Ankylosing Spondylitis :: Anti-TNF - Does It Stop Pain? Experience?

May 4, 2015

After a two year battle with every drug going and being so terribly ill with AS my consultant has decided we need to move onto anti TNF after trying everything else with very little or no success.

Can you please tell me everything you know about anti-tnf. Was it is successful? Did it give you a life back? Does it stop the pain? Does it help with the fatigue? I am so worried about trying it, but need to urgently do something, as quality of life is very low and nothing else seems to work.

I need both my hips replaced, does anyone know if it helps with hip pain? 

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Ankylosing Spondylitis :: Anti-TNF Drugs In UK?

I have read on several message boards lately that there could be two new anti-tnf drugs coming to the market soon. Would that make the total 5? If so then does anyone know when these will be available to the UK market?

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Plantar Fasciitis Due To Ankylosing Spondylitis - Pain Management?

I am new to this forum so I apologise if I am doing things wrong. I have have AS for many years, well controlled with NSAIDs but plantar fasciitis is causing me a lot of pain at the moment. Does anyone have any ideas about the best sorts of treatment? Most web sites seem to concentrate on PF caused by running, being overweight etc rather than AS? If this has already been discussed, could someone direct me to the relevant threads?

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Ankylosing Spondylitis :: Pain Management Successes And Failures

I wanted to hear some of your experiences with pain management doctors. I have been involved with pain management doctors (usually anesthesiologists that have branched off into this specialty) for about 5 years now.  Frankly I continue to see them since they have provided me with hydrocodone during that time and this does help to some degree. However, I have also tried many of their various treatments. I have had epidural injections, nerve ablations, trigger point injections etc. etc. Most of the results have been very minimal if anything and any results that I did get certainly didn't last very long at all. I was wondering if it is very common for people suffering from AS or one of the other related inflammatory diseases to seek help from pain management doctors. Have any of you actually been helped to any significant degree by them?  For the most part I don't believe they really understand the inflammatory process. They ask me where it is hurting and when I tell them everywhere in the lower back they look at me like I'm just a hypochondriac. They assume that the pain has a specific source and their treatments should be able to fix it. My pain is severe but cannot be localized to one source.  Have any of you worked with pain management people and has your experience been different?

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Ankylosing Spondylitis Or Fibromyalgia?

I'm 30 years old and have suffered back pain and knee pain to an almost debilitating stage and the fatigue can be immense. I've had this since I was 17 ish. Quite often out of nowhere my knees will 'pop' or 'crack'. This can be when I'm walking, starting to sit, try to kneel or even stand still! Sometimes the pain is horrendous. I've also noticed my back has become less flexible over time (in fact my whole body). My calves feel heavy and my feet hurt like crazy. I find it hard to sit for very long without my spine hurting. My wife has tried massaging my back, but she hates it because she sees the pain I'm in. I have been to a Chiropractor, but I seemed only to get worse! I have been to the Dr and they seem to only want to look at one thing at a time rather than collectively. However, I do get some violent jolts or shakes which has been diagnosed as Myoclonus. It has been suggested by one Dr that I may have Fibromyalgia, however, I read through the literature and although some of it sounds familiar I'm not so convinced. By chance I then read an article in my local newspaper drumming up awareness of AS. I'd never heard of this before so I googled it and I would say the symptoms described struck a chord with me. I'm yet to discuss this with my Dr. Has anyone else found the same awkwardness in regards to getting to the bottom of what their suffering from? I'm convinced my mother also had it, although it was never confirmed. I can remember how much of a struggle daily life was for her. One Dr even tried telling her she was a bored housewife and that she needed to get out of the house more! Unbelievable. Anyway thanks for reading this, just trying to build up more of a picture of what it is I have :'

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Ankylosing Spondylitis And Spondylosis

Hi. I have recently been diagnosed with spondylitis and I also suffer with spondylosis. I was in a lot of pain, so took myself down to A&E. A doctor came to see me and sent me off for an x-ray. When the x-ray came back I was told I had spondylitis. I asked was there some kind of mistake as I already had spondylosis, I was told no, this was just something else to add to my list. I was gobsmacked to say the least. This bout of pain hahas now eased. I have done some research on this, not realising that the pain would come back. I would like to know how other people cope with the pain?

