Women :: Good Masturbation Tips And Techniques?

May 28, 2013

I'm a fourteen year old girl and I have just recently started to masturbate. I use the shower head, but it's a quick and not very strong orgasm. I have also tried fingering but I can't seem to get off on that. Porn helps a bit but not as much as I would like. I don't have access to a vibrator/dildo.

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Labyrinthitis - Tips / Techniques To Cope With It?

Anyone out there got some good coping techniques? Positive thoughts? Feeling alone with this....

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - Tips And Techniques To Recover?

I was diagnosed with M.E. in August 2012.  I now consider myself to be practically recovered from it.  I still have the issue of fighting infections off, but other than that, I feel I can do anything that I want to do!

I was sleeping for 16 hours a day, not able to move without becoming too tired, headaches, muscle tiredness, unable to work, and many other common symptoms!  My M.E. became apparent when I had tonsillitis, but that was obviously the final straw for my body as I had been having symptoms for months previous to that but hadn't thought much of it!

I followed a number of different ideas and techniques which I believe had a major impact on my recovery.  I know that this won't be for everyone, as there are symptoms I didn't experience, and I didn't have other linked conditions such as Fibromyalgia etc.

If you would like some PERSONAL advice, and I have to stress that these techniques are only my opinion of what I have found to have worked, please feel free to message me on here as I now have time to give something back to others who are suffering.  I personally think individual messages on here would be more beneficial than an overall tip!

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome :: Good Tips For Simplifying The Housework?

Does anyone have any good tips for simplifying the housework?  I have no one to delegate to so it's a simple choice; do I have the energy or not to do any.  outside, I've gravelled over two flower borders and am getting rid of any plant in a pot that doesn't look after itself, in order to reduce the work outside. 

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Women :: Menstruation Connection To Masturbation

I am 20 years old and have not a period for almost 5 months now. I have never had sex, so there is no way I am pregnant. I have been under a lot of stress during the past semester in college. I feel like my libido has been higher lately, and I have been masturbating a lot lately. I've always done it a fair amount, maybe 5-7 days per week, since I was a kid, but now it is like 2 times per day and takes anywhere from 20-50 minutes each time. First of all, do I masturbate too much/does anyone see it as a problem? Is it normal? Second of all, is it possible that it is contributing to delaying my periods for so long? Or could it be that certain hormone levels are both increasing my libido while also delaying my period?

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Women :: Masturbation Will Effect My Married Life ?

I musterbate sometimes but not vaginal only by rubbing clitoris. I'm a virgin girl and I do clitoris rubbing only 4-5 days in a month and sometimes I feel cramps and stomach pain after doing masterbation. I'm scared will this create any problem to my married life after marriage? Will I enjoy my sexual life with full pleasure? Will this create any problem in my pregnancy? After doing masterbation I always feel ashamed should I stop doing this, to avoid this feeling ?

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Masturbation - Women :: Losing Virginity By Self-stimulation?

I once masturbated putting my lipgloss and I also inserted my 2 fingers a couple of time and I'm starting to worry if I have lost my virginity or not because I haven't bleed but I am a virgin never had sex before and I never used a tampon in my life. Am I still a virgin will I bleed if I have intercourse with my boyfriend or he will find out that I'm not a virgin?

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Women :: Cramps And Diarrhea After Masturbation For Days

I'm a 16 year old girl. I've been masturbating just under a year now. I masturbate very rarely but when I do I get very painful cramps that are sometimes accompanied by diarrhea. It lasts for a few days. I do have a very sensitive stomach so maybe the masturbating is just aggravating it. Could that be it or is there something else going on here?

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Women - Over Masturbation :: Weak Orgasms, Nerve Damage?

I first started masturbating at age 15 where I would watch porn for a while and orgasm a few times. After I realized that I could go on for hours, over the years I had a few nights (once in a while) where I would orgasm every 30 seconds-3 minutes until I was drenched in sweat and had to stop. At 18, I bought a vibrator and used that for pleasure and my orgasms were always so powerful in the beginning and after a while they'd get weaker. Now, I'm 20 and my orgasms have become very weak. I can go 2-3 months without even trying and when I go for it I expect magic, but all I get are weak ones. Lately, I've been bored out of my mind, orgasming for hours every day for the last 5 days and they're pretty weak, but just pleasurable enough to keep me going. Now I've just done some research and learned that over-masturbation is bad and that I could be causing nerve damage to my clitoris. Even when I go months without they're still weak. Have I ruined my chances of having a powerful orgasm again?

