Epstein Barr Virus :: Experience A Pain In The Spleen?

Jan 22, 2016

I have been diagnosed 3 or 4 days ago with epstein barr virus.  I have a question, does any of you have experience a pain in the spleen? Did you get any medication for it or just let it be? I didn't go to the doctor as it doesn't hurt as bad but let's just say I can feel pain during the day. I am planning to see a doctor next week if it doesn't stop hurting.

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Spleen :: Enlarged Spleen - 15cm Normal CBC

i had my annual physical exam month ago. CBC was normal, but on ultrasound my spleen appeared enlarged, approx. 15cm. Month later my spleen was still enlarged, 14cm. I did a CBC + LDH blood test again. Again everything appeared normal on CBC and LDH was 200 (it said that under 330 it was OK). Doc told me not to worry but to have a new ultrasound and CBC (+LDH) in 6 months. I really do not feel like waiting that long. Sometimes during the day I feel extremely tired and sleepy. Any suggestions what to do next other than waiting for 6 months.

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Spleen Hemangiomas, How To Reduce The Size Of My Spleen?

Why is there NO RESEARCH being done on Spleen Hemangiomas? Are doctors making more money by just removing them and then dealing with the poor health thereafter? I want to know how to reduce the size of my spleen that is full of large hemangiomas. Anyone know anything about this. I also have them in my liver.

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Symptoms And Causes Of Spleen Pain?

Causes of spleen pain?

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Mononucleosis :: Spleen Pain?

I just started getting really bad pain exactly where my spleen is. Whenever I stand up or am sitting there comes a really sharp stabbing pain. I can't breathe on deep or eat alot, all I can feel is this pain. Someone said it's because they mono, I've had mono but I'm not sure what that has to do with your spleen.

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Mononucleosis :: Pain In Spleen, Liver And Kidneys

Is it possible to have pain in spleen, liver and Kidneys with Mono. I have these issues on and off for 2 years now. I can't find any doctor that can help me resolving these issues. It's very frustrating and I am not sure how long i can handle these?

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Spleen Removed 6 Years Back - Still Pain In The Area

I had my spleen removed during bariatric surgery because the surgeon accidentally ruptured my spleen.  The surgery was in 2010 and I still have pain in that area quite often.  My surgeon says if I see another doctor about the pain he will drop me as a patient. Why would my spleen area still hurt and what tests can I have to find out what is causing the pain?

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ENT :: Inner Ear Virus - A Journey

I'm a female in my early 30s and in May this year, out of the blue at work, I became lightheaded to the point I thought I might faint. I suddenly felt sensitive to light. I tried eating some fruit thinking I was low in blood sugar but it didn't help. It didn't go away after a day or 2 so I went to the doctor who said it was probably an inner ear virus that would go away on its own after about a week. Sure enough after about 4 days I felt better.

Then, in July the same sudden on-set of dizziness occurred but this time after a week it hadn't gone away. I would not describe the dizziness as traditional vertigo where the room spins but a more general light headedness that made me uncomfortable but not to the point of nausea.

I went back to the doctor who gave me every blood test under the sun, a 24 hour urine test and an ECG. Tests for those were all clear. In the meantime my symptoms were evolving. I was now getting a racing heart along with my light headedness and my dizziness was getting worse.

I went back and saw a different doctor who thought I might have BPV (benign positional vertigo)and sent me off to a specialist physiotherapist to be tested for this. The physio tests came back negative for BPV but he thought it might be some nerves in my neck being affected and started treating those.

Meanwhile, I was not getting better, in fact I was getting worse. The dizziness was constantly hovering in the background and my dizzy spells would flair up several times a day and last for around 1.5 - 2 hours. During this time I couldn't concentrate and was worried that I was going to throw up or pass out (although I never did). I would get light sensitive, a racing heart, tingling in my left arm and hand and sometimes the feeling that I couldn't get enough air/chest tightness. I couldn't trigger these attacks with head positioning - it just seemed random when they would come on.

I started to think that I had anxiety although I thought this would be out of character for me. One day driving home I had such a severe attack that my whole left arm felt numb, my left hand was tingling, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, I could barely concentrate enough to drive and burst into tears when I got home. I started to get afraid to leave the house in case I had an attack but had to as I work full time.

