Dental Abscess - How To STOP The Pain

Oct 10, 2014

I have an infection in one of my bottom molars, the pain started on sunday it is now friday and all throughout the 5 days I have been in SO MUCH pain I can't even explain how bad the pain is, I can't sleep it wakes me early hours of the morning, I can't concentrate at school I don't know what to do anymore I take ibuprofen they do not work i've also tried paracetamol and ibuprofen together still doesnt work im just sooo tired and in so much pain all the time and can't take it anymore I've cried all day everyday for the five days. I have had a tooth infection in one of my molars before which was right next to the one I have it in now my dentist took it out but the pain I had with that tooth infection was NOTHING compared to the pain I am in right now I seriously can't cope anymore. The thing that really gets me is I have been to my dentist so many times about the pain, he started a root canal the first day I saw him then I came back the next with the severe pain he carried on with the root canal still no ease with pain it didn't even calm down?! He then prescribed me with antibiotics halfway through the root canal which I don't think is right? I could be wrong? I have another appointment on Tuesday but its only friday and I really really really can't take/deal with this pain until then its making me want to shoot myself in the face-.- also should I just ask my dentist to take the tooth out? Please if ANYONE has ANY KIND of advice on how to STOP the pain I would be so so so grateful thankyou.

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Dental Abscess :: Dental Abscess - Antibiotics Or Root Canal?

Diagnosed by dentist yesterday as abscess. Put on antibiotics. Given choice...root canal treatment @ £850 (Cannot afford) or extraction. Is this really necessary...will the antibiotics not clear up problem.

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Dental Abscess With Severe Pain

i first saw signs of a dental abscess around three months ago, so made an appointment with my dentist, he then told me that 4 needed to come out, prescribed me antibiotics and then stated that a referral form would be in the post to undergo sedation to have them removed, 4 weeks later attended clinic for a consultation only, appointment made for a further 4 weeks away for work to be carried out, this last week has been hell i've not slept or eaten now for 4 days and spent the whole of sunday ringing numbers try and find an emergency treatment, even the NHS were no help, monday (today) contacted my dentist at 9:30AM for an emergency appointment, told they were 2 dentists down so no appointment could be given today, contacted the emergency NHS dentist and was basically told they would offer no help as i was booked in for work to be started at another practice to which is still 10 days away, is this what i've worked for all my life and paid into the national insurance, on sunday i was actually told by an out of hours NHS service that if i paid privately i would be seen to right away, unfortunately im not rich enough to have that privilege so here i suffer waiting another 10 days for treatment, i was taking paramol only to discover that paramol can actually increase the pain, so now im taking regular paracetamol and ibuprofen, this seems to be working

better but i still cant sleep or eat due to the pain, any advice that anyone knows of that i can use to get this sorted sooner than in 10 days would be great because as of yet the NHS has offered no help whatsoever or my dentist for that matter

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Dental Abscess - Pain Is Unbearable Now

so it started on thursday a slight pain in my tooth i just thought i had nicked my gum with something and thought nothing of it and by friday it had gotten a little worse but still thought nothing of it but now it's saturday and the pain is unbearable now 

the pain has spread from the top left incisor to my front two teeth and to all the teeth on the left hand side of the top set and has spread to my left cheekbone which has swollen up like a balloon 

my mother says its a dental abscess and have to wait but i have had 12 solpadeine max tablets with 12 ibuprofen which has done almost nothing to stop any pain i literally want to pull my teeth out

is there anything my local A&E can do to help because my dentist is very busy and i doubt i can get an appointment on monday nor tuesday i can not go 3-4 more days of this pain 

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Pain Relief For Dental Abscess?

i have had severe pain since saturday saw my dentist on monday who took an xray as i was unable to pinpoint the exact place i was experiencing pain the whole right side of my face is in agony and even feels like my jaw is throbbing my dentist diagnosed an abscess gave me a prescription of erythromycin 250 mgs 4 x daily today is wednesday i have been back the pain is unbearable changed my antibiotics to metronidazole 400mg 3x daily i can't stand the pain i am taking 60mg of codeine 400mg of brufen and 2 paracetamol all of these together isn't even touching the pain i really feel i can't go on anymore another night pacing the floor my to young children are scared of me am sure, i feel so ill i could put myself in front of a bus please there must be some kind of pain relief just so i can just get a little relief i begged my dentist to take it out today but he refused.

