Women :: Can Lack Of Sex Cause Pain? Blue Balls?

Jan 2, 2014

can females suffer from a form of "blue balls". can lack of sex cause physical pain?

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Penis :: Has Blue Balls

A few nights ago I was fooling around with my girlfriend and I had a normal, fully-erect hard on. But by the time she had her hands on it, it wasn't a full erection anymore (that's not the problem though). She was masturbating me for a while but I got an emergency call and had to leave. Next hour my balls started hurting, but I know I had blue balls and it was perfectly fine the next morning.

However ever since that night I cannot get a full erection. It gets hard, but still feels a bit soft, not like it used to be. I feel not much sensation when masturbating and when I ejaculate, there is no orgasm. Also my penis, when not hard, feels a lot softer than it normally is (it's usually firmer, but now it's just really soft). There is also a red mark on the glans that's painful to the touch, it's been getting better the last few nights but not completely healed yet.

BTW I'm 17 and uncircumcised, live a healthy lifestyle with physical activities on a weekly basis and a healthy diet. No alcohol or drugs.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Lack Of Sex Drive

i ' m 39 n my wife is 29. we r married for 5 years. my wife has never had any desire for sex. infact she find it dirty.

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Sexual Thoughts - If Don't Masturbate, Pain In Scrotum / Balls

whenever i feel sexual thoughts and if do not masturbute then i feel a pain in my scrotum and all around the penis.

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When And How To Shave My Penis And Balls?

I was wondering whether I should shave my pubes and if so how to do it properly ....

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Women :: Sharp Unbearable Pain In Lower Stomach/abdominal Pain

Since December 2012 my sister has had severe pain in the left side of her stomach. The doctors have tested everything even when she was admitted into hospital, nothing was found on CT scans, MRI scans and no results from blood tests... She has just had a key hole operation to have a look inside and see what it is but they have said again there is nothing there.

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Women Urinary Issues :: Frequent Bathroom Trips, Abdominal Pain And Back Pain

Does anyone else have problems with frequent loo trips? And abdominal pain and discomfort? I do day and night. My GP doesn't really know what to do surprise surprise. I've pushed for and had lower and upper abdominal ultrasounds as well as gynae ultrasounds and an abdominal/liver MRI. Ans also gastroscopy. I'm just wondering if it could be at all head related. I've seen a live doc and they don't think it's liver related though turns out I do have gastritis. I don't know what else to do. Pain doc (for head) incidentally referring me to anish bhara at queen's square. Also have back pain problems with my SI joint which may be related to abdominal pain or some of it anyway. Also seeing CFS clinic for first time on 28th and am a longterm chronic migraineur. Sorry for long post just getting desperate and trying to think round things.

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ENT :: Cotton Balls Stuck In Inner Ears

My inner-ears have felt like there is cotton balls stuck in there. When I talk it sounds as if I'm in a tunnel another's sounds like they're whispering when talking at normal tone. I feel like I'm telling when I talk but I am actually talking really low. And same situation with listening to radio, television, etc... I have the volume on blast but it sounds normal level but muffled, and others complain its too loud. Been going on about 2 weeks now. It happened once before but went away shortly and all on its own. I've tried cleaning my ears with qtips, using peroxide, and popping my ears and all have failed me.

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Small Bumps Around My Penis And Balls Ever Since

Ever since i can remember i have had these small bumps around my penis and balls. I have never had sex or oral sex. They look sorta like blackheads or some sort of pimples. I squeezed one and it looked like some puss came out but didn't go away. I'm concerned to what they are and if there is treatment for them, or are they contagious. 

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Sexual Health :: Cluster Of Balls Around The Cap Of My Penis

I just noticed a cluster of balls around the cap of my penis and I started treating it. I have just one partner and that dates back to 8 years. I also trust my partner to be faithful to me. We have treated ourselves several times but the longest the small balls have stayed out is about 5-6 months before resurfacing. I also notice that during sexual interaction with my wife, there is a particular position we use that brings the balls between 24 hours to 72 hours.

