Dihydrocodeine Abuse - What Are Health Risks?

Sep 8, 2015

Can taking 8 to 10 dihydrocodeine 30 mg pills a day cause serious health problems? I am aware of addiction issues but what are health risks? Is there risk to kidney function or liver function etc?

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Dihydrocodeine :: Why The Lack Of Motivation

I've done a few posts now , been on d for 15 years , my morning are still Sh** even though I take 5 at once. Why the achy stomach and knee and joint pain. I thought you only got that if you tried to wean off.

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Dihydrocodeine :: Spinal Fusion - Only Possible Cure?

after contracting cervical spondylosis through an industrial accident i have taken many different forms of medication, namely diclofenac, tramadol and co-dydramol, none work, two disc replacements later, c5-c6 c6-c7, still symptoms persist, tramadol are horrendous, sleepless nights itchiness mild vertigo drowsiness, a truly awful drug, diclofenac caused some form of breathing difficulty, although im not an asthma sufferer, i think the only possible cure for this illness is a spinal fusion, my surgeon seems reluctant in doing this as he is trialling new discs, i never wanted to be a guinea pig, i just wanted to be cured, four years later im worse than ever, no work cant drive cant sleep at night, any ideas?

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Chicken Pox And Pregnancy Risks?

my daughter is thirteen weeks pregnant and has been in touch with chicken pox at the contagious stage. what are the risks to her and her baby. she has seen a doctor and is very upset.

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Stapedectomy - Risks Vs. Benefits?

I am deciding whether or not to get a stapedectomy done, and my doctor told me that it is only a 0.1% chance (1 out of 1000) that i will go completely deaf. i think i am going to go through with it...since i have been partially deaf my whole life, and am excited to hear the difference.

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STDs :: Risks Of Sharing Wet Towel

I recently had an encounter where I accidentally may have used the towel which the sex worker just used to clean herself. What are the risks of stds for this action? Do I need any testing?

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Atorvastatin Safe? Risks Vs. Benefits

i have been on atorvastatin 20 mg for about 4 years now. i was on simvastatin but i had muscular problems . just lately it's all you have been hearing on the news is there seems to some doubts about statins do the benefits outweigh the risks and what exactly are the risks , does anyone actually know.

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Eye :: Macular Pucker - Surgery Or Not? Risks?

I have had a macular pucker in my right eye for three years. It's not terrible, just very frustrating. It has been changing only a little from year to year.

I have not wanted to try vitreous surgery for epimacular membranes (macular pucker 'repair') because of the risk of some of the receptor cells being damaged as the scar tissue (epimacular membrane) is pulled off the macula. I don't want blind spots.

Yesterday an optometrist told me that I risk getting those same blind spots by not having the surgery - because the scar tissue is pulling the receptor cells away from their blood supply.

Is/are there any data or studies that compare the risks of having the surgery with the risks of not having the surgery - as regards damage to the macular cells?

I know that development of cataracts is a well known complication of having the surgery. And having to risk cataract surgery is another reason I have for resisting the pucker repair.

I am seriously considering getting glasses that adjust for my main problem (things look 15% bigger in my right eye). This condition, caused by the membrane, is called aniseikonia and can be compensated for by getting glasses that minimize the image in my right eye.

If the risks of surgery, and there are many, are greater than no surgery, special glasses will be my choice.

I've read that, on average, the surgery, if successful, gives you back half of the vision originally lost to the pucker. I think that means I would still need special glasses.

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Knee :: Back To Work - When And Risks?

Yesterday I had my 6 week PO review with my surgeon, he was very happy with every aspect of my recovery. However, when I mentioned returning to work, he was adamant that not for another 6 weeks. He said that too many people feel pressure to go back to work too soon, do damage by overdoing it and kick themselves 12 - 18 months later due to some form of correction or achieving less than optimum results.

My work would require about 50/50 office/factory floor walking and an hours commute.

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Supraventricular Tachycardia :: RFA Worth The Risks?

I'm a 25 year old female who has recently moved to Singapore with her partner.

I began attending a specialist in Glasgow in 2010 after minor palpitations that would always disappear on their own or with a forced cough. The longest lasted 10 minutes. They never caused me too much concern and after lots of tests and ECG monitors, which returned nothing, I put it at the back of my mind. My Dr. suggested it was a minor AV Node SVT and that we would just monitor it over time.

Last Sunday morning I woke out of my sleep at 0630 with a severe attack. Nothing would stop it at home. After 15 minutes I made my way to the nearest A&E where I was injected with Adenosine (not pleasent) and was kept under observation for the rest of the day before being sent home being doing that I had SVT. I had no caffeine or alcohol that night and made sure that I rested well.

