Epidermoid Cysts :: Removal Will Leave A Large Dimple?

Jan 12, 2016

I have quite a deep cyst on my right butt cheek. It's been there for over 5 years now and I am planning on getting it removed. It has never secreted any pus as it is quite deep under the skin but when I feel around the area I can feel that it's quite wide and deep under the surface! I guess the big question is will it leave a large dent or will it sink in once the cyst is removed? I know it doesn't sound like a big deal but I really don't want a large dimple or dent there!

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Epidermoid Cysts :: Sebaceous Cysts On Bikini Line Area

I have 2 sebaceous cysts on my bikini line area near my rear end. They have both gotten infected and I put ice on them to bring down the inflammation. When the infection was gone, I put hot compresses on them to help get them to form a head and when they started to drain, I helped by squeezing them. I have been using antibacterial soap in that area and they haven't come back so far.

When I was first diagnosed that these were sebaceous cysts, my OB GYN had said that it was best to not have surgery because of their location. She had prescribed antibiotics - which didn't help.

I didn't see a lot of comments about cysts by females in the bikini line region, so I wanted to share my experience in case someone else has them in that area of their body. I wish there was an easier and less painful way to get these suckers off of me, but I have yet to find a way.

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Epidermoid Cysts :: I Have Had A Pea Sized Cyst On The Right Side Of My Neck

I have had a pea sized cyst on the right side of my neck for about six months. Occasionally, I will apply pressure and am able to extract a small amount of thick, white "cyst product". Tonight, I noticed that it was a bit larger than usual and frustrated, I got out a bottle of rubbing alcohol, neosporin and a large pair of tweezers. I wrapped the tweezers around this knot and squeezed until I thought I would pass out. Great outcome-- I feel like I was able to remove everything. Disgusting-- I could of filled a teaspoon!

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Epidermoid Cysts :: Pale Colored Lump On Neck Under Earlobe

So it's been atleast a week now since noticing this lump. It's on my upper left side of my neck, right under my earlobe. At first, it was red and bug-bite esque, and it eventually faded to the pale color it is now. While I am under immense stress, I worry this could be something harmful to my health. It barely hurts at all if I press on it, and touching it there's no pain at all. It's just...there. It doesn't really itch unless I think about it either. Could it just be a bug bite and I'm over-reacting? Or should I genuinely be concerned?

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Ovarian Cysts Removal :: Thyroid Cancer History

I am a 50 year old who started having left back pain two months ago.  After pelvic US discover 3.8 cm complex cyst.  Gyro recommended waiting and follow up ultrasound, so two months later repeat ultrasound showed an additional 2.5 cm complex cyst, original was measured at 3.1 cm.  Gyno Dr recommended surgery to remove left ovary and both cysts.  I still have left back pain, some pain when urinating, constipation, so stomach upset.  Part of me wants to continue waiting in pain to see if they resolve, but it's not fun having the not severe but constant ache in my left side.  Have a history of thyroid cancer, but have been cancer free for 4 years.  I am in perimenopause, periods are very irregular.  Went 3 months without a period, had a period, and now it's been two months with no period.  Have a surgical consult with gyn/ob at Kaiser Mr. Talbert in Sunnyside Oregon next Thursday.   I need advice and suggestions on what to ask Dr.   Part of me just wants to do the surgery and get it over with, but the other part thinks what if I wait and they go away?  With my history of cancer (I had a 10% chance that my thyroid tumor would have been cancerous and it was) I'm a little leary of just saying that since there is only a slight chance of complex cyst being cancer I shouldn't worry about that.  Maybe should have the cancer test?  

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Ulcerative Colitis :: Ileostomy - Removal Of Large Intestine

I had ulcerative colitis for many years. It was being treated with steroids. It would flare up occasionally and I would have to take extra treatment. Eventually, after about 10 years of this, I had a flare up that would not go away. I had to stop work and after about a year, I was sent to have an ileostomy. for those who don't know what this is, it is complete removal of the large bowel. I am now left with an opening in my abdominal wall. This is where the faeces exits. I have to attach a pouch to this and change it each day. It sounds drastic but it was the best thing that I had done for me. I have not looked back since then and that was exactly 10 years ago. However, I have to be fairly careful about my diet. I eat most things but I have a very high fibre diet especially when it comes to bread. Mostly I will eat only granary bread. If I have wholemeal or white, I get very loose motions. I hope this is of interest to anybody contemplating surgery.

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Large Ovarian Cyst Removal - What To Expect After Surgery?

Just wondering what to expect after op.....and is it normal to be getting bigger..... Now look 6 months pregnant ......when diagnosed in April just looked likes had a muffin top...not in mega pain, but very uncomfortable, can't eat much large meals......feeling sick these last couple of days....am post menapausal so am wondering what will happen as having ovaries removed as well and doc said it will cause menopause so should go on hrt......confused.

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Large Labia Minora And Laser Hair Removal For Bikini Area

I want to remove my bikini area pubic hair however I'm extremely embarrassed to go as I have large labia minora hanging down and they show while I'm standing and my legs are closed is that normal

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Bowel Disorders :: Pain And Constipation - Removal Of Large Bowel

removed large bowel due to years of suffering from pain and constipation 

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Bowel Disorder :: Large Rectocele And A Large Rectum

I have just joined this forum, but been reading it for a while. I have had no surgery yet, don't even know if it will be offered, but am already suffering from many of the problems mentioned in this thread. I have a large rectocele and a large rectum. Consultant not sure what to do- proctogram inconclusive. Since I saw the consultant a couple of weeks ago, things seem to have got dramatically worse- needing more Movicol. Also tried a suppository today.Rectal pain and numbness. The consultant may examine me under anaesthetic. I also have another problem which is complicating everything- venous insufficiency- like varicose veins- have to wear compression stockings all the time and elevate my feet as much as possible. I am convinced it was caused by straining on the loo, so from what you are all saying, there is no guarantee that surgery would prevent straining.I just don't know what to do. Surgery sounds so risky, but I can't live like this. I could try Peristeen I suppose, if they thought it suitable for me. Might also try the Milk of magnesia if I can get my hands on it.

