Gabapentin :: Side Effects - Fluttering In My Chest

Sep 30, 2010

For over a year now I have been suffering with severe back pain, some days worse than others, recently it has been hard to get through the day, I am on tramadol and an anti inflammatory tablet - recently my Doctor put me on gabapentin, within minutes I had a headache and cough - within hours I started to suffer from "fluttering" in my chest - having only taken a few tablets I decided I would rather put up with the back pain than the side effects - has anyone else had any of the same problems.

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Gabapentin With Morphine - Side Effects?

I've been having lower back pain for over a year nearly after a rear end shunt. I was told I had a slipped disc only for the MRI to show it's clear. I don't trust MRI scans though as it was clear when they scanned my knee but upon operation, the cartilage was shredded! 

Anyway, i've been on morphine for pain relief for 2 1/2 months now. The GP has now put me on Gabapentin on top of the morphine. Will there be any side effects which are common I should watch out for?

the GP has basically given up solving my back pain. Kind of sucks really as I'm only 28 and he told me to live with it! I'm hoping when my solicitor gets me seen by a consultant he will forward me to a specialist to solve it!

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Gabapentin Side Effects?

I have been on Gabapentin for 6 months. I was taking 300 mg only once at night for one month and then 400 mg for the other 5 months. weaned off  would drop it 100 mg every 3 weeks. with no withdrawals. maybe a little headache here or there. tiredness. I am now down to 100 mg every other day   by the end of this week I will be completely off of it. Can you get withdrawals at this point?  I can't even explain how I feel. Like I'm in another world. another orbit. getting headaches. my head feels like it swells I know this sounds crazy! I am still on depakote 500 mg at night. Does anyone know anything about this?  Almost feels like I have a virus but I don't. my legs even hurt. Taking this med for migraines associated with vertigo.. Although that's what they say. I will get maybe 0 to 5 minutes several times a day where I say to myself thank God its passing...

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Gabapentin :: Side Effects To Sudden Stopping?

Are there any side-effects to sudden stopping of Gabapentin?  I thought I had a months supply left but took the last one last night.  My GP doesn't work Wednesdays.  I take 300mg nightly for neuropathic neck pain & have noticed they no longer work very well now.  Any ideas?  

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Fibromyalgia :: Gabapentin - Anyone Experience? Side Effects?

Has anyone of you used this drug for symptoms of fibro? If so did it help? I read weight gain can be a side effect.

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Disc Prolapse :: Gabapentin Side Effects?

Just read your reply on the Gabapentin, how long did the side effects take to come out. Was the operation you had very painful and how long in all did you have to wait, I find trying to get up in the morning the worst , takes about 35 mins to be able to get out of bed then about 2 hours to be able to walk properly without the spasms.

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Lupus :: Gabapentin - Weird Side Effects

Right now I'm being treated with gabapentin during this process(not diagnosed yet), but I'm having weird side effects. I was told it would make me sleepier, sleep better (although I already slept like a rock for 10-18hrs day), and help with pain.

I can say, it did help with fatigue - too much so. I went from sleeping a minimum of 10 hrs + naps to sleeping 4-5hrs. I wasn't sleepy during the day but my body would crash and get emotionally/physically exhausted, but unable to fall asleep. When Id finally sleep, I think I slept OK but it wasn't as deep as I'm used to.

It did not help with pain at all, in fact my pain has been slowly increasing since starting it.

My rheum's only suggestion was to increase to 800 mg, which worsened the sleep issue more. I started flaring again Jan 1, may be partially due to lack of sleep. But it was like a bus hit me again. Actually, the flare might have started before as I was having hair loss christmas week - scalps getting pretty thin from temples to the nape of my neck.

I am so frustrated by this med, I stopped taking it for a couple days. Now I'm immediately back to being tired a lot and wanting to sleep (and able to sleep) 10+ hours. Is there no middle ground? Would anyone have any suggestions here of what to ask rheumatologist?

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Migraine :: Gabapentin - Side Effects Long Term?