The following morning I was woke out of my sleep at 0530 (an hour apart - strange) with another severe attack and followed the same process at A&E. Again, I was kept in for observation for the rest of the day before being sent home with Verapamil, to be taken as and when required.

The following day I was tired, extremely anxious and now afraid to be on my own or fall asleep but I had no palpitations. I followed my no caffeine and no alcohol diet hoping for the best but by Wednesday evening, after leaning over, another attack presented itself.

I have an appointment with a specialist here in Singapore on the Thursday the 22nd and it can't come quick enough, this whole thing has flipped my world and has put everything on hold. Even with a supportive partner, not having my family here has been an upsetting experience. My Dr. in the UK has suggested that I have RFA done to cure the condition once and for all. I'm terrified of the risks but don't want to have to take medication for the rest of my life either. My other problem is, do I get RFA done here or back in the UK when i'm home on leave in July? Should I wait or could I be making my condition worse?

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Eye :: Macular Pucker Surgery - Risks Vs. Outcomes?

Over a year ago I noticed a change in my vision. It was diagnosed as a macular pucker. I repeated a visit to a retina specialist and she recommends surgery to repair it at an early stage rather than waiting until it gets worse. I live in a large metro area with great doctors and the one I see has good marks.

I can see 20/40 in the bad eye and just fine in the other one. I do wear glasses though. I can tell that my vision is weird as it tries to blend the 2 eyes together but it doesn't stop me from living a normal life.

So, is it worth it to have the surgery like they say or can I just wait it out? If it never changes from what I have I will be fine. I fear the bad results possible with surgery. Why risk a bad outcome and a worse problem than I have now?

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Pregnancy :: Gestational Diabetes - Risks For Baby And Mother?

I did my glucose test at 28 weeks. I'm now 31 weeks and got a letter from my OB saying they want to talk to me about my results and she said they wouldn't contact me unless something was wrong. What are the risks for my baby or for me with having gestational diabetes?

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General Anaesthesia Risks For Marijuana / Cannabis Smoker?

Due to some urine flow problems that I have had for the past few years, my urologist has decided that I should have a rigid cystoscopy to explore/fix my bladder for the problem. It is most likely that I have a stricture in my urethra that is preventing the flow.

Because a rigid cystoscopy can be fairly painful, I will be under under general anaesthetic throughout the whole procedure. The main thing I am worried about is the anaesthesia. I smoke marijuana fairly regularly (2-3 shared-joints a day) and that is all I do. I don't take any other form of drugs. I only smoke tobacco in joints. I don't smoke cigarettes.

My only concern is that this might affect the general anaesthesia during the cystoscopy.

The procedure won't be happening till sometime around April so I will be able to cut down/stop smoking all together if needs be but I intend NOT to smoke at all up to 2 weeks before the cystoscopy.

How long can I smoke marijuana up until the procedure? What are the potential risks of smoking marijuana before operations?

Also, what can I expect from the rigid cystoscopy procedure? This is the first hospital procedure I have ever had, so understandably I am a little anxious about it all.

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Tubal Ligation :: Benefits, Risks And Alternatives - My Experience

I've seen lots of threads on here about how much TL 'ruined' women's lives. Sex drive, attitude, etc. Many I've read on here are upset because they want to have more kids now, 1, 3, or even 10 years later.

If you're considering having a TL done, remember that the doctor shouldn't be blamed. At the doctor's office, prior to surgery, you HAVE to sign an Informed Consent form. I work in medical records as a registered technician. I see this forms all the time - and I signed one for my procedure. When I review a medical record, I have to look for the phrase "discussed / reviewed Benefits, Risks and Alternatives.." in the patient history and physical. If your Dr. is not reviewing those 3 things with you, you have 2 choices: be proactive about YOUR body and ASK or find another doctor!

My dr. did not go over the risks, but he did try to get me to go a different route (alternative) and discussed how beneficial it would be vs. hormonal methods or implants (IUD). However, I hold nothing against him. I did my research prior to the ELECTIVE surgery. SO, just saying, it's not all on the doctor. Patients need to take responsibility for their decisions.