I went back to the doctor and got a referral for an Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) specialist. The doctor also advised me it was probably not anxiety as I didn't have all the symptoms of that. I had to wait a couple of weeks for the ENT appointment during which time my symptoms persisted although I didn't have a major attack like the car incident again. Just these dizzy spells, racing heart, restricted breathing for 1.5-2 hours at a time. Interestingly enough, I had to fly for work at this point and the plane trip didn't seem to make any major difference to my condition.

The ENT sent me for a neurology/balance test along with a MRI to rule out brain tumour or MS. Another 2 weeks later I went back to see the ENT and get my results. Tests were all clear. By now I had spent $1000 on medical treatment.

The ENT advised me that I most likely had an inner ear virus and that there is nothing I could do to treat it and just had to wait for it to go away on its own. He said it could last up to 6 months. He advised to keep active - go walking, do gardening etc and get the balance system to re-adjust itself while waiting for the virus to go away.

All of the above occurred over a 3 month period. It's now been nearly 5 months since the symptoms started in July. I can still feel the light headedness hovering in the background ready to strike most times, and am living with a nearly constant anxious/nervous feeling in my chest which flairs up to a racing heart at least once a day. I'm only having the random dizzy attacks every few days now and it seems to be getting less frequent with time. I still get flair ups if I get carried away with being too active like bending up and down a lot washing the car. For a couple of hours afterwards I feel dizzy but it goes away. When I do have a dizzy attack it is less severe then it used to be as well.

Apart from the feelings of anxiety that this experience has triggered in me (which I still don't know if they are side effects of the inner ear issue or anxiety related to anticipation) it has also made me somewhat of a hypochondriac which never used to be the case. I'm hyper-sensitive to my body now and any sharp pain or cramp scares me and I think the worst eg. pain in leg = blood clot. I'm hoping once I get back to feeling normal again this hypochondria will go away too.

This worst part of all of this is that because you look normal on the outside, not sick, people don't understand how bad it really is to live with. Even my original doctor didn't seem to understand the impact it was having on me and my ability to perform my normal functions like doing my job.

I look forward to the day, which hopefully is in the not to distant future, where I feel normal again. I hope this post has helped give hope to others who may be in the same situation. It feels like it will never end, but it will get better, slowly, but it will.

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Food Allergy Following Virus

Following a throat bug/allergy in the spring, my throat became irritated by certain foods. I also had a bad cough, which turned out to be hay fever, and settled when treated. I was subsequently IGE tested and was diagnosed allergic to all items tested; tomatoes, onion, sweet pepper, lemon, kiwi & strawberries. Symptoms are an unpleasant tingling/burning mouth which can take 24 hours to settle. Antihistamines do not solve the problem. I have been prescribed Zantac/Ranitidine which I don't think helps. During the week I am very strict with my diet, and the symptoms settle. Then at the weekend if I relax and inadvertently eat a small amount of anything unsuitable, and enjoy a glass of wine, the symptoms return. Has anyone else had this? any advice would be great, thanks.

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Nexplanon Experience? Cause Pain? Any Complications?

Has anyone had the arm IUD Nexplanon inserted after having a baby? Did it hurt when they put it in? Has anyone has any complications from it? I'm considering this form of birth control but I'm a little worried about it.

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Gabapentin :: For Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain - My Experience

I have been on gabapentin for about 5 years. I have suffered from trigeminal neuropathic pain since a botched dental operation in 2003 and have tried a range of different medication that made me feel either spaced out, dizzy and sick or made no difference what so ever. Finally the pain clinic at Pontefract Hospital prescribed a combination of Gabapentin, citalopram and pain relief, zomorph. I can honestly say that it has saved my life. The pain had been so unbearable  that I just couldn't see an end to it. 

I take from 600g  up to 2400g per day when the pain is at its worst. My memory has been affected but is nowhere near as bad as when on other similar medication. I do think it's like anything else in that people react to it in different ways and if it doesn't suit change it. During the summer, the pain recedes and I have gone on for days without any gabapentin and have suffered no withdrawal effects at all. Although I am not pain free, and I know that is never going to happen, the gabapentin makes it bearable. 

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HIV Virus Can Survive In Salty Liquids And Water?

Edward hook 3 answered a question that hiv virus can survive in salty liquids can it survive in salt water too?

