Eyes :: Vision Is 20% Now - Retinal Detachment

Dec 4, 2013

My friend had retinal detachment after a hand stroke a year ago. First, his sight was 70%, then it came to 5%. few days ago now he had operation, and his vision is 20% now. Please, what are the methods for regenerating the photoreceptors and can something be done after such a long time?

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Eye Care :: Silicon Oil - Retinal Detachment Surgery

my mother's age is 42, she had phacoemulsification last 5 years ago one right eye. on 15th January 2016 suddenly got whiteness in eye during cooking, after checkup from ophthalmologist he told the retina detached, we had a retina surgery using silicon oil but unfortunately the some amount of oil came out in inferior, that was removed after a month during the month she can see only 1 meter distance, when doctor dripped out silicon the cornea was swelled and once again another surgery was done after 7 days, now she can not see anything except a light is blinking in right corner of eye and sometime a blue sky color in eye, there is no different in eyes are open or closed. Is this possible that she can see again we are very upset because another eye is already dead since last 10 years. Or is there any possibility that we can change retina.

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Dark Area After Retinal Detachment Surgery With Silicon Oil

I have my 1st retinal detachment surgery 3 month ago with Scleral buckle and inject gas in my left eye. After the surgery sometime i see a dark spot on the upper right corner, which usually comes and goes. One time it appear and didn't go away but the dark area grow bigger and it has detach again (2 month after the 1st surgery) and i have my 2nd surgery 3 weeks ago with vitrectomy and silicone oil inject.

A couple of days ago i notice a dark spot (on and off) on the upper right corner of my left eye (same spot that the retinal re-detach).

2 days ago a notice a big dark area (2/5 of the vision field) on the upper center of my vision field. Sometime it was so dark i couldn't see my finger when i move it up to this area. But with outside day light i am able to see through a little bit (but still darker than other area).

I went to see my doctor immediately and he said the retinal look flat and alright in that dark area. He said there is a spot where the retina isn't completely re-attached yet but it is in the lower left side corner. I went to see another doctor and he said the same thing. And they all said the oil is clear.

But i haven't check with ultrasound yet.

I am still worry sick. Is it possible for the retinal to re-detach again with silicon oil still inside?

It is possible for the retinal to re-detach but Ophthalmoscopy doesn't pick it up?

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Symptoms - Both Eyes - Posterior Vitreous Detachment

Interested in hearing people's symptoms and experiences with this. I had pvd of the left eye and sure enough 6 months later, right eye. Having problems dealing with it. When both eyes are affected, hard not to think of it 24/7. Would like to hear others stories.

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Eyes :: Worms In My Vision?

I'm 14 and I could see worm-like things in my vision.It's been going on for a few years.They're kinda like clear,segmented lines,often forming some kind of clutch.Their numbers seem to have increased and the sizes of each 'worm' is noticeably larger than usual too.I have been seeing them more frequently.What are these,really?

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Eye Disorders :: 2D Vision And A Squint In Both Eyes

I was born with 2d vision and a squint in both eyes. Also have monocular vision.

I have had 6 operations, 3 on each eye to correct eyes.

I believe that my right eye is getting worse. Vision wise, and squint too.

I only had my glasses changed last November, then only 2 months ago. And Already is my right vision with my new glasses getting worse again. That's only 2 months.

I am seeing someone this Tuesday about it as my optician thinks it's to do with my squint and hitting my head as to why my vision is getting worse.

I was just curious as I am struggling with stairs. If I don't know the stairs I have to hold on and go slow. Like yesterday was in a shop and the stairs was all the same wood, I thought I was going to fall down them as I walked up to them but didn't prepare myself, the feeling is horrible feel like you're on the edge of a cliff. If I know the stairs and they are not too wide. But also my question is, can I drive? I drive now, but have always said I struggle.

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Eyes :: Squint Vs Poor Vision

Actually my 8 months baby girl started squint her left eye inward from last 2 months. In start she do this rarely but now it's increasing day b day specially when she focus on far objects. Today i visit to Dr for her checkup and the Dr suggested her nearsighted glasses. 

I am actually confused that her squint is due to her poor vision? or due to poor vision she squient her eye?

I mean poor vision and squint are two different things as i know. right?

Why she only squint when she focus on long distance objects?

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Vision :: White Flashes In The Eyes?

what are white flashes in the eyes

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Eyes :: Pin Point Flashes In My Vision

I have been seeing pin point flashes in my eye for a long time, a few months now. they vary in color from red to silver. they last for half a second and appear out of nowhere with no warning signs. i have also been seeing a lots of floaters which appear as moving dark black lines rather than squiggly bubbles ( i see the squiggly bubbles too but they happen rarely). the dark lines don't usually bother me unless im looking at a wall or when i'm outside. if i'm outside during daytime the frequency of seeing the dark lines greatly increases even if i'm just looking at the ground. oh there's also something else, whenever i look at the sky at daytime i see a lot of glitter moving around almost looking like shooting stars.

