Dosulepin :: 75mg - Spaced Out

Jan 12, 2009

I've been on 75mg of dothiepin for 1 & a half weeks due to anxiety & mild depression. The intense anxiety (the sickness,feelings of going mad,inability to sleep,shaking) has gone with these tablets, but I'm feeling very spaced out and like I'm dreaming everything. Don't know whether it's the tablets or the anxiety causing it. I've seen a vast improvement in the last week, but I'm scared the tablets are making me feel like I've got someone else's brain & eyes in my head, very weird feeling! Anyone have the same feelings with it?

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Dosulepin :: For 3 Weeks - Spaced Out And Lethargic

I've been on dosulepin for nearly three weeks at 75mg. Have had to reduce this as I've been completely spaced out, lethargic, and generally not feeling that great.Actually felt more anxious and depressed on this dose. It seems to help with sleep but has reduced by ability to play sport etc. Has anyone stayed on 25-50 mg and found it helpful?

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Dosulepin :: Drinking Alcohol - Side Effects?

what are the side effects with these tablets,when drinking beer,or larger,

as i occasionally like 4-5 pints,am i putting myself at risk!

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Dosulepin :: Missed Dosage - Negative Effect On Anxiety?

I've been on Dosulepin for about 7 months now for my anxiety disorder. It generally works well , and the side effects are manageable. However on occasion I've forgotten to take a dose at night. I've found that when this happens it can have a negative effect on my anxiety. I realise that this probably isn't a shock to most of you but it seems very strange to me after being on SSRIs for 5 years previously. With the SSRI the antidepressive effect was long lasting and a dose could be skipped accidentally without even noticing. With dosulepin one missed dose for me and I could be anxious for a week or 2.

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Gabapentin :: For Spaced Out Feeling (diabetic)

I have only got them today, i am diabetic and got loss of feeling in my fingers, does this spaced out feeling go away ? i took one gabapentin 300mg and if i feel like this all the time i would rather not have them

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Gabapentin :: Feeling Depressed And Spaced Out

I started on gabapentin 4 weeks ago and I am always feeling spaced out,I have also taken a few fits,is this the medication? I am also diagnosed as depressed and have been feeling very low every day. has anyone experienced the same?

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Lightheaded, Dizzy And Spaced Out For 2 Years

I'm hoping / praying someone can shed some light on my extremely frustrating & somewhat debilitating symptoms.Approxx two years ago I started to feel a little light headed, I was working in retail at the time and the shop was incredibly busy (I have always worked in sales, so this did not phase me, what did cause me concern was how light headed I had been feeling) At the time, I presumed it was just a side effect from citalopram - something I had been prescribed six months earlier for feeling a little low. I did think it was strange that I felt woozy and lightheaded six months into the course as I had only previously experienced this feeling at the very beginning. I mentioned it to my doc and they agreed if i felt ready i should taper off citalopram - so i did. Slowly but surely i reduced my dose and presumed the light headed, dizzy almost drunk feeling would disappear - much to my surprise, i am still in the same state - blurred vision, wobbly, floaty and very very dizzy.

I have been to see my GP numerous times - my iron & bloody sugar levels, thyroid have been tested. They even sent me for an MRI scan and it all came back clear. My blood pressure is a little low but nothing too alarming and the ENT doctor said they couldn't find any inner ear problems (which I kind of thought would be the case because it's not a spinning sensation that you might expect from say labyrinthitis, it's more of a constant faint feeling) 

It is a nightmare crossing the road or entering a busy supermarket. I am no longer quick on my feet and my memory is very poor too. I feel dazed and confused a lot of the time and extremely tired.

I'm only 31 and have a real love for life - can anyone suggest what could possibly be happening to me? I would be incredibly grateful as this god awful 'whatever it is' is really taking it's toll on my work, my relationship with my partner, friends and family (more so because there is no diagnosis as yet so I feel like people don't really understand what is actually wrong with me) every day I pray that this has just been a nightmare and I will wake up and feel normal again.

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Trimethoprim :: Allergic Reaction - Spaced Out And Hungry

I too have had a bad allergic reaction to Trimethoprim. Within one day of taking the first tablet I felt completley 'spaced out' extremely hungry but could only stand wet food ie soup or yoghurt. On the third day the itching started and a rash developed. Stopped taking tablets and the rash has got progressively worse. Terribly itchy sore and looks as though I have been scalded.

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Mirtazapine :: Spaced Out, Dizzy, Headache, Doped Up

Could anyone help i have been on Mirtazapine 15 mg, for 5 days now and feel absolutely terrible in the daytime with them. Spaced out, dizzy, headache, doped up, even having trouble writing this post. Will this last all the time?

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Cannabis Addiction :: Feeling Spaced Out Going To Die After Smoking

I smoked out of a bong this one time , for the first time and i smoked alot so i layed back and chilled .. after a while i started getting goofy because i didn't remember if i smoked or not and started spacing out , it was weird because every time i thought harder my heart would beat faster and faster i thought i was going to die. At this point i was only trying to survive then i noticed i started to feel sharp pains in my shoulders and the pain started from the outer part of my shoulder and would get stronger and closer to the center where my head was when i thought hard about stuff. When the pain got sharp and harsh at the center i would twitch a little and remember it was something mentally because nothing was actually happening and so now im scared to try ot again , is this normal ?