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Carrier Of Hepatitis B Virus With E Antigen Positive

I Know that she is highly contagious for that matter .. but can this be cured?

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Herpes :: Sex With Asymptomatic Virus Shedding Partner

I've been seeing this sweet girl for a month and a half now.

I know her background pretty well, as she's a friend of a friend.

She's a shy, quiet and reserved person with no history of STDs, and has only had one sexual partner before me.

Five days ago, we kissed and had protected sex using a condom.

Last night after dinner, I noticed a tingling/slightly burning sensation on a small part of my upper lip.

It's a sensation similar to when you have really dry and chapped lips, and the skin starts to recover, except perhaps a little more intense.
I'm really paranoid about having contracted HSV-1 orally, even though I have none of the other symptoms usually associated with an outbreak.

Because I'm a germaphobe, I live my life more carefully than most others; never really come into physical, skin-on-skin contact with other people (minus handshakes and hugs), and always pay close attention to what I do whenever my skin is damaged a little from being dry or cut.

Neither she (19 years old) nor I (23) have ever had an outbreak of cold sores, but I'm aware that you can carry the virus around all your life without ever knowing - that goes for the both of us.

Both her and my dad do get occasional cold sore outbreaks.

I guess what I'm after here more than anything, is a rough estimate on how likely I am to contract HSV-1 from her, with all the above details taken into account.

As a worst-case scenario, let's assume that she is carrying the virus, but is completely asymptomatic.

What are the odds of becoming infected from asymptomatic shedding?

In other words, what sort of transmission rates am I looking at for asymptomatic shedding?

If what I'm feeling on my lip is the beginning of a cold sore, at what point in time should I be able to SEE something on the lips at the spot? Because I've been up close with a magnifying glass and a flashlight and the area looks perfectly normal.

A related, but I guess more of a bonus question:

I called my doctor earlier this week, in an attempt to set up an STD screening as my new relationship becomes increasingly intimate - I'm confident that I'm clean, but it would be nice to have that confirmed.

I asked for an STD test and would like testing for HSV-1 and HSV-2 included as well, to which she replied, puzzled, why on earth I'd want that?

I explained my situation and that I'd like to know my herpes status, so I'd at least know where I stand in relation to my new girl.

She then said that she saw no reason to test for that at all, especially since I've never had an outbreak.

To be honest, this reaction from a medical professional kinda shocked me.

If a patient requests a specific test for a lifelong, incurable disease, why would a doctor stall like that?

At the very least, shouldn't she be interested in trying to prevent the further spread of the virus, by allowing me to know if I already have it - or if I don't have it, so that I'll be a bit careful about what I do?

Any input except "oh get over yourself, cold sores are so common, everyone has them!"

I'll take any fighting chance I can get, if it means I get to live out the rest of my life without having to constantly worry about infecting others and having blisters on my face.

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Post Viral Fatigue This Year Following A Bad Virus

I was diagnosed with post viral fatigue this year following a bad virus.   Before that I was pretty healthy, I walked to work everyday and was at the gym a few times a week.  Now, although I have recovered a lot from when it first hit, I still struggle day to day.  Something as small as walking up the stairs knocks me ill, and a few hours out can leave me aching for days.  Even cooking a meal isn't usually an option.

I'm getting frustrated because although I can accept that nights out and shopping centres are out of the question (I'm in my mid twenties, so what I usually did), I'm still working full time, even though this means that most of my time off is spent resting (in pain) to try and keep myself fit for work.  I can't quit my job because we need the money but I'm not coping very well.  My employer is usually good but because there is technically nothing wrong with me (my doctor thinks it will pass, and its not classed as a disability) they won't make any allowances or accommodations, which means that its not unusual for me to work very late nights or six days a week. My performance is suffering and I worry about dismissal.  I want to work part time to give myself more rest (and be better at my job) but I won't be able to pay the bills, and my family don't think this is an option for us.

I've tried going back to the doctors but although she has run blood tests etc, I kind of get the feeling that she doesn't see why I'm bothering her, as she just tells me that recovery can take several months, and it's not quite been six.

It just leaves me frustrated because I feel so guilty about being ill.  Although they tell me to rest and recover, it seems to be as long as I can manage pretty much as I did before.  I know I put too much pressure on myself, but I feel as though I'm doing something wrong by needing help now, even though I've worked my whole life.