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Ovarian Cysts :: Along With Pancreatic Cysts

After multiple tests (ultrasound, ct scan and MRI) I was told I have complex ovarian cysts 5×4 cm on both ovaries and pancreatic cyst that is over 1 cm . I have 2 questions. 1. Since I very much refuse and will be refusing contraceptives , how else naturally can I cure ovarian cysts? 2. Can acidic taste in my mouth with coating on my tongue and lower back pain be due to pancreatic cyst?

My symptoms:-

-Gassy pain after eating

-Very painful menstrual periods with lots of large clots  (can't go without strong painkillers, sleepless nights due to pain)

-I do feel the right ovarian cyst even when I'm not on my period (when stretching or laying on my back)

-Lower back pain

-acidic taste in my mouth with whitish/yellowish coating on my tongue

-I'm tired often. Hard to get up in the morning.

Optional Information:-

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Eye Care :: Large IOL Available For Large Pupils?

I apparently have very large pupils. I had cataract surgery, and the first lens created unmanageable halos, starbursts and ghosting.  A larger replacement IOL of 6.3MM optic diameter improved but did not remove these symptoms, and it does not stay in place. I have been told this is the largest lens available but have seen references to 'older' lenses as big as 7mm. My surgeon suggests stitching the existing lens in place.  Are larger lenses available (I am in Canada) and should a larger lens be used?

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Addiction Recovery :: Ready To Leave Suboxone

I have been on Suboxone for about 5 years now with a great doctor who was very strict. Measured you levels and if you messed up or tested positive for ANYTHING you are out and the the next person is in. I really have to thank him the most because in the early phases I really had cravings and wanted and would use if I could, but his monthly appointments and drug checks kept me in check. pretty soon the craving went away and a strong urge to get my life back has come upon me. I worked myself from 8 mg at the beginning to 1/8th mg now per day. It still amazes the power of this drug. I still get symptoms when I try and stretch the 1/8 to more than a day. So tomorrow will be my last 1/8th then I am DONE!!

Has anyone on here jumped from an 1/8th and had severe symptoms.? Just want to prepare myself for the next week or so. The worst part for me has been my bowels at this point and can't sleep early in the AM. I have ample Clonidine from DR but can only take that at night cause it makes me sleepy and dizzy.

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Kidney Stones :: Does It Hurt When They Leave Your Body?

So iv had kidney stones twice. Like the first time two years back i awoke unable to pee and in the worst pain ever, after getting to the ER for a CT scan and IV morphine i found out i had kidney stones. I got prescribed morphine and a vasodilator (flomax). So both times i had pain for about 2 days while on both meds, then it suddenly stopped. Then for the following week it comes back on and off before disappears for good. Two questions, does it hurt when they actually leave your body (I was pretty drugged up, could it be i just didn't feel it?) and second is it possible to have two kidney stones at the same time, or smaller fragments that start to be released following a kidney stone? Its been two days after terrible pain, but i feel like the kidney stone i just had made its way pretty low in my pelvic area, now im getting pain again in my lower back as if there's a second stone or fragment. any ideas?

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Vulval Issues :: Vulvar Biopsy - Leave A Scar?

Has anyone here had a vulva biopsy ?

If so, how was the healing process? and did it leave a scar?

I got one last week, its a hole, Gyn didnt put stitches since stitches make you itchy ( and thats the main reason why i got the biopsy done due to Itching)


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Edema - Patterned Socks Leave Marks On My Feet

About a month ago I notice straps from shoes leaving indentations on my feet. Also, now, my patterned socks leave marks on my feet. My feet do not appear swollen when I look at them. I am concerned as I read it could be congestive heart failure? I had a physical two months ago with an EKG. I am so worried. What else could cause this to happen?

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4 Miscarriages At Age 18 Due To Cysts On Ovaries

Is it normal to have 4 miscarriages at age 18 and when I was 17 got told that I might not be able to have kids down to cysts on my ovaries.

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Pregnancy :: Ovarian Cysts While Pregnant?

Has anyone had cysts while pregnant? Did they eventually go away or what ended up happening for you?

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Ovarian Cysts :: Growing 6cm Cyst

I have had this cyst on my left ovary now for about 3 years and it is slowly growing (Ultrasounds every 6 months).  I moved out of state and my new doctor is trying all the meds I've tried before and nothing has shrunk it and it has continued to grow - slowly.   He said if I want it to be taken out I can.  Would you take it out or leave it?

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Discharge With Ruptured Ovarian Cysts?

When a cyst ruptures can you have discharge?

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PCOS And Cysts: Too Much Pain And Trying To Conceive

I've got a cyst on my left ovary which is causing me so much pain spreading to the right lower abdomen and lower back too. My nights have been help for at least a month as the pain gets worse at night. My last period was on the 25th of March and I've been given clomid and tamoxifen to used CD5-9 which I haven't been able to use since my period hasn't come. Now I can't even use the drugs if I get a period because of the cyst. In serious pain right now and don't know what to do to get rid of the pain, get a period, ovulate and try to take in again.

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