Ocular/Retinal Migraines For Years

Sep 9, 2014

I have never really suffered from headaches during my life until now (i'm 29). There is no family history of migraines.

Out of the blue, after a family function 2 years ago, we got home and I noticed the image out of my right eye was 'cloudy'. I wear glasses so immediately thought my glasses were dirty. I got a shock when taking them off to find it was my eye! I was a bit concerned, then 30mins later I had the worst headache in my life. I had to go to bed early. At some points even the sounds of the TV from downstairs were making me feel sick. It was as if every sound and sense in my body had been amplified. I think there might have been a tiny bit of twitching but can't confirm now as memory of it is a little hazy.

I woke up the next day feeling normal again, and put it down to hangover or just a 'bad headache'. I went back to my daily job (work in IT) and didn't think anything of it. The same thing happened again about a month later, this time not a headache as much, more visual symptoms. After 3-4 hours it passed and I was back to normal again. 

The frequency of them started changing from one every month, then around Jan 2013 one every two weeks, and since around June 2013 one every 7-10 days. 

At this moment in time I am off work due to depression/anxiety (Since Feb 2014) and currently can get them every 2-4 days. Last week I had four in the space of 7 days. 

What I experience now: The 'trigger' feeling that I know one is coming is slightly worrying; I can visibly see my pulse (vein shape) pulsing in my right eye's vision to my heartbeat. This goes on for about 15/30mins, then I start to get spots/lines/an 'arc' shape which will sometimes be there and sometimes now. I will also get moments of no vision in that eye 'black spots appearing over the central vision'.

When I read of people with 'ocular' migraines they note these symptoms usually leave after approx 1 hour followed by a blinding headache. My concern is the aura stays with me the entire course of the migraine - approx 6-9 hours. I believe I have 'retinal' migraines. Difference being I ONLY get the aura in my right eye. If I patch the right eye my vision is normal out of my left for the entire 9 hours. Also my head feels incredibly tight and sometimes will get a throbbing pain just above the tear duct on the right side of my noise. 

I have had my eyes checked and been told the pressure is fine (no risk of glaucoma). Also my blood pressure is normal/high (bearing in mind I do suffer with anxiety/depression).

I am at my wits end trying to work out what triggers them. I have spent months cutting out caffeine/alcohol. It made no difference. I have also tried limiting my use on computers/phones whilst I am off work. No difference. 

The only relief I have found is through exercise. I typically don't do any sort of intense daily exercise, maybe a 20min walk a day and household chores. 

2 Weeks ago, I decided to start an exercise regimen. Did jogging/walking for about 45mins-1hr each day. I went approx 10 days without a migraine (usually it's every 2-3 days at the moment). I am wondering what in the exercise is causing this relief? Could it be hormonal or just a stress reliever?

I don't smoke and don't drink much alcohol any more. I do have a bit of a weak neck - maybe this has something to do with it? My main concern above all else is it's not your typical aura, I only get it in one eye. 

I have also noted that I have never had a migraine before 1PM and after 10PM (apart from one rare occasion at 4AM when I was having a panic attack in bed). Something is happening between approx 2PM-10PM to trigger it, but I don't know what. 

I'm a bit of a hypochondriac at the moment, thinking it's a brain tumour or i'm at risk of stroke. I wanted to get a scan but GP said "if you would have had a brain tumour since 2012 you would know by now" and suggested meds.

Does anybody else here suffer from their 'retinal' migraines, or can offer any support or advice?

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Eyes :: Visual Floaters - Ocular Migraines, Anxiety And Panic Attacks

A little history on me: I'm 21/F. I have generalized anxiety, panic disorder,  depression, PCOS, TMJ, and IBSD. These are all issues I have been dealing with. Medication list: Prozac (20 mg). Vitamin D (5,000 IU). Vitamin B12 injection (once a month). Iron (324 mg). Birth control. Ativan (.05 as needed).

My vision has changed since the beginning of this year. I now see small, clear halos when looking at bright, solid surfaces (such as the sky, walls, etc). I also see an odd wave, jelly-like substance when looking at similar surfaces. When I squint my eyes, I see a line of 20 small dots. All of the floaters I have mentioned move in an odd way, like they're falling. When I try to focus on them, my eyes make the floaters "jump" back to the top of my vision, only to begin falling again. These always look different (never the same spots or lines) and occur in both eyes. When I am focusing on something, such as the TV, I see random dots in my peripheral vision, but when I look in that direction there is nothing there. Went to the eye doctor, said everything looked fine, I am nearsighted, and any disturbances were ocular migraines. I have had three ocular migraines, where I can very clearly see rainbow lines in my vision. These occur when I have gotten very worked up/anxious and only last a few seconds. The floaters I have previously mentioned occur ALL the time. I can look at the sky at any time during daylight, and see them. Brought these issues up to my general practitioner and said this was nothing to worry about, but keep an eye on it. 