Does anyone else feel this way?

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Ankylosing Spondylitis :: Anti-TNF - Does It Stop Pain? Experience?

After a two year battle with every drug going and being so terribly ill with AS my consultant has decided we need to move onto anti TNF after trying everything else with very little or no success.

Can you please tell me everything you know about anti-tnf. Was it is successful? Did it give you a life back? Does it stop the pain? Does it help with the fatigue? I am so worried about trying it, but need to urgently do something, as quality of life is very low and nothing else seems to work.

I need both my hips replaced, does anyone know if it helps with hip pain? 

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Herpes :: Asymptomatic Virus Shedding For Both Partners (no Symptoms)

My partner of 2yrs recently informed me that he tested positive for herpes and I subsequently did have a positive test. We both have no symptoms as this was only confirmed by blood test with mine having the higher positive value 1.30. We attended different doctors and he is currently taking valtrex as suppressive therapy since his is mild and my doctor recommended that I only take valtrex if I have an outbreak. I have been looking at alternative supplements as suppressive therapy could anyone share their experiences on the success of any alternative product. Personally I think valtrex is a bit expensive for daily suppressive therapy but I want to ensure that the infection is controlled or suppresses to avoid an outbreak of possible

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Herpes :: Asymptomatic Virus Shedding - Suppressive Therapy

I have read that episodic therapy does not have any real impact on asymptomatic shedding, which suggests there must be a number of days/weeks of continuous treatment (as in the case of suppressive therapy) before this is effectively reduced. Anyone know how long that period is?

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Genital Herpes Simplex :: Asymptomatic Virus Shedding (carrier)

I was tested positive for HSV2.

I've done the HSV 2 type 2 specific Elisa Euroimmun igg test

1st result is 43.5RU/ml July 28th 2015

2nd result is 23.9RU/ml Nov 4th 2015

3rd result is 54.9RU/ml Jan 29th 2016

Less than 16 RU/ml--Negative

16 and less than 22 RU/ml--Borderline

More than 22 RU/ml--Positive

I never have any visible symptoms, I understand that this is very common.

I would like to ask if I have itchy or tingling feeling at my scrotum or the base area of penis shaft. Is it every time I have this feeling it is Asymptomatic Virus Shedding?

Also I would like to know the best way to prevent passing this HSV2 to my gf if we would like to have sex.

I know wearing protection is a must, is there any ways that can further reduce the chance of passing it to her?

(She knows I am a positive, and she is not a positive.)

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Herpes :: Asymptomatic Virus Shedding - False Positive? Carrier?

I was tested positive for HSV2, but no symptoms

Also I would like to know the best way to prevent passing this HSV2 ...

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Herpes :: Asymptomatic Virus Shedding - Can I Catch Partners Hsv Strand Too?

I believe I am asymptomatic. I have never seen and outbreak, but I'm unsure if I have them inside. My gyno looked once and said she saw no sign of outbreak or scarring.

I dated a guy who has had hsv2 since birth and he performed oral on me. And bear with me here, but I may have just answered half of my question. I still see no sign of outbreak, but after we made out, and the a few days later on the back of my tongue near my throat I think I had an outbreak.

I've had a few since, for the most part I think; unlike the first outbreak, I see just one at a time. There may be one other time I've had a few at once. I've never thought to get it cultured, but I will next time I see them.

So my question is, could he have infected me with his strand orally?

Secondly, if do actually have them on the inside, would they hurt? I can't find any information about that online. It mostly just pulls up basic facts about herpes. I've had an odor and I can't seem to what it is. Maybe weeping sores? Doctor gave a visual exam, no testing, and he said I checked out for bv. He seemed bothered so I didn't push for cultures. I keep coming back with uti tests positive for leucocytes (sp?) and there was a culture done on that, but they said it was just probably on my skin or something. I think it didn't grow or something. I digress, sometimes the odor smells like amonia, other times it is yeasty. Not to be weird or anything, but I used to have kind of a nice odor, and since shorty after the herpes it changed.

I should also mention I haven't had periods since 2013. I know it's unrelated to herpes, but do you think since I don't have that to clean me out, that may be the cause of my odor issues?

And instead of making a third post, what's the deal with herpes and tanning beds?

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