Duloxetine :: Not All Bad

Aug 22, 2013

I have been on Cymbalta/Duloxetine for over two years now after having reactions to Sertraline etc. This was at 60mg and to be truthful it didn't do a lot. About 8 weeks ago this was doubled to 120 mg and this has increased my movement, mood and power to stay awake. It has also reduced my tremor.

I noticed I seem to be the only person on this level.

I am being queried following abnormal PET scan that indicated possible Parkinson's but DaT scan negative so not that. Also have mild Ischaemic changes in frontal lobes of the brain. All still under investigation. Has anyone else been prescribed this for same or similar problems?

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Duloxetine :: Having Headaches

Been on Duloxetine 30mg for 5 days now - having headaches -Will they go away ? - I want to feel myself again any idea how long it takes for the tablets to kick in. I feel ok for a little while in the morning then i feel poorly again have to lay down and take co- codamol to take the headaches away - Can anyone give me any information of their experiences please -

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Fluoxetine To Duloxetine?

I hope you're all making progress and feeling better.

I'll cut a long story short - I was taken off fluoxetine because I went really downhill. My Psychiatrist has given me Duloxetine which is an SSNI. It works on serotonin and nor.....?? I can't remember the spelling.

I'm reluctant to take it right now because I went on the forum for Duloxetine and haven't found many posts at all!! I think there are about 4-5 posts!!

Have any of you had this medication before? Any advice about what I should do? I don't mind the side effects, I'm just worried that my head's going to get messed up further.

Apart from all that, I feel a bit better having posted on here this morning cos I've not been on the forum for a while.

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Mirtazapine And Duloxetine

Psychiatrist has upped my mirtazapine from 15mg to 30mg and is about to start me on Duloxetine as a combination, is anyone else in this combo and have any advice?

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Duloxetine Can Cause Liver Problems?

I have been prescribed this drug. Is this drug safe as it says it can cause liver problems

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Depression :: Duloxetine And Nightmares

I've been on duloxetine for about 18 months now (I think, my memory's awful) and have always had disturbed dreams and nightmares while I've been on it. Originally I was taking zolpidem 10 mg and Quetiapine 100mg at night but I've taken myself off of those over the last few months. The nightmares have gotten worse though, they're incredibly realistic. Last night I dreamt that I was drinking and I woke up heaving and with an intense headache like I was hungover. Then I managed to go back to sleep and after dreaming that I was back at my parents house and arguing with them, I woke up in such a state and my anxiety was so high I couldn't even move, I was struggling to breathe and scared because I was struggling to differentiate between what was real and what was a dream. I never wake up feeling rested and am constantly tired and yawning throughout the day, I've also been suffering more with headaches. Has anyone else on duloxetine had issues with sleep and dreams and is there anything that helps?

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Experiencing Bad Duloxetine Withdrawal

just wondered if anyone else is experiencing the hell that is duloxetine withdrawal?

This is my 5th day of being off the duloxetine all together. Im now on Mirtazapine. I dont know if what Im experiencing is the duloxetine withdrawal or the side effects of Mirtazapine :?

I am so spaced out its unreal. I get brain shocks constantly that really take your breath away and literally stop you from doing anything. I go to get dressed and zap, there it is. I bend down to pick up my jeans, and zap. Turn round to look at something and zap. I ache from limb to limb like a 90 year old with arthritis!! Im exhausted physically and mentally and I am just unable to do anything. I haven't been out of the house for 8 days, and haven't got dressed for 6!

I'm so sick of this med roundabout. I've been ill for little over a year now and have sampled 8 delightful anti deps, 3 anti psych and 2 relaxants. I feel like a junkie. Every time I move onto a new tablet, I have to go through some sort of withdrawal. These meds are supposed to be non addictive, but I'm beginning to think otherwise. They said that Valium wasn't addictive when that came out, now look.

I'm just so sick and tired of this whole roller coaster. As if it's not bad enough being depressed and out of your mind with worry and fear in the first place, but to then take tablets that are supposed to help the situation, but actually just add to your problems!

