Cramps :: Cured By Quinine

Aug 22, 2008

I was getting severe leg cramps several times a week. Since being prescribed one quinine tablet before going to bed, they have completely disappeared. The cramps were sometimes in my calf muscles but mainly in my ankles, feet and the muscle at the side of my leg.

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Quinine For Leg Cramps Works - 200 Mg Tablet Every Other Night

I was having leg cramps in calf and thigh 2 to 3 times nightly. It took 10 to 15 minutes of walking around and massaging for relief. Obviously becoming sleep deprived. My doctor started me on 200 mg quinine nightly, increasing to 300 mg if necessary. Within days my muscle cramps diminished. At the end of one month they were gone. The immediate relief was astonishing. I have been on quinine for over a year now. As a preventive dose, I take one 200 mg tablet every other night which seems to be sufficient. If I get an occasional cramp, I take the tablets every night for a few days.

I tried drinking quinine water (Schweppes tonic carbonated water) as a substitute - but was unable to drink that much carbonated water daily. Wasn't able to try it long enough to see if it would help by itself. It had worked for a friend of mine who wanted me to try it.

I have had no side effects from the quinine. I would highly recommend trying quinine if you are having night cramps.

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Liver And Kidney Damage - Taking Quinine For Leg Cramps

I have just been found to have liver and kidney damage through taking Quinine for leg cramps. It is banned in the US for treating this condition.

I am now on a repair diet, to aid good health again.

I had a call from my Dr, to say STOP taking them asap, they are creating many problems for your health.

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Quinine Tablets For Restless Leg Syndrome

my doctor has prescribed me quinine tablets for my restless leg syndrome. Has anyone tried them? I have got symptoms tonight the first time in 2 weeks since starting the treatment. I'm not sure if they are working for me or not as I can go 2-3 weeks in between flare ups.

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Antivirals :: Side Effects Of Quinine?

I know that quinine is used for treating malaria and that this is the first choice medication for this disease. However, a friend of mine uses it for fever. I would like to know which side effects of these tablets. I would really appreciate if someone could tell me something more about this.

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Quinine :: Daughter Passed Away Taking Too Many - 3 Hours Later

my daughter took too many and sadly passed away 3 hours later.

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Quinine For Fever? Side Effects Of Tablets?

My friend uses quinine tablets each time he has fever. I am not sure why he doesn’t use usual antipyretics. I know that these tablets are recommended for malaria, but I am not sure how they affect usual fever. Can anyone tell me about side effects of these tablets?

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Carbimazole :: Painful Leg Cramps (not The Usual Night Time Calf Cramps)

I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and I have been taking Carbimazole since Aug 6, 2010, since yesterday I have been experiencing painful leg cramps (not the usual night time calf cramps) that begin just above my right knee and travel down to my foot sometimes 5 or so in quick succession - this is really painful :? and I wondered if anybody else has these or should I go back and see my GP?

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Muscle Cramps All Over Body, Upper Thigh Cramps So Severe

Cramps so bad in thighs, I can't take the pain anymore

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Post Menopause Bleeding After Cramps Like Ovulation Cramps

I had what felt like ovulation cramps last week and tonight have vaginal bleeding, fresh blood not old.

I did this in 2012 after my mom died, was checked pap smear, uterine biopsy and I feel those hurt, it was all good, they thought it might of been stress related because it lasted only one day.

My abnormally normal periods were only 1-3 days, they were one coming in, one day of heavy bleeding, and spotting on third day. But every 28 days like clockwork with no issues there. In my 20's I was told I had endometriosis and when they went to do the ultrasound the cyst had went away. I didn't take it any further than that but never had children and never took birth control. Cramps were always very painful, had to curl up in a ball, always had severe back pain with them as well.

Last week they were like that not quite as bad but nearly.

Is this just a fluke you all think? Even menopause I had no symptoms, when I turned 50 it shut off like a faucet never again until 2012, and now.

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Menopause :: Stomach Cramps VS. Uterine Cramps

I'm having a hard time distinguishing between cramps from the intestines/stomach and slight cramps from my "female parts"... Sometimes I think that I have a regular stomach pain, but I'm wondering whether the pains could be slight cramping from my uterus instead? Right now I'm most likely just passed the ovulation and should have my period in about 13 days. Would slight cramping during this time be normal for someone in perimenopause?

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Chlamydia :: How Long Does It Take To Be Cured?

When I went in for a routine pelvic exam, I tested positive for Chlamydia. I immediately received treatment, and informed my partner that he needed to be tested and treated as soon as I was able to, which was 5 days after. Of course he wanted to have sex (even after I told him the news) and I finally agreed, but only with a condom on.  He then got treatment the following day. We were informed by our health clinic to abstain from having sex at least 7 days after receiving treatment, but of course like the absolute idiots we are, we didn't.  Because I am the big idiot that I am, I had to receive a second round of antibiotics which meant him and I both took them the same day following intercourse with protection. Not sure what our issue with being celibate for 7 days is exactly, but we had sex this past Tuesday with protection, but only a day after taking the antibiotics. I felt a little bit of discomfort when urinating afterwards, but assumed it was due to having sex. Just this morning, he prompted me to have sex again, and we did with protection, but afterwards he continued to try to have sex this time without a condom. I don't need anyone to tell me how idiotic it was to allow him to have sex with me without a condom, but I can't change what happened now. After having sex a second time, unprotected, this morning I had the most excruciating pain while urinating. I wanted to cry it hurt that bad. My partner has also experienced some discomfort while urinating after having sex this morning. I guess what I would like is some guidance, answers, suggestions, possible diagnosis? I am currently assuming the worst that him and I have indeed re-infected ourselves, but just wanted to throw my predicament out there for some outside opinions.

