Gallbladder :: HIDA Showed A 35 % Ejection Rate But Symptoms Remain

Mar 11, 2015

I was in the hospital about 4 weeks ago with pancreatitis (I'm not a drinker) and was told it was probably due to my gallbladder. CT scan and ultrasound didn't find any stones or sludge, but my gallbladder wall was thickened. I also have a 9mm enlarged common bile duct. I have had numerous attacks over the couple of years, so my gastro dr. ordered a HIDA scan. Showed a 35 % ejection rate and he doesn't think there's a problem with my gallbladder, but did agree to get me into the surgeon I requested for a second opinion. My mother also had a gallstone that blocked a bile due causing jaundice and had to have her gallbladder removed. He did put me on Creon DR 24000, a pancreatic enzyme today to see if it helps until I see the surgeon.

I have lost over 15 lbs. in the last 4 weeks because I can't eat very much and have no appetite and stay nauseated 90% of the time. I've been on a bland diet during this time as well. I have a constant dull pain under my ribcage that tends to radiate around my back and right shoulder.

I'm very frustrated right now and would appreciate any input from others who might have faced the same diagnosis.

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Gallbladder :: HIDA - 7% Functioning - Needs To Be Taken Out?

I had a HIDA scan today and my gallbladder is functioning at 7%. does that mean i need to have it taken out?

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Gallbladder :: Low Functioning HIDA - 28%

Brief history-Ive had left sided pains for years and acid. Drs suspected pancreas as lipase always a tad elevated but scans normal. Had a hida over a year ago- was slow at 28% but not extreme.

Now I have very soft BM every day, sometimes D-rarely a normal BM. Is this typical of a slow GB (without stones)? Also, I have pretty bad acid issues on and off.

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Gallbladder :: Can Kidney Stones Affect Hida Scan?

I have been having classic gallbladder symptoms for about a month now. The ultrasound was clear, however the hida scan showed 25% rate.

I found out today from result of ct scan that I also have kidney stones. Is it possible that these kidney stones caused my abnormal hida scan or are they two separate issues?

In other words, do I have both gallbladder problem and kidney stones or can the kidney stones do all this?

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Gallbladder :: Showed Temporary Inflammation And Sludge?

Had ultrasound on gall bladder and showed inflammation and sludge..had a second ultrasound a week later and found no inflammation or so called sludge. What can cause this?

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Dental :: Wisdom Tooth Removed But Symptoms Remain

So about 3 days ago I got my wisdom tooth removed. To be honest nothing has changed. I am washing out my mouth with warm salty water every day and eating soft food. I am taking painkillers and they are doing nothing.

It feels like a never ending throbbing pain. The left side of my mouth is completely swollen. It was a impacted wisdom tooth so they really had to dig in to get it. It was also resting right on the nerve. The tip of my tongue still feels numb as well

I have a horrendous taste in my mouth too that oozes from that area too. It's like a sour taste and it makes me feel sick. What is this? No matter how many times I wash my mouth out it doesn't get rid of it

Can somebody who has had this please tell me what to do. Will it get better or worse? I am in so much pain and it feels like everyday is worse and worse.

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Amitriptyline :: Showed The Symptoms Of A Mini Stroke?

Hallo - my husband was taken into hospital a few days ago with a ?heart attack - but that (thank God) was not proven. They said it could be angina. But the next day after having been given Amitriptyline he showed the symptoms of a mini stroke and I couldn't understand what he was saying because of slurred speech. The GP (when he was discharged) said it was highly unlikely to be a stroke and he blamed this drug - as did all the hospital doctors.

This is very odd to me and can I ask whether it could be true? He hadn't been on the drug prior to admission, so I don't know why on earth they gave it to him in hospital.

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What Were Your Gallbladder Symptoms?

I recently had a liver panel (blood work) done and my alk phos (ALP) enzymes came back elevated. I'm scheduled for an ultrasound of the liver and gall bladder for this coming Tuesday.

My question is....what sort of symptoms did any of you have before discovering you had gall stones/gall bladder issues. I have what I call a "pinchy" pain that radiates from my waist up my right side to under the ribs and it's always accompanied by tons of gas!