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Ciprofloxacin :: Floaters And Flashes Vision / Eyes

anyone else have floaters and flashes in formerly normal vision since taking cipro?

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Eyes :: Squint Clears Blurriness In My Vision

For the last two weeks my left eye has been blurry. I don't remember hitting it or scratching it. Sometimes a do rub my eyes but nothing has come of it before. In the last two weeks I've noticed the blurry vision for objects mostly far away. My 20/20 vision is now a lot worse when I close my right eye. There has been no pain or itchiness either. Today in class the blurriness was bothering me quite a bit, so I started playing around with the skin around my eye moving it left and right. I noticed if I moved it the right way(closer to my nose) my vision would clear up. Then I tried squinting hard with both eyes(right is closed, left is slightly open) and my vision was clear.

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Eyes :: Floaters That Don't Float And Black Spots In Vision

I've been doing a lot of reading about black spots in vision and the term 'floaters' doesn't seem to apply in my case. I first noticed it a week or so ago when I was reading on Kindle. There is a black spot that is constant, in my left eye, its small and I can see it pretty much all the time if reading at the right angle I can use it almost like a pointer moving it along the line of text I'm reading. I've also had blurred vision but I put that down to tiredness from reading from electronic device. I've also noticed a 'cobweb' like line in my other eye that again is constant. I'm booked in for an eye test but its not for a while I'm starting to get bit worried.

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Eyes :: What Is Femto Lasik? Laser Vision Correction

Does anyone know there that what is Femto Lasik, I have heard that this is some type of laser to correct my vision, and i can get rid of my glasses permanently. who is doing this procedure ? what is the cost? which is the best center and doctor?

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Eyes :: Vision - Multicolored Distortion Prism Floaters

Ok so i have this weird problem with my eyes. Randomly (happened a lot when a year ago but stopped until now) i start seeing distorted lines. Kind of like millions of tiny prisms are rotating in a line. The lines often start in the center of my vision (making it hard to read) then migrate to cover the left or right side of my vision (but no longer the center)

It appears to be transparent but it is actually not due to the flashing of colours all over it.

They often take shapes but they seem abstract and are hard to focus on. Kind of like a multicolored distortion prism floater (the lines that you can see floating sometimes) although it grows to cover ~30% of my vision.

The "distortion" often stays visible (or moves out of sight) between 20 minutes and 3 hours.

I have not discovered any trigger for this "distortion"

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Eyes :: Squint Corrected With Botox - Double Vision?

I've had a squint all my life (30 years) had two previous surgeries that did not work. My right eye turns inward. 

Recently I was referred to hospital for Botox treatment. This was carried out 9 days ago.

My eye is now straight. (Yay) I am however suffering from double vision when I look to the left and what I can only describe as slight 'ghost' double images (not constant) that seems to appear randomly and when looking in any direction, 

Has anyone had Botox and experienced something similar? I'm just looking for reassurance that the double vision will pass and I can continue with the Botox treatment? 

The botox kicked in 3 days after it was administered so I've only had double vision for about 6 days. 

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Eye Care :: Retina Detachment

My eye doctor saw something strange about my retina so she sent to a retinal specialist. After a 3 hour thorough exam he stated to me that sometime ago I had a detached retina and since I didn't notice, it healed itself. He stated that this do not happen often when a retina will heal itself. I have some damage but nothing very serious. There is a tiny blind spot when I look up but that is all. I feel very blessed that it healed because this should blinded me. Does anyone know if this has happened to anyone they know? I do have to be seen by the specialist every 6 weeks for a while. But considering the alternative...I have been blessed.

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Vision / Eye :: Flying Black Dots In My Peripheral Vision

I'm not particularly worried about this but I'd rather know what it is. I quite commonly will get, after stretching or getting up suddenly, flying black dots in my peripheral vision. These tiny black dots just appear, fly in a direction, then disappear. A bit like a swarm of flies in the corner of my eye except they keep appearing and disappearing individually. It might last up to five seconds or so. Then it's gone and I feel fine. I'm pretty sure I've had this for years.

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General Blurriness - Vitreous Detachment

I had a recent episode of flashes (left eye), so I went to the doctor and he did a thorough exam, and concluded that I was experiencing vitreous detachment (I'm 67). He explained that the flashes would soon stop, which they have. I only use reading glasses, but I've noticed some deterioration in my distance vision so I asked him about some correction. He gave me some contact lenses to try. The other day, I put them in, and I noticed that my left eye seemed worse with the contact lens in, so I took it out and just wore the right one. Now, I am more aware of some vision impairment (general blurriness) in my left eye for both reading and distance.