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Women - Desensitized Clitoris, No Libido And Excessive Masturbation In Past

I'm a 25 yr old female, married for over a year, and my husband and I have little to no sex life. My heart is breaking because i need to find answers..

I learned to masturbate when i was 12 years old, over the years i've had to think of more and more erotic fantasies or else I can't seem to achieve orgasm. Stimulation isn't enough, and over the years i have rubbed pretty hard. I'm really worried that i may have desensitized my clitoris.

The very first time my husband used a vibrator on my clit it was the most amazing thing i've ever felt... but with more use it's harder and harder to find the right spot, and the batteries have to be FRESH.

Before we got married, i had never had actual intercourse, and my fiance and i would get pretty hot n heavy with petting or whatever. but now that we're married i have a VERY hard time getting aroused around him! I don't like having my nipples touched, we don't do oral because we're both grossed out by it, and i get grossed out by french kissing.

I have a hard time masturbating in front of my husband, i don't know why, i think that i get shy.. and another thing is that whenever my husband and i try to have a kissing session i start to giggle uncontrollably but i don't get aroused.

again, my heart is breaking because we don't have a normal sex life.. i'm desperate for answers... i waited to have sex until marriage and sometimes it feels like it wasn't even worth it.

EDIT: I also forgot to mention that when i do orgasm there's little to no lubrication created, and sexual intercourse hurts and doesn't feel good. I think that part of my arousal problem is the fact that I know that sex isn't going to feel good

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Sexual Health - Women :: Pee / Wipe Hurts - Masturbation A Few Days Ago

I'm 19 sexually active just a few days ago i masturbate i do it every now and then i went to pee and it hurt and when i wiped myself it hurt to i don't know if it's because of when i mastubate i rub myself on the outside of my underwear i haven't had sex....

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Mind-body Techniques :: How To Stop Cracking Your Knuckles?

Well since I was about 16 I've been cracking my knuckles (nearly 10 years) although I've noticed the last couple of years it's been quite a lot more frequent.

I started when a friend of mine (at the time) used to do it all the time and I was curious as to why/how he did it and well it's been around ever since.

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Women :: Viagra Or Medicines For Sexual Dysfunction In Women?

Female viagra or medicines for sexual dysfunction in women such as low sex drive

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Tips To Desensitize My Penis?

I don't think I have PE but I just don't last long anymore. Any real tips to desensitize my penis?

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Pregnancy :: Tips To Have Shave?

It is near impossible to shave my hoo ha these days. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? ? I know this is probably a TMI question

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Knee :: Tips For Walking After TKR?

i was walking outside on 2 crutches, fairly easily, holding them very loosely and walking without a limp.  Inside I was using 1 crutch.

last week the physio took one away - tried me on a stick but said I was too wobbly, so left me with one.  I was quite happy and confident when I left him, but over the past week I seem to be limping so much more and relying on the crutch more.

Does anyone have any tips please for walking properly?

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Pre Hip Replacement Advice / Tips?

My LTHR had been scheduled for next week. During my pre op session last week the dr remarked that the pains down my left leg may be due to a spine issue, while the groin pain would almost certainly would be due to my bad left hip. He is suggesting that I see his spine colleague before he definitely goes ahead with the hip op.

My question to you hippies: before your hip op did you have pains down your leg(s) including ankle? And (this is the important bit) did the hip op get rid of the leg pains? I am thinking that if your answer is yes to both questions then maybe I should get a second opinion from another surgeon.

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Pregnancy :: Tips For Body Acne?

I was wondering if anyone has any tips for acne. I broken out pretty much everywhere. Mainly my chest. Does anyone have any tips for body acne?

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Hemorrhoids :: Tips - Creams/ Lignocaine Twice A Day ...

Besides Creams/ Lignocaine twice a day anything else i can do ?...I've brought Prune juice, Husk to put on cereals...even the softest of BM aggravates these things. Sometimes i swear i feel it going down my leg the pain from them and into stomach.  Dread what the internal ones look like, I'd think large, can they grow really big?..the pain these cause is just incredible. Least i feel i have company here, most ppl just say oh they are just Hems!....but it's not nice visiting someone and wriggling around in your seat and it consuming your every thought.

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Tips For Conceiving Without Fallopian Tubes?

I need tips to conceive without fallopian tubes.

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Hip Replacement :: Any Tips? Only One Week Post Op

I'm 65 and just had a THR I Live alone and seem to be doing ok just wondering how other people managed or any tips.

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