At first I thought the pain could be muscle related...but now I'm not so sure.

I do not have any other symptoms of gallbladder disease...such as nausea, light colored stool, etc.

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Gallbladder :: Non-functioning And A Lot Of Symptoms

I am a 29 year old male and about two years ago I started getting this burning pain in my upper right abdomen. I figured it was nothing and just ignored it. Around that same period I had an episode one night (on a day where I started trying a detox eating only carrots and cellery....yes kinda strange I know) where I felt like I was having a heart attack and ended up going to the emergency room. It ended up being "nothing" and I just changed my diet and I didn't experience that pain much afterwards.

Recently, the pain returned along with other symptoms so I went to the doctor to get it checked. Long story short the results came back showing non-functioning gallbladder but no gallstones. The doctor said my gallbladder may be inflamed and it might be having spasms. I have another appointment to get my stomach checked for anything else, I want to be absolutely sure before I make a decision to get my gallbladder removed.

Here is a complete list of the symptoms I experience after eating:

1) pain in upper right abdominal after eating fatty foods
2) tightness in chest and stronger/uncomfortable heartbeat after eating carbs+fat
3) sensitivity to carbs and feeling like my blood sugars get really high fast (get light headed very easily) even though my blood sugar test seem fine
4) sometimes feeling like there is a rock in my stomach after eating that last for 4 to 5 hours

I would like to ask a few questions, hope it isn't to much:

1) Would I benefit from a liver+gallbladder detox given that my scan showed no stones? I heard the stones can exist inside the liver?
2) Can someone with gallbladder issues feel like they're have blood sugar issues when in reality their blood sugars are fine? and does this go away with surgery?
3) what are the odd that all my problems go away if I remove my gallbladder?
4) any other suggestions for someone in my circumstances?

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Gallbladder :: Typical Symptoms?

A couple of weeks ago, after experiencing right flank discomfort for a week or so, I went to my primary care physician who suspected kidney stones and referred me to a urologist.  The urologist didn't seem overly concerned and doubted he would see anything on my CT, which is scheduled for next week. THe blood test and urinalysis my physician ran were all normal, together with blood pressure, etc.

Since I first went to the doctor, my symptoms have changed, whereas now:

-- My pain, a dull ache, really,  is primarily under my right rib cage, just below the final rib

-- occasional burning sensation in the same area and more toward the center/left of my ribs

-- occasional, more stabbing-like pain in various areas of my back, both right and left side, as far up as between the shoulder blades

-- some fatigue -- consistently falling asleep in front of the TV in the early evening.  Pretty new behavior for me

-- Occasional mild nausea (no vomiting)

-- an occasional very loud intestinal gurgling

Do these sound like gallbladder symptoms?  I;m wondering because I don't have any of the urinary issues that seem so common and no diarrhea/constipation, etc., No jaundice, etc., though I think I'm more burp-y and gassy lately.  What do you think?

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Bell's Palsy :: Will Remain Permanent?

over two years and i still have bells palsy.could this be a sign that it will remain permanent? am scared because most people get well in a matter of months and mine has been so long.

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Heart Disease :: Ejection Fraction Is Calculated To Be 56%

I was diagnosed with an mild fixed perfusion at the cardiac apex wall near the apex and a infarct involving the apex and anterior wall near apex and my left ventricular ejection fraction is calculated to be 56%. My question is what does this mean in laymen terms and what medication,  treatments or diet may help this condition?

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Heart :: Stress Test - Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Of 51%

Heart: NM Myocardial Perfusion Rest Stress Test results?

Findings: Mild Wall hypokinesis perfusion defects are identified in lateral wall, inferior wall and septal wall the calculated left ventricular ejection fraction of 51%

What does this mean normal not to worry or exactly what?

Have irregular heart beat and palpitations for 15 years that I know of..

They think I had a svt attack about 3 weeks ago prompting this test. My heart rate shot over 20 bmp and i could not breath and stayed above 160 for over an hour.