My husband has been suffering with unbearable headaches for 15 years. Over the last few months they have become so much worse to the point that he is in a ball, crying in pain, he can't see, can't walk, he was ranting during one attack that he was going to take all of the tablets he could find. He has no memory of saying these things when the headache has eased. He tells me the headache is there constantly but gets worse really quickly. He usually wakes up with the headache although they sometimes come on during the day. They are usually at the sides of his head above his eyes but swaps sides and sometimes goes down his neck. He gets them everyday for a week then has a few days to a week then they start again. He has had a number of GPs all of which have said he doesn't need to be referred to a specialist it is migraines as if it was anything 'serious' we'd have known by now ie nOt a brain tumour. He has had many preventative medicines but none have helped. His latest GP has prescribed gabapentin which was prior to his last and worst attack so far. When we explained what happened she merely raised the dosage and gave imigran for pain relief. I just wondered if anyone has been prescribed gabapentin long term for migraines and if there are any long term side effects as I've heard there are a number namely vitamin B 12 deficiency, pulmonary problems, long and short term memory loss.

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Gabapentin :: Depression / Suicidal Thoughts - Side Effects?

My doctor wants me to take Gabapentin for some disc fragments giving me pain in my back. I'm worried because the side effects say that the side effects are depression or suicidal thoughts. Has anyone ever had these type of side effects or problems in general with this drug? Did it help them with their back pain!

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Vertigo / Dizziness :: Gabapentin - Horrible Side Effects

I was down to 100mg every other day and then OMG felt horrible  headaches and dizziness. finally called doctor after 6 days taking 100 mg everyday. Now I just feel horrible my head is in spins....

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Gabapentin :: For Sleep Disorder - Withdrawal And Side Effects?

My doctor just put me on this today, to help me sleep...I haven't taken it yet, as I get scared with taking new meds. Should I take this medicine? Is there major withdrawals, if I forget? And does it actually work? What symptoms r most common? Sorry for so many questions...I'm just a worry wart. I already went through withdrawal symptoms a few months back, b/c I quit Effexor slowly, and switch chef over to Wellbutrin. I had shocks, shakiness, panic, was scary...and I don't want to start a new med that's going to do the same can someone please help me? Thanks.

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Gabapentin :: For Sinus Headaches - Moody And Anxious - Side Effects?

I was prescribed gabapentin by my ent specialist for sinus headaches which i still suffer from after three operations. I have been taking 300mg six times a day for about 18 months and have found that i have become moody, anxious, and find it very difficult to unwind or hold a decent conversation with anyone as my concentration level seems to be next to nothing. Does anyone think this could be the tablets?

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Gabapentin - Vertigo And Memory Loss Side Effects - Trigeminal Neuralgia

I was diagnosed Trigeminal neuralgia last July and MRI has shown a vascular compression of the nerve as it leaves the brain.  My question is, I was prescribed Carbamazepine originally and had an allergic reaction within 3 weeks so was put on Gabapentin. I'm taking 1600 mg a day at present and can go up to 2700mg a day.  My memory seems to be suffering and I get various other side effects such as vertigo.  Recently though my finger tips have been swelling, turning red and painful to touch, the last few days my ankle has double in size and is also red, and I'm getting areas on the soles of my feet that are large marble sized and very painful to walk on.  I asked my pharmacist yesterday if these could be caused by Gabapentin and she said there is a possibility?

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Gabapentin :: Been Off - Chest Still Aches Right Around My Breastbone

Been off Gabby for two months. Most all withdrawal is gone except my chest still aches right around my breastbone.

Anyone else have this?

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Gabapentin :: Potential Long Term Effects?

I have been on Gabapentin on and off for about 7 months (since approx January). I was taking it for chronic pelvic pain, and it worked well, but it made me very emotional and made higher cognitive functions difficult. After 4 months of semi-regular use, I got off it quickly, but kept it around in case of a severe pain flare up. As of now I have gone through 2 "100 capsule" bottles of 100mg pills, so not too much. Never took a higher dosage then 300 mg and never took more than 300 mg in one day. 

I've used it a few times recently (in July, just a few weeks ago) when the pain really flared up, thinking it would only have minimal side effects, but it has resulted in continual severe depression and dark thoughts even though I haven't taken any in two weeks. I took it occasionally because I thought the depression was predominantly from the chronic pain, but now I realize the gabapentin was the root of it. I'm terrified because I know the drug has long since left my system but I can't shake the side effects. Doctors and psychologists won't listen to me. They say I'm just depressed and it isn't the medication, but I'm positive it is. The pain is finally improving, I'm going back to school, and things are looking up. But there is this unshakable aurora that is plaguing me. No matter how hard I distract myself and push through there's this cloud that impairs my ability to emotionally and physical function (feelings of detachment, separation, depression, and some suicidal thoughts). Words come slower, it's harder to focus, memory is very dull. I wasn't concerned within the first few days, but it's been a few weeks now and I'm alarmed that it doesn't seem to be improving.

