Doctor Phobia - Afraid Of Going To The Physician

May 24, 2016

Is anybody else afraid of going to the doctor?  Adding up my medical visits in 2016, I've had eleven appointments, including testing and lab work, plus my surgery last month.  Today, I have to see my GI Doctor and will have a colonoscopy at the end of June.  There will not have been a single month in the first six months of this year that I haven't seen a doctor.  I feel overwhelmed by it.  I always expect the worst now, having gone through so much in a short period of time.  I have started exercising again and am working gradually on getting in better shape and wish that would help the anxiety some.  I dread seeing doctors now.

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Anxiety :: Switching From General Physician To Psychiatrist

After 3 months in therapy, I'm finally seeing a psychiatrist. First of all, anxiety is a b****. General physicians don't make it any easier. I feel like they're always trying to pump you with pills to get you out as quickly as possible. And therapists don't know as much as doctors do about medicine and physical reactions so I've been reluctant to take their suggestion about taking medication. I'm not sure a psychiatrist would be particularly better, but they seem to fit the bill. 

I've been dealing with anxiety for 6 months now, and frankly, I've been missing out on so much because of it that now my depression is getting worse. I can't drive anywhere, I can't be left alone, I can't do a lot of things I used to enjoy so much. 

I DESPERATELY WANT MY LIFE BACK, but I'm seriously terrified of the side effects. I'm also super sensitive to meds, which makes me believe I'll feel ALL those side effects.

I just need some genuine advice, tough love, real stories, tips, questions I should ask my psychiatrist, ANYTHING! 

Should I go on meds? Which worked for you? What side effects did you feel? How long did they last?

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Anxiety :: Afraid To Die

i went to the ER yesterday coz i am having stabbing pains on the left side of my chest and my left arm in feeling weak...i thought i am having a heart attack and feeling very anxious...the doctor then examined me and ask for my family history  so in the end he said i'm having hypertension and unstable angina and prescribed meds for the blood pressure and the chest pains...he said that i would be in that meds for a lifetime now that i have to accept in even at the young age coz i inherited my father's sickness...honestly i am not convinced of the diagnosis coz i failed to mention that my bp isn't really that high on normal days and the chest pains come and go though he also said that if the chest pains come and go it is why it is called unstable angina and it will never go back to normal since i have it already. on normal days my bp range from 120-130/80-100 so that isn't that bad i think...what i think i really need is the reassurance that this is just anxiety...the truth is i'm afraid to die that's why every weird feeling i get i automatically think that there's something wrong with me, or that i am sick and the "what if's" thoughts came rushing in and my mind is racing...that when my heartbeat started to race, then i fell dizzy and more thoughts will came till i cant contain it and feel like fainting. i can't stop the "what if" thoughts and every time it stumble my mind it caused me to what i believe are panic body is in constant pain: back, neck, head and limbs...usually accompanied by numbness and tingling sensations...sometimes there are cold spots in my chest too...i always feel bloated, belching, gagging, stomach pains and sometimes choking stomach aches as soon as i finished eating and is usually followed by diarrhea. there are times that i feel so alone even though i am surrounded by family and friends that i know truly cared for me... and i have trouble sleeping since i got this weird feelings...i am afraid to sleep whenever i feel these symptoms coz i'm afraid i will never be able to wake up again... i tried laying down and deep breathing whenever i feel my heartbeat in starting to race and it helps a bit...reading also helps as it takes my mind out of what i am currently thinking...i tried taking melatonin 3mg last night and i don't think it is good for me as all i can feel if my head is spinning and i wake up every hour...we are trying to get an appointment to a psychiatrist on april 4 hoping they can tell me what's going on coz i feel like i can't deal with this no more and feel like losing my mind...and i hate it! i just want it to stop now coz i can't be myself...i want to try doing exercise but i am afraid it will make my heartbeat faster or even cause a heart attack...also whenever i go out..i feel dizzy that's why i stay in most of the time...i have difficulty concentrating and seems like my mind is at random thinking of all kinds of thing..most of it makes me anxious too! can anyone please give me a good advice on how to deal or lessen this until i get checked by someone or therapy coz i feel like i am loosing it...