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Heart Disease :: Stress Test - Ejection Fraction Of 72% - No Ischemic Changes

Hi, new to MedHelp.  I just got my results on a patient portal from a stress test that I just had done a few days ago.  I don't see my doctor for 2 weeks, but my anxiety just makes me want to know what is going on.  Does anyone know how to interpret these results?  Thank you for any input you can give.


Patient was pharmacologically stressed with adenosine at a
     dose of 48 milligrams. No chest pain occurred during stress. A maximal
     heart rate of 108 beats per minute was achieved.

     Injections of 10 mCi and 30 mCi of technetium 99m Sestamibi were given
     for rest and stress imaging, respectively.

     SPECT images after each injection show normal size left ventricle. No
     fixed or reversible perfusion abnormalities were present. Ejection
     fraction was calculated at  72%. No wall motion abnormality.

     IMPRESSION:    No ischemic changes with pharmacologic stress. Ejection
     fraction of 72%. No wall motion abnormality.

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Measuring Ejection Fraction - Echocardiography Or Nuclear Stress Test?

Diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy, had an echocardiogram and my ejection fraction was 25, had a nuclear stress test and it was 38, which is a more reliable test? Dr said sometimes you see a difference in numbers but rarely this much of a difference.

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Colonoscopy? After HIDA, Upper Endoscopy, Enterography And Pelvic Ultrasound

Long story shot. On October 11th I woke up and thought I had some sort of stomach bug.  I was more nauseous then I have ever been in my life. This continued on for months. I was vomiting a few times a week through till the end of December. I have since been on an upswing and feeling much better still have days were I don't feel great and I never feel quite normal, but I'm eating again and I'm about to get out of bed.

My GI set me up to do a Colonoscopy tomorrow. She wanted to rule out Crohns, but I have none of the typical symptoms of crohns. After doing some extensive research it really seemed unnecessary and, although the risk is very low, could possibly do more harm then good.  I can't take antibiotics so even getting something simple to treat like C-diff, a UTI, or yeast infection would not be an easy fix. She wanted me to do an MR Enterography IF the colonoscopy came back clear, but for some reason the nurse scheduled it for last Monday, the results for my stomach, small bowel and colon, "appear unremarkable."  And "There is no abnormal bowel wall enhancement, thickening or evidence of bowel obstruction."

I have also had a bunch of other testing done for this:  
Gallbladder ultrasound
HIDA scan
Upper endoscopy
CT scan with IV contrast
MR Enterography with oral and IV contrast
A LOT of blood work and repeated blood work
Urinalysis multiple times.
Extensive stool analysis for blood, bacteria, parasites, yeast, beneficial bacteria etc...
Pelvic ultra sound
STI testing
Pap smear
I feel like doing the colonoscopy won't show anything and I want to know what you guys think.  And what other avenues I might consider perusing?  I have an appointment with an OB/Gyn on the 31st just to see if she has anything to add.  I will talk to my GI when I get a chance and she can better explain to me why she thinks the benefits out weigh the risk.

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Asthma :: Xray, CT Scan, Allergy, Blood Test, All Normal But Chest Problems Still Remain

I am a 21 year old female. I've been relatively healthy all my life except for being diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 15 and put on a continuous birth control. I do not smoke. Four month ago, right after I got back from my honeymoon, I started getting very tired and feeling super weak. I figured it was just because Carnival treated us so good and made me lazy! lol. However, this tiredness lasted for a week or more after we got back. So I took multiple pregnancy test and they all came back negative. Then I started experiencing trouble when I would walk up stairs or walk to the mailbox because my chest would hurt, I couldn't breath, and I would get dizzy and black out for a few seconds. However, I would never experience wheezing. Well I went to the doctor anyways because these symptoms were something I've never experienced before. The doctor did a chest x-ray, in office pregnancy test (came back negative) and blood test which came back normal. So the doctor came back and said I had asthma and sent me to a specialist. The specialist did a pft and determined that I had the lung function of emphysema because I showed definite signs of air trapping along with a spirometry which showed moderate obstruction. So they did a Alpha 1 test. That test came back negative. Therefore, they said they were still going to treat me as an asthma patient. I also went to an allergist who confirmed that I am not allergic to anything. I just don't know if I believe that I have asthma when these symptoms came on so sudden and when I've never had these issues before. Also, the symptoms have just gotten worse over these past four months. My breathing issues now happen even when I'm just talking to someone or lying down. The chest pain is associated on just one side, mainly all near my left breast. It is a sharp pain that on some days stay all day long and some days comes and goes to the point of crying out from the sudden pain. Additionally, Ive never had an asthma attack nor wheezing. The other day I had to miss school because I was experiencing nausea, nosebleeding, and chest pain. When I called the specialist they told me it wasn't a lung problem according to those current symptoms and sent me back to my physician. They physician did more blood work including a d-dimer, iron/anemia check, and did a ct scan which all came back normal. I am starting to get very frustrated because I don't understand why all this came on so sudden and why I'm having these issues when I don't smoke and I've never had these issues or family history before. Anyone have any suggestions I could mention to my doctor to check into? I'm so tired of spending all this money, even with insurance with no answer.