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Scrotal / Sebaceous Cysts On Balls And Fordyce Spots

I have had scrotal sebaceous cysts since i was about 24. I also have fordyce spots on the shaft of my penis and balls. I tend to sweat alot which i believe can be related to my condition.  I would say I sweat much more than normal person. I believe my cysts formed because my fordyce's spots get irritated and I started to itch them way too much because it felt really good. While doing this I noticed that cysts started to form because of rupturing the gland. The cysts form because of blocked glands which can happen on their own but can happen more frequently when irritated by rubbing or itching.

Here is an example of what Fordyce's spots are. I bet most of you have this too.


I also shaved my balls and it absolutely did not help the problem because the Fordyce's spots are usually around the hair follicle. I have gotten some cysts from ingrown hairs as well. 

This problem has been so embarrassing for me and it took me 6 years to actually go to the urologist to get the cysts checked. I made an appointment - The doctored confirmed that they were cysts. ----Note--- tell the doctor that they bother you and that they are uncomfortable and that they keep growing. If you tell the doctor that it is a purely cosmetic issue the insurance company will not cover the removal procedure.---- The doctor then scheduled me for surgery which I went in for today. The procedure was not that bad other than the embarrassment i felt when the nurses asked me what I was in there for. Much better than feeling the "Are those herpes" question from the chicks you are seeing. The surgery took about 45 minutes. I had 5 cysts about the size of peas removed. The procedure was pretty painless and they give you good drugs to manage the pain after. I already feel much better about my decision to get them removed. I feel in control of my life again. There is not too much information on the web about this condition and I feel its important to tell my story. I will update on how it turns out as time goes on. I read through every post on this thread and here is what I can tell you.
1. Don't Rub or Itch your sack or penis.
2. Do not shave your balls because of risk of ingrown hairs
3. Do no use products such as lotions on your balls because you may clog the pore. Clog Pores lead to cysts.
4. Go see a urologist - Do not waste time with a mediocre dermatologist. Urologist are actually real doctors that go to real med school. There are many dermatologist and few urologist. Why do you think that is. Its easier to become a dermatologist.
5. Do not try and remove them yourself. Could you imagine getting an infection down there and losing your balls or worse everything.
6. Wash yourself thoroughly down there to make sure you clear your pores. 
I know how embarrassing it is to deal with this problem and I know what it is like for a woman to make you feel bad about yourself because of this issue. Don't let it rule you. .. Be proactive .. Get them removed. If this post has helped you please let me know. Or if you have any questions feel free to reply. I will answer as I am still going through the recovery process

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Circumcision - Layers Of Skin Coming On Balls And Thighs After A Month

i had circumcision a month ago and the wound got cleared but after 2 weeks layers of skin comming out balls and inner thighs

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Women :: Pain In The Uterus After Sex

I am going to the doctor in a week but I wanted some possible ideas of what it could be on here.

I am a 19 year old girl, I've been with my boyfriend for 3 months. STD free. I am on the birth control Implanon. But its gone now. We have sex about every other day. He is bigger than the previous guys I've been with.

The last two weeks have been a bit of an issue. Sex feels fine, but right after we're done I have this pretty bad pain in my lower abdomen, where my uterus and cervix is. It just feels exactly like very bad period cramps. I have no other symptoms. I am supposed to be getting my period in about a week. The only change I can think of is he has been lasting longer lately, to where he's inside of me for 45 minutes straight. The pain only lasts for about 10 minutes after we have sex.

Is it possible he is being too rough and too long in me which is causing pain? I am a petite girl. Or is it something else? Sorry, I'm a bit of a hypochondriac. Could it be an infection?

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Fluoxetine :: Having A Blue Day

I'm about 6 wks on flu now and had at last a few good days this week, less nausea brighter mood, more energy -very welcome feeling. 

Think having a blip today as feeling very sad and cried for first time in a while. I'm sure it's just a random 'not so good' day as a few tests over the last week have meant hospital visits, not eating before hand, taking meds different times and long days. So i'm trying to take it on the chin and hope tomorrow is better.

