Hepatitis C :: Cured Of HCV But Now Positive Again

May 11, 2016

My new girlfriend, who I like very much, was very open with me about the fact that she had a blood transfusion as a baby for several surgeries she had to have, which left her HCV positive.  She and I were about to move into the sexual part of our relationship, so we both got tested for STDs to show each other we had a clean bill of health.  Well as it turns out, her bloodwork showed she was HCV positive again...this is after achieving SVR (not sure for how long she had achieved this yet).  She told me and was very upset, so I obviously just gave her a hug and held her.  No other way to respond she was so upset.  I'm curious, does anyone on here have any experience with this?  Possibility for false positives or possibility for her to need to seek additional treatment?  I hope you can forgive any questions that may seem ignorant.  I am mostly focused on her health, but naturally I'm also concerned about the implications for our future relationship (I understand it is very low risk to pass it to me through sex, but still, I'm human, and I'm just carefully looking at this situation).  If anyone can shed some light on her situation, I'd love to hear it.  She's a great woman and I'd like to get any info for her that could help.

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Hepatitis C :: Cured By Harvoni

I don't post a lot on here but wanted to share with everyone the miracles that exist now for treating Hep C.  I saw my doctor on Friday and she let me know that my 12 week post treatment labs after 24 weeks of Harvoni came back with a negative viral load and that I am now cured (12 Week SVR).  This was my 3rd treatment and thanks to God, it worked.  There is hope for all of us.  I have had Hep C for 30+ years and am a Genotype 1A, with a Fibrosis level of 3+.  As a 3+, I still have an increased risk for HCC, so I will continue to get lab work done every 6 months, ultrasounds every 6 months and a CT scan every 18 months.  I encourage everyone to keep on treatment - we are at a place where so many of us now have a chance for a cure! 

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Cirrhosis Of The Liver And Hepatitis C Cured By Harvoni

I haven't been in here for awhile, My husband took harvoni and is free of hep c,  He has been on the transplant list for 4 years, He had the tips procedure done in 2011 because of a bleed out that almost killed him, He has had liver cancer, They probed the cancer and it is gone, He is on lactulose because of H E , Also he vomits every third day and no one knows why, So we had a meeting with the transplant doctor yesterday, and because his hep c is gone and his meld score is only 16, They took him off the list, I asked what would happen if he got worse or whatever, And they said we would have to start over again, So now we have decided,  no matter what we have been sitting too long , it's time to enjoy life and start traveling,  Whatever happens ,, happens,,, Had to vent Thanks

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Hepatitis C :: Wonderful Harvoni TX - Achieved SVR / Cured

Received my 6 month end of Harvoni treatment.

Achieved SVR/Cured

So happy!!!  Harvoni is such a wonderful drug.  I thank God for it.  It was amazing, I never felt so good while I was on it.  It made me feel great.  I did 12 weeks of treatment and my viral load was 5.8 mi.  Type 1A

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Hepatitis B :: 3 Months On Viread DNA Positive < 20 Iu/ml

I ve been on viread for 3 months. The latest hbv dna is positive <20 ıu/ml. Before viread I was on lamivudine and hbv dna was generally again positive <20 ıu/ml. I think it was 3 times undetectable at different times. Alt Ast normal afp normal. Do you think dna will be und next time? If it comes positive again what.  treatment or evaluation can you recommend ? I also started to take vit d3 daily 10 days ago.

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Hepatitis B :: Carrier And Now HbsAg Reactive (positive)

I am carrier of this virus (HbsAg) i just want to ask about the dosage if i am going to take this alinia.. how many tablets per day and how long should i take it... is it everyday? is it for 6 months before i go for another blood screening?

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Hepatitis B :: Wife HBsAg Positive - Safe To Have Sex?

Am hepatitis B positive. With negative e-antigen and virus dna load of 2369.

My wife is hbsag positive due to vaccination since 2009. We just have a baby boy.

My baby was given a shot of vaccination at birth.

1.Is it safe for me to make unprotected sex with her, why she is still breastfeeding ?

2. Is my baby at risk ?

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Breastfeeding :: Hepatitis C Positive With Viral Load

Found out through my OBGYN that i am Hep C positive. Shocking because I've never been a drug user, never had a transfusion, ext. Requested a retest which also came back positive, just to be sure. Then they did a RNA test and it came back with no viral load. Does this mean I cleared the virus on my own and won't ever need treatment? Should I do this test again? Also, since i'm pregnant and am wanting to breastfeed, I'm wondering if it is passable or not since I have no viral load? Will it be safe to breastfeed? I know it is not passable threw the actual milk, but am concerned with cracked/bleeding nipple or teething that could possibly cause me to bleed.

