Contraception :: Copper Coil Causing Allergic Reaction?

Oct 14, 2007

I had an IUD put in on 2Oct. I have been bleeding excessively(confirmed by doc), cramping almost as bad as my miscarriages, nauseated, drained feeling, achy, sharp shooting pains throughout my uterus and surrounding area. I had an ultrasound done to make sure the IUD is in the right spot and it is.
I have always had sensitive ears and only able to wear silver and 14k or better gold earrings, but lately my ears are reacting even to those now and in a worrying speed.

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Contraception :: Copper Coil Causing Constant UTI's?

I am having some issues with my coil. I have had nothing but praise for the copper coil since I had it put in around 8 months ago - however I am now starting to have some issues that I believe are related. I have always been prone to UTI's - normally I can get rid of them quickly by drinking a lot of water or taking a sachet. I have had some strange burning sensation when I pee - around December..I had check ups and all came back clear. I then developed the worst UTI I have ever had in February. I had 2 sets of antibiotics and it was relentless. Eventually it faded away - but I never felt fully better. It is over 2 months later and I still feel this pain and pressure (it is bearable now but still doesn't feel right) - it also hurts when I have sex. It is a strange feeling, its like burning. I almost feel like the balance isn't right if that makes sense. I have read many forums and seen people having similar problems and saying things about the infection 'sticking' to the plastic device. I want to go and have it taken out - but I react badly to hormonal contraception so not sure what I'll do. Just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar?

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Contraception :: Copper Coil - Bleeding Due To Period Or Coil?

I had the copper coil fitted on 27/4/16. That went well, took a little while to insert because apparently I have a titled uterus lol (I've had two children) not much pain afterwards was just a little light headed. Didn't really bleed was more very very little spitting which stopped after about 3 days.

Last Friday I started bleeding wasn't too sure if it's my actual period or bleeding like expected since having it fitted, I'm still bleeding to this day. Is this normal? Could this be my period or bleeding due to the coil? It seems a little heavier than usual & defiantly lasting longer my periods usually last around 4/5 days.

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Contraception :: Copper Coil - No Periods At All

I had the copper coil fitted 8 weeks ago. I was rubbish at taking the pill every time I missed a couple I would have a period so we with the IUD as a more natural and reliable contraception. Since I had it fitted end of Aug I had one period the week after. And nothing since! Now due my second period I have period pains terrible mood swings headaches but just clear discharge but tainted a little with brown blood. Last week I had clear discharge when I wiped with a few spots of pink blood that's it! My boobs are sore everything that says my period should be happening or due but nothing! I had my 6 week check up after having the coil fitted and told the doc about not having a period she seemed completely baffled and said that the copper coil makes periods heavier not stops them and did a preg test which was negative in said come back in 3 months if nothing changes. This to me seems a long time if there's a complication it could be too late by then.

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Contraception :: Mirena Or Copper Coil?

I'm going to have a coil inserted, but I'm not sure which to have, I leaning more towards the hormonal/Mirena/IUS coil but can I have that inserted if I'm not on my period?

Also with the copper coil, I've heard that the periods can get heavier, how long do they last for? Does it slowly get better at all?

And any tips before I go to the doctors on what I should prepare myself for? What the entire procedure is like? I know all these websites have talked through it but from people's own point of view, what's the experience like?

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Contraception :: Copper Coil - Cramping All In My Abdomen

i had the copper coil put in last year august time. not long after i got it put in i had extreme cramping all in my abdomen, that night i struggled to lie down, it was to painful. still to this very day i get severe cramping like pains. it feels like the coil is poking into my womb. i have very painful/heavy periods. personally i wouldnt advise the coil. i would advise the injection!

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Contraception :: Agonizing Pain With Copper Coil

​i've had the copper coil in for 2 days. the day i got it in i was in pain but i just assumed my womb was contracting as i was told by the nurse that put it in, so i went home and slept. since then i have been in agonizing pain( wanting to scream and unable to do things). i went back the day after it was fitted and they could see the string so they said it was fine.

