Dental Health :: Canker Sores And Cheek Bites Have Red Dots In Center Of Them?

Mar 10, 2014

Does canker sores and cheek bites have red dots in center of them? I have a small sore inside of cheek with a red dot in center.

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Oral / Dental Health :: Cold Sores / Canker Sores

I get cold sores  3 times a year and  2 canker sores a year. Why do they hurt so much. I think it's because they are infected. Why do they last so long too ? Should you pick at the cold sores on your lips just to get the scab to heal ?

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Oral Health :: Looks Like Canker Sores Near Bottom Of Teeth Towards Back

Well atleast three day ago some sores at the side but in the inside of my mouth appeared. they are near my bottom teeth towards the back. i'm not sure if it's a toothache but my teeth sometimes has a slight ache. the bumps are red and one of them looks like a canker sore to me. what is this problem?

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Dental Health :: Painless Raised Dots On Upper Mouth Corner?

I'm a 20 year old smoker who does an awful job at brushing her teeth. I've gone months due to my depression without taking care of my mouth but started brushing everyday since I've found these raised tiny dots on the upper corners of the mouth. they're a pale yellow and they're the size of a pen point, maybe even smaller. I also have a patch on both sides of the inside of my cheeks which recently spread to the corner of my bottom lip on the left side. they don't hurt at all, they don't ooze nor do they bleed or scab. I can't pop them either. when I first discovered them they would sometimes expand about a size or two, turn white and then painlessly pop. this has only happened the first four days they first appeared. it's been two weeks and if anything they have just spread. sometimes they even feel raised and a bit rough when I push my tongue to them then later in the day it will feel like nothing is there or back to their normal size.  I was told these were fordyce spots but I am unsure due to their behavior. I know this isn't contagious because I made out with my partner when these first appeared and he's still fine. I also have a small clear sack on the inside of my cheek on both sides near my bottom teeth.  can anyone confirm that these are fordyce spots? if they are what would you recommend. if not what could these little pests be?

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HIV Prevention :: Mouth Ulcers/canker Sores?

about a month ago I messed around with a guy who was HIV positive and newly diagnosed without medication since then I been freaking out. I never had unprotected anal sex and I never will. What I did with this guy was deep kissed he had chapped lips I gave him a blow job no ejaculation on my mouth but I'm sure there was precum he rimmed for like 7 minutes and also grind me hard felt hard pressure & was with brief underwear I want to know my risk my mouth became sore 4 weeks after my exposure.

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Oral Lichen Planus Can Lead To Cancer? Cheek Sores With White Lines

I think I have Oral Lichen Planus but I can't get a doctor to confirm it.  I have had mouth sores in my cheek area since 2009 and now my gums are very red and inflamed and have been told that I have white lines on my inside cheek area.  When I go to a dentist to have my teeth cleaned, I am always turned away because they don't like the looks of my mouth sores.  In 2013 I had doctor swab my mouth and send for testing and also did blood work but was told nothing showed up. I think she was looking for bacterial infection.  In the mean time, I continue with a very sore mouth.

I have a hard time eating anything because the sores are next to my bottom back teeth so eating irritates the sores a lot at night I sometimes bite the area with sores due to swelling so they pretty much never heal. 

I recently went to a new dentist and she too wouldn't work on my teeth but she gave me details as to her concerns and told me to get checked for an Auto Immune disorder.  I have since been to a doctor and had blood taken to check for that and then they sent me to  ENT.  He mentioned Oral Lichen Planus which was the first time I have heard of it.  He wants to do a biopsy and then he mentioned a steroid rinse. 

I also researched OLP and I have all the symptoms listed so I just don't understand how going to doctors since 2010 about the mouth sores, no one can figure it out?  Am I finally heading in the right directions for diagnosis?  I scares me that it has been left un treated for 5 years when I read that sometimes those with OPL can lead to mouth cancer. 