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Duloxetine :: Dilated Pupils

Right i decided to wait for stag dos to be finished. Now on day 3 of duloxetine. I have nausea and very tired effects kicking in alongside dilated pupils. Does this subside after time, i never felt this bad on any antidepressants.

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Depression :: Duloxetine Reviews

Been given duloxetine to to try for my depression and wondered if anybody has been using it what your reviews are on it 

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Duloxetine (Cymbalta) For Pain ? Or Antidepressant?

First of all I am not diabetic but I do need help on the above tablet Duloxetine (Cymbalta) which I believe is given to diabetics for pain relief (or so my doc tells me).  I have Cervical spondylosis which gives me extreme pain and for which I take 30 tabs daily plus Morphine and liquid Morphine.   Doc has prescribed Duloxetine which is an antidepressant but which I believe also helps pain. Can anyone on this site who is diabetic tell me about Duloxetine or have they taken it and has it helped with pain?   I am afraid to start taking it as it does not have good reviews and is used mainly as an antidepressant. There appear to be too many side effects, some of which I have already from morphine and it appears to be difficult to come off.   If anyone can comment and help me with this I would be really grateful.   I suffer chronic pain 24/7 and my meds at the moment are having little effect on controlling the pain.  They just keep increasing morphine dose which I am a little afraid of.   Does Duloxetine really work in controlling pain?

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Cymbalta To Generic Duloxetine - Crashed

I have been recently changed from Cymbalta to generic duloxetine.  Whilst on Cymbalta, I was able to cut down from 120 mgs daily to 90 mgs daily.

Now I have had to go back to 120 mgs as I have a terrible depressive crash very close to 3 pm every day.  I have always taken my full dose in one dose in the morning.  Now I am splitting it to avoid the 3 pm crash.  I asked my psychiatrist for Cymbalta specifically as in the US it is prescribed for fibromyalgia which I also have.  I had seemed to be improving on that front too and was hoping to get back to part time work but I have been more or less bedridden for the last two weeks.  Anybody else had problems with the switch over?

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome :: Duloxetine Experiences?

i am really struggling with my fibro. The doc has told me to persevere with this tablet. He has also gave me an anti sickness tablet. I would like to know people's experiences with this please.

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Duloxetine :: Sweating And Yawning Fits

I started on 30mg of duloxetine (cymbalta) about 3 weeks ago. I was prescribed it for severe lower back pain. And mood swings. I was previously on sertraline. But I was getting severe sweats. Constant yawning fits. And feeling hyper. Anyway since being on duloxetine. My sex drive has gone. I have also been having light bleeding for 3 weeks. Has anyone else experienced this. Drs said its a coincidence. But iv never ever had bleeding for more than 5 days. I have stopped taking it for 2 days now. I'm feeling very tired. My back pain is coming back.

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Duloxetine :: Numb Feet - Burning And Chilblains?

I've been taking duloxetine 30mg for 2 weeks for anxiety. I've been noticing my feet - mainly my toes will go numb for no reason. Also, if I'm cycling to work and it's cold they will get very cold and stay numb for a long time afterwards (very unusual - the weather's much better now than it was a month ago). I've also got chilblains on my toes. Also I get burning feet at night time which drives me crazy! It keeps me awake and I have to sleep with my feet out of the duvet.

These side effects aren't as bad as sickness and insomnia etc (which I got with citalopram) but I'm worried as they are not on the side effects list I was given. I noticed that duloxetine is actually supposed to treat numb and burning feet in diabetics with nerve damage. So I'm slightly worried that this drug is having adverse effects on me and actually giving me nerve damage!

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Cymbalta (Duloxetine) :: Severe Hand Tremors

Has anyone had this happen?  I had gone up from the 20mg dose to the 40mg dose and was doing better.  Less depression and the goal was to ease my fibro pain (I currently take Gabapentin and Tramadol) and eventually stop taking Tramadol.  I suddenly started shaking.  I had muscle jumps (can't think of another way to describe it) in my  legs and I literally shook so bad I couldn't turn pages on my Kindle without trying a few times.  It was disturbing.

The doctor called me back said to go back to the 20mb dose.  I continued to shake...but it lessened.  I am now going off it by taking it every other day (20mb) and can't get the Dr. to return my call.