​i cant feel the string myself so i don't know if its in the right place.

​before i had it in i was in the mini pill for 2 weeks, i was told it would work straight away so me and my partner didn't use condoms but now i've researched it and it says that you are not protected for the first week.

​i wondered if this has happened to anyone else? or if people think there is a chance it is a perforated womb ( the pain feels bruised and stabbing shooting on my felt side) or if it could be an ectopic pregnancy or anything else?

do you think i should go A and E?


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Contraception :: Copper Coil And Weight Loss

I ask if anyone has come off the pill had the copper coil fitted and managed to lose weight. I've put 3 stone on and can't budge it. I'm going for a consultation on Monday for the coil. I think what I'll find weird is I've never had a period in years so will not be looking forward to that. Do you have to have it fitted after you've had a period?

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Contraception :: Pain One Week After Copper Coil

So last Tuesday I had my copper coil fitted. I explained before hand that I was going on holiday four days after and the nurse suggested I stay on my pill (cerazette) for the duration of my holiday to avoid having a period.

The process was pretty straight forward it did hurt and I did vomit and feel about weird afterwards but I think that's because I hadn't eaten in a few hours.

Anyway, fast forward just over a week now and I'm still getting really bad cramps and bleeding quite a lot even though I'm still taking my pill. Taking pain relief helps but I just wanted to know is this normal?

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Contraception :: Copper Coil Bleeding While Walking

I had the copper coil fitted over 2 weeks ago and have been bleeding everyday with low pelvic pain plus am so light headed I have nearly fainted twice, its seems worse when i'm walking around but more light when a sitting down has anyone else gone through the same thing I have appointment at the doctors 2mro .x

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Contraception :: My Copper Coil / IUD Insertion Experience

I feel there is an unfair amount of negative reviews of coil insertions online. I had mine fitted two days ago now, but the week leading to my appointment I was torturing myself by reading every insertion review and account, especially of those childless. So come the fitting, I was extremely nervous and on the verge of changing my mind. Afterwards however, I felt extremely liberated and empowered, and realising there is an unbalance in reviews I thought I'd share my experience for anyone else that is considering the coil and or is very worried - like I certainly was! I know that every body is different and reacts in different ways and that I can not speak for every women.

The facts;

5'2", 21 years old, childless

T-Safe CU 380A QL - model of coil

Insertion two days after period

Took boots own ibuprofen and codeine tablets 1 hour prior

Numbing gel applied by doctor

The thought of pain was my main hold back, so my first question to my doctor was if a local anaesthetic could be an option (no one told me it was before in all my build up appointments). She said I'm more than welcome to one, but she would advise the numbing gel instead, and that the local anaesthetic is always there if I change my mind or becomes too painful.

I think this is extremely important, and that while we are so medically advanced we should not have to subject ourselves to pain if we do not need to.

I took her advice (she has been fitting them for years), and with the comfort of a local anaesthetic being ready to hand and full trust in my doctor, I didn't need it at all - to my surprise!

Now the pain - well, there was none. It was uncomfortable. You're held open, then numbing gel is applied so you're wet and sticky, she then held my cervix, used a long stick looking instrument to measure the length of my cervix, checked how I was coping, then swiftly interested the coil, cut the threads and I was done. Within minutes, and it was definitely only a few seconds when I had anything going up my cervix.

Don't get me wrong, I felt it, but not painfully, and it made my toes curl up, but it wasn't anything I couldn't manage again. I've a small white tattoo on my ribs, and that was much worse. As everyone describes, it's like a period cramp, but it somewhat travels up, so you can almost guess what's happening but not quite.

I just concentrated on my breathing, and told myself if most other women can do it, then so can I. However, I don't know if I would have been just as brave without the painkillers or numbing gel! But girls, you can have that too, and with a local anaesthetic if you wanted!!! - I can't stress this enough.

