ENT :: Cotton Balls Stuck In Inner Ears

Oct 28, 2013

My inner-ears have felt like there is cotton balls stuck in there. When I talk it sounds as if I'm in a tunnel another's sounds like they're whispering when talking at normal tone. I feel like I'm telling when I talk but I am actually talking really low. And same situation with listening to radio, television, etc... I have the volume on blast but it sounds normal level but muffled, and others complain its too loud. Been going on about 2 weeks now. It happened once before but went away shortly and all on its own. I've tried cleaning my ears with qtips, using peroxide, and popping my ears and all have failed me.

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Bartholin's Cyst :: Instant Relief With Q-tips And Cotton Swabs

Every time I feel an abscess coming I do this very simple steps and trust me! Trust me! when I say INSTANT RELIEF! I've had bartholin abscess recurrence since 8 years ago. I've had it maybe 15 times. I've tried everything except surgery. I just did these steps literally 10 minutes ago because I felt an abscess coming and when I checked my vagina I was right my right labia was starting to swell up.

All you need is q-tips or cotton swabs, and a mirror. (I use the magnifying mirror it's easier to see) Sit on the toilet, place the mirror in front of your vagina so you can see. Find your bartholin duct/opening... Using your index and middle finger spread the labia - I don't know if it's the same for everyone but my bartholin opening is just right beside my clitoris. It's a very small hole. Position the q-tip/swab on the swollen gland then press to squeeze the puss out. Keep doing it until the gland is empty. The relief ahhhh if I had known this procedure 8 years ago (I discovered it by accident -(tried everything out of desperation) omg all those suffering from pain and not being able to walk and sit.

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Cardiovascular :: Head Gets Warm, Ears Red And Hot Strong Pulse In Ears

Hearing heartbeat in ears. Sometimes it gets stronger First symptom is face gets very warm no fever, ears get hot and red and sensitive (right one) and whoosh or tzzing hearing in ears like pulse. It subsides after 8 hrs or less. Impossible to sleep. If I sleep flat on back am awakened 2 hrs later by
very strong heart beat like its forcing a lot of blood thru. Subsides with exercise. Condition goes away for 48 hrs so heart system not fighting infection. If I sleep with upper torso at 45 degree angle still wake after 2 hrs but pulses not as strong. Then after I can sleep for hrs no problem. Dr checked ears ok, did all blood work ok, I'm male 67 yrs and in gen good health. Did ultrasound on abdominal kidneys bladder ok. Seems like some chemical command triggering heart to pump harder and faster not too fast. I tested things to try to determine what triggers the face heat, ears hot and harder beats, chocolate, caffeine, pepsi's, salt, coughing, cigarette smoking, stressful video games have no effect.  BP normal am taking Ramipril 10 mg Altace nothing else. Dont think its heart but something telling heart to work hard, feel it thumping in chest. Just repeated T3's blood test..and 24 hr urine special test..awaiting results. Reg urine test showed nothing, and abdominal ultrasound clear. No dizziness, nausea etc. Bowel and urine movement perfect, no pains or lightheadedness.

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When And How To Shave My Penis And Balls?

I was wondering whether I should shave my pubes and if so how to do it properly ....

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Penis :: Has Blue Balls

A few nights ago I was fooling around with my girlfriend and I had a normal, fully-erect hard on. But by the time she had her hands on it, it wasn't a full erection anymore (that's not the problem though). She was masturbating me for a while but I got an emergency call and had to leave. Next hour my balls started hurting, but I know I had blue balls and it was perfectly fine the next morning.

However ever since that night I cannot get a full erection. It gets hard, but still feels a bit soft, not like it used to be. I feel not much sensation when masturbating and when I ejaculate, there is no orgasm. Also my penis, when not hard, feels a lot softer than it normally is (it's usually firmer, but now it's just really soft). There is also a red mark on the glans that's painful to the touch, it's been getting better the last few nights but not completely healed yet.

BTW I'm 17 and uncircumcised, live a healthy lifestyle with physical activities on a weekly basis and a healthy diet. No alcohol or drugs.

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Small Bumps Around My Penis And Balls Ever Since

Ever since i can remember i have had these small bumps around my penis and balls. I have never had sex or oral sex. They look sorta like blackheads or some sort of pimples. I squeezed one and it looked like some puss came out but didn't go away. I'm concerned to what they are and if there is treatment for them, or are they contagious. 