When looking down or look around quickly, I feel a visual dizziness and off-balance. 

PLEASE, if you have any information on what the possible causes of these disturbances/floaters could be, let me know. My doctors aren't worried, but I 100% am. I'm young, why am I having eye issues? I don't wear contacts and only wear glasses when driving. 

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Nonstop Migraines Every Day For Years

I know people have migraines on occasion, but I seriously feel like I have it nonstop every day for years. Nothing that I try has worked or made them less strong.. Has anyone experienced this and what was your solutions? Also, there is absolutely no doubt that there is pain, but is it somehow possible that I have convinced myself that I have headaches and that is what is causing them (a friend suggested this, kinda makes sense). I hate living like this.

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Migraines :: Headache That Lasts 3+ Years?

For over the past 3 years (starting around July 2010) I have had a constant headache. It is not extremely intense but is dull and always present. Along with this headache I am also constantly fatigued and my head feels very fuzzy, like it's stuck in a cloud. I should also include that I am otherwise in good health, I am a normal weight, I eat properly, get enough sleep, can run around 7-8 miles without stopping, etc.

I have talked to a few doctors, had various tests done including a CAT scan but none of the tests ever gave any results. I was diagnosed with migraines (even though its not plural, it's just one that has never gone away) and given multiple migraine medications. Sumatriptan does not work and actually makes my head hurt significantly worse. No pain medications have any effect on the pain, I have tried many OTC and prescription meds, from aspirin and ibuprofen to stronger stuff like norcos and percocet, but nothing has had any positive effect. I have been prescribed two different antidepressants but they have the unfortunate side effect of making me tired and drowsy, which when added onto my already fatigued state makes it nearly impossible to get out of bed in the morning.

I am writing this because in the past few months my head has been hurting me significantly more and to be honest it is scaring me pretty bad. I have not had much luck with any of the doctors I have seen, they have no idea what is wrong with me and just give me scripts that don't work. I am not too familiar with migraines but I don't seem to fit the symptoms, except that my head hurts. A doctor at UCSF told me that migraines come in cycles but I could not find on the internet someone who had cycles with constant pain lasting many years at a time.

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Headaches / Migraines :: 19 Years, Narcolepsy

I'm 19 years old. Since I was little I have suffered a few things: Firstly, I have narcolepsy, and suffer from sleep paralysis. I also get dizziness and fainting spells (although sometimes I can still see just not move) as well as anemia (which I understand is common). On top of that I get bouts of terrible chest pain on my right side when I can't breathe properly, migraines and at times my heart beats irregularly. I was a premature baby and suffered jaundice when I was young, but that's it really. I have gone to the GP about all these problems, the doctors have been treating them as separate issues and I worry that they may all be linked. When I last said this to my GP he told me I might be a hypochondriac and it's all due to stress, which I don't believe. I don't really want keep having it at the back of my mind, should I just forget it or pursue my case further with a different doctor?

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Retina Migraine - Blind Migraines A Couple Of Years Ago

I started getting these 'blind' migraines a couple of years ago. I went to see a specialist, had a brain scan and blood tests, and this is the name given to my problem. They start with an aura, usually over one eye and then develop slowly. I end up seeing wwwww inside one eye. It takes 20/40 minutes for it to disappear. I am usually left with a sore head rather than a painful migraine.

They have been quiet since Christmas and for some reason have started again. I can't seem to find much out about them on the internet and thought I would come onto this great site to see if anyone else has the same type of symptoms.

It may help to know I am female and in my 60's. Have suffered all types of migraine since I was about 13. I don't drink much either. Maybe a glass of wine now and again.

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Eyes :: Vision Is 20% Now - Retinal Detachment

My friend had retinal detachment after a hand stroke a year ago. First, his sight was 70%, then it came to 5%. few days ago now he had operation, and his vision is 20% now. Please, what are the methods for regenerating the photoreceptors and can something be done after such a long time?

