Women Pelvic Pain :: Chronic Prostatitis

Nov 1, 2010

I have had CP for almost 3 years. I can't remember life without it or being able to sit down in real comfort. I have had all the hospital tests and regularly have a well-man check every autumn. I still try to keep fit and go walking and having recently retired so I am determined not to let it spoil my life. You always continue to worry that it will not turn into something else. I probably don't take as many pain-killers anti anti-inflammatory drugs as I should because you feel that can't be good for you as well. I dream of the day it will go but I fear it will be around for a long time yet, if not for ever.

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Women - Undiagnosed Pelvic, Back And Hip Pain

I've always had 'women' problems starting my period when i was 10, painful periods etc.. after 10 years of pain i was finally referred for a laparoscopy in 2010 all was clear and i got pregnant a few months after the pains went away whilst pregnant but returned soon after but constant and started to suffer constipation and vomiting after a few a&e visits and gp apps i had an endoscopy and colonoscopy only thing that showed up was chronic gastritis was put on omeprazole. also had low vitamin d so took various supplements. Started feeling better got pregnant with baby number 2. All was fine natural labour felt fine up until April last year!...

Started getting lower back pain, pain left side near hip (inside groin) pain around the pubic bone, upper inner thighs!.. some days it's so painful others just a dull ache but still annoying when you have 2 kids under 5 to look after.. been to the gp and she put me on the pill but it hasn't helped she sent me for an vagina ultrasound came back fine but now she won't do anymore tests and keeps sending me home with codeine and basically fobbing me off!

Anyone else have my most recent symptoms (lower back pain, pain left side near hip (inside groin) pain around the pubic bone, upper inner thighs!..)

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Chills, Nausea, Constant Pelvic Pain - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

A little background information about myself: 23 y/o female, diagnosed with PCOS at 19, suffer from multiple UTIs and kidney infections each year.

Starting in about September, intercourse would be incredibly uncomfortable and painful, causing me to cramp severely after and bleed. These symptoms became worse and worse, and I began spotting between my periods. So, after meeting with my GYN in October and her suspecting cervicitis (inflamed cervix), I had an appointment beginning of December for a colposcopy and cervical biopsy. Upon touching my cervix with a q-tip it bled out and was EXTREMELY sore to touch. Waiting on further consultation from the results, but according to my GP: pre cervical cancer cells, uterine lining infection and cervical infection.

I have now been on 2 rounds of different antibiotics with no improvement, I believe I am getting worse. Ever since the biopsy, I have bled EVERY DAY FOR SEVEN WEEKS! I have a fever that comes and goes, chills, nausea, constant pelvic pain and am extremely tired all the time.

I have been researching (bad idea I know) what could be causing all these symptoms and am thinking PID or uterine fibroids? Any advice out there?!

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Chronic Prostatitis For Six Years Now

Anyone on here have chronic prostatitis. I've dealt with mine for 6 + years now. It's debilitating! Not sure if it came from infected bladder stones or unprotected sex.

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Chronic Prostatitis :: What Kind Of Antibiotics ?

i have chronic prostitits what kind of antibiotics should be taken

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Prostatic Artery Embolization (PAE) Due To Chronic Prostatitis?

Anyone got any advice re having a PAE if you have chronic prostatitis? Would it help or not? I have an enlarged prostate as well and have been thinking of having a PAE but wonder how that would affect the prostatitis.

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Chronic Prostatitis Or BPH? Unable To Empty Bladder

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve had this uncomfortable feeling of not being able to empty my bladder completely. I also have a delay of hesitation when I’m urinating. I told my doctor about that, and he said that I probably have BPH or chronic prostatitis. I’m not sure what’s the difference between those two conditions.

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Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis - How Long On Antibiotics?

what antibiotic did they put you on and for how long? did you have rectal itching? occasional clear discharge? ngu symptoms?

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Chronic Prostatitis - 51 - Feel A Soft Burning

I have a chronic Prostatitis. I feel a soft burning. I am 51. Could help me get rid of it?.