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Dental Abscess :: No Pain, Swelling And Symptoms

At my routine check up at the dentist, my dentist advised me that I have a tooth abscess - I have no pain at all, no symptoms, no swelling, no pain with I bite on the tooth - nothing, so I've agreed to have a bridge for £800 - am I being ripped off ? They didn't offer me anti-biotics, nothing ?

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Dental Abscess :: Scalp, Ear And Jaw Pain - Infection After Removal?

So a week today (last thursday) i had a back wisdom tooth removed after it was hurting for a few days, the x-ray showed a small infection underneath.

I had it removed and then was told to do the 'warm water and salt' swill for a few days. 3 Days are removal i was getting a sensitive scalp, ear ache and a lot of jaw pain so i went and got some Amoxicillin from my local doctor. The ear ache, jaw pain and sensitive scalp have gone but the whole is huge and i can see yellow in it which is obviously the infection. I'm on day 4 of 7 for my antibiotics and it does look 'less angry' (pink as opposed to red) but can still see rubbish and the gum is still swollen.

Yesterday i also noticed the inside of my gum near the tooth has white lumps and my tongue was white and sore which i'm guessing is Thrush?

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Dental Abscess With Swollen Jaw And Face

My tooth ache started on Tuesday and I contacted and saw my dentist the following day. He had a look about, tapped a few teeth and took an x-ray but couldn't find anything wrong. He suggested I returned the following Friday but I was unable to do so as I was booked on an expensive training day in London. I made an appointment for Monday. Mistake! When I woke up Friday morning, I was in a lot of pain and felt very peculiar. I did attend the training but by the time I got home at 7.30 I didn't know how I would cope with the pain over the weekend and I felt very unwell. I managed to see the emergency NHS dentist at 8 pm on Friday (didn't know such a thing existed before!) Spent an hour having an old filling removed, the cavity cleaned up and then the filling replaced. I was given a prescription for antibiotics (Penicillin 500mg 4 x daily) and was told to use it if I thought I needed to. Couldn't get it made up at 9.30 on Friday night but having had a local anaesthetic wasn't in pain anyway.

By 11.30 I was in so much pain, I was crying. I had been taking co-codamol, prescription strength, (paracetamol 500mg and codeine 30mg) which I'd been prescribed a few months ago for gallstones, but after a couple of hours the effect was wearing off. 9.30 Saturday morning I was back at the emergency dentist and by now my face was swelling and I could hardly open my mouth. Prescribed a second antibiotic to take along side the first, (Metronidazole 200mg 3 x daily) but was told there was nothing she could do at present because the infection had flared up and that needed to be controlled first. Got all the prescriptions made up and asked the chemist if there was another pain killer I could take alongside co-codamol. Was recommended Ibuprofen to take at intervals between the other one. I took 27 tablets yesterday ( 11 antibiotics and 16 painkillers) and felt quite spaced out all day! My ear, throat and neck all still hurt this morning along with my jaw which is very swollen but feel better in myself so hope the antibiotics have kicked in. Am seeing the dentist tomorrow and hope that the infection will have cleared up enough to have the tooth pulled. The dentist on Friday discovered that I have a crack under the filling running vertically to the root and said that it is very unlikely that costly root treatment and a crown would prevent further flare-ups. I don't want to take that chance of feeling like this again!

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Dental Abscess :: Tooth Removal?

I'm in head splitting agony with an abscess on my back tooth. went to dentist today and she told me I have to have to badly abscess teeth out. Was then given antibiotics and told to keep taking nurofen and paracetamol which do nothing. Why couldn't they do it now ?  I won't be able to take the pain much longer.