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Women Pelvic Pain :: Chronic Prostatitis

I have had CP for almost 3 years. I can't remember life without it or being able to sit down in real comfort. I have had all the hospital tests and regularly have a well-man check every autumn. I still try to keep fit and go walking and having recently retired so I am determined not to let it spoil my life. You always continue to worry that it will not turn into something else. I probably don't take as many pain-killers anti anti-inflammatory drugs as I should because you feel that can't be good for you as well. I dream of the day it will go but I fear it will be around for a long time yet, if not for ever.

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Women Urinary Issues :: Pain When Urinating, But No UTI?

Three times this year I've had pain when and after urinating and each time the doctor prescribed me antibiotics for a urine infection.The first two times it cleared up, but the third time she gave me different antibiotics and although it cleared up at first, within a week the symptoms were back. I went back and saw a different doctor who told me that the previous urine samples taken had shown no infection. 

Recently I feel a little sore down below most of the time, but it becomes a lot worse when I go to the toilet, particularly at the end. And I usually get a few hours in the day when it is really really sore and occasionally a little itchy.

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Women's Health :: Myomectomy And Back Pain

I just had an abdominal myomectomy on 1/10/14. Recovery is going pretty well other than some tenderness, stinging/burning at the incision site, and discomfort sleeping/walking. What has been most troubling throughout my recovery is BACK PAIN! The aching and tightness of the lower/mid back muscles is excruciating. I still cannot walk completely upright, I often bend at the waist to relieve pressure, and the tightness is so painful at times, that I feel as if my legs will give out and I'll end up falling. Has anyone experienced this or have any idea what causes this? I mentioned it to a nurse a few days ago when I had the staples removed and she wrote it off as "those bad hospital mattresses." 10 days later, I'm thinking it's more than that and would appreciate any insight as I am miserable! Thank you!

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Women - Undiagnosed Pelvic, Back And Hip Pain

I've always had 'women' problems starting my period when i was 10, painful periods etc.. after 10 years of pain i was finally referred for a laparoscopy in 2010 all was clear and i got pregnant a few months after the pains went away whilst pregnant but returned soon after but constant and started to suffer constipation and vomiting after a few a&e visits and gp apps i had an endoscopy and colonoscopy only thing that showed up was chronic gastritis was put on omeprazole. also had low vitamin d so took various supplements. Started feeling better got pregnant with baby number 2. All was fine natural labour felt fine up until April last year!...

Started getting lower back pain, pain left side near hip (inside groin) pain around the pubic bone, upper inner thighs!.. some days it's so painful others just a dull ache but still annoying when you have 2 kids under 5 to look after.. been to the gp and she put me on the pill but it hasn't helped she sent me for an vagina ultrasound came back fine but now she won't do anymore tests and keeps sending me home with codeine and basically fobbing me off!

Anyone else have my most recent symptoms (lower back pain, pain left side near hip (inside groin) pain around the pubic bone, upper inner thighs!..)

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Penis Glans Getting Blue

My penis glans getting blue what is the reasons.

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Orlistat :: Taken The First Blue Pill

Okay so I've finally plucked up the courage to take my first blue pill (after nearly 3 weeks of putting it off and many meals out wit friends later)

I just wondered if anyone had any examples of meal plans and what they've been eating just so I can start off on the right food and avoid any accidents early on which I'm sure will put me off completely.

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Citalopram :: Anxiety Out Of The Blue

My anxiety had seemed to have kicked in again out of the blue ! am currently taking 20 mg and have been taking this dosage since dec9/14, started out on 10 mg which eventually seemed to reach a plateau  hence the 20 mg dosage. this week past was that time of the month for me and is ordinarily a rough go without the cit. The past 2 days have been really rough with what seems to be anxiety kicking up , almost to the point if there was a way to climb out of my body i would. Doing all i can to keep busy along with walking 5 km a day, Up until my period things seemed to be good... not sure what is going on! my doctor didn't seem to want to address it and i'm not sure why, now it seems i'm gonna have to go back again.

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