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Prostate :: Chronic Prostatitis For 18 Years - My Experience

I am 36. I have chronic prostatitis for 18 years, that's half my life. My experience in the disease and treatment follows:

The pain is intense and crippling. I have to be in bed all the time. Intense spasms. Symptoms move from urethra to prostate, back,ass, testicles so when you feel you finished with a symptom there starts another. I also may have difficulty urinating and some time ejaculating. This condition has remained idle for a total of 6 years out of 18 and whenever I feel it is gone I have a really good flare up the very next day. Idle means I am not in pain but I get to wet my pants after urinating.. That is the closest I can have to normal life. My sex life is not good because I get erectile dysfunction when chronic prostatitis is active. When it moves to being idle there is a tendency for restoration of erectile capacity however it is clear to me that I do not respond to visual stimuli any more . Reason for ED is venous leakage. Location of pain is as such that I frequently check both my urinary system and intestines.

Findings: High bladder neck, non typical inflammation of colon, prostate has no infection

Medical checks so far: Urethroscopy, Colonoscopy. prostate, testicular, bladder, kidney ultrasounds. urine and prostate fluid cultures.

All cultures have come back negative. Bladder ultrasound shows some urine remaining after fully urinating.

Experience with medication: I have used antibiotics, a-blockers, mesalazine for my intestines and cortisone (buddy cole). For ED I have used Viagra and Cialis.

When I have flare ups NO medication works to control the pain. Or it may work for some weeks and then all of a sudden stop working. Medication for ED seems to be effective provided my symptoms are either gone or are not too intense. Symptoms come and go and it seems I cannot really control them.

Psychological impact: I am desperate and seriously considering suicide when I have flare ups

Social impact: No friends left. I do not have the energy to move out of bed

Fertility: Thankfully no problems whatsoever. However I am extremely worried whether my offspring will have the same problems as I do.

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Abdominal Pain :: Pelvic Pain, Frequent Urination, Stomach Pain And Back Pain

I have had issues with a frequent urination and a constant pressure on my bladder for over a year now. But since January of this year I have been experiencing extreme pain in my low low abdomen (like groin/cervix area). The pain also resides in my stomach and back. My ribs are sore to touch and I am constantly achy. I have been to the doctors who have done internal exams and say that everything LOOKS ok. I am 20 years old and my periods are regular. The pain is becoming a real problem and I'm becoming increasingly concerned. I have had ultrasounds on my pelvis and kidneys and they were fine. I've been put on meds to stabilise my bladder, but the gynaecologist won't see me for another 4 months. I know there is something further wrong with me - I can't understand why the pain keeps occurring. I don't enjoy having sex due to pain and a constant discomfort and pressure-like feeling. I'm starting to get very depressed as there is no diagnosis being made and all the tablets I am given do nothing.

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Back Pain :: Sciatic Pain Has Gotten Severe, Sharp Pain In My Pelvic

I have had lower back pain for years. It always gets worse when lying down for long periods or bending over for long periods. I've also had sciatic pain in my left leg for years. It comes and goes. Recently I have started to get the same pain in my right leg. The sciatic pain as gotten severe. I also have some other new symptoms. One new symptom is searing pain in my knee sometimes when I'm standing or when I bend my leg all the way in. The other is sharp pain in my pelvic area. Are these connected? Can you please possibly tell me what is going on? The only notable health history I have is ovarian cysts.

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Men Issues :: Pain In Testicle Along With Sharp Pain In Abdominal Pelvic Area.

I am 23 (M) unmarried.Last month 2nd Jan I felt pain in my right testicle.The pain was mild at that time. but increased next day. So I went to the doctor I had an ultrasound and I was diagnosed with epididymo-orchitis. . I was given by some anti-biotic for 2 weeks. It has been 1 month since taking the medicine, but didn't get relief from the pain. Instead, pain was getting worst.

From past 2 days, my right side of the abdomen also starts to paining and hurting badly, Its kind of like sharp pressure pain. There was a Pinch type pain in abdomen(pelvic area). I can't even able to sit correctly in one position. It is very uncomfortable. it is constant pain in pelvic area. I am unmarried & I haven't done any sexual activities till now. I am very worried about that i could able to be father in future.?

Is the medicine i am taking is correct.?Doctor prescribed medicine :

1) Sultamicillin 750mg(Sulbactam 294mg and Ampicillin 440mg)( 2 dose/day)
2) Trypsin + Bromelain + Rutin Tablet( 3 dose/day)
Am i have correct problem as diagnosed.. ? Or i have different medical problem.After taking medicine there was decreased in size if right testis.

