techniques are only my opinion of what I have found to have worked, please feel free to message me on here as I now have time to give something back to others who are suffering.  I personally think individual messages on here would be more beneficial than an overall tip!

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Don't Mix Up Chronic Fatigue Syndrome With Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)

I see most people lump CFS and ME together and they are not the same disease. They should be referred to separately as many of the symptoms of ME are not the symptoms of CFS. You can't die from CFS but ME can be a debilitating disease that can get progressively worse and CAN lead to death. So whichever one you are suffering from, what helps you feel better with CFS most likely will not help you feel better with ME. I am definitely on the upswing with my CFS. I walked almost 2 miles this morning and am feeling better every day. I think I am on the road to a total remission again. ME patients really have to monitor their activity levels so as not to cause themselves to go backwards and aggravate their condition. Don't lump these conditions together because they are totally different. Think of them separately and they need to be treated separately.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Possible To Recover With Only One Adrenal Gland?

I'm pretty sure i have cfs and i need help please, to cut a long story short i have cushings disease which has led me to have one of my adrenal glands removed, my cortisol levels are ok now but what concerns me is that is it possible to recover from cfs with only one adrenal gland ? i hear so much about how adrenal burn out is a huge thing in recovery so i'm worried that it will hold me back forever.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Good Tips For Simplifying The Housework?

Does anyone have any good tips for simplifying the housework?  I have no one to delegate to so it's a simple choice; do I have the energy or not to do any.  outside, I've gravelled over two flower borders and am getting rid of any plant in a pot that doesn't look after itself, in order to reduce the work outside. 

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Sertraline For Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ( ME )

For a number of years I was on various antidepressants and had counselling, which really helped. It has been over 15 years since I last had any prescribed.  Since then I have been diagnosed with M.E which I can manage to a degree but lately the symptoms have worsened and I'm in pain quite a lot. This amongst other problems has triggered my depression and the doctor has prescribed me Sertraline.

I'm feeling hopeless at the moment and very teary and feel like I need to take something to get me back on track.

I am really worried about taking them due to the side effects mentioned, as on a day to day basis my M.E symptoms are lack of energy, aching muscles especially in legs, muscle weakness, backache, severe headaches and eye pain which last for days, blurred vision, poor body temperature control,chills and fevers, excessive sweating episodes, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps especially after food, dizziness, insomnia even though I always feel tired, inability to stay asleep (I wake up numerous times each night) constant trips to the loo throughout the night, breathing difficulties, heart palpitations. 

I struggle enough with the above symptoms and when I read the side effects of Sertraline it seems like they could exaggerate my illness.

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Myalgic Encephalomyelitis With Frozen Shoulder

I am suffering from both M.E. and a frozen shoulder. I am finding these two disabilities very difficult to live with. with no support from family and friends. I thought that M.E. would be the only one that no one understands, but now I get the feeling that they think I am exaggerating the pain of the frozen shoulder, so maybe they have always thought I was making up M.E. how bad makes me feel .if anything I play it down. It is getting me down so much. I am doing my best to keep going. I have to spend so much time resting. I am so exhausted. Too tired to carry on writing.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Genetic Testing To Rule Out Causes Of Fatigue?

I am just wondering whether anyone has had genetic testing to rule out causes of fatigue? Myself and my brother both suffer with extreme tiredness and I'm wondering if it's worth asking for it to be investigated down the genetic route.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: POTS With Sjogren's Syndrome

I have Primary Sjogren's Syndrome but was born Hypermobile. It was only after my present Rheumatologist diagnosed that I have scoliosis that I started to research. I found the Beighton Scale and the Brighton criteria which I match completely. I explained my research to my consultant and she agrees. However while she and another consultant both agree I do have POTS so far I don't have an appointment to see anyone to help me. I have had ECGS and a bubble ECG but they have been taken while lying down. Now the POTS I really noticed post the birth of my last son 29 years ago is getting much worse, can anyone advise me as it has taken decades to get this far, I don't feel time is on my side

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Women :: Good Masturbation Tips And Techniques?

I'm a fourteen year old girl and I have just recently started to masturbate. I use the shower head, but it's a quick and not very strong orgasm. I have also tried fingering but I can't seem to get off on that. Porn helps a bit but not as much as I would like. I don't have access to a vibrator/dildo.

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Labyrinthitis - Tips / Techniques To Cope With It?

Anyone out there got some good coping techniques? Positive thoughts? Feeling alone with this....

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Or Fibromyalgia?