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Trimethoprim :: Afraid Of Taking It For UTI

I've just been prescribed trimethoprim for UTI and after reading all the posted I'm so afraid of taking them. I had a reaction to norethisterone just over a year ago and it was not very nice at all and I don't want to feel that ever again. But if I don't take these tablets then I'm worried I'll still have the UTI. Is it worth asking my doctor for an alternative?

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Anxiety :: Afraid Of An Aneurysm

I know i am irrational a lot of the time, but i'm afraid of an aneurysm. Ok so a few days ago i felt this pain in my neck (right side) and idk if it was muscle pain, but it seemed that whenever i did turn my head to the right it would hurt a little bit more. I was feeling it for maybe 2 days. Now I feel a pain in my forehead (right side). I woke this morning and it started maybe 15 mins after i woke up (it did not wake me up from my sleep). Its on and off now. What can this be? Is it a regular headache? 

My blood pressure is normal. It does feel like my eyes are sensitive to the brightness, for the past few days. I'm not congested or anything. No nausea, no weakness, i do feel a little lightheaded.

my anxiety is not making anything better.

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Afraid Of Taking Viagra Due To Side Effects

i have weak erection afraid of taking viagra can it cause any serious side effect

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Anxiety :: Afraid Of The Things That Have Made Me Feel Scared In The Past

Does this sound like how anxiety works to you? I feel like I become so afraid of the things that have made me feel scared in the past. And, of course, with anxiety, the things that have made me feel scared form a very long list.

This then is what keeps anxiety going. For example, "once I had a panic attack while waking up, now I always feel scared when getting up in the morning".

Does this sound familiar?

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Vasectomy :: What To Ask Doctor Before Procedure?

As much as I have read about this procedure, I feel somewhat prepared going into my consult visit with the Dr.

I am wondering if there were any questions/discussions anyone feels they should have asked BEFORE the procedure?

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Internal Hemorrhoids :: Doctor Cannot Feel?

My sister is 60 years old and is experiencing amounts of blood in her stool lately . She suspects that it is internal hemorrhoids (she had similar condition approx. 3 years ago.) She went to the doctor who examined her and told her that she could not feel any internal hemorrhoids but gave her suppositories and told her to return in two weeks time for another look. My sister has no other symptoms, no pain except for some itching after she goes to poop and no changes in bowel habits, appetite etc. My question is therefore, is it possible for someone to have internal hemorrhoids that a doctor cannot feel?

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Hemorrhoids :: How Long Before Doctor Referred You?

I was wondering how long you all suffered before the doctors referred you. To a specialist or for surgery?

I've been suffering with an external prolapsed hemorrhoid for two weeks now. I'm in agony all day and the pain wakes me up at night.

due to other health conditions i need my sleep and no stress as it makes it worse. So i feel at the minute that i can't cope.

i've been to the doctor three times but they said they wouldn't even consider the next option until it's been "months and months"

i've been given anusol cream and suppository.

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Penis :: Circumcision- Wonder If They Doctor Will Do The Operation.

Hi, I'm a 24 year old and I am getting circumcised on the 8th of October. I've been having some white bumps under my penis and they worry me a lot and make me wonder if they doctor will do the operation. Can you please advise me what to do on this matter.

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High Uric Acid - Which Type Of Doctor To See?

I have high uric acid (hyperuricemia)problem, which type of doctor is best for me?

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Vasectomy :: Doctor Can Remove An Entire Vas Deferens?

Also, for the record, I am asking this question out of pure curiosity on my own part (at least for the time being).

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Mirtazapine :: Maximum Dosage A Doctor Can Prescribe?

so stressed and frustrated tonight, really struggling! Head is spinning! I've taken 2 of my tablets tonight, I'm only supposed to take one but it just doesn't do anything, I'm on 30mg, does anyone know the maximum dosage a doctor can prescribe for mirtazapine? I'm just wondering if I maybe need my dosage upped?

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Pregnancy :: How Many Centimeters Before Doctor Break Your Water?

How many centimeters do u have to be for the doc to break your water?