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Bacterial Vaginosis Cured

I cured my BV by drinking LOADS of water. Maybe 4/5 litres a day.

I tried everything I could afford to try as a broke student. So from garlics to yoghurt to antibiotics to overpriced creams. I visited 4 doctors and none of them helped me much. I burnt the inside of my vagina with all the nonsense I did. My vagina got so bad that I couldn't want for longer than 5 minutes because I would be in so much pain and desperately need to scratch. I used to spend all day in my room with my legs wide open because my genitals wore swollen and they hurt so much. I even remember crying and not being able to sleep. LOL! It was horrible!!

Anyway I started noticing the only time my vagina felt half decent was when I was weeing. So I started drinking more water so I could wee more and the more I weed the less I itched. I drunk 4/5 litres of water for 3 days and really tried to flush out my system and then it just stopped. No more itch. No more discharge, no more stink.

The sad news is I have it again. It's quite mild at the moment but I'm going to start drinking water like crazy again. Hopefully it works again.

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Cured My BV

I have suffered for years with bv and tried just about everything! Here's what worked for me, it kinda happened by accident but I've been bv free for almost two months, I have been sexually active and even after my period it has not returned. There is no douching of any kind in my cure. Hopefully this helps all or some of you as I take into account that every body can react differently. Best wishes and relief to you all!

Upon waking (before eating) have large glass of water with a good squeeze of fresh lemon. Take a femdophilus pill with water.

After breakfast take an Alive Once Daily women's ultra potency multivitamin.

Drink water with fresh lemon throughout the day at least 3 large glasses.

That's it! Also, Try not to eat tons of sweets or too much red meat.

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Supraventricular Tachycardia Cured?

About a year ago I asked my doctor to diagnose the episodes I had been having most of my life.

These episodes that made me feel detached, listless, dizzy and sometimes short of breath, would last for 10 or 20 minutes or sometimes two hours. The doctors, I had previously presented to, could find nothing wrong with the lungs or heart. I was once sent to specialist who thought it might be a type of migraine.

Anyhow my doctor thought it might be atria palpitations of the heart so I asked him if the next time I was in town, and had an episode, could I come in to see him. He arranged for an alert to be put on the receptionists' computers so I would get a ECG reading/printout immediately.

And so it happened, the resultant reading showed the heart beating 140 bpm ( should be 70 bpm for me)

“Ahh SVT!” the doctor cried, - Supra Ventricular Tachycardia, the electronic pulse finds a quicker way to go but in doing so causes the heart to beat faster.(Not as serious as Atria Tachycardia.)

“Don't drink any alcohol, coffee or tea.” said the doctor.

There are techniques on how to reset the heart back to normal.

I found the best way was to just lie down on the carpet for 10 minutes or so. It was a relief to actually know what the condition was at long last. I could live with it, or so I thought.

There were times when I couldn't reset it and it would last longer and made me feel completely debilitated.

Not wanting to go through the ablation surgery or have a pacemaker fitted, (not having any faith in these procedures), being a Christian I decided I should pray about it and leave it at that.

With a busy life and everything happening, now that the family had arrived from England and living with us, I had forgotten about that prayer time. Then one day, about three or so weeks later I said to my wife “ you know I haven't had an SVT episode in over three weeks?”

So in my next prayer session I thanked God in faith for the healing.

That was six months ago, and, praise God, I haven't had another episode. I drink the occasional glass of wine with my meal and drink coffee and tea every day.

I sometimes get the flutter in my 'solar plexus' area, that previously would indicate to me that an SVT episode was about to start, but now it just stops.

The only cures I have seen offered are ablation, dietry, drinking lots of water and taking a supplement of potassium. I didn't try any of these.

I haven't read of any 'spontaneous healing's for SVT, such as mine, have you?

So I do believe that God can heal you. It just takes honest fervent prayer.

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Lyme Disease :: Anyone Ever Cured?

does anyone get cured

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Hepatitis C :: Cured By Harvoni

I don't post a lot on here but wanted to share with everyone the miracles that exist now for treating Hep C.  I saw my doctor on Friday and she let me know that my 12 week post treatment labs after 24 weeks of Harvoni came back with a negative viral load and that I am now cured (12 Week SVR).  This was my 3rd treatment and thanks to God, it worked.  There is hope for all of us.  I have had Hep C for 30+ years and am a Genotype 1A, with a Fibrosis level of 3+.  As a 3+, I still have an increased risk for HCC, so I will continue to get lab work done every 6 months, ultrasounds every 6 months and a CT scan every 18 months.  I encourage everyone to keep on treatment - we are at a place where so many of us now have a chance for a cure! 