I was fine to drive myself home afterwards, I was aware of the cramps, like the pressure on your womb you get during a period, and a little light headed (I justified some sweets at this point haha), but again nothing I couldn't manage! I used a pad for the slight bleeding too, and didn't need any more painkillers after the first two.

I couldn't believe how easy it was, and I'm ashamed at how it isn't made abundantly clear to women that pain relief is readily available! Had I known, it wouldn't have taken me two years to pluck up the courage.

I am now hormone free (amazing!!!), free from mood swings, weight gain, spots, the list goes on! And I do not need to worry about contraception for 10 years. 10 years!! I simply check that there are two stings coming out of my cervix now and again. My boyfriend isn't bothered by them in the slightest either. He has only gone looking for them out of pure curiosity! Other than that he cannot feel them, and is just glad that I am hormone free, and happy.

It astounds me that this isn't a more widely used form of contraception. And I think that is mainly down to the idea of the insertion pain, and being squeamish of the T shape left inside. However I would rather that, than pump my body full of invisible chemicals.

I hope this helps someone, and I also hope you're as happy and as liberated as I am with a copper coil. I've already had some girlfriends convert!

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Contraception :: Copper Coil - Permanent State Of Pre-period

I had the copper coil fitted last year, it was agony, I was meant to have the Mirena coil fitted but as I had had my daughter by c section my cervix hadn't stretched that much and only the copper one was small enough to be inserted without my having to have one fitted under a general anaesthetic.

My periods are irregular now, due to that my body is in a permanent state of pre period, so I find that I am eating more, this was normal in the week before my period was due. As a consequence of this I have put on weight!

I would like to find a good contraception for my age, one which doesn't make me put weight!

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Contraception :: Copper Coil - Pain And Heavy Periods

12 months ago, I had a copper coil fitted after I was taken off my trusty contraceptive pill, due to high blood pressure. I had no pain or bleeding. First period after the fitting was fine, no change really, a few pains but that was all. On my second period, I was bleeding really heavily and was in unbelievable pain, thought I was going to black out for a week.

I went to the doctors and they had me checked over, ultrasounds etc and told me everything was fine, I just had to wait for it to calm down.

Now 12 months on, I'm still experiencing this excruciating pain, about a week after I've had my period and I'm usually in a little bit of pain the week before. I've been back to the doctors in the meantime and they've taken blood tests and swabs and said everything looks fine.

Is this normal? Does anyone else experience this?

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Contraception :: Copper Coil - Avoid - Womb Perforated By It

I am 26 years old and have never had children, I was suffering from panic attacks from my pill so my nurse told me I should try the non hormonal copper coil. I had it fitted at 3pm on 03/03/2014, BIG mistake, by 3.30pm I was having severe cramps which i thought was normal as I had read they can be quite painful. I rolled around in agony for hours by 2am the following morning it had become so bad my partner called for an ambulance. I was taken to A&E a doctor examined me to tell me that she could not find the strings of my coil, she sent me straight to a gynecologist where they told me that my womb had been perforated by the coil and I had to have it removed as it could cause permanent damage. I would never recommend any women to have the coil it is dangerous and so painful words can not describe what I've been through.

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Contraception :: Copper Coil - Period Cycle Disturbed And Heavy

Had my daughter in Oct 12 by c sec and in Dec 12 I had the copper coil fitted. Worst thing I have ever done!

Ever since I have had it fitted, my cycle is only 25 days and my periods are very very heavy and last 12 -13 days!

I feel like I am always bleeding and it's starting to get me down. My normal cycle ( before baby was born) was never like this.

I went to my GP in feb and they advised as baby was 4 months old I'd had a dip in my hormones ( apparently everyone does) that's why I was feeling so sh1tty and to give it a few more months. I went bk in April and again in May abd I've now been given tablets to stop the heavy bleeding. I've tried 2 different tablets now and they don't seem to help. The first day or so is not too bad ( I still have to wear 'super plus' but change every few hours) . The next 8 days are horrendous!! I am usually house bound and even walking kids 15 doors up from my house to their school turns in to a rush bk to chabge my clothes as I've leaked everywhere!! I am using super plus and a night pad and I would say I need to change ever 30-40 mins!!