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Sexual Health :: Sores / Blisters Around My Vagina

So 2 weeks ago i lost my virginity to a boy who i have been seeing for quite a while now, and a couple of days ago i started realising there was one or two blisters around my vagina, at first i assumed it was my knickers rubbing but now i have realised there are more and more! what could it be? they are around my knicker line and where my pubic hair is (i shave) they are red and spotty, along with some looking very pussy and some looking like an ordinary blister you would get on your foot?

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Vaginal Health :: Scabs/open Sores On The Outer Edge Of My Labia Minora

The outer edge is a bit swollen or it might even be a lump. At first I thought it was dry but now there are like 3 or 4. They are flat too.

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Dental Health :: Lump On Gum

For several years I have had a lump on the lower gum that appears, then if I poke with a needle it releases blood and disappears. It is right next to some teeth that catch food, I have to floss after every meal. It also seems as if the gum and cheek are joined there, rather than separate as on other side of mouth. Dentist said I should have hospital appointment but I don't think it is anything serious as has not changed over the years. It is annoying having to floss all the time but have to put up with it.

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Dental Health :: Filling And Cap?

Just came from an initial consultation. The dentist said I would need to have my cavity filled (left upper side, 4th tooth from the 2 front teeth), then come back in 3-4 months to get a "cap" in it? Can someone explain this to me? He said the cavity is touching the nerve, as well. Is this a root canal?

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Dental Health :: Do I Need To Worry About Dry Socket

I had a tooth extraction yesterday - approx 24 hrs earlier- I bit into something an no longer see my blood clot. Do I need to worry about "Dry Socket"

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Dental Health :: Gum Inflammation Around Tooth

I am 33-year old healthy woman with an extreme fear of the dentist. A few months ago, I had a horrible toothache that resulted in a root canal and crown. I have a temporary crown right now and go in for my permanent crown tomorrow. About a week ago, I started having some pain on the side that I have had a root canal on and have a temporary crown. My dentist was on vacation, but I was able to get in with another area dentist. He said he saw nothing wrong other than possibly cement or something stuck between my crown and gums. He removed whatever it was he saw. That was over a week ago. Yesterday, my gums on the inside of my teeth (not the cheek side) felt like I had burned the roof of my mouth. I tried to look with a mirror and the gums around the tooth in front of the crown look red. They are a tiny bit sore and seemed to get irritated if I eat anything salty of drink anything carbonated. I flossed and rinsed with mouthwash. I had my husband look and he said the gums are not swollen and there is no pimple like sore. He said the gums are just red. I am in complete freak-out mode. If I had an abscess, wouldn't things be getting worse instead of better?

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Dental Health :: Possible To Straighten Just One Tooth

My teeth aren't perfect... They're far from perfect. Grew up poor and family couldn't afford braces... Now that I'm older I still can't afford them..

Anyway my biggest insecurity is one of my front teeth.. I have a gap in my front teeth... The gap never bothered me.. But one of my front teeth has always bugged me.. this tooth tilts to the left about 15 degrees. It's flaws are noticeable... My smile would be 300x better if that tooth was just straight.
Is it possible to straighten the one tooth?

About how much will it cost?

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Dental Health :: Bleeding After Filling

Has anyone ever had difficulty with gum healing following dental anesthesia with the 'wand'? Since it's so localized, the shots are many and they take a while. Twice out of several fillings over the past years this has happened to me, and last night the gum bled so much that I wondered how I will ever get it to heal. It was 8 days later and still very sore between the teeth, it looks better but still feels very raw.

Also my dentist acts as if he's never heard of anyone having this happen. I'm wondering if there's anything I can get from the drug store to soothe it and allow it to heal more quickly. That 'wand' is amazing for what it does but I'm not sure these after-effects are worth avoiding a few hours of a numb face!

I'm going to give it another week to hopefully heal before I call him back. I doubt there's much he can do anyway - it doesn't seem infected, just very beaten up.

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Dental Health :: New Filling Just Broke Off

I just had a filling put into one of my front teeth and the next week the filling broke off I would like to give you more information about what happened. '' I went to my dentist last week to get a filling filled and when he got done he asked if I would like to see it, I did and I told him that it looked and felt rough and looked slightly yellow, he assured me that this would go away in a day or so, that was last Friday, this Wednesday it still looked yellow and rough and a piece broke off, I called my dentist and asked if there was anything he could do and he said that he could re-drill it out and replace it for 200 to 300 dollars''. I just wanted to know if this was normal or if I should try to find a new dentist?

