Co-codamol :: Being Allergic To Codeine

Mar 15, 2010

I developed neuralgia on the left side of my face and took co-codamol for pain relief. Within 24 hours this side had swollen drastically. I went to hospital and was given a course of steroids to reduce the swelling. I was diagnosed as being allergic to codeine.

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Weaning Off Co-codamol With Ibuprofen And Codeine - Can't Go Cold Turkey

I have found a UK based online Dr that is willing to prescribe me codeine phosphate tablets. My idea is to taper the dose myself  and replace the co codamol 30/500 and Nurofen plus with these instead and come off them gradually. I can't go cold turkey, I've tried and the withdrawals are the most significant problem. My dr did this once before so I am going to follow the same tapering process. When I am down to 0mg I will ask my gp for a non opioid based strong pain killer for my 6 herniated spinal discs. It's going to cost overall far less than I am spending on packets of Nurofen plus. Feeling very determined to do this for good his time.

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Paracetamol And Codeine Are Addictive?

I have been taking paracetamol with codeine for sinus pain and toothache-more the form. I'm very worried about addiction so will take a single dose of an evening 2-3 days a week. Then I can have weeks and 2-3 months of none. I don't experience withdrawal or addictions when I do not take. Is it ok to use paracetamol & codeine sparingly like this and avoid addiction. Can I have balanced feedbacks please-well weighed up good and not so good experiences.

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TKR :: Pain Relief? Paracetamol And Codeine Not Working

I am new to this, but at the moment I'm wishing I had never had this done. I had a TKR done on Friday, the epidural and sedation didn't work so had to have a general. The pain relief I got whilst in hospital was good, came home yesterday and all I've got is paracetamol and codeine, which has no effect at all, slept in 20 minute intervals all night. Our dog had her crucial element ligament done about 17 months ago and she was on better pain relief. I am honestly regretting what I have done, sorry for sounding so negative.

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Co-codamol Addiction - 20-30 Per Day

My boyfriend takes 30/500 co codamol and he takes 20-30 a day, you may think this is a lot but that is because my boyfriend has been addicted to them for the past 6 years after being given these tablets following his tonsillectomy.When he wakes in the morning he has bad cramps and my bed is soaking wet this is due to the fact that he's an addict and the codeine has worn off. When he has tried coming off them he has the same symptoms as a heroin addict in cold turkey. He is now gets a daily prescription and is down to fifteen a day but he now takes codeine phosphate as the paracetamol in the co-codamol causes constipation which can't be good on the bowels. He is only 26 and this addiction has made his life sometimes unbearable. I know that if he could turn back time he would never had taken co codamol.

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Co-codamol :: Bad Reaction

The week before last I took co-codamol in the evening and went to bed feeling sick which isn't unusual, a few hours later I was woken by severe cramps and knew I had to get to the toilet, I was sat on the toilet and went dizzy and blacked out, I woke up on the floor sweat pouring off me, finally managed to move myself got a drink of water and made it back to bed, a little later I was sick and emptied my bowels, I wonder if it might of been a reaction to co-codamol as i've not really been able to take it since.

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Co-codamol 30/500 For Sciatica

I was diagnosed with sciatica yesterday morning by my doctor, he prescribed co codamol 30/500.

After taking two, the pain did subside but I felt really dizzy and sick but was just glad that the pain had lessened.

I took another two at bedtime and am still awake at 4.50am! I can't sleep for scratching! I am so itchy. Has anybody else had this terrible itching?

I remember being allergic to morphine following my hysterectomy, I came out in hives. Is it that I can't take these type of drugs, ie codeine based medicines? Tramadol has also caused itching in the past.

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How Many Co-Codamol For Osteoarthritis In One Day?

How many dare you take in one day?

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Osteoporosis And Osteopenia :: Co-Codamol Failed

 I can't find ANYTHING that removes the pain!  Co Codamol doesn't, the 'so called' pain relieving gels don't (I've tried 3 different types).  Can anyone suggest anything else?

Yesterday I twisted my hips somehow as I got out of the chair, the pain was excruciating.  Since then I can hardly walk (how does excercise, excercise fit in then?)

I had been doing so well, 20 mins walk per day (and I've always disliked walking!) - physiotherapy, etc.


