Gallbladder :: Non-functioning And A Lot Of Symptoms

Mar 16, 2016

I am a 29 year old male and about two years ago I started getting this burning pain in my upper right abdomen. I figured it was nothing and just ignored it. Around that same period I had an episode one night (on a day where I started trying a detox eating only carrots and cellery....yes kinda strange I know) where I felt like I was having a heart attack and ended up going to the emergency room. It ended up being "nothing" and I just changed my diet and I didn't experience that pain much afterwards.

Recently, the pain returned along with other symptoms so I went to the doctor to get it checked. Long story short the results came back showing non-functioning gallbladder but no gallstones. The doctor said my gallbladder may be inflamed and it might be having spasms. I have another appointment to get my stomach checked for anything else, I want to be absolutely sure before I make a decision to get my gallbladder removed.

Here is a complete list of the symptoms I experience after eating:

1) pain in upper right abdominal after eating fatty foods
2) tightness in chest and stronger/uncomfortable heartbeat after eating carbs+fat
3) sensitivity to carbs and feeling like my blood sugars get really high fast (get light headed very easily) even though my blood sugar test seem fine
4) sometimes feeling like there is a rock in my stomach after eating that last for 4 to 5 hours

I would like to ask a few questions, hope it isn't to much:

1) Would I benefit from a liver+gallbladder detox given that my scan showed no stones? I heard the stones can exist inside the liver?
2) Can someone with gallbladder issues feel like they're have blood sugar issues when in reality their blood sugars are fine? and does this go away with surgery?
3) what are the odd that all my problems go away if I remove my gallbladder?
4) any other suggestions for someone in my circumstances?

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Gallbladder :: HIDA - 7% Functioning - Needs To Be Taken Out?

I had a HIDA scan today and my gallbladder is functioning at 7%. does that mean i need to have it taken out?

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Gallbladder :: Low Functioning HIDA - 28%

Brief history-Ive had left sided pains for years and acid. Drs suspected pancreas as lipase always a tad elevated but scans normal. Had a hida over a year ago- was slow at 28% but not extreme.

Now I have very soft BM every day, sometimes D-rarely a normal BM. Is this typical of a slow GB (without stones)? Also, I have pretty bad acid issues on and off.

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MRI Scan Show Up A Non Functioning Gallbladder?

I have been having pain in my upper right abdomen for about 4 months. It can be extremely painful contraction like spasms, lasting from 2 hrs to 10 hrs.

​I have had blood tests that have shown liver function issues. I have had an ultrasound that showed a contracted non functioning gall bladder.

​I have recently had