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Dental Health :: Dentures Won't Fit - Gum Adjustment?

I had ALL my teeth extracted in 2 visits back in September. Due to having Diabetes and other health issues I had to wait 8-9 weeks before they would start my various appointments to fit me for dentures. So I finally picked them up last Thursday Dec 19th and the top fit perfect but the bottom were way tight so the dentists (shaved?) them down or whatever it is called and I tried 3 times (each time he would do a little more-finally he said; "Mrs. Green- you just need to take these home and work with them, your gums need to adjust to them, put them in every day for a hour or two and let them get accustomed to your mouth" He then rescheduled me to come back Jan 8th to see how I am doing!!!! Yesterday we had our Christmas get together and I tried and tried to put these damn things in--instead I went TOOTHLESS and felt like a total fool-- I am only 47 yo -- I am so tired of how I look and how I feel---- lease any advice or suggestions I do appreciate-thank you for listening!!-- I also have another concern- as I have not been wearing my dentures I am keeping them in water ( I change the water daily) in my denture container-will leaving them in water harm them in any way?

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Dental Health :: Causes For Grinding Teeth?

What causes someone to grind their teeth?

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Dental Health :: Mucus Smells Really Bad

So for the past day or two I have had this terrible smell/taste from my mucus. I'd have to describe it as sweet smelling but really disgusting at the same time. It comes at random times. It usually is worse after I blow my nose or something. After a while the smell/taste makes me feel sick. I've also had some bad pains underneath my cheek bones recently too. If really appreciate some input... I'm starting to get scared!

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Dental Health :: Wisdom Tooth At Age 48

At age 48 i had a root canal done my bottom right molar, with a filling. The filling never felt quite right even though the dentist tried to correct it. My bite changed and I began feeling the breakthrough of my first and only wisdom tooth on the top right side. Over the last several years(now age 51) these two things have caused my teeth to shift and i now have a gap in the front. is it appropriate to have the wisdom tooth removed(it have out) and get braces?

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Ocular Migraine - Small Flashing Dot In The Center Of My Vision

Last week I had my first ocular migraine. I was sitting on my phone and noticed a small flashing dot in the center of my vision. It was like when you look at something bright then look away. I thought it was from starring at my phone to long. So I got up, and tried calming down. I tried texting my husband and noticed there were missing letters that I could not see. I also had these blurry lines running across my vision. I called 911 and had a massive panic attack thinking I was having a stroke or going blind. By the time they got to my house they had gone away. I also went outside to get air, and came back inside and that made it 100x worse. My entire peripheral vision was flashing. Anyways they ran blood work, ekg and monitored my heart for two hours. Diagnosed ocular migraine and he told me the first one is always scary and nothing to worry about. ( I see my regular dr tomorrow) Now I am having insane anxiety thinking something is really wrong like I am gonna go blind, have another attack or I have a brain tumor. I am terrified of getting another one of these. I don't even want to leave my house in case it happens and I am alone. Can anyone help alleviate some of this fear for me? I am going mad concentrating on my vision 24.7

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Dental Health :: Burning Mouth Syndrome

I have had what feels like my mouth has been scalded, aching roots of my teeth, blisters in my mouth, swollen gums, swollen tongue, taste buds swollen. Gums split. Some days teeth shift from the swelling on my gums. Have swollen salivary glands under chin each side of throat. Talking worsens it considerably. I have had no diagnosis yet! I have had this for 9 months. It is so painful it consumes me. Sleeping causes this to go away. Upon waking I feel normal. I put off talking, eating or drinking until as late as 2:00 pm. Then the cycle begins all over again. I've tried, so many home remedies. Seen an Oral Surgeon who believes this is Systemic. Just waiting for blood results to come back on being tested for Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis as my elbow and knee joints have almost crippled me. My knees are swollen.

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