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NSAIDs :: Naproxen With Ibuprofen And Co-codamol?

I find these tablets really good for my arthritis. I have arthritis in hips, knees and at the back of my neck.

I do not have any side effects

One day this week I had a toothache and wondered whether I could have taken something for it on top of Naproxen. I wondered about Ibuprofen or co-codamol.

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Co-codamol Addiction 20 Tablets At A Time - 60 A Day

My Husband has been taking Co Codamol for over 10 years now , he suffers from spondylosis and arthritis. His Doctor has sent him for many x ray.I know that he is in lots of pain and can sometimes be in bad moods because of it but i feel that his addiction to the painkiller has made his moods a lot worse. My husband gets a months prescription of co codamol which is 224 tablets and has taken them all in 5 days, He takes 20 co codamol tablets at once about 3 times a day , so by the end of the day he has taken 60 tablets. When he has run out of his own painkillers he takes his mom's co codamol prescription and then its many trips to different chemists. I have been to the doctors 3 times with him over the last 10 years and at first they stop them and give him other medication for the pain but he ends up going to see the doctor that prescribes the co codamol for him again. He know longer lets me go with to the doctors because he knows i will tell them about his addiction. I now just have to put up with addiction and try and help him when he wants help. The addiction has certainly put a strain on our marriage and family life. The children who are 18 , 21 and 24 have all noticed and commented that they find it hard to chat to there dad and that he has changed.I feel that i am becoming depressed because of the atmospheres his moods create. He has been given appointments for physiotherapy but he does not bother going as he says it does not work

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Acyclovir, Co-codamol Side Effects Or Shingles?

I am in pain, tired, no appetite, diarrhoea, vague. Are all these symptoms shingles related or are some of them due to Acyclovir, co-codamol or Ibuprofen.

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Cervical Spondylosis :: Dizzy When I Lie - Stemetil And Co-codamol

I have had CS for a number of years but it is worse when I am in bed and when I lie down I go dizzy. I am on Stemetil for the dizziness and

co-codamol for the pain but it stays with me. I don't think there is a cure and I am told to learn to live with it. It drives me mad. I don't socialise any more even with family.

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Addiction - Weaning / Tapering Off Co-codamol After 7 Years

I was on cocodamol for 7 years and just recently weaned off using a taper plan and good planning.

I didn't realise just how mind and body controlling these drugs were.

Ok to cut a long story short I became ill and was prescribed 30/500 cocodamol the first few weeks I felt great yeah less pain and what a head rush.

I started to get addicted and needed my 2 tablet four times a day fix,was my injury gone I don't know I just needed the fix.

I tried a few times before to go cold turkey and ended up with the worse symptoms possible I sure you have had these.

The restlessness and aches in the legs were the worst I'm sure you will agree.

Through my dependency I became intolerant to any products containing caffeine as I noticed my body would itch and I had pain in my kidneys all the time.I stopped caffeine 6 years ago and cured that issue.

This time around I decided enough is enough and try a taper plan.

week 1

8 tablets a day

2 at 7am

2 at 1pm

2 at 6pm

2 at 8pm

for 7 day only then I started my taper plan and it really works.

week 2

2 at 7am

2 at 1pm

2 at 6pm

1 at 10pm

week 3

2 at 7am

2 at 1pm

1 at 6pm

1 at 10pm

week 4

2 at 7am

1 at 1pm

1 at 6pm

1 at 10pm

week 5

1 at 7am

1 at 1pm

1 at 6pm

1 at 10pm

week 6

1 at 7am

1 at 1pm

1 at 8pm

week 7

1 at 7am

1 at 8pm

week 8

1 at 7am

This worked for me and just remember plenty of water but not mountains of it as too much water can be deadly.

I would say to anyone who has just been prescribed co codamol just be aware that the come down after long term use will really spoil your day.

For the full impact of going cold turkey should only last around 8-10 days from sources I read but I will say this for a easier stage of coming off and less side effects try a taper.