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Hepatitis C :: Cured Of HCV But Now Positive Again

My new girlfriend, who I like very much, was very open with me about the fact that she had a blood transfusion as a baby for several surgeries she had to have, which left her HCV positive.  She and I were about to move into the sexual part of our relationship, so we both got tested for STDs to show each other we had a clean bill of health.  Well as it turns out, her bloodwork showed she was HCV positive again...this is after achieving SVR (not sure for how long she had achieved this yet).  She told me and was very upset, so I obviously just gave her a hug and held her.  No other way to respond she was so upset.  I'm curious, does anyone on here have any experience with this?  Possibility for false positives or possibility for her to need to seek additional treatment?  I hope you can forgive any questions that may seem ignorant.  I am mostly focused on her health, but naturally I'm also concerned about the implications for our future relationship (I understand it is very low risk to pass it to me through sex, but still, I'm human, and I'm just carefully looking at this situation).  If anyone can shed some light on her situation, I'd love to hear it.  She's a great woman and I'd like to get any info for her that could help.

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Bacterial Vaginosis Finally Cured

I've had BV for 20 years, but have found that it's got worse over the last 5 years. Balance activ controls it until I next have sex, or have my period, then it inevitably returns with a vengeance. I've tried folic acid, fem dophilus (which worked but is too expensive for me long term)salt water douching etc. 

However, on this occasion, I douched with salt water for 2 nights before bed to kill the bad bacteria and followed with a balance activ pessary to nurture the good, the next 5 nights I only used the pessary. I only wash with plain water, have taken folic acid and vitamins c and d and I'm eating a fage Greek yogurt with honey (from asda) every day as it contains L.Acidophilus probiotics. I've also reduced my sugar intake. 

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Cured My BV Finally

i recently just became sexually active in September. since September me and my partner has had sex each month until December. I've only been with one guy. i noticed bv started a few weeks after i lost my virginity but it would always disappear before i thought it was problem. January came and i noticed my bv was really bad, this was just a few days after me and my partner had relations. it was a watery discharge and i had a horrible fish odor. it was getting so bad that i became embarrassed to sit next to panties would become really wet from the discharge and stunk so bad. i am a very clean person. i take showers everyday and night and right after sex too. i wash with summers eve and that usually helps with any odor, but not this time. i went to the obgyn and she said it would clear up on it own in a few days but it didn't. i started using baby powder down there. it did help the discharge and the odor but it wasn't helping get rid of my problem.i then switch to anti fungal powder which did help but i always had to reapply it.  so i began to look for home remedies online. i created a mixture of white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil and put it in a spray bottle. every other night i would spray the mixture between the lips of vagina, i would then put a hot towel on my vagina for five minutes then hop in the shower. this did bring relief to me but i had to do it every week, butt hat's not healthy for your vagina. i am 18 years old but my mothers does not know i am sexually active so i told her i was having a real bad yeast infection. she then told me to take a tampon and soak it in coconut oil, the kind in the squirt bottle (liquid), and after my shower, insert the tampon and go to bed. after  THREE DAYS i went back to normal THIS WORKED PERFECTLY. i no longer feel shame to sit next to people nor do i smell anything !!!! i do not do this every night but for the first week i did. ihaven't had sex in two months andunfortunatelyy me and my partner  have taken a break so idon't know if my bv would flare up after sex but it doese flare up after my period. i do the coconut oil thing and after three days the discharge and odor is gone. everyone is different so don't know how others will react to this but i encourage you ladies to try this method. when it flares up i take a hot shower with summer's eve then after getting out the shower i wipe my vagina with a regular baby wipe, im a clean freak lol, i then take my tampon and put it in the oil and while its soaking i take a q-tip and dip it in the coconut oil and then trace the inside of my vagina with it and in my hole as well. this stops the smell and discharge, do this before bed that way to the oils can really cheap in and help your vagina.

quick tip * before sex I recommend you take a shower but don't insert the coconut oil soaked tampon, of course, trace the inside of your vagina with a q- tip and coconut oil. make sure you get inside your hole too, the coconut oil works immediately and mask the smell very well that way your partner wont be able to smell the odor you'll be comfortable, at the most your partner would think you smell like coconuts lol and they smell pretty damn good! 

quick tip* i do spray my mixture still once a month just because it makes me feel even more fresh. Like i said ive only been with one guy, my hole is still tight but i do know that vinegar and masturbation can help strengthen your vagina muscles and get it back tight if the vagina has became loose.

my mixture

1 cup apple cider vinegar

1 cup white vinegar

2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil

directions: spray inside of vagina then put a hot towel on it for five minutes then take a shower. i would do this while the shower is running or in the shower  DO NOT DO MIXTURE METHOD EVERY NIGHT YOU CAN HURT YOUR VAGINA DOING TOO MUCH

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Anyone Cured Regional Pain Syndrome ?

Has anyone out there with CRPS managed to return to work?

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