Escitalopram :: Antidepressant - Libido Vanished

Dec 28, 2015

Feeling a little better taking hrt and 10 mg app citalopram - but almost immediately my libido has vanished - this is devastating. Anyone know a medication that does not interfere with this please? Love to hear your experiences?

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Escitalopram :: Sweating With Antidepressant

I used to take an antidepressant SEROPLEX ( escitalopram). I have been sweating excessively for 3 months, very difficult to sweat so much ; my doctor told me the sweating was due to SEROPLEX and I stopped taking this drug 17 days ago: yet , I'm still sweating a lot: is it normal ?

the chemist of the laboratory which sends this drug told me " 17 days is not very long and the secondary effects vary from one people to another"". One week ago I had a blood-exam and also a lung radiography which were normal. My doctor is on vacation in august and I don't know what to do.

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Escitalopram :: Weaning Off 10mg Escitalopram Over A Period Of A Month

I weaned myself off my 10mg escitalopram over a period of a month, haven't taken anything now for 5 days.  The brain fog, exhaustion, brain zaps (constantly) and instability on my feet is really starting to get to me and affect my ability to function during the day.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to alleviate these problems?

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Escitalopram :: Weight Gain

I've been taken escitalopram for 2 years and was shocked to put on over 2 stones in weight !!

This is now becoming an issue for me and therefore decided to come off them.

To anybody that has come off long did it take for your weight to return to normal?

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Escitalopram :: Stopping It - But Very Weepy And Vulnerable

I have been taking escitalopram for over two years they were prescribed for severe panic attacks, i feel i got my life back while taking this drug, but have recently started to reduce the dose on my doctors advise, i have been feeling very weepy, vulnerable and the old feelings are coming back i am down to 5mg every third day but i am frightened i will revert back to how i was and this scares me i wonder if i will ever be able to stop altogether

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Anxiety :: Switching From Escitalopram To Venlafaxine - Feedback?

My doc is switching me from escitalopram to venlafaxine.

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Bisoprolol :: Libido Has Gone From 50% To Zero

9 years after 2 cardiac stents angina pain has returned. Doctor doubled my dose of Bisoprolol from 2.5 to 5 now I find my libido has gone from 50% to zero, no erection anymore, is this common, any way around it ?

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Depression :: Once On An Antidepressant, Always On It?

I seem to remember reading this somewhere -that once you are on an antidepressant , you're going to always be on one, but I don't want to believe it!

Have many of you tried going off, only to go back on? I think I read something about them changing your brain chemistry permanently.

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Fetzima? New Antidepressant

Has anyone else tried or heard of Fetzima? It's somewhat new to the market (2013) and is classified as an SNRI. As many of you are quite familiar with- depression often accompanies fibro the majority of the time.

I wanted to share my success story with this med, as I've been on at least 8 anti-depressants since being diagnosed and although they work for 1-3 years, they suddenly stop, as if my body has built up a tolerance. After upping the dosage twice on one med, my doctor will switch me to try another. After starting Fetzima in late May, I have not felt this great mentally for years. If you're looking for depression relief, I can tell you this one has changed my life.

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Menopause :: HRT And Antidepressant

My menopause nurse has changed hrt from everol to levial I started first pill today but my gp gave me fluoxetine last week cause I was depressed.I am wondering what is one of drugs don't agree with me I will not know what one is causing the prob so am I better of not taking fluoxetine just to see if levial helps with my depression.

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Mirtazapine With Another Antidepressant?

does anyone take a low dose of mirtz with another antidepressant

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Using Testosterone To Increase Libido

Has anyone used testosterone gel to help with the bedroom but i've just been prescribed by my gp.

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Sertraline :: Increase In Libido?

I can't be alone in this. I was terrified the opposite would happen but it's crazy I'm now horny all the time. It's actually amusing and I guess it's not a bad thing. I'm 6 weeks in now and I'm not sure sertraline has done much else for me. Life is still very much a struggle. My doctor says I should persist still (I didn't tell him about this side effect) I'm not convinced it's working for me though. Plus I'm single so it's not exactly making life more exciting anyway! I have to laugh - otherwise I'll probably cry!

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Anxiety :: Which Antidepressant To Take - Have Tried 11 Types

I have taken antidepressants mainly for anxiety for many years.  I have had 11 different antidepressants, switching mostly because of side effects, or when they didn't work too well.  I am currently taking Paroxetine, which works fairly well but has some nasty side effects.

Last Monday I saw a really helpful psychiatrist, and when I told her I look meds up online, she encouraged me to look up the two meds that she was suggesting (Mirtazapine and Pregabalin) and make up my own mind. 

There are plenty of research papers and there's Wikipedia, and med sites, all based on scientific studies.  Very useful but I think it's a bit limited because they decide what questions to ask people.  I really would like to know more about people's own personal experiences of taking this stuff, because I don't see a lot of that on patient leaflets or online med sites.

So anyone who would like to share experiences (it worked, it didn't work, side effects etc),  I'd like to hear from you. 