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Bulging Discs - Tramadol, Naproxen, Co-codamol And Nortriptyline - No Relief

I have suffered with a 'bad back' since i was 21, i'm now 40 in August, and since october 2014 i have been getting worse and worse and went from taking tramadol, naproxen, co-codamol and nortriptyline as and when i needed to. Now i take in a day.... 1800mg of Gabapentin, 20 mg of Zomorph, 180 mg of dihydrocodeine 35 mg of Amitriptyline at bedtime 1000mg of naproxen. I also have an underactive thyroid so take 200mcg thyroxine and for my depression and anxiety i take 150mg of venlafaxine.

With all this i still feel pain, but also a little dopey, i'm currently on the sick from work and am worried about how I'm going to pay my bills - i have been to my psychiatrist and she gave diazepam to take when i feel anxious...... love sweets, me!!!! I needed help and advice.... with all that medication i should be floored, never mind the fact I'm still in pain. I had an X-Ray in Nocv 14 this showed osteoarthritis and then an MRI scan this showed a bulging disc on L5/S1 i think it was. I have been referred to the orthopaedic specialists but its all just a waiting game but all this time i still have all my bills to pay and this leads to horrendous bouts of depression.

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Allergic To Latex?

everytime ive been in hospital, after being examined I've come up with rashes on my stomach and chest where they have touched me with their gloves could I be allergic to the latex in them?

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Allergy :: Allergic To Lip Products?

I am 18 years old, and I have never been allergic to anything in my life. As part of my nightly routine, I've always put on lip balm before bed. However, late last year, my lips started to get more dry and chapped than usual, even itchy. They felt like sand paper and often developed tiny bumps. If rubbed hard enough, the bumps would produce a clear liquid. The edges of my lips also sometimes felt very raw and red. These symptoms would last around a week.

At the time, I had been using just plain Burt's Bees Lip Balm for many weeks. When I got the symptoms, I used a bit more of the balm than I usually did, thinking it would work for dryness. When nothing seemed to be working, I stopped using it altogether. In time, my lips healed, and I switched to Softlips lipbalm in both vanilla and peppermint flavors. I showed no reaction from their usage for about a month. Then, I started getting the same reaction that I got from the Burt's Bees Lip Balm. That was when I figured I was developing an allergy to lip balm. Over time, I also realized I was getting the same reaction even faster from lipstick and lipgloss. That meant I was allergic to all lip products across the board.

I began researching into the symptoms and the ingredients in lip products, especially ones that commonly produced allergic reactions. With that knowledge in mind, I've tried many other balms these past months, including ones by Blistex and Kiss my Face. I'm even allergic to plain Chapstick. At first, I would not show any symptoms at all, but they would eventually show up within a few weeks, sometimes days. I even tried alternating the balms every night, which worked slightly but I would eventually get the reaction again. Nowadays, I only wear lip balm every few nights because I can't stand having chapped lips, but never multiple nights in a row. Even then, there's always a chance of my reacting to it.

I haven't been able to pinpoint the exact ingredient that I'm allergic to, and I'm hesitant to spend any more money to try more products. I haven't changed anything about my diet, makeup, facewash, mouthwash, or toothpaste, so I am very certain that it's the lip products. After my research I've also found that other people have had the same problem.

Has any product been found that works but doesn't trigger a reaction from people with my allergies?

I've heard that Vaseline is possibly the only solution, but because of my research I've been staying away from products with petroleum and petrolatum in them. Should I try it out anyway?

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Vaccinations :: Allergic To Injections

On Thursday I had my meningitis C vaccine in my left arm, and diphtheria, polio and tetanus in the other. I've been feeling a bit off since. 

Basically- my arms hurt(which I know was to be expected) but they hurt more than everyone else's seemed to... 

Then on Friday I completely lost my appetite, I just didn't want to eat at all, I felt like crying all day(not out of pain though?) I had a really bad headache, my arms still hurt...mainly the meningitis arm, I felt exhausted, all throughout the day, especially in lessons, and I was really irritable and moody towards a few people then today I've been feeling a bit better, although I think the vaccine gave a me a cold? My voice at the moment is husky and I'm worried I'll lose it...

Is it normal for those vaccines to make me feel like this? If so, what can I do about it? 