I've heard a lot about PTLS - post tubal ligation syndrome. I do find it interesting so many women share the same effects, however I am curious as to how blocking the fallopian tubes messes with hormone levels. Very curious , as I've not seen anything on the PTLS boards linking them. I won't discount it though. However, maybe a small handful of those women who have PTLS have lack of sex drive because they are depressed. Maybe they are depressed because they regret their decision to have a TL done. Those with heavy bleeding, consider what your period was like before you were ever on a birth control pill. So many of us have spent many many years on BC hormonal pills that we get used to a predictable period that is identical every month. Pills regulate the cycle - pills dictate when you will bleed. Take that  away and you give your body a chance to do it's own thing. Most women though stop the pill to 1-switch to another, 2- get pregnant or 3- have their tubes tied. If you go straight from pill to pregnancy to TL, you don't know what kind of period is normal for you.

Again, not discounting PTLS, BUT I want those considering a very effective surgery ( or even Essure now! ) to not be scared if they truly want it.
Now, remember, it is considered a "major surgery" , even in laparoscopic form as I had following birth. I won't lie , for me the recovery was horrible. I elected to be awake for the procedure, with just a spinal block. I did this so I wouldn't be too groggy to see my baby afterwards. Also, it was really interesting participating in conversation during the procedure!! Anyway, when the numbness wore off, I could not even walk to the bathroom without feeling like "please, let me just pee in my pants and someone clean me up - don't wanna move!". Eventually it got easier to walk, but getting up was the worst for about 9 days. Glad I didn't have a Csection, I now can't see why anyone would elect one of those! but I digress.. SO, after I was healed, stitches dissolved (small piece not completely, but I just pulled it and it came right out and I was fine.. granted this was after 3 weeks, I'd NEVER recommend this ), I couldn't wait to have unprotected, uninhibited sex with my husband! No worries of another baby, no worries of "did I take my pill?" (and no worries of affording the pill!).. Maybe I was and am not depressed and losing my sex drive (it's increased ten fold) because I genuinely 100% know for a fact that I am done having babies. My husband is done. We are happy with the 3 miracles we have and are enjoying our newest baby. Sure, I'm tired sometimes, but I have a 15 week old baby. I take care of myself, eat well and exercise 6  days/ week. I am active with my kids. I work a full time / over time job in the hospital.

I just wanted to put it out there that not ALL women who have a tubal ligation live to regret it (I've seen so many "you will regret it" posts, and I think, how do you know what I will regret?!)
Good luck, I hope I've helped at least one person! Not to sway you into it or away from it, but to give you insight into a positive experience.

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Risks Attached To Ablation? Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation

I was first diagnosed with PAF ( paroxysmal atrial fibrillation) in 2011. Having spent a spell in CCU atrial flutter was also found. I was referred to the EP to discuss ablation but having heard the risks attached to this procedure decided against having it for the moment as I feel I have not explored all the medical treatments available yet. I currently take Bisoprolol 3.75 mgs and Eliquis 5mgs with no probs until last night. Last night I had a prolonged episode of AF which causes me to pass copious amounts of urine. I just wondered if this happens to anyone else. I have to say these attacks do freak me out somewhat, but try to stay calm. My trigger factors are caffeine, lying on my left side  stress, and drinking cold drinks, is anyone else the same

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Trying To Get Rid Of Laxative Abuse

I'm really struggling at the moment i have been dependant on laxatives for years and made a decision to stop taking them 6 months ago! since that day i have gained 2 stone i hardly ever go to the toilet and i'm so depressed! the bloating is unbearable i can't cope anymore i feel like a can't go on like this any more it's too much, my aunt suggested maybe taking laxatives on the the weekend just to keep things moving and to take only senokot not dulcolax ( i was taking 12 a day before i stopped).

I'm really running out of ideas i have tried everything i can i really have, does anyone take laxatives on a weekly basis just to keep things moving?

does it help?

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Substance Abuse :: Crying All Day

Emotional. I ache.

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Substance Abuse :: I'm Surviving ROA Correction