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Sexual Health :: Cluster Of Balls Around The Cap Of My Penis

I just noticed a cluster of balls around the cap of my penis and I started treating it. I have just one partner and that dates back to 8 years. I also trust my partner to be faithful to me. We have treated ourselves several times but the longest the small balls have stayed out is about 5-6 months before resurfacing. I also notice that during sexual interaction with my wife, there is a particular position we use that brings the balls between 24 hours to 72 hours.

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Women :: Can Lack Of Sex Cause Pain? Blue Balls?

can females suffer from a form of "blue balls". can lack of sex cause physical pain?

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Sexual Thoughts - If Don't Masturbate, Pain In Scrotum / Balls

whenever i feel sexual thoughts and if do not masturbute then i feel a pain in my scrotum and all around the penis.

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Scrotal / Sebaceous Cysts On Balls And Fordyce Spots

I have had scrotal sebaceous cysts since i was about 24. I also have fordyce spots on the shaft of my penis and balls. I tend to sweat alot which i believe can be related to my condition.  I would say I sweat much more than normal person. I believe my cysts formed because my fordyce's spots get irritated and I started to itch them way too much because it felt really good. While doing this I noticed that cysts started to form because of rupturing the gland. The cysts form because of blocked glands which can happen on their own but can happen more frequently when irritated by rubbing or itching.

Here is an example of what Fordyce's spots are. I bet most of you have this too.


I also shaved my balls and it absolutely did not help the problem because the Fordyce's spots are usually around the hair follicle. I have gotten some cysts from ingrown hairs as well. 

This problem has been so embarrassing for me and it took me 6 years to actually go to the urologist to get the cysts checked. I made an appointment - The doctored confirmed that they were cysts. ----Note--- tell the doctor that they bother you and that they are uncomfortable and that they keep growing. If you tell the doctor that it is a purely cosmetic issue the insurance company will not cover the removal procedure.---- The doctor then scheduled me for surgery which I went in for today. The procedure was not that bad other than the embarrassment i felt when the nurses asked me what I was in there for. Much better than feeling the "Are those herpes" question from the chicks you are seeing. The surgery took about 45 minutes. I had 5 cysts about the size of peas removed. The procedure was pretty painless and they give you good drugs to manage the pain after. I already feel much better about my decision to get them removed. I feel in control of my life again. There is not too much information on the web about this condition and I feel its important to tell my story. I will update on how it turns out as time goes on. I read through every post on this thread and here is what I can tell you.
1. Don't Rub or Itch your sack or penis.
2. Do not shave your balls because of risk of ingrown hairs
3. Do no use products such as lotions on your balls because you may clog the pore. Clog Pores lead to cysts.
4. Go see a urologist - Do not waste time with a mediocre dermatologist. Urologist are actually real doctors that go to real med school. There are many dermatologist and few urologist. Why do you think that is. Its easier to become a dermatologist.
5. Do not try and remove them yourself. Could you imagine getting an infection down there and losing your balls or worse everything.
6. Wash yourself thoroughly down there to make sure you clear your pores. 
I know how embarrassing it is to deal with this problem and I know what it is like for a woman to make you feel bad about yourself because of this issue. Don't let it rule you. .. Be proactive .. Get them removed. If this post has helped you please let me know. Or if you have any questions feel free to reply. I will answer as I am still going through the recovery process

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Circumcision - Layers Of Skin Coming On Balls And Thighs After A Month

i had circumcision a month ago and the wound got cleared but after 2 weeks layers of skin comming out balls and inner thighs

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Throat :: Fingernail Stuck

so i usually bite my fingernails, but this time i was laying in bed and i tried to swallow it but it wouldn't go down. i took some water and i felt a little better. i went to sleep and i woke up and had breakfast. it then came back in the afternoon. i asked my parents about it and they said it would probably go away, but i've been feeling it 4 almost a week. a few days ago it was in my throat and then it went away but then i had a similar feeling in my ear. im worried that maybe its traveling thru my body but im not sur. it might be just growing pains. its now come back.ive had a little shortness of breath but i naturally get that(acid reflux). 1 time it came up a little so  i stuck my finger down my throat and i felt it a little, but it felt like it was actually stuck in my throat. like i didn't feel all of it. i tried talking 2 my parents but they told me to stop worrying, but i feel really weird about it, so i thought this is my best option.