I'm a thirteen year old girl with an unhelpful doctor who literally doesn't want anything to do with me because I'm 'hard work' to diagnose. My family believes it's chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia or both. So that's the home treatment path I'm taking. My symptoms have been going for 6 months now and they are diarrhea, nausea, joint aches, headaches, fatigue, confusion, dizziness brain fog, tenderness, weakness and muscle pain. I've been tested for crohn's, ulcerative colitis, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, parasites, dysbiosis, virus, infections and celiac disease. I also have eczema, restless legs, irritable bowel, anxiety and gastroesophageal reflux disease. I'm not under any stress at the moment.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Holiday With ME/CFS

Just wondered how other people cope with the family holiday. Being out of your normal routines and in a new place perhaps. What do you put in place to help you cope?

Being at home knackered is one thing but being in a caravan, apartment or hotel etc. is much different. Having to be mobile and do holiday stuff with the kids, can and is an overload for my system. Do you avoid going away because of things like this or is it just me?

The last 10-day holiday we took has taken me 4 months to get over! (Moreover, I was still feeling rough after 4 months…) I know I am lucky to be able to grab a family holiday, but I do wonder at times, if it’s more harm than good taking a holiday with ME/CFS.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Is A Disability?

I am currently applying for jobs, but I am unsure answer yes or no to the do you have a disability? question. I do have CFS, which does impact my life, although I am able to work. What do you think?


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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Fast Heartbeat

Went to see my gp yesterday and told her about my heart beat readings I've been having recently of 115 just to walk downstairs, 124 to walk upstairs, 135 to walk downstairs on a bad day.  My heart rate goes up from 74 to 105 when laying down to standing.  She took my heart rate as a sat there and it was 98.  She's now sending me for an ECG.  She thinks it might be to do with the sack or lining around the heart?  She told me the official names but I was silly and didn't get her to write it down.  Now I can't remember what she called.  She said she has seen cases before.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Constantly Thirsty?

I was wondering if anyone else diagnosed with ME is constantly thirsty? I've had all the blood tests (and have been diagnosed with ME), so diabetes is omitted. It seems to be worse on an evening and I'm always topping up my fluids with water and herbal teas-so plenty hydrated! It's not my worse symptom, but just wondering if it was common?

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Unexplained Bruising?

Just wondering whether people get any unexplained bruising or get easily bruised? I get them quite often and it's worrying me. My rheumatologist said that it can happen as our body is over sensitive. 

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Exhausted Following Little Exercise

I am a 32 year old female. My question relates to Exercise Intolerance. I am very unfit and am wanting to get fit for the first time in my life but whenever I start even an easy exercise program, I get really wiped out. I usually feel okay after my "workout" (barely a plausible term) session, but feel extremely fatigued the next day. Which interrupts my program. This can be very irregular tho, sometimes I can do quite a bit and feel fine the next day. I had bulimia, starting at age 17 for 10 years and am wondering if this is still the effects on my body. I have no other side effects from the bulimia. Apart from that I have suffered Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but these symptoms disappear if I don't exercise. I have had my heart and lungs checked out, blood tests etc, all come back fine. Can someone please, please shed some light as to why I get so exhausted following even a small amount of exercise. It doesnt seem to matter be it cardio or weights.

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Cannabis :: Marijuana With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Anyone smoke with CFS? I dislike drinking a ton so I was wondering if anyone smokes marijuana? I've seen online it's good for it and it doesn't make it worse... Anyone ?

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome With Vitamin D Deficiency?

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with CFS/ME a year ago and since having surgery last November it has got so bad that I am unable to return to my job I am only 22 and it's really making me upset.

I have had all the blood tests available and all came back negative apart from today my doctor called and said I have a vitamin D deficiency and has given me 3 months worth of medication. Has anyone else with CFS/ME got a vitamin D deficiency? Also did supplements help your CFS? Or even cure it? How long did it take for you to feel better?

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Dizzy Spells

I had stuff to do today that I could not leave. I have since had several dizzy spells. I get these  when I do the school run. Has anyone fully passed out?

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: No Injections Which Contain Adrenaline

As we were chatting about teeth earlier on the spectacles thread I thought I would start one specifically about ME and teeth.

I think I have mentioned this before, but when I saw my dentist a while ago and told him that I had been diagnosed with ME he informed me that if ever I needed to have a local anaesthetic injection he would give me one which doesn't contain adrenaline ....... because anything with adrenaline is a complete no no for ME sufferers.

One of the theories about the cause of ME as some of us know, is that for some reason we are unable to 'switch' off adrenaline as a 'normal' person would and as a result we just drain all our energy, and the only way to regain it is by resting. I am convinced that there has to be an awful lot of truth in this theory.

Several months before I was diagnosed with ME I had extensive reconstructive work done on my upper teeth (my generation didn't have fluoride toothpaste and many of us subsequently have soft teeth), and I often wonder if the dozen or so adrenaline injections triggered something. Also, I had a lot of amalgam fillings removed, and I wonder if the lead from these was released into my system during the drilling.

Who knows - but hopefully one day we will find out what causes this wretched illness :?

So folks ..... no injections which contain adrenaline.

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