My first priority is making a decision next week about having Mirtazapine or Pregabalin,  but after that I would also be interested in people's experiences with other antidepressants, including the ones I used to take.

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Depression :: Which Antidepressant To Take? Currently On Paxil

Anyone can you tell me if you had any luck finding an antidepressant to work for you. I have tried several with no relief now I'm on paxil 20 Mgs I have severe anxiety depression fear medical related PTSD I am very scared all the time

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Mirtazapine Combination With Other Antidepressant?

does anyone use a combination of a low amount of mirtazapine for sleep, combined with an antidepressant ?

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Low Dose Of Mirtazapine Plus An Antidepressant?

are there some of you out there that take a low dose of mirtazapine plus an antidepressant?  if so, what are you taking?  did you suffer from anxiety going on the med.  i am desperately searching for help.

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Vasectomy :: Low Libido And Sex Drive (orgasm)

I have always a big sex drive, way more than my wife and now after 3 weeks of having a vasectomy my drive has dropped considerably! In some ways its nice to not sex on my brain all the time and having to bug my wife for it but now I'm wondering if its permanent! So will it come back?

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Duloxetine (Cymbalta) For Pain ? Or Antidepressant?

First of all I am not diabetic but I do need help on the above tablet Duloxetine (Cymbalta) which I believe is given to diabetics for pain relief (or so my doc tells me).  I have Cervical spondylosis which gives me extreme pain and for which I take 30 tabs daily plus Morphine and liquid Morphine.   Doc has prescribed Duloxetine which is an antidepressant but which I believe also helps pain. Can anyone on this site who is diabetic tell me about Duloxetine or have they taken it and has it helped with pain?   I am afraid to start taking it as it does not have good reviews and is used mainly as an antidepressant. There appear to be too many side effects, some of which I have already from morphine and it appears to be difficult to come off.   If anyone can comment and help me with this I would be really grateful.   I suffer chronic pain 24/7 and my meds at the moment are having little effect on controlling the pain.  They just keep increasing morphine dose which I am a little afraid of.   Does Duloxetine really work in controlling pain?

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Men :: Surgical Impotence With An Active Libido

I am a 71 year old male. About 14 years ago, I had a high rating on a PSA test, which lead to a twelve needle biopsy. The results were rated as a Gleason 8 tumor. My urologist said the type of prostate cancer I had was very aggressive and that we needed to take some action. At that time, I was told my options were radiation and/or surgery. Prostate cancer had occurred in both of my Grandfathers. My father had not come back from WWII so I had no information on him. However, I had done some research into what I would do if prostate cancer visited me. I opted for a radical prostatectomy. Both my urologist and the pathologist believed that the surgery got all the cancer, and saw no value in radiation. As it turned out, I have never had much of anything to speak of on any subsequent PSA tests. Oh joy and rapture. I am alive, and doing well with one exception. Prior to the cancer diagnosis, my wife and I had a very active sex life. We had been married for over 25 years and had engaged in some form of sex on an average of twenty or so times a month. When my wife learned of my cancer, she asked for a divorce. Following the surgery, I was impotent and of course could no longer ejaculate. On the advice of a crusty older nurse, God Bless her, I learned that I could masturbate to a sort of semi erection and achieve an orgasm. However I entered a period of depression and when I finally found my way out of it, I could no longer achieve an orgasm. Following a discussion with my urologist, I tried some injections directly into the penis that was supposed to result in an erection, but it was not satisfactory, and the whole idea of sticking a needle into my penis was not very appealing. My doctor then recommended an Osbon penis pump which cost a couple of hundred dollars. When I tried the pump, it sucked my scrotum into the pump cylinder and slammed a testicle into the pump cylinder. It hurt so bad I threw up. The pricey Osbon pump ended up in the garbage. So here I am. My libido has always been very high and seems to be getting higher as I age. I am still very attracted to women and, have no interest in a sexual relationship with men. I don't really care for the company of men all that much and never have. Between the internet and satellite TV, I am bombarded with pornography. While I do watch a fair amount of porn and sexually explicit shows on TV, it does nothing to assuage my libido. I hate sleeping alone, and I hate the notion of nothing but platonic relationships with women. Over the years I learned how to do a satisfactory job of performing oral sex, however, even the ladies of my age still want sexual intercourse in their lives and to be honest, I would not be interested in a women who did not want sex. I have been so lonely for female sexual companionship that I have met with several prostitutes, and it is nice to be able to touch and talk with an attractive nude woman, but then I have to go back to my empty lonely place. Is there any way that I could reestablish the ability to have orgasms? Does anyone have an ideas or information as to how I could achieve an erection and failing that, how do I shutdown my libido?

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Genetic Test To Find Antidepressant For Me?

I have been taking antidepressant for almost an year. I changed few brands, nothing was helpful for me.

Recently I learned that there is a genetic test for antidepressant. I wonder if I can order it by Internet. I live outside of US and here there is no chance to find one.

Do you know if it's possible to order genetic test kid by Internet?

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