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Pain Behind My Pelvic Area After Ejaculation

I've been having this pain in my lower belly after I ejaculate for quite some time now.  It's never during sex or masturbation but ONLY after.  It may take 2 minutes before I feel it or 20, but sooner or later it comes. It's sharp but resonating at the same time. If I were to put it on a scale of 1-10  of how painful it is it would be a 2 but annoying none the less.  Its been something I've dealt with for awhile and i always thought it would go away but it hasn't. Its almost like its behind my pelvic bone and last from 30 seconds to a minute or two.

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Men - Undiagnosed Pelvic, Testicular And Urinating Pain

My problems began nearly 9 yrs ago. I had lower abdominal pain, pain on ejaculation, testicular pain, pain and burning when urinating and pain in the tip of my penis. The symptoms worsened over time. There is no respite and even certain types of underwear are difficult to wear causing aggravation. I have had varying opinions from Doctors and Consultants causing me more frustration. Suggested treatments have included drug prescriptions and even anti-depressants (which I have avoided). I have been treated at a local Pain Management Unit and undergone various tests, including injections and a scan. I was recently informed that although procedures had been exhausted, nothing more could be done. I was advised to make my own enquiries and this led me to this website. I am anxious to discuss with others who have experienced a similar plight in order to find anything which could ease the pains.

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Prostatitis? Pain In Right Testicle - Spread To Groin

For about a month now I have had pain in my right testicle that spread into my groin and hip area. Also, occasionally I feel pain and discomfort in my upper right abdominal near the liver. This all started the morning after having unprotected sex but I went to the doctors and std test came back negative as well as the urine test came back negative. I have been having trouble getting solid erections since this day as well. What could be causing these problems?

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Breast And Pelvic Pain With Fatigue Hours After Hysterectomy

Say shouldnt have menapose due to keeping half an ovary? And pelvic pain due to adhesions from bladder being attached to cavity wall and mesh needed to help femoral hernia procedure needed afterwards. I know I'm a mess but really feeling uninformed and getting the run around...

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Dull Pain In Rectum? Connection With Pelvic Floor?

Has anyone every experienced dull pain in rectum?

I get it occasionally for absolutely no obvious reason, then it passes, either on its own or I take a painkiller.

Been seen at hospital...all clear...doesn't occur very often but just suddenly happens

Could it possibly have a connection with pelvic floor?

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Birth Control :: Mirena (IUD) Removed - Pelvic And Sex Pain

After a year of pelvic pain and pain during sex I had my mirena removed today.  I had one ultrasound done at my gp doctors office, a year ago when the pain during sex started,that stated my iud was seen within my endometrium and extending into my lower uterine segment.  My gp, that obvious isn't familiar with iuds at all, wasn't sure whether or not this meant it was embedded.  So I went to my gyno who did an ultrasound and said it was in place.   I've had 4 ultrasound showing small cyst over the past year but nothing to really explain my pelvic pain.   My gyno has been suspects endometriosis. Today I visited my gyno again with increasing pelvic pain and pain during sex mainly focusing on my left side.  I had an ultrasound that showed 4 small functional cyst on my left side and one on my right but no real cause for the pain.  So I asked to have my iud removed because I feel like I have to eliminate that as a possible cause before I could ever consider laparoscopy to check for endo.

The removal hurt. I hand multiple sharp pains and I felt popping while he was pulling my strings but it did come out.  After ward the iud had clear-yellowish stringy tissue attached to the top and bottom of the middle cylinder of the iud.  Does this sound like it was slightly embedded or is it normal. And if it does sound like it was slightly embedded is there anything I should watch out for or suspect post-removal?

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Bowel Disorders :: Pelvic Pain, Constipation And Bloating

I have pelvic pain in the middle of pelvic area, constipation and bloating.. I have had ct scan and nothing shows up..i also had a stool test done and that was clear of anything.. I am having a colonoscopy soon but I am worried about what this could be..

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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease - Ciprofloxacin And Metronidazole - Still Pain

I was diagnosed with PID last week Monday. The ultrasound scan revealed prominent collection of fluid behind my uterus. I was told to do a HVS/MCS. The result showed scanty growth of Escherichia coli. Before this result came out, I started treatment with ciprofloxacin and metronidazole IV for 4 days with pain killers. Follow up with drugs to complete 10days. I still have sever pain in my legs,lower abdomen and lower back. I had an ovary removed last year August because I had ovarian cyst. Please I need help. It's been 2 weeks plus now in pains. I'm tired of this pain.

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