Sex is out of the question as I am heavy bleeding constantly! I feel tired. ( where I'm looking blood constantly ) and now my doc have put me on iron tablets.

I have just had blood tests done as my doc wants to check hormone levels etc.

Really thinking of having it taken out as I am feeling like I'm constantly bleeding and feeling sooo tired. Just wondered if anyone else had experienced this with the coil?

When I had my section I did have a heavy bleed and lost alot of blood. Don't know if I have a slight tear or something which causes my bleeding ?

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Contraception :: Copper Coil - Suffering With Depression And Panic Attacks

I had the copper coil fitted about 6 months ago , and i have been suffering with depression and panic attacks also i have breast pains and cramping pains, always bloated and no sex drive i just wonder Has anyOne else felt this way i'm due to get it out tomorrow but tbh i'm feeling a Little scared of a mood crash afterwards i'm only 21 and i feel not how a 21 yr old.

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Trimethoprim :: Allergic Reaction

I was prescribed this drug yesterday for a supposed urine infection. I had suffered with urine infections alot in my teens and into adulthood, however had not had an infection since having my son 8 years ago. I had problems during my pregnancy high blood pressure being one of these problems. As a result I only have one fully functional kidney. I was told that my blood pressure would probably go up again in later life and therefore have had it checked each year since.

On a routine checkup a couple of weeks ago, it appears that the high blood pressure is back and at the checkup I also had my urine dipped. The nurse asked me if I had any problems passing water etc. When I said I hadn't, she said there was something in my water and would send it off to the hospital just in case. I said that I thought I would have noticed if there had been a problem.

Anyway, yesterday I got the results and the surgery informed me that my doctor had left a prescription out for me. I picked it up and took the first tablet at four o'clock. By seven o'clock I had a severe headache, and the most awful chest pain, I thought I was having a heart attack

On reading the side effects we rang the hospital, got an appointment, by which time my back and chest were covered in a rash. My Blood pressure had reached 240/140 extremely high....

The doctor confirmed that it was an allergic reaction to trimethoprim and injected me with an antihistamine. Having checked my urine again, they said I did not have an infection in the first instance and should never have been prescribed this drug and confirmed that it could have been fatal.

I am going to make a formal complaint to my doctor and would like to take this further. Why is this drug being prescribed? I think I am very lucky to be here today and my children could have been left without their mum.

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Severe Allergic Reaction To Cyclizine

After reading all these posts about Cyclizine, I feel I should add my own traumatic experience from 7 years ago:

(I now know that I am severely allergic to Cyclizine).

Back in the ward after breast cancer surgery with two visitors at my bedside, I suddenly began to feel nauseous.  Unable to move my head at the time, I asked a number of times if I could have a 'sick bowl' handy as I felt I was going to be sick.  No-one seemed to hear my plea, even though there were lots of medical staff and visitors around in this busy ward.  I felt I was speaking loudly but my request still went unanswered.  I summoned up the strength to really shout out Please, I need a sick bowl - I think I'm going to be sick.  Next thing I saw the nurse half way down the bed putting a needle into the back of my right hand.  I asked her what it was for and she replied "Just something to stop you feeling sick".  Within seconds of that a strong wave of something went through my head and through every part of me.  I started to feel as though my whole body was like jelly and (just as one other poster has described) felt as though I was drowning, couldn't breathe and literally felt as though the life was rapidly draining out of me.

Although I couldn't move my head (or any part of my body), I could see just in front of me and was aware that the woman in the bed opposite me was sitting up and staring at me, as was her visitor.  I wanted to shout out Stop Staring at Me, What are you looking at .... but the words wouldn't come out.  