I have tried all the Fibro drugs.  Lyrica didn't work.  Savella caused bad rapid h/b.  Effexor caused muscle jumps in my legs too (but not hand shaking).

If I continued to take it would the hand tremors go away?  No one can answer that.  Pain is worse since I have eased off so it was actually working.  I want to continue if it will lesson, but I don't know if it will.

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Duloxetine :: Side Effects And Withdrawal Symptoms

Hello!  I have just started taking Duloxetine 30mg each morning and have been feeling awful; really dopey, dizzy and sick.  I had no idea of all the potential problems of this drug until I googled-it!  The results (side effects and withdrawal symptoms etc) have scared me so much I have decided to stop after only five days.  Can someone please advise if I will suffer from withdrawal symptoms after such a short time of taking it?

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Severe Rage - Switching From Sertraline To Duloxetine!

I recently asked advice as changed to duloxetine from sertraline. I am experiencing severe RAGE since changing my medication and don't know what to do about this!  Have any of you suffered with severe rage, I have tried many antidepressants over the years but have not experienced anything like this!  Feeling really upset and desperate now, also has done nothing to help with my depression in fact it is worse than ever.

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Duloxetine :: Withdrawal - Mood Swings And Irritability

I would like to share with you my own experience with cymbalta. I have been taking this medication for a year(60 mg) my doctor prescribed it for depression and anxiety. After 6 months of taking cymbalta i was feeling better, my anxiety decreased and i was able to live a normal life. Now after a year i decided to wean off cymbalta. I decreased my dose to 30 mg for 3 month. And for the fourth month am taking 30 mg pill a day after another. It's been a week i started feeling nervous, my anxiety increased and and am having extreme mood swings and an irritability that quickly turns into rage. Adding to the previous am having nausea and nightmares. I know these are duloxetine withdrawal symptoms that my GP did not explain it for me when prescribing me cymbalta. I will be strong and am not giving up. I wish i didn't take it.

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From Duloxetine To Venlafaxine - Sick And Upset Tummy

I've just started on venlafaxine slow release tablets swapping over from duloxetine. I feel sooooooo sick and have a very upset stomach (tmi sorry) is the normal and how long does it last for?

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Fibromyalgia Syndrome :: Cymbalta/Duloxetine For Pain Not Depression

I had a very successful pain clinic appointment yesterday, by successful I mean i saw a Dr who wasn't a complete arrogant idiot, he was very nice and tried to think out of the box a little. I asked him for lidocaine patches and although he said he did not think they would work because of the pain being deep he was willing for me to try them, he couldn't prescribe them so he's written to my GP, he also suggested capsaicin cream and finally he thinks i should try cymbalta/duloxetine. I explained that id tried various anticonvulsants and hated them due to side effects and that i was not depressed (i probably should be) but i'm not, i get angry more than sad for the chronic situation but i don't feel hopeless and apart from super hellish days i cope fairly well. 

The thing is my little boy is my world, i'm so concerned taking an antidepressant when i don't feel depressed will kick off depression, especially if they don't work and i come off. I used to suffer with depression when i was younger and i know how horrible it is and when your i was in that cycle nothing or no one mattered anymore so i'm concerned as i'd rather continue to live in daily pain knowing my son is getting the "real" me than be on any meds that might change how i feel or how i am towards him. 

Does anyone have experience with these specific meds? Especially taking them for just pain and not depression?

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Weight Gain Due To Cymbalta (duloxetine) Switching To Venlafaxine?

I didn't do well on cymbalta (duloxetine). Initially, I started to feel better, but after a couple of months I started to feel depressed again. I also gained weight.

When I started to withdraw from cymbalta, my weight started to creep up even more. I've always been 7 st, and now I'm 8 st and 5 lbs.

My Psychiatrist wants to start me on venlafaxine, but I'm so worried that I'm going to end up gaining more weight. In the past, I've been on Citalopram and Fluoxetine. None of those worked for me, that's why my Psychiatrist tried the SNRI.

I feel like a complete failure, and am believing I'm unhelpable. Weight gain is a big issue for me, I don't like not being in control.

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