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Eye Care :: Silicon Oil - Retinal Detachment Surgery

my mother's age is 42, she had phacoemulsification last 5 years ago one right eye. on 15th January 2016 suddenly got whiteness in eye during cooking, after checkup from ophthalmologist he told the retina detached, we had a retina surgery using silicon oil but unfortunately the some amount of oil came out in inferior, that was removed after a month during the month she can see only 1 meter distance, when doctor dripped out silicon the cornea was swelled and once again another surgery was done after 7 days, now she can not see anything except a light is blinking in right corner of eye and sometime a blue sky color in eye, there is no different in eyes are open or closed. Is this possible that she can see again we are very upset because another eye is already dead since last 10 years. Or is there any possibility that we can change retina.

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Dark Area After Retinal Detachment Surgery With Silicon Oil

I have my 1st retinal detachment surgery 3 month ago with Scleral buckle and inject gas in my left eye. After the surgery sometime i see a dark spot on the upper right corner, which usually comes and goes. One time it appear and didn't go away but the dark area grow bigger and it has detach again (2 month after the 1st surgery) and i have my 2nd surgery 3 weeks ago with vitrectomy and silicone oil inject.

A couple of days ago i notice a dark spot (on and off) on the upper right corner of my left eye (same spot that the retinal re-detach).

2 days ago a notice a big dark area (2/5 of the vision field) on the upper center of my vision field. Sometime it was so dark i couldn't see my finger when i move it up to this area. But with outside day light i am able to see through a little bit (but still darker than other area).

I went to see my doctor immediately and he said the retinal look flat and alright in that dark area. He said there is a spot where the retina isn't completely re-attached yet but it is in the lower left side corner. I went to see another doctor and he said the same thing. And they all said the oil is clear.

But i haven't check with ultrasound yet.

I am still worry sick. Is it possible for the retinal to re-detach again with silicon oil still inside?

It is possible for the retinal to re-detach but Ophthalmoscopy doesn't pick it up?

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Bruising/broken Blood Vessels Of Fingers - Also Central Retinal Vein Occlusion

I have had blood tests to investigate the central retinal vein occlusion I had in September. Apparently the tests were okay - slightly raised in one area but not bad enough for the haematologist to get back to me, when my eye consultant asked for advice. I commented that I. Bruise easily but my consultant said the raised level would indicate the opposite.  The CRVO was caused by haemorrhaging in the eye.  I quite often get bruising/broken blood vessels in my fingers - got one today on the middle section of my ring finger, by applying my handbrake! Does this make sense to anybody? I'm fed up of explaining this to the various medics I see, who just look at me with a bemused expression!  Am I going mad here??

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Eye Care :: Retinal Tear/ Pvd With A Mass Of Dark Floaters/ Cobwebs/ Weiss Ring In My Visual Axis

I am now over a year from retinal tear/ pvd with a mass of dark floaters/ cobwebs/ Weiss ring in my visual axis.constantly blurring my vision. Makes everything a struggle and exhausting. My ophthalmologist agrees they are extreme and is willing to do a vitrectomy - I am so tempted to get this done, but at the same time very apprehensive. Would love to hear any thoughts.

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Ocular Rosacea - Any OTC Drops?

I have rosacea and now have been told I have ocular rosacea.  Also have allergies particularly affecting my eyes.  Anyone else have this?  Use cream on face but eyes are bothersome.  Not sure what drops to use .  My Dr has prescribed Pataday but they are not covered by insurance so would like to try otc drops if I can find ones that help.

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Tension Headache Or An Ocular Migraine?

In my jaw, it can sometimes be painful which seems to trigger neck pain and a headache that covers specifically the right side of my neck, the upper right-middle part of my head, and pressure on the right side of my face behind and under my right eye. My vision then goes blurry/hazy. On a side note, sometimes my jaw on the ride side makes a crackling noise when I open it slowly and focus on the area.

My symptoms started about 4 years ago when I woke up one morning to find that the vision in my right eye was blurred. The symptom would occur at random, day and night. I've seen multiple optometrists, an ophthalmologist, a general physician and a neurologist and no would has found anything wrong as of yet. I have found a few things though. (posting more below as i've run out of characters)

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Ocular Migraine? Zigzag Circles

Each day for the past three days I experienced a little disturbance in the middle of my vision which developed into a jagged zig-zaggy circle that eventually extended outwards and within 30 minutes it had disappeared.

I had something like this a couple of times in the past and the optometrist said "ocular migraine" and there was nothing to do for it but to let it pass and if I was driving just pull over.

So, for the past three days in a row I have gotten one of these all of a sudden. The visual disturbance goes away with 30 minutes, but now I get a headache afterwards. It is not a nauseating, leave work, drop everything type of headache, but it still thumps and on each time it was thumping in a different location on my head. It lasts about 3-4 hours, although last night it was longer. I still have a "heavy head" today but no flashes of light so far.

