Escitalopram :: Weaning Off 10mg Escitalopram Over A Period Of A Month

Mar 14, 2016

I weaned myself off my 10mg escitalopram over a period of a month, haven't taken anything now for 5 days.  The brain fog, exhaustion, brain zaps (constantly) and instability on my feet is really starting to get to me and affect my ability to function during the day.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to alleviate these problems?

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Escitalopram :: Sweating With Antidepressant

I used to take an antidepressant SEROPLEX ( escitalopram). I have been sweating excessively for 3 months, very difficult to sweat so much ; my doctor told me the sweating was due to SEROPLEX and I stopped taking this drug 17 days ago: yet , I'm still sweating a lot: is it normal ?

the chemist of the laboratory which sends this drug told me " 17 days is not very long and the secondary effects vary from one people to another"". One week ago I had a blood-exam and also a lung radiography which were normal. My doctor is on vacation in august and I don't know what to do.

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Escitalopram :: Weight Gain

I've been taken escitalopram for 2 years and was shocked to put on over 2 stones in weight !!

This is now becoming an issue for me and therefore decided to come off them.

To anybody that has come off long did it take for your weight to return to normal?

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Escitalopram :: Stopping It - But Very Weepy And Vulnerable

I have been taking escitalopram for over two years they were prescribed for severe panic attacks, i feel i got my life back while taking this drug, but have recently started to reduce the dose on my doctors advise, i have been feeling very weepy, vulnerable and the old feelings are coming back i am down to 5mg every third day but i am frightened i will revert back to how i was and this scares me i wonder if i will ever be able to stop altogether

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Escitalopram :: Antidepressant - Libido Vanished

Feeling a little better taking hrt and 10 mg app citalopram - but almost immediately my libido has vanished - this is devastating. Anyone know a medication that does not interfere with this please? Love to hear your experiences?

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Anxiety :: Switching From Escitalopram To Venlafaxine - Feedback?

My doc is switching me from escitalopram to venlafaxine.

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No Period First Month Of Yasmin And Yaz

This was my first month taking the pill Yaz. I was on Yasmin before where you take your seven day break and within that break i would have normally got my period. I have been taking my pill everyday between 11 and 12 and I have NOT miss any. I have also been using condoms as well so I am double protected.

Today is my 3rd day of the sugar pills (pill with no hormone) and i still haven't gotten my period. I did however get a slight and I mean the SLIGHTEST bit of brown discharge.

Is there a reason I didn't get a full period? Would the slight bit of brown count as a period? Could it be my body adjusting to the new pill.

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Menstruation :: Since Unprotected Sex, I've Gotten My Period Twice A Month

I've gotten my period twice this month for the past 3 months .. The only thing that has changed during these 3 months is unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I am not pregnant I've taken pregnancy test in which they all were negative. I decided to start my birth control but I did it wrong therefor I would have to wait till my next period.. I am really confused I need some help I know I have to make a docs app because that's the only way I'll find out but I would like some advice.. Plus the 2nd time I get my period I am fatigue & lost of appetite...

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Menstruation :: Three Times Period A Month?

why do i see my period three times a month

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Coming Off Microgynon - Period Hasn't Returned In A Month

I've recently come off the microgynon i'm a bit worried as my period hasn't returned (it's only been a month) but because of my age and my parents views obviously i want to know sooner rather than later if this is normal?

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Birth Control :: Never Missed A Period Until This Month On Nuvaring

I have been a user of the nuvaring for 2 years and 2 months at this point. I have a 2 year old child already, but the Nuvaring is the only method of birth control I've ever used. Never have I had a problem with it until now. I got my last cycle January 24th, 2016. (It usually hits 3 days once taken out.) I have followed all the instructions to a 'T' and am always on time taking the ring out and putting it back in. Never once have I missed or skipped my period while on the nuvaring. Am I pregnant?

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Birth Control :: Taking Pills, Didn't Have A Period This Month

I started taking birth control pills two months ago. I completed one pack of the pills. I had a menstrual cycle last month but I didn't have one this month. Is it possible that I might be pregnant?

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Birth Control :: Month Long Period After Year And A Half Of Nexplanon

I had the Nexplanon 3 year birth control implant put in February of 2013 when i was 16 years old. Up until early-mid June, I had not had any periods. Now, I have had my period on and off for almost an entire month. It is mostly spotting but enough to require the use of tampons and refrain from sexual activity. I have been pretty emotional lately and was up last night with bad cramps. Nothing in my daily schedule or eating habits has changed therefore I do not understand what could be causing this. ALSO, I have been experiencing extreme fatigue. Does anyone have ideas as to why this is occurring? I would hate to have the implant removed because this is the first time it has given me problems so far and I'm not even sure it is the cause.

*I have had the same boyfriend for 10 months so i do not think STD's would be of any relevance*

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Benzodiazepines :: Stilnoct 10mg For A Week

I am currently going through a stage of not sleeping, it's been about 3.5 weeks since I have slept. Doctor's prescribed me stilnoct 10mg for a week as I did not sleep a wink for a full week. I am sleeping 4-5 hours on these sleeping tablets is that normal for 10mg? What to do after I've taken the course of tablets and I still can't sleep?