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Coeliac Disease :: When To Visit Doctor - Symptoms Limit

Can I ask what symptoms other people have experienced before being diagnosed with Celiacs?? I am concerned I may have celiacs, I am due to see a doctor next week to discuss. I don't have all the symptoms but have had bloating, chronic constipation, (had issues with both for years) flaky scalp (not severe) and a skin condition on my feet. My doctor told me this was eczema two years ago but it can flare up quite extreme, soare, itchy, fluid filled blisters, flaky skin, red, rashy when at its worst. But it tends to come and go? Does anyone else suffer from the same?

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Pregnancy :: Severe Cold Which The Doctor Refuses To Treat

Im 7 1/2 months pregnant and i have a severe cold which the doctor refuses to treat. You can imagine how miserable i am. Apparently i'm a selfish b**** because i didn't cook my husband a 5 star meal today. He has not once asked if there was anything he could do to make me less miserable. Anyone else's husband a complete douche bag even though you are carrying their child?

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Doctor? HRT Clinic MD Or An Endocrinlogist MD?

Are hormone replacement therapy doctors are doing the job of an endocrinologist, or is it the same, or is there an advantage of one or the other?

Since year 2000, at the age of 50, doctors and blood tests I have told me I have low testosterone?

(at the time I went to an Internal Medicine doctor for low energy and exhaustion and he said testosterone was below 200)
I am looking into finding a doctor that will prescribe something more effective than a 150 mg testosterone cypionate injection 1 x each 2 weeks, that I get from a conservative family MD.

I recently looked into getting help through the Internet for hormone replacement therapy.

At this point, I am not sure what to do.

Does anyone have good solid advise, not strongly influenced by money profit?

I have read some about the side effects, however, can anyone advise me or comment on any of the following medicines recommended for me by the online HRT clinic doctor?

Here is the list:

150mg testosterone cypionate 1 x a week
Anastrozole 0.5 po 2x/week
HCG 500 IU SQ 2x/week
Sermorelin Forte 18mg for GH deficiency
DHEA 5mg
Fish oil 3,000mg
vitamin D3 5,000IU/day with vitamin K2 45 mcg take with fatty healthy food.

This online HRT Clinic cannot use medical insurance, because of the prescriptions.

I have not found any negative feedback on this Clinic, as I have with some others.

At this time, unless something else comes up, I am going to get an appointment with an Endocrinologist.

However, my concern is that doctors will not prescribe medicines and doses of medicines, (medicines that will work for me) that are not approved by the FDA and that are not covered by insurance companies.

Now, I feel exploited by the online HRT MD's, because of the costs, and cut short by regular MD's, because of the FDA laws and the insurance companies.

My other position is (the position some are counting on) to pay whatever it takes to feel better, and I will if I cannot find another solution. I want to increase the quality of life for myself and others, without anymore physical suffering/mistakes, and without anymore financial suffering/mistakes.

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Birth Control :: Depo Shot For 5 Years Now Doctor Put On Pills

My daughter is 20 years old and has been on the Depo shot for 5 years and her Dr will not give it to her anymore? They put her on the pill, she will never remember to take it regularly with her busy schedule and isn't ready to start a family right now, she would like to finish college first! However we don't know what Birth control she should be on? I was never able to take Birth Control so I know nothing and am of no help, even googling it confuses me, nothing is clear?

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Anxiety :: High Blood Pressure Readings At Doctor Visits

Anyone else have really high blood pressure readings at their Drs. visits? I cant seem to shake it when i'm in there .... turn red and get all nervous and today she took it and it was 150/ she tried again in a few mins and it was 135/90.

When i was in the ER the last three times (ugh) it would start high but then after Ativan or Xanax it would drop back to normal .... I'm all worked up now over this, and nervous. Anyone else have this happen?

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Anxiety :: Propranolol - Consult Doctor If You Start Or Quit Smoking?

I was wondering if anyone has even been on propranolol 40mg once a day for anxiety and stopped smoking and if so did you feel fine!

I want to stop smoking but on the leaflet it says consult your doc if u start or stop smoking.

I did ask my gp but he dismissed the leaflet and just said stop smoking - I kinda didn't trust his answer.

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