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Allergic Rhinitis Due To Dust

So I have severe allergic rhinitis which I was told by a ENT specialist a few weeks back. I already had the idea in my head that it was this but it has finally been confirmed. From there I had a blood

Test done for an allergy test. But I find that I am very sensitive to dust and If that's what the test comes back with, what can the doctors do? It's not as if I can avoid dust for the rest of my life because it would be impossible! I'm very confused as to what they will be able to do? But they must be ae to so something right? I have an appointment again really soon to get the results back so I shall know for sure! It does sound a bit stupid but I'm just worried about having to be miserable for a long time or until I grow out of it- which is only a possibility and might not even have it. If anyone else has it here, do you know what triggers yours? And what the doctor did about it? 

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How I Treated My Allergic Rhinitis

I have a predominantly obstructive form of perennial allergic rhinitis with multiple allergen sensitivity.

Negative stress aggravates it - positive stress alleviates it. Jogging and exercise helps to overcome nasal airflow resistance for me and seems to reduce the sensation of blockage - a lot of good consistent exercise definitely improves rhinitis in my case e.g. swimming, jogging, running, cycling.

Irregular sleeping hours and too much sleep can provoke an attack in my case.

As many people will agree, it can have a significant impact on sleep, cause tiredness, lack of concentration, irritability, tension, nausea, post nasal drip, dryness and can have a serious impact on relationships in work and at home.

I found that nasal spray corticosteroids don't work consistently in my case - they don't always prevent my attacks from occurring, even with long term use. This is only my experience though!

I use a prescribed formulation of medicinal herbs prescribed by an approved medical herbalist - I have found them to be more effective and longer lasting than any other treatments I tried - single herbs I found did not work. I use this constantly throughout the winter and intermittently during the summer.

Plaintain and eyebright compound is good for the dryness I experience in the winter and is good for clearing the mucous.

Nasal saline irrigation can be very helpful also to clear mucous in the nasal cavity for me.

Fisherman's friend and airwaves chewing gum is very useful to make me breath through my nose more easily.

I have fewer attacks now (almost a normal life) that I use the herbal medication, compared to when I used only steroid sprays.

But when I do have the odd attack, I immediately begin using betamethasone sodium phosphate drops (betamethasone is a potent corticosteroid). I usually need them for no more than 5 or 6 days because I feel that they lose their benefit if using them long term - the medicinal herbs are my long term treatment.

A useful method recommended by my ENT consultant was to invert my head over the back of the bed when using the drops, and wait a few minutes - this allows deep penetration into the sinuses - (i believe that there is a sinus called the ethmoid sinus deeper in the nasal cavity)

If my nose gets really blocked up, I will use an oral decongestant, phenylephrine hydrochloride (60 mg) (short acting) and take these for a few days (this can also help the betamethasone drops get to the right place as it is a vasoconstrictor). I find that this decongestant, in my case, does not give me the shakes and nervousness that pseudoephedrine does.

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Trimethoprim :: Allergic Reaction

I was prescribed this drug yesterday for a supposed urine infection. I had suffered with urine infections alot in my teens and into adulthood, however had not had an infection since having my son 8 years ago. I had problems during my pregnancy high blood pressure being one of these problems. As a result I only have one fully functional kidney. I was told that my blood pressure would probably go up again in later life and therefore have had it checked each year since.

On a routine checkup a couple of weeks ago, it appears that the high blood pressure is back and at the checkup I also had my urine dipped. The nurse asked me if I had any problems passing water etc. When I said I hadn't, she said there was something in my water and would send it off to the hospital just in case. I said that I thought I would have noticed if there had been a problem.

Anyway, yesterday I got the results and the surgery informed me that my doctor had left a prescription out for me. I picked it up and took the first tablet at four o'clock. By seven o'clock I had a severe headache, and the most awful chest pain, I thought I was having a heart attack

On reading the side effects we rang the hospital, got an appointment, by which time my back and chest were covered in a rash. My Blood pressure had reached 240/140 extremely high....

The doctor confirmed that it was an allergic reaction to trimethoprim and injected me with an antihistamine. Having checked my urine again, they said I did not have an infection in the first instance and should never have been prescribed this drug and confirmed that it could have been fatal.

I am going to make a formal complaint to my doctor and would like to take this further. Why is this drug being prescribed? I think I am very lucky to be here today and my children could have been left without their mum.

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