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Venlafaxine 75mg And Propranolol 10mg Together?

Anybody take these medicines together? I was prescribed the Beta blockers today to help anxiety symptoms but don't see much difference! I have been taking the Venlafaxine 75mg now for three weeks alongside my Mirtazapine 30mg which I take at night! My depression has lifted a lot since starting the Venlafaxine it has took me out of the dark hole I was in! But now I'm feeling anxious and have headaches which feels like a lot of pressure in my head! I just feel so weird! And have butterflies in my stomach which kicks off the anxiety feeling in my chest! I'm going to see psychiatrist again tomorrow regarding this! I don't want to come off the Venlafaxine as it has helped my depression so much and has made me feel me again! I just want this anxiety and the weird feeling to go away! I'm wondering if an increase in dosage would help this and make the side effects disappear!

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Menstruation :: Clots In Urine? Primolut N 10mg

I am 36 years old, had d&c last jan.2015 due to thickening of lining of the uterus. After d&c my menstruation is not normal i had big clots every period. My doctor prescribed primolut 10mg daily for 3 cycle, it was ok for two months. But now is my 3rd cycle and i am worried because its been 9days i am having my menstruation. During the 5th cycle i took primolut and every other day i am passing clots in my urine. My question is. Is it normal to have clots in urine while taking this med.? What is the best time to take primolut is it morning or evening?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Intercourse? Late Period? Period Cramps? No Period? Workout?

Feb 15 my boyfriend n I had sex, we were quite into it but I guess I took the condom from him , it got stuck inside me but he got it out, I'm 19 very new to sex so I didn't know what to do. He told me not to worry.

I'm two days late for my period, feb 21 was my date for my period . I've been getting weird cramping it felt like period cramps but no period. I also started to workout 5 days a week started this past Monday (advanced workouts) . I just want to know why my period isn't here. My last period was off too. I just need advice and some help .

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Sleep Issues :: 100mg Of Diphenhydramine And 10mg Of Melatonin Together?

I've suffered sleeping issues my entire life, but up until recently this has only affected the time it takes for me to sleep. However, in the past couple of days, it both takes me forever to sleep and I am waking up during the night. I often wake up at 5am after falling asleep at 3am and can't get back to sleep at all. I'm currently so tired that I can barely think. I arrived at uni about four or five days ago and my registration for the GP hasn't been accepted yet so I can't get any proper sleeping pills as of yet. I was wondering if it would be okay to take 100mg of Diphenhydramine and 10mg of Melatonin together to help me get to sleep as well as stay asleep. Is this safe/will it work (as in keep me asleep)?

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Weaning Off Nortriptyline After 4 Years

So i've been on nortriptyline for over 4 years for chronic migraine. I'm 25 and have had migraines for years, they used to be constant everyday, when i waken up etc, my neurologist had me try all medication but i had no luck with beta blockers, topamax etc and my last chance was nortriptyline and if it didn't work, the next option was an injection into the base of my skull (which i didn't want) luckily the nortriptyline at 75 mg decreased the severity and frequency of my chronic daily migraines.. now i have other health problem undiagnosed yet, and very bad constipation problems and fluid in my abdomen with bad distention, i never thought until recently that the nortriptyline could have been causing this but from reading on the internet its possible.

So im considering weaning off to see if my bowel problems go away and the fluid water retention, has anyone any suggestions on how to wean off this?

Withdrawal symptoms?

I know its possible that my terrible migraines could come back but i want to take a chance.

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Breastfeeding :: Weaning Off A Son 5 Years Old

So I am a breastfeeding mom. My son is 5 and 1/2 months old. I introduced formula for supplementation when he was about 4 and 1/2 months old. When I got pregnant I set a goal of exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months. I only introduced formula due to the fact that my son ate alllll the time and when I would pump I was barely getting an ounce. So he only got formula like before bedtime and when we we're out and about. Now when I pump i get like 5 ounces. Now I am trying to only breastfeed in the morning when he first wakes up and at bedtime. But the reason for this post is because I am trying to find ways to wean my son from breast feeding. I know that it's a process and I don't want to just take it away completely I enjoy the bonding time and the comfort I can give him from it.

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Tapering / Weaning Off Propranolol

I took Propranolol 60 mg sustained release for a brief time,  then reduced to 20 mg 2x per day.  Bad side effects, low pulse rate, bradycardia and irregular heart beats, weaned off the stuff over weeks. Now been off it for about 2 plus weeks and still have a low pulse rate of only 60 with low blood pressure particularly while standing.  Often feel faint with the low heart rate and BP.  How long does it take for the body to readjust after getting off this med or is the bradycardia permanent.  I had no problems before this drug and had bp around 140/80. now goes very low and sometimes high at night while lying down.  Very scary stuff, I'm afraid it will never go back to normal.

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