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Ankylosing Spondylitis - Enbrel

I'm 34 years old diagnosed with as last year after over 10 years of agony with no one listening. Finally I got the diagnosis and my rheumatologist started me on enbrel last Nov. The change was unbelievable. Since then I have put on 21lbs even though I have improved my diet. For the last few weeks pain has been creeping back in and I've started using co dydramol again. I've also started with chest pain (not the as pain I had before in my chest). This has resulted in having ECG and being put on aspirin and statins. I've also had an echocardiogram today as there were minor abnormalities in my ECG. Wanting really to talk to people on enbrel. Have they had any of these side effects? Did the drug stop working as well at any point?

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Ankylosing Spondylitis :: Feeling Like That Of 90 Year Old?

I am 45 year old female, since my late teens I have suffered from what I always thought was sciatica, I would get bouts that could last weeks and although no proper diagnosis, DR agreed with me that was what it could be. Ive managed that through the years (and believe sometime the pain has been excruciating) with various pain relief concoctions. I would also always have an aching back, and if stretch too far its feels like something in lower my back has been ripped. As a florist for nearly 30 years I put most of my aches and pains down to the job (floristry is a hard, cold and very physical job). 

Also at 19 I had my first bout of iritis, I've had it four times now in all, the last time being in 2009. The eye doctor I saw though it would be a good idea for me to have a blood test as he said iritis is a symptom of something else.

So I had the blood test and it showed the HLA marker, I was then sent to a rheumatologist who took an xray, told me I was hyper mobile and that was it... 

To cut a long story short, I have been back and forwards to the docs since then. Various referrals to physio who give me exercises (which I do do) and then dismiss me. My legs now hurt sooo much, all the time in fact, I'm not unfit and not overweight (I did leave the florist 2 1/2 years ago) and although work from home, I walk the dog three miles every day. But this is more than aching legs - I can't get up the chair and as for getting up from the floor, forget it. I have to hold on when I go upstairs and lower back is constantly aching

My body feels like that of an old lady.

Incidentally, I developed a frozen shoulder in January and a lump at the base of my neck which physio said was down to posture!!!

Was back at the docs today who finally said she would refer me again as its sounds very much like AS

Does anyone have any tips on how I can get them to take me seriously, I have only ever had one x ray in 25 years but I just can't cope with my body feeling like that of 90 year old.

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Ankylosing Spondylitis :: Enbrel Or Humira

I have recently been diagnosed with AS. At my last hospital visit the consultant gave me a self assessment form about my level of pain and mobility. I have to complete it again in 2 months when I go back to see if there has been any change - the consultant did say it was very unlikely there would be, but there is a process to follow. Anyway, she said when I return I could choose between Enbrel and Humira, and gave me some literature on them both. I understand that everyone is different, but wondered if anyone else could comment on the highs and lows of both drugs. I am 44 years old, and the main problem is in my neck. I can look left and right, with limitations, but cannot tilt my head to the side or look up. The anti-inflammatory drug that has so far worked best for me is Naproxen. Also do you have to continue with painkillers or are the injection a replacement for the anti-inflammatory drugs only.

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Ankylosing Spondylitis :: Bad Reaction Following A Spinal MRI Scan?

Has anyone suffered a bad reaction following a spinal MRI scan?

I suffered (and am suffering) terrible muscle pain and muscle weakness following an MRI scan one month ago.

My scan was standard (i.e. without a contrast dye being injected into the blood - I know the dye sometimes causes problems) and I have so far found two people who have suffered a similar reaction.

It feels as if the scan has "stirred up" my immune system to produce inflammation in muscle and joints in my right leg and right arm.

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Ankylosing Spondylitis In The Top Of The Neck Affecting My Balance

I have been diagnosed with Spondylitis in the top of the neck it's not the tightness or the pain it's the way it's affecting my balance! I also have a inner ear problem so not sure what is causing the Vertigo or could it be a bit of both can anyone out there help before I go crazy thanks!

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Ankylosing Spondylitis :: Back Braces Helpful In Maintaining Body Posture?

I'm started bending forward due to AS, my neck has also bent slightly rightwards. Will back brace assist in keeping my posture.

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Ankylosing Spondylitis :: Flare Ups Of Sore Throat And Sore Oesophagus

Does anyone else have flare ups of a sore throat and sore oesophagus, the Dr thinks it's acid reflux, ppi's aren't doing anything, now being tested for h pylori bacteria, but can't help thinking that it may be connected to my ASR

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Depo-Provera Injection :: Horrible Experience To Stop Heavy Periods

I was given one injection of Depo Provera to help with my heavy periods and I bled constantly for weeks! I am 53 years of age. Not to mention other side effects which one is stuck with for three months plus until the injection wears off! It has been a horrible experience for me and I would not recommend this form of treatment to anyone.