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Dental Abscess :: Natural Treatment?

I have had a root canal followed by crowning of my molar tooth a few years ago. After accidentally biting hard an abscess has formed at the base of the tooth between the root and jawline causing my tooth to be lifted slightly out of its socket that causes pain if the upper tooth touches it. Of course the obvious solution would be an extraction as I'm not interested in redoing a root canal but if there's any alternative or natural treatment worth trying before that then I'd be happy to give it a try.

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Dental Abscess After Root Canal Treatment

So I'm going to the Dentist Thursday, and I'm a little nervous. Back in September I had a root canal done and the tooth has turned into an abscess. I'm going to get it removed Thursday and I'm nervous.

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Dental Abscess On My Tooth Second Time In 6 Months

I'm 20 years old, I suffered an abscess In October last year, it was the most painful experience of my life, I finally got a root canal in my tooth and I thought that was it all done, it's flared up again the other day started throbbing I knew straight away what it was, I went to the dentist today they took an x Ray and he even said it looked like it did before I had my last root canal, so was again infected, I've been put on antibiotics again until Tuesday but if it's not better I'm being referred to a Leeds specialist, can anyone tell me why it's come back so soon? I'm scared I suffered from this once before years again on the other side. What will happen now? I never want another one again and just want it sorted once and for all.

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Dental Health :: Sensitive Tooth, Abscess

Recently, I visited a dentist , and my teeth were cleaned. I was asked to be repeating that every six month. However, after the visit, a tooth became very sensitive to anything that touches it, whether hot or cold, or even ordinary water, a kind of pain sends me jumping.

I went back to the Dentist and he directed for an X-ray on the affected tooth. The X-ray showed a hole in between the teeth(an abscess). Some drugs were given to me( Amoxicillin 500mg; Flagyl 400mg; Cata? 50mg) which I have taken for some days. The pains are still there, and the dentist says the tooth will have to be removed, which I do not like at all! Instead, I have decided to to start brushing my teeth twice a day using Sensodyne toothpaste, and Listerine Mouthwash, twice a day. Doctor, will the alternative procedure that I have prescribed for myself eventually save me from the removal of the tooth, which I very much detest?

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Dental Abscess After 4 Months Of Root Canal

I got a root canal done on #19. Got a crown and cap paid extra to get it in the same color. Now 4 months later I has a little pain so went to the dentist( I switched insurance so I had to switch dentist) for an X-ray. The lady looks at the X-ray and says we need to pull the tooth. I just got a root canal 4 months ago now it needs to be pulled! Didn't I get the root canal so something like this wouldn't happen??? I have no pain whatsoever now it is not sensitive to hot or cold and it does not hurt at all!? I know that an apricot or a re root canal can be done. My insurance will not cover a dental implant which will cost me $3500. I am still paying off the root canal md now it has to be pulled. Doesn't sound right. I have these X-rays in a odd if you would like to see them.

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Dental Abscess :: Below A Filled Root Canal

I have been suffering severe pain on the right hand side of my face/ jaw on and off since the end of December. At worst it’s totally debilitating can’t eat or sleep and can’t focus on anything. I have been to the dentist 3 times so far in mid January he prescribed amoxicillin which did very little. I was then waiting for an emergency appointment for 2 weeks when I finally got in for an ex-ray they weren’t able to read it for another week and a half as the x-ray machine had broke. I finally got in for another appointment last wednesday to get the results of my x-ray and start treatment. As I had expected and been telling my dentist I have an abscess below a root canal tooth, this tooth had always felt weird and sensitive and have been telling my dentist this for years. He told me he doesn’t think all the pain I have been experiencing is from this abscess as the nerve should be dead yet I feel it emanates from here although when its severe the whole side of my jaw is intensely throbbing top and bottom. Basically he has started to remove deep filled fillings on my back right molars and put in a new treatment that builds a layer of false tooth between the nerve and filling of a deeply filled tooth. He said he would ask me in a month if I would like to have the abscessed root canal re done or pulled. In the meantime I am still in acute pain that is stopping me sleeping at times. This can be better for a day or so and then come on more severe and debilitating again. I feel really drained and generally quite unwell as its been almost two months of suffering with this. I wanted to ask two questions. Has anyone got advice on whether I should pull or try and save the root canal tooth? Has anyone experienced the same thing? I have read some scary stuff about abscess potentially causing auto immune diseases (I already have ulcerative colitis which Is an AI disease) Also should I go see a second dentist as mine seems to be very slow and even after diagnosis he wants me to wait a month after already suffering for two months! I have managed to keep it at bay some of the time with garlic capsules, salt water and tea tree mouthwash, clove oil and lots of strong pain killers. I am now in the more intense agonising pain and even pain killers don’t help, I believe it is the abscess causing this agony I just feel really let down by my dentist and Im not sure what to do next... need some relief please help!