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One Testicle Stuck Immobile In Groin

17 year old son has one testicle stuck immobile in groin on side he had inguinal hernia repair surgery at age 3...will this increase risk of testicular cancer? He's been checked & testicle is normal size & feels healthy...it's likely sat in his groin most of his life...We've been told another surgery would most likely result in loss of testicle.

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Hemochromatosis :: Stuck With A Low Iron Diet

has anyone stuck with a low iron diet.  Have you found the results to be beneficial.  I will do anything to avoid more blood draws!

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Vaginal Health :: Gemstones Stuck In Uterus

I put gemstones in my vagina and they slipped through my cervix. I have seven gemstones that are thin and half and inch long in my cervix and the gynecologist is not available tomorrow. What do I do? Am I going to die or get an infection?

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Dysphagia :: Tiny Pieces Of Chewed Food Getting Stuck

I'm having a very weird problem for past week. tiny bits of chewed food when i swallow gets stuck back of my throat and takes time and effort to go down. However the problem of swallowing is not there with big chunk of food :S(when i swallow food without chewing much it will be fine.)
Also there is some pain like sore throat..

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Stuck / Tingling Feeling In The Tip Of Penis - Ejaculation Relives

For the past 8  months I have been experiencing some uncomfortable symptoms which I have not been able to resolve. 8 months ago I had unprotected vaginal sex. About a week later I felt a strange stuck feeling in the tip of penis which was relieved by urinating but would come back about 15 minutes later. I also experienced some discomfort urinating as well. Like there was something obstructing my urine flow. I went to my doctor a week after symptoms started showing and was tested for gonorrhea and chlamydia.  Both tests came back negative. Additionally, a friend of mine had unprotected sex with this woman and had an STD test done when I told him of the symptoms I'm having. His tests came back negative too. I was also prescribed bactrim for a possible UTI. I was then referred to a urologist. I had my prostate examined and was prescribed cipro for prostatitis, which did not provide any relief. Afterward, I had another chlamydia and gon test done and it came back negative again. Since the cipro did not help, I was prescribed celebrex which did not provide any relief. The next visit to my urologist, he performed a cystoscopy and could not find anything abnormal. He then provided a bladder control medication to see if that helped. Nothing. By this point I am very confused about what is causing this problem and my doctor does not seem to know either. The symptoms are often better in the morning, and get progressively worse throughout the day. In addition to the stuck/tingling feeling in the tip of my penis, I sometimes experience aching testicles and pelvic pain. I also sometimes have a forked stream when I begin urination and dribbling after. Ejaculating sometimes appears to be split, with small amounts coming out of the underside or my urethra and the semen appears bubbly. Sometimes, but not always, ejaculating makes the symptoms go away, but the next time I urinate they come back after about 15 minutes. When I am experiencing symptoms (which is pretty much all the time) if I squeeze the tip of my penis the pain/discomfort gets worse.

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Viral Infections :: Sore Throat (feels Like Something Stuck In There)

I've had a sore throat today that mildly hurts, and feels like somethings stuck in my throat. Looking at it it has red and white bumps in the back of my throat, my tonsils are swollen and look raw? There bright blood red patches along with white stringy spots, it doesn't look like strep, but I have occasionally through the years have had random moments when my throat swells up, I also get sore throats a lot the last couple of months. Anyone know what it is?

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Kidney Stones :: Stuck In The Lower Part Of Urethra

recently been in hospital with renal colic but have not passed the stone yet it appears that it's stuck in the lower part of the urethra. I'm back at home now with medication. Has anyone else had this problem if so what was the outcome. I'm hoping it's going to pass on its own but no signs as yet .

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Optic Neuritis - Seeing Stars And Eyelash Stuck In Eye

My right eye has been feeling a little funny lately. Kind of like there is an eyelash stuck in it - but not quite that bad. I've switched to wearing my glasses instead of my contacts, which is helping, but not completely. Today I was seeing stars, it only lasted about 10 seconds and it was completely out of the blue. I am wondering if I should see an optometrist/ophthalmologist. If so, what would they do? It's not like it's a severe case or anything (if it even is optic neuritis). I have a number for a MS nurse, she said feel free to call if I had any questions and I will probably call her on Monday, but I don't want to seem crazy, reporting every single little thing to her.

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Nausea - Feels Like Food Is Stuck At The Back Of My Throat

I have been suffering with really bad nausea since yesterday, it feels like food is stuck at the back of my throat. I feel awful. Don't know if it's a bug or not.

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