There was a rush of panic all around my bed, with doctors having been called and nurses running around but at this stage I couldn't see what was going on - only hear.   I heard to my left what I recognised to be the Sister's voice (from having spoken with her earlier) - shouting angrily "Who turned this off?"  She was obviously referring to whatever machine I had been attached to there - which had apparently turned itself off!

Then I remember another nurse's voice which I recognized very clearly as an American nurse that I had been chatting and joking with earlier.  Although I couldn't see her, I knew it was her because I recognized her loud Texan drawl.  She was also the nurse who I had seen (with my tunnel vision) put the needle into my hand.  I do believe now that it was her voice that saved my life.  Her voice was all I could hear at this stage.  She was obviously very close right in front of my face and I remember she kept repeating abruptly and loud:  "Don't close your eyes - KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!"  My eyes felt so very very heavy and they kept closing.  I so badly wanted to keep them closed - but then her loud voice would bark out the order again "OPEN YOUR EYES!"  and with all the strength I could muster I forced them to open each time.  It was very hard to do, like I needed a bulldozer to get them to open ...  but I managed to do so, only because I could tell from the urgency in her voice that I HAD TO keep those eyes open.

I was also aware that I had been given an oxygen mask and at this stage must have been coming around.  The "jelly" feeling had gone and I remember feeling my nose was itchy under the mask.  I wanted to scratch it but couldn't move my hands.  I'm not sure how long all this was going on, but when the panic was all over I remember the Sister then telling me that I should add 'CYCLIZINE' to my list of allergies.  (I am also allergic to Penicillin (as well as some other antibiotics), and this is something I already knew).

I'm not sure that CYCLIZINE should be banned altogether, as it is obviously something that is helpful to others (in the same way as Penicillin is to others), but I do think it should come under the same category as Penicillin and perhaps some sort of pre-test should be done before administering the drug. 

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Trimethoprim :: Allergic Reaction - Spaced Out And Hungry

I too have had a bad allergic reaction to Trimethoprim. Within one day of taking the first tablet I felt completley 'spaced out' extremely hungry but could only stand wet food ie soup or yoghurt. On the third day the itching started and a rash developed. Stopped taking tablets and the rash has got progressively worse. Terribly itchy sore and looks as though I have been scalded.

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Penis :: Allergic Reaction To Baby Oil During Intercourse

I was having vagina intercourse with my wife when we decided to give anal a try. I used normal baby oil the one used on hair or whatever the normal use is. I used this baby oil as a lube to insert my penis into her anus. this was on a Saturday then the next day Sunday early Monday I noticed my penis head was red it had small red dots(bumps) all over it and that my wife as well had some sort of redness and swollen to her vaginal area. I like to think this swollen penis head and red dots are from a allergic reaction to the oil or from the anal sex but I would like to know the likelihood of this being a possibility also I am not circumcised but I take good care to clean it thoroughly when I shower. I also tried cleaning it with a hand soup because I thought if I clean the early as much as possible it would help clear the rash but now it seems my penis is drying up and it just started to itch this morning no weird smells or irregular discharge is coming from my penis.

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Menstrual Cycle :: In Agony Every Month Due To Copper Coil

I got my copper coil fitted in January. Wasn't pleasant did get a bit ill but after I was fine and of course had heavy long periods and sore cramps for a few months. The bleed has eased a bit but the pain seems to be getting more intense. I have never had any children or been pregnant the only way I can describe it is like well labour pains. Only lasts a few seconds at a time and I find myself screaming in pain and panting as its unbelievably painful I think the girls in work think I'm at it as they see the pain I can get in. Comes and goes in waves this has been happening for a few months now it feels like a period cramp but 100 times worse and something stabbing me with a 1000 knifes in my uterus DX bit extreme I know haha. I was warned cramps can get worse but never knew they would be THIS bad and I thought they would calm down after a few months but only got worse. The only good thing is I haven't got pregnant and I don't think my other half wants to go back to using protection after this long having the coil.

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