To everyone who has given me support and advice, I have not insufflated any of my pills since Wednesday.  I had planned to do my pills intranasally for the last time Tuesday, and start the withdrawal process Wednesday, but I had too many necessary errands Wednesday, so Thursday, yesterday, was my first day not insufflating my pills.  I have only gotten two hours of sleep, can't think straight, am not even driving, have the chills, fever (and then my temp goes below normal), sweating, cold and hot, very loose bowels, but so far no serious nausea or vomiting.  I am experiencing the burning in my neck, arms and upper back (which may be a symptom unique to me due to my history with shingles?).  Though the burning may be a common withdrawal symptom, I don't know.  I definitely have insomnia.  I have been taking Benadryl and Tylenol PM for the cold symptoms.  So far, I haven't gotten the shingles again.  I did get some little blisters on the fingerprint side of my index finger, and other skin reaction on my hands, like stress--induced eczema.  Stress causes skin reactions on me, like hives, etc.  I know I'm a lightweight, and others may handle this better--after all I am swallowing three pills a day, I didn't go cold turkey, like others, but I know my body and knew I wouldn't be safe to even drive.
I got a cervical steroid epidural Monday, which I thought would help, and it does help big-time with pain. However, where the steroid injections usually trigger a slight manic reaction with me (I have been diagnosed "hypomanic" and "manic depressives manic type"  and "ADHD, hyperactive, impulsive type" and PTSD) this time the injection seemed to put me in a mixed state.  I was really, really agitated and anxious, to the point I thought I might need to get some anti-anxiety medication.  My cousin brought over a Xanax and a joint, and a bottle of vodka.  For some reason, I just don't feel like adding more chemicals to my poor brain.  And since I haven't wanted a cigarette since I quit insufflating pills, I slapped a nicotine patch on Thursday, and haven't smoked a cigarette either.  I want to remember all of this torture so I am never tempted to insufflate another pill.  All the years my pharmacy gave me the Endo tamper resistant silicone encased Opana pills I was never tempted to try the tedious procedure of preparing them for insufflation which I read about online.  People actually go thru a lot of work to insufflate or even inject the tamper resistant Opanas.  I read about a lung disease from doing so, and a blood disease from injecting them. And what I read horrified me.  Then, within a matter of months of receiving the generic Opanas, oxymorphone pills, I started insufflating them.  I was in a lot of pain, knew insufflation raised the 10% bioavailability significantly, so I did it, telling myself just this one time.  I am no different than the other people trying to relieve their pain.  I have to be honest with myself.  I have displayed addictive behavior, and played fast and loose with my life.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out that doing pills intranasally that are made to be swallowed puts one at risk for lung infection or worse.  I need to be honest with myself, address my addictive behavior, and not sweep it under the denial rug (so to speak).  If members of my immediate family knew, I would be in a treatment center so fast my head would spin.  As VICourageous or Vic595 said: "We are only as sick as our darkest secrets" and I remember that term from AA.  Also, I thank Gnarly_1 and Vic595 for pointing out I had crossed the line from dependence onto addiction when I started insufflating my pills.  I am sure I would still be telling myself I am only dependent on my pills and they just crushed themselves and flew up my nose, because they could, and it helped my pain more.  Yeah, love myself to death, literally.
I know I will feel worse before I feel better, but I am doing the right thing.  I can't think straight enough now to quote Gnarly_1, but he said something about getting completely off pain medication to assess my real pain level, etc. and I will be re-reading that too.  I know I have been rambling.  My head is hurting, but this discomfort won't kill me like the path I was on.  Thank all of you.  God sent me to Med-Help.  Maybe some day when I can think clearly I will be able to help someone else too.  I will be back.

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Substance Abuse :: Hydrocodone For Many Years

I have used hydrocodone for many years as well as abusing them. I lay in bed all night and most of the day. I plan on getting off and will be doing so with the help of my doctors. I gave my parents my medication so I wont abuse them. I just had carpal tunnel and bone fusion surgery. I was given percocets for pain. I took one and my heart rate is very fast and been so for hours. This has happened recently before when I was abusing. Why is it happening when I only take one and is there concern? When I abused the medication I also had problems with breathing, that is why I gave up control. Im not having problems breathing now but if I have pain and take another I might. What can I do?

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Prescription Drug Abuse (Opiates)

My 24 year old son is on day 4 in rehab for prescription drug abuse (Opiates). He detoxed himself last fall only to relapse 2 months later. Right now he is in a 28 day program but I am very scared that is not long enough. I feel so doomed, everything I read about addiction is so negative about recovery. Right now, all he talks about is how hard this is and that all he thinks about is his next dose of detox meds. He talks about how good the meds he was abusing made him feel. His talk just makes me feel like he will never be able to beat this. Before his addiction he was the sweetest, most sensitive, loving guy you would ever meet. Everyone is drawn to him. I still can't believe these drugs got a hold of him. His brain has been hijacked, literally.

Is there anything anyone can tell me that will give me just a little tiny bit of hope?

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Liver Cirrhosis Due To Alcohol Abuse

my dad is in hospital at the moment. he has liver cirrhosis and he's in a bad way. i'm trying to find out whether he has a chance of getting back to his old self. he has jaundice his arms have gone really thin. he has had GI tract bleed. a stomach ulcer, swollen stomach and his toxics from his waste are going to his brain. when i've seen him he is just confused or sleeping with his eyes rolled back in his head. any ideas on whether his body could recover for a while or whether this is game over.

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