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Gallbladder :: Remove The Polyps Without Removing Gallbladder?

I have been diagnosed with multiple polyps in my gallbladder recently. They are all small except one with less than 5mm. I have a symptom recently with pain. My doctor has suggested to remove my gallbladder. But I am wondering if there are any surgery or technique that can take out the polyps without removing the gallbladder or get the polyps for biopsy test to see it is malignant? I really hope to keep my gallbladder as it is a part of body that god created. 


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X-ray Showed An Enlarged Heart

Tonight I went to the urgent care clinic because my asthma was really acting up, doctor thought it may be pneumonia, so he had my chest x-rayed. They found that I don't have pneumonia, but they did notice that my heart was enlarged. I now have an appointment with my regular doctor on Tuesday who will probably send me to a cardiologist for tests. I am 28 years old, trying to lose weight, and I am afraid I am going to die young. I can't shake the anxiety off. I am freaked out that doing any slight exercise is going to send me into cardiac arrest. I didn't mention the findings to my husband because I don't want him to be worried if it is nothing. I am just really scared and I don't know what to do or what to expect.

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CT Scan Showed I Had Mild Prostatitis

In short, I (27) was diagnosed with bladder neck stenosis and underwent BNI surgery 4 months ago. I was unable to pee at all. My urinary symptoms are much improved and although my flow rate is still on the low side (15ml/sec), I can fully empty my bladder.

I was in the hospital for a week before doctors diagnosed the reason for my urinary retention. A CT scan showed I had mild prostatitis.

Now I feel I have recovered somewhat but about 2.5 weeks ago, pain associated with prostatitis returned. I went to a Urologist who told me to get a few tests done: CBC, Urine DR, bladder PVR and uroflowmetry. He also prescribed 10 days of antibiotics. The tests seem to be normal with the exception of 4-6 pus cells in my urine. I have not returned to the doctor since.

The pain went away in about a week but has returned. No fever, just a mild constant pain in by upper buttocks area which gets better in the morning. I also have occasional burning pain between my scrotum and anus. My penis feels sore as if I just ejaculated. Occasionally there is sharp pain in the shaft of my penis. I am also experiencing frequent nocturnal emissions. My libido is almost non-existent but when I try I am able to achieve a decent erection.

I have had these symptoms on and off for a few years but although annoying, I did nothing. My GP just tells me to take painkillers. I have read about the kinds of prostatitis and nobody has been able to tell me what exactly is wrong. I have taken 4 rounds of antibiotics (7-10 days) in the last 4 months. It may be of bacterial origin; I was diagnosed with epididymitis 6 months ago with prostatitis symptoms and it cleared up with Cipro.

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Cervical Rib Syndrome :: MRI Showed Bilateral Ribs

7 years ago i woke with tremendous pain in my neck. Took 5 years and many doctors before first MRI. MRI showed bilateral cervical ribs. Tests were performed which suggested TOS. From 1 specialist to the next, I have now been told to basically go home and live in pain. They won't perform the surgery because they told me 60% of patients are worse off. Have to live in this horrible pain forever. Lost in the system

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