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Dental Abscess :: Tooth Extraction - Small Bit Of Root Left In My Gum

I had a small bit of root left in my gum so dentist did extraction today as an abscess showed up on x ray. I am keen to avoid antibiotics as they severely affect my other health issues. I can still feel the abscess ....will it start to come away naturally now the source of infection has gone ? How long will this take..I expected it to have gone once the tooth was removed.

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Dental Health :: Tooth Abscess Worse Taking Amoxicillin

I need some advice from someone who's had a tooth infection.

I just went to see a dentist today. He put me on antibiotics (amoxicillin), and gave me some painkillers (hydrocodone). I've been keeping up so far on taking my amoxicillin. But instead of the pain getting better, it feels like it got worse. The bottom of my face is sensitive, sore, swollen, and tender to touching and cold.

Before I got this stuff, I could lie down in an elevated position and fall asleep alright, but now if I lean back at all, pain comes rushing to my jaw and infected area, causing me to become alert and loose my progress on sleeping. I only feel comfort when sitting straight up or standing, I'm at a loss.

Is this normal? Does it get better from here and just an unfortunate first night symptom?

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Dental Health :: Abscess After Tooth Extraction And Bone Graft - Implant?

I recently had a fractured tooth extracted.  I had previously had a root canal and crown on the same tooth. After the extraction, a bone graft was done. We are in the process of waiting to get the implant done.  Today, however, I noticed a little mound in the space where the tooth was extracted. I popped it  and the liquid was consistent with previous abscesses I had. I immediately cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide and water.  Seems like these pop up a little bit more when I have sinus issues.  My question is whether not I should wait a little longer before getting the implant. Do I also need to go back to my oral surgeon and let him know? Not sure if this is normal or not.

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Dental Abscess :: Adjacent Tooth Decay Caused By Wisdom Tooth

If you check the x ray (where i circled in red), I have a tooth decay because of wisdom teeth coming close to my last tooth. My options are to do a root canal on the decayed tooth and eventually get the wisdom tooth removed OR get the decayed tooth removed and let the wisdom teeth occupy its place. 

And my wisdom teeth is partially erupted, so it is not out fully. 

I have asked around for a few suggestions and everyone is suggesting to go for option 2 which is removed the decayed tooth and let wisdom tooth partially take its place. 

Can anyone suggest if that is a good option. As you can see all my teeth are healthy and I just had bad luck with the wisdom tooth coming at an angle! 

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Dental Health :: Pain In Bottom 2 Front Teeth

4-5 days now i been having this annoying pain in my bottom 2 front teeth. I do not know what to do. I brushed, i've taken advil for the pain and it still is not going away. I been told by family its because i rub my tongue against them all the time. Could that be it? Is it something else more serious? Should i go to the dentist? I just want answers on what this is and want it to go away because it is driving me insane.

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Oral And Dental Problems :: Referred Pain After Filling?

Hi, I had an upper right tooth filling 2 days ago and since yesterday, I've had occasional pain on that side but in the jaw or at least the lower gums. Wondering if I should be concerned or if this is simply referred pain.

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