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Ocular/Retinal Migraines For Years

I have never really suffered from headaches during my life until now (i'm 29). There is no family history of migraines.

Out of the blue, after a family function 2 years ago, we got home and I noticed the image out of my right eye was 'cloudy'. I wear glasses so immediately thought my glasses were dirty. I got a shock when taking them off to find it was my eye! I was a bit concerned, then 30mins later I had the worst headache in my life. I had to go to bed early. At some points even the sounds of the TV from downstairs were making me feel sick. It was as if every sound and sense in my body had been amplified. I think there might have been a tiny bit of twitching but can't confirm now as memory of it is a little hazy.

I woke up the next day feeling normal again, and put it down to hangover or just a 'bad headache'. I went back to my daily job (work in IT) and didn't think anything of it. The same thing happened again about a month later, this time not a headache as much, more visual symptoms. After 3-4 hours it passed and I was back to normal again. 

The frequency of them started changing from one every month, then around Jan 2013 one every two weeks, and since around June 2013 one every 7-10 days. 

At this moment in time I am off work due to depression/anxiety (Since Feb 2014) and currently can get them every 2-4 days. Last week I had four in the space of 7 days. 

What I experience now: The 'trigger' feeling that I know one is coming is slightly worrying; I can visibly see my pulse (vein shape) pulsing in my right eye's vision to my heartbeat. This goes on for about 15/30mins, then I start to get spots/lines/an 'arc' shape which will sometimes be there and sometimes now. I will also get moments of no vision in that eye 'black spots appearing over the central vision'.

When I read of people with 'ocular' migraines they note these symptoms usually leave after approx 1 hour followed by a blinding headache. My concern is the aura stays with me the entire course of the migraine - approx 6-9 hours. I believe I have 'retinal' migraines. Difference being I ONLY get the aura in my right eye. If I patch the right eye my vision is normal out of my left for the entire 9 hours. Also my head feels incredibly tight and sometimes will get a throbbing pain just above the tear duct on the right side of my noise. 

I have had my eyes checked and been told the pressure is fine (no risk of glaucoma). Also my blood pressure is normal/high (bearing in mind I do suffer with anxiety/depression).

I am at my wits end trying to work out what triggers them. I have spent months cutting out caffeine/alcohol. It made no difference. I have also tried limiting my use on computers/phones whilst I am off work. No difference. 

The only relief I have found is through exercise. I typically don't do any sort of intense daily exercise, maybe a 20min walk a day and household chores. 

2 Weeks ago, I decided to start an exercise regimen. Did jogging/walking for about 45mins-1hr each day. I went approx 10 days without a migraine (usually it's every 2-3 days at the moment). I am wondering what in the exercise is causing this relief? Could it be hormonal or just a stress reliever?

I don't smoke and don't drink much alcohol any more. I do have a bit of a weak neck - maybe this has something to do with it? My main concern above all else is it's not your typical aura, I only get it in one eye. 

I have also noted that I have never had a migraine before 1PM and after 10PM (apart from one rare occasion at 4AM when I was having a panic attack in bed). Something is happening between approx 2PM-10PM to trigger it, but I don't know what. 

I'm a bit of a hypochondriac at the moment, thinking it's a brain tumour or i'm at risk of stroke. I wanted to get a scan but GP said "if you would have had a brain tumour since 2012 you would know by now" and suggested meds.

Does anybody else here suffer from their 'retinal' migraines, or can offer any support or advice?

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Eyes :: Geometric Shape Patterns Appearing In Both Eyes

Small but geometric -ish shape. This changes in 1/2 hour or more, the shape gets larger forming a getting larger approximate 'C' shape to the left of center. It is almost like me seeing a crude kaleidoscope . Eventually the thing disappears to the left. The shape seems to be of small triangles squares, anything 'sort of' geometric. I can see past it but still have to see the shape. Whichever eye I close I can still see it; close both I can see it!   It has now cleared completely as  I have not being looking at the sun or any strong light. Is it 'just one of those things' to be tolerated every now and then. I am 75 and in general good health 

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Eyes :: Floaters PVD - Peripheral Vascular Disease Both Eyes

I'm late 5s,have had floaters since my 20s,back then they were small black or clear dots,fast forward,late fifties,now i've had pvds in both eyes,vitreous gel shrinks and pulls away from the back of the eye,now i have these clear to gauzy larger floaters,plus one large clumpy black one and I can't ignore them anymore. PVD is age related. I am just lucky enough to have these awful larger ones that can blur and obstruct vision. How does a person deal with it. Oh yes I also am starting to have dry eyes. Both also can cause hazy vision. Unless you've experienced it,no one else can relate

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