Do the side effects ever go away... How long does it take and what can catalyze the healing process? Is it possible to incur permanent damage from a low dosage, or does it take months to heal. Can anyone explain the biomechanics behind how gabapentin can affect patients weeks after usage.

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Gabapentin Side Effect? Headache Along With A Mild Flu

Hi all,been put on Neurontin / Gabapentin for a vestibular problem.Just 300mg a day (Built up over three weeks from 100mg to 300mg a day) . Just wondered as i have a side effect i believe as it started around the same time i started the tablets . I have a low level headache along with a mild flu like feeling . Did anyone else have similar?

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Spinal Cord :: Gabapentin - Loss Of Sensation As A Side Effect

Hi, I have been reading this forum for a very long time. I have been on Gabapentin since October 2011. I injured my neck January 2011. Lost the use of my left arm. Had C6-C7 acdf September 2012, fell 3 weeks later due to ataxia that came on after the surgery. X-ray showed everything in place, Cervical MRI showed C5 disk herniated minimally. For the last couple of months I've been losing sensation feeling in my hands sometimes up to my elbows. It goes to one side and the other or both at the same time. My doctor thinks it's a side effect of Gabapentin and my gut says it's not it. Has anyone heard of this side effect? I have not found this loss of sensation as a side effect in my research.

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Chest Pain :: More On The Left Side - Under Breast

chest pain ... more on the left side - under breast. sometimes, and the middle. Pain is sometimes sharp, sometimes just like pressure. hardly other symptoms. This has been on and off for a while ... (8 months or more)

Triggered randomly (usually at night, especially if sleeping late like 4-6am) ...

I'm female, 30, asian, 1.58cm, 48kg. Not exercising. Slightly depressed. History of panic attack.

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Vitamin D Deficiency? Numbness On The Side Of Chest

Just 2 weeks ago, my PCP diagnosed me with a vitamin D deficiency through blood labs. My level was 16.9. I've been on 50,000 units of vitamin D2 for 2 weeks now (once a week) and noticed my sleep has improved some (I also have sleep apnea and high bp).

In the past couple of weeks, I have noticed a strange feeling in the left side of my chest. It feels like numbness and it's about the best way I can describe it. Doesn't really hurt, it is just annoying. It also comes and goes and seems worse in the evening. I do have a low testosterone level as well (200) but didn't think this would be related. I'm becoming concerned about this feeling and it's becoming more frequent and more intense.

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Angina :: Feel Pain Which Is Sometimes At Left Or Mostly At Right Side Of Chest?

Question: Does angina happen during extreme exercise to a healthy man without any heart disease/plaque build-up

Background: While running when i am extremely tired and exhausted(after running for long time)  i feel pain in chest which is sometimes at left or mostly at right side of the chest. the pain goes away as soon as i stop running and doesn't return even if i start running after resting a few minutes. I can't say that it is heart pain as it is mostly at right side of the chest.  
note: The pain does NOT spread to other areas and i am just 16 years old with a healthy weight, active life style and i don't smoke/drink; it all makes any heart disease very unlikely.

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Heavy Right Side Of Head, Chest And Neck Pain

I'm a teen girl, and for about a week I've been getting weird chest and upper back pains and even my neck (like a burning sensation sometimes). Everything in the left side. I went to the doctor and he said that it was costochondritis, but now i've been getting a weird feeling in my head, like a heavy feeling and sometimes headache. I convinced myself that I had a brain tumor because a few months ago a friend if my mom died because of that. I don't know the symptoms of a brain tumor and I'm afraid that if I google them what I have is a part of those symptoms.

I read that it might be because I'm anxious. I am constantly anxious at school and since the chest pains started the only thing that I can think of is that I am going to die. I really need to know if something is wrong with me. I've been to the doctor 3 times this week and he always says the same, but I don't know what to think. My dad told me that I should stop thinking about it but it constantly happens and I can't stop thinking about it.

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