I have been researching and do you think I may have (rather than a ocular migraine), a classic migraine with aura? That may be stretching it. I am at a loss.

I can't get in to see a doctor for 5 weeks and my ophthalmologist is not available either. My only choice is the ER to hope they have an eye doctor on call. A general doctor won't even touch this here.

Please, I'm getting desperate and scared. What do you think it could be? By the way I forgot to mention , the lights I see are in both eyes, not just one.

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Eye Care :: Ocular Pressure In BOTH My Eyes Is 19?

I am a healthy 52 year old man and just had my annual eye exam. The ocular pressure in BOTH my eyes is 19. I know the range is 10-21, but 19 is on the
high side of the range. Should I even be remotely concerned?

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Ocular Migraine :: How Frequently Does It Occur?

Is anyone else experiencing ocular migraines and how frequently do they occur? My eye doctor wants me to have an MRI and my medical doctor prescribed propranolol.

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Eye Care :: Ocular Hypertension Symptoms

A year or so ago it got picked up via an eye test and then in referral to hospital that i have ocular hypertension. And was given some Latanoprost eye drops.

The only reason I went opticians was because of headaches and eyes hurting.

Im due to go back to the consultant in December. For the majority of the time I suffer with headaches, with an almost tired/drained feeling and my eyes are either tight or dry. I put the drops in just because I go to sleep, when i wake up, my eyes are so dry and blinking doesn't help, I do have some moisturizing eyes drops.

I thought there were no symptoms of ocular hypertension? Are the headaches due to the eye issues? i work in an office with a computer, spreadsheets, numbers etc and I struggle most days. My problems usually aren't as bad at home, however it can takes weeks before I have no headaches and then they are back quickly.

I don't know what to do, It stresses me out if works making my condition worse, then I can't stand to be stuck in the office all day and be in pain, then i'm annoyed and unhappy before I go back to work knowing its a vicious circle

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Prognosis For Blepharitis And Ocular Rosacea

I was diagnosed with ocular rosacea and rosacea type 1 last week and have just started antibiotics. I've never had either before. I have no idea how long it's going to take to improve but I wondered if someone who is further along the track could tell me. Does the ocular difficulty come in bursts and go, or is it persistent until it goes. Also, if it goes do you wear eye makeup (girls?)or are those days over for me?

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Myositis :: Orbital Pseudotumor/ocular

I am absolutely discouraged, and distraught, with the progression of my disease. I was diagnosed with orbital pseudotumor/myositis in November 2012 at the age of 42. I have been on a high dose steroid since, had several surgeries, have seen physicians at Bascom Palmer in Miami and Mayo Clinic in Rochester. I have been on CellCept, methotrexate, Humira, Enbrel, Remicade, Rituxan, and have just completed 6 months of chemotherapy. I underwent radiation, retro and peribulbar steroid injections as well as steroid infusion. I lost my job and I'm unable to work. I also lost my license to drive, and now receive services through the division of blind services.

I am at a loss for words as to why this disease cannot be controlled, or cured.

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Prolonged Vision Loss After Ocular Migraine

This is just a post to ease some peoples worries as i was very worried when this happened to me. I'm male 23 and i've been having ocular migraine on and off since i was about 15. normally i just got the usual aura in my right eye which went after about an hour and then i just got a long dull headache, not that painful, just making me feel run down and tired. But my most recent migraine was different: had the aura, then the headache, but i was left with a small shimmer across my right eye which would not got away! waited a few days, then went the optician who said there was nothing visibly wrong with my eye. i then went to my gp who told be to go to eye casualty as soon as poss, which scared me a lot! went to eye casualty and was again told there was nothing wrong with my eye and they did not know what it could be but it was too early for a brain scan and they hoped it would go away or i may have to live with it! basically i was fobbed off. this was now a week in and my eye still had this annoying shimmer across it. so i decided to wait another week. after two weeks in it eventually began to fade and now after 3 weeks in my site is back to normal. So if this happens to you, don't worry, it can happen and although it is not the norm for ocular migraines it is obviously some sort of side effect. hope this helps others to ease their worries and not to think the worst all the time like me!

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Ocular Hypertension Or Glaucoma? Pressure In Eyes

Recently (sunday) i was very angry which probably caused high blood pressure (though i don't have blood pressure originally but i stress out A LOT). After a while, i started feeling slight pressure in my left eye and it is there since then. There are times when it isn't there that much and others when the feeling is there. Today after about a week...i still have that feeling. What could it be...is it just due to hypertension?

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