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Lupus :: Anti-dsDNA And Anti-smith?

Are these anti-bodies found in people that do not have lupus? I have both, but the numbers are very low, so they're not flagged. I've seen in a number of places online that anti-dsDNA and anti-sm are pretty exclusive to Lupus.

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Dental Abscess - How To STOP The Pain

I have an infection in one of my bottom molars, the pain started on sunday it is now friday and all throughout the 5 days I have been in SO MUCH pain I can't even explain how bad the pain is, I can't sleep it wakes me early hours of the morning, I can't concentrate at school I don't know what to do anymore I take ibuprofen they do not work i've also tried paracetamol and ibuprofen together still doesnt work im just sooo tired and in so much pain all the time and can't take it anymore I've cried all day everyday for the five days. I have had a tooth infection in one of my molars before which was right next to the one I have it in now my dentist took it out but the pain I had with that tooth infection was NOTHING compared to the pain I am in right now I seriously can't cope anymore. The thing that really gets me is I have been to my dentist so many times about the pain, he started a root canal the first day I saw him then I came back the next with the severe pain he carried on with the root canal still no ease with pain it didn't even calm down?! He then prescribed me with antibiotics halfway through the root canal which I don't think is right? I could be wrong? I have another appointment on Tuesday but its only friday and I really really really can't take/deal with this pain until then its making me want to shoot myself in the face-.- also should I just ask my dentist to take the tooth out? Please if ANYONE has ANY KIND of advice on how to STOP the pain I would be so so so grateful thankyou.

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Breasts Wont Stop Growing, How Can I Stop Them?

My breasts won't stop growing, how can i stop them, at the end of last year i was a 10DD/E (32DD-32DDD/F american sizing ) i'm now bulging out of a 10i (32J american )i can't go up a back size as a 10 is already loose..

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Stop Taking Pravastatin - Joint Pain And Lost Of Libido

I am a 51 year old male. My cholesterol was 256 and my doctor convinced me to take a statin in Jan 2013. I started simvastatin but my joints got so stiff I couldn't walk down stairs.

I switched to pravastatin ..only 10mg. I felt my joint in shoulder stiffen constantly (little league pitcher) but Dr said take if I can tolerate. Since I had chest pains for a few prior years I continued on the statin. MY Total cholesterol has slowly went down. I had no activity until 2014 when I pick up ice hockey.
However it is my belief my testosterone sank to only 400 along with my sexual desire. I will monitor my mood which has been very low for a few years, erectile dysfunction, testosterone level and total Cholesterol.

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Nexplanon Experience? Cause Pain? Any Complications?

Has anyone had the arm IUD Nexplanon inserted after having a baby? Did it hurt when they put it in? Has anyone has any complications from it? I'm considering this form of birth control but I'm a little worried about it.

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Gabapentin :: For Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain - My Experience

I have been on gabapentin for about 5 years. I have suffered from trigeminal neuropathic pain since a botched dental operation in 2003 and have tried a range of different medication that made me feel either spaced out, dizzy and sick or made no difference what so ever. Finally the pain clinic at Pontefract Hospital prescribed a combination of Gabapentin, citalopram and pain relief, zomorph. I can honestly say that it has saved my life. The pain had been so unbearable  that I just couldn't see an end to it. 

I take from 600g  up to 2400g per day when the pain is at its worst. My memory has been affected but is nowhere near as bad as when on other similar medication. I do think it's like anything else in that people react to it in different ways and if it doesn't suit change it. During the summer, the pain recedes and I have gone on for days without any gabapentin and have suffered no withdrawal effects at all. Although I am not pain free, and I know that is never going to happen, the gabapentin makes it bearable. 

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Epstein Barr Virus :: Experience A Pain In The Spleen?

I have been diagnosed 3 or 4 days ago with epstein barr virus.  I have a question, does any of you have experience a pain in the spleen? Did you get any medication for it or just let it be? I didn't go to the doctor as it doesn't hurt as bad but let's just say I can feel pain during the day. I am planning to see a doctor next week if it doesn't stop hurting.

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