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Venlafaxine :: Returning Anxiety 75mg

I have been taking venlafaxine for 4 weeks now 2 weeks at 37.5 with 10mg of citalopram and the last 2 weeks at 75mg a day on its own the last 2 weeks I have been experiencing more anxiety and feel tense all the time I'm more snappy with my kids too will this pass as Iv changed on to this medication as citalopram wasn't helping me any with anxiety and low mood. I just want to be me again I keep having racing thoughts which had all stopped.

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Venlafaxine 75mg And Propranolol 10mg Together?

Anybody take these medicines together? I was prescribed the Beta blockers today to help anxiety symptoms but don't see much difference! I have been taking the Venlafaxine 75mg now for three weeks alongside my Mirtazapine 30mg which I take at night! My depression has lifted a lot since starting the Venlafaxine it has took me out of the dark hole I was in! But now I'm feeling anxious and have headaches which feels like a lot of pressure in my head! I just feel so weird! And have butterflies in my stomach which kicks off the anxiety feeling in my chest! I'm going to see psychiatrist again tomorrow regarding this! I don't want to come off the Venlafaxine as it has helped my depression so much and has made me feel me again! I just want this anxiety and the weird feeling to go away! I'm wondering if an increase in dosage would help this and make the side effects disappear!

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Anxiety :: Effexor Xr 75mg To 150mg

recently just increased my effexor xr to 150mgs. On the 15th so about a week and a half.. I'm still really shaky with the anxiety.. does anyone know how long I should start to feel some relief.. been thru many ad s before this I'm praying this one works.. I'm also extra anxious bc of that time of the month too

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Pregabalin :: Weaning Of 75mg Lyrica

I've only been on lyrica for 6 days now. Im finding the 75mg dose to strong 1 a day is what i am taking.I was wondering if the capsule can be split in half so i take half of that per day .then was wondering how long does it take to wean off completely if i decide to come off completely off the lyrica. And is it safe to take half of the 75mg has i've noticed that dose is not listed on the patient sheet etc.

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Sertraline :: Much Difference Between 75mg And 100mg?

I'm on my 9th week of sert (started on 25mg, then 50, now 75) and am just wondering whether to increase to 100mg or not. I'm finding it so hard to determine whether or not I'm better on them. I went to a concert at the weekend and my thoughts were all about anxiety, how I was feeling, etc thru the whole thing. It was a bday present for my husband so I forced myself to stay but eventually left with about 4 songs to go.

So I am kind of left thinking, how can any tablet stop me thinking about any particular subject ie. anxiety? I know it's about boosting serotonin but the overthinking can't be helped surely? I am going to counselling but that seems more focused on dealing with panic attacks, whereas in all honesty, I feel it was the sert that caused my first pa.

Sorry to go on, it's just that it was such a huge decision for me to even take sert in the first place and then an even harder call to stick with it thru all the side effects and now I'm feeling, "for what"? I'm so happy for those who say they feel amazing on it, truly I am, I just want that feeling too.

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Depression :: Venlafaxine 75mg - Withdrawl Symptoms?

I've been on Venlafaxine for the last few months now.  I've just moved to a new city and I can't find my prescription anywhere, and trying to find a new doctor is rather difficult with a limited income.  Can anyone tell me what adverse effects I will suffer without these?  It's been 2 days since my last pill and I've started throwing up this morning.  Is this from not being on them?

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Pregabalin :: Lyrica 75mg Twice A Day - Zombie Effect

Started on the above 10 days ago. First capsule i took i was asleep not long after, woke up feeling in a daze, doctor advised me to have one a day for few days. I have been taking two a day for 8 days. In this time, i have fell downstairs twice, developed a rash, past two days have had an intense pain above my right eye, not as bad as a migraine, but definitely more than a headache, im not due to see Dr until another two weeks.. Hopefully the side effects will go as time goes on. I am also taking sertaline with these, i must admit i feel more like a zombie than alive lol.

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Penis Disorders :: Small Red Patches Spaced Out Over Head And Foreskin

2 weeks been there someone help don't know what they are !?

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Postnatal Depression :: Mirtazapine 30 Mg Combination With Venlafaxine 75mg?

I'm currently taking this combination for postnatal depression my baby is 10 weeks old! The Venlafaxine was started alongside the Mirtazapine three weeks ago and at first my anxiety came back slightly however for two weeks now I've been feeling great and back to myself and been very happy😃 but now all of a sudden since yesterday I've been having feelings of anxiety again, having hot flushes and have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach like a churning sensation! I have been rather upset today because I've been feeling so good because I was in such a dark place a few weeks ago! And now I'm feeling like this! What should I do? Will this pass?

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Arthritis :: Enbrel 75mg Per Week? Optimal Dosage?

Is anyone else out there taking Enbrel 75mg per week?

For years, my doctor has had me on three 25mg injections per week. I know that the recommended dose is 50 mg per week, and I know that studies by Amgen showed most people got no added benefit from the larger dose. But I also know that for a very small group of us, the larger dose is what's needed (out of all my doctor's patients, he said only 4 responded to the higher dose, and responded well).

After years of paying, my insurance company now has a problem with this. Which puts me in a situation where I risk the stability of my RA or pay an enormous bill.

So, I'm just wondering how many others are like me, responders to the higher dose? And if anyone has found a cheaper source of Enbrel (besides the Enbrel Assistance program which is like a catch-22 -- they only help on insured Enbrel, not Enbrel outside what insurance covers.

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