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Carrier Of Hepatitis B Virus With E Antigen Positive

I Know that she is highly contagious for that matter .. but can this be cured?

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Hepatitis :: HBV DNA Viral Load Is 6200 IU/mL - HBe Antibody Is Positive?

I am 36 years old. My LFT levels are normal but HBV DNA Viral Load is 6200 IU/mL. HBe Antigen is negative and HBe antibody is positive. Can you please explain what all these mean and how likely is the sever damage to liver in this state? What do I need to do to reduce or finish the Viral load and how much time is it likely to take?

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Herpes :: HSV 1 Swab Positive Means Western Blot Positive?

I have read that in 99% of cases people who swab positive for hsv1 show positive for western blot. Does that mean wb is 99% accurate for hsv1 3 months after exposure ?

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Lupus :: Positive ANA And Positive Anti-dsdna

So I have been sick with a mystery illness for the last year or so. I've seen every specialist, and the first thing they looked for was a malignancy, but there seems to be nothing. Then I saw a rheumatologist and she sent me for blood tests that came back with a positive ANA and positive anti ds-dna. From what I've read, positive anti-dsdna is VERY specific to Lupus. I never thought I had Lupus because my symptoms weren't specific to it, but after ruling almost everything else out, I'm thinking more and more that Lupus could be it. Because my symptoms weren't specific enough, my rheumatologist told me she wanted to see me again in 3 months to see if there were any progressions. I'm really becoming more certain that it has to be Lupus with these positive tests, and I'm worried that I won't be able to get a diagnosis for a long time to come.

Some of my symptoms include:
Extreme fatigue
Constant low grade fever
Neck discomfort
Random pains in fingers and knees (not constant, every once in a while)
Chest pain when breathing deeply
A lot of memory problems
Thinning hair
Can barely work out or walk at the same speed as most people

What do you think I should do next in order to speed up finding a diagnosis? How do I make it clear to my rheumatologist that I feel like this is becoming more and more urgent?

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Lupus :: Positive ANA 1:40 With Positive Anti-dsDNA

2 years ago it was ANA 1:80 and the anti-dsDNA was 10, now it's ANA 1:40 with anti-dsDNA 22. So which is worse ?

2 years ago they said it's borderline and if I don't have symptoms, let's wait, they didn't dx. me with lupus.

I had ( and still have ) unexplained hip pain ( comes and goes ), headaches and lightheadedness ( had them before, but usually around periods ), but 2 months ago they become very bothersome and almost constant. My vitamin D is 25 ( should be 30-70 ) and vitamin b12 is 244 ( should be 200-900 ) my dr.said is still kind a low
Are these lupus symptoms at all ?

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Hepatitis C :: 66 Years Old With Reactive Hepatitis

my father is 66 years old, it has been found out through blood test (ANTI HCV) his cutoff value is 1.00 and patient value is 12.51. which further reveals reactive hepatitis. what do you suggest for him?

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Chlamydia :: How Long Does It Take To Be Cured?

When I went in for a routine pelvic exam, I tested positive for Chlamydia. I immediately received treatment, and informed my partner that he needed to be tested and treated as soon as I was able to, which was 5 days after. Of course he wanted to have sex (even after I told him the news) and I finally agreed, but only with a condom on.  He then got treatment the following day. We were informed by our health clinic to abstain from having sex at least 7 days after receiving treatment, but of course like the absolute idiots we are, we didn't.  Because I am the big idiot that I am, I had to receive a second round of antibiotics which meant him and I both took them the same day following intercourse with protection. Not sure what our issue with being celibate for 7 days is exactly, but we had sex this past Tuesday with protection, but only a day after taking the antibiotics. I felt a little bit of discomfort when urinating afterwards, but assumed it was due to having sex. Just this morning, he prompted me to have sex again, and we did with protection, but afterwards he continued to try to have sex this time without a condom. I don't need anyone to tell me how idiotic it was to allow him to have sex with me without a condom, but I can't change what happened now. After having sex a second time, unprotected, this morning I had the most excruciating pain while urinating. I wanted to cry it hurt that bad. My partner has also experienced some discomfort while urinating after having sex this morning. I guess what I would like is some guidance, answers, suggestions, possible diagnosis? I am currently assuming the worst that him and I have indeed re-infected ourselves, but just wanted to throw my predicament out there for some outside opinions.

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Bacterial Vaginosis Cured

I cured my BV by drinking LOADS of water. Maybe 4/5 litres a day.

I tried everything I could afford to try as a broke student. So from garlics to yoghurt to antibiotics to overpriced creams. I visited 4 doctors and none of them helped me much. I burnt the inside of my vagina with all the nonsense I did. My vagina got so bad that I couldn't want for longer than 5 minutes because I would be in so much pain and desperately need to scratch. I used to spend all day in my room with my legs wide open because my genitals wore swollen and they hurt so much. I even remember crying and not being able to sleep. LOL! It was horrible!!

Anyway I started noticing the only time my vagina felt half decent was when I was weeing. So I started drinking more water so I could wee more and the more I weed the less I itched. I drunk 4/5 litres of water for 3 days and really tried to flush out my system and then it just stopped. No more itch. No more discharge, no more stink.

The sad news is I have it again. It's quite mild at the moment but I'm going to start drinking water like crazy again. Hopefully it works again.

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Bacterial Vaginosis :: Cured My BV

I have suffered for years with bv and tried just about everything! Here's what worked for me, it kinda happened by accident but I've been bv free for almost two months, I have been sexually active and even after my period it has not returned. There is no douching of any kind in my cure. Hopefully this helps all or some of you as I take into account that every body can react differently. Best wishes and relief to you all!

Upon waking (before eating) have large glass of water with a good squeeze of fresh lemon. Take a femdophilus pill with water.

After breakfast take an Alive Once Daily women's ultra potency multivitamin.

Drink water with fresh lemon throughout the day at least 3 large glasses.

That's it! Also, Try not to eat tons of sweets or too much red meat.

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Supraventricular Tachycardia Cured?

About a year ago I asked my doctor to diagnose the episodes I had been having most of my life.

These episodes that made me feel detached, listless, dizzy and sometimes short of breath, would last for 10 or 20 minutes or sometimes two hours. The doctors, I had previously presented to, could find nothing wrong with the lungs or heart. I was once sent to specialist who thought it might be a type of migraine.

Anyhow my doctor thought it might be atria palpitations of the heart so I asked him if the next time I was in town, and had an episode, could I come in to see him. He arranged for an alert to be put on the receptionists' computers so I would get a ECG reading/printout immediately.

And so it happened, the resultant reading showed the heart beating 140 bpm ( should be 70 bpm for me)

“Ahh SVT!” the doctor cried, - Supra Ventricular Tachycardia, the electronic pulse finds a quicker way to go but in doing so causes the heart to beat faster.(Not as serious as Atria Tachycardia.)

“Don't drink any alcohol, coffee or tea.” said the doctor.

There are techniques on how to reset the heart back to normal.

I found the best way was to just lie down on the carpet for 10 minutes or so. It was a relief to actually know what the condition was at long last. I could live with it, or so I thought.

There were times when I couldn't reset it and it would last longer and made me feel completely debilitated.

Not wanting to go through the ablation surgery or have a pacemaker fitted, (not having any faith in these procedures), being a Christian I decided I should pray about it and leave it at that.

With a busy life and everything happening, now that the family had arrived from England and living with us, I had forgotten about that prayer time. Then one day, about three or so weeks later I said to my wife “ you know I haven't had an SVT episode in over three weeks?”

So in my next prayer session I thanked God in faith for the healing.

That was six months ago, and, praise God, I haven't had another episode. I drink the occasional glass of wine with my meal and drink coffee and tea every day.

I sometimes get the flutter in my 'solar plexus' area, that previously would indicate to me that an SVT episode was about to start, but now it just stops.

The only cures I have seen offered are ablation, dietry, drinking lots of water and taking a supplement of potassium. I didn't try any of these.

I haven't read of any 'spontaneous healing's for SVT, such as mine, have you?

So I do believe that God can heal you. It just takes honest fervent prayer.

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Lyme Disease :: Anyone Ever Cured?

does anyone get cured

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Cramps :: Cured By Quinine

I was getting severe leg cramps several times a week. Since being prescribed one quinine tablet before going to bed, they have completely disappeared. The cramps were sometimes in my calf muscles but mainly in my ankles, feet and the muscle at the side of my leg.

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Bacterial Vaginosis Finally Cured

I've had BV for 20 years, but have found that it's got worse over the last 5 years. Balance activ controls it until I next have sex, or have my period, then it inevitably returns with a vengeance. I've tried folic acid, fem dophilus (which worked but is too expensive for me long term)salt water douching etc. 

However, on this occasion, I douched with salt water for 2 nights before bed to kill the bad bacteria and followed with a balance activ pessary to nurture the good, the next 5 nights I only used the pessary. I only wash with plain water, have taken folic acid and vitamins c and d and I'm eating a fage Greek yogurt with honey (from asda) every day as it contains L.Acidophilus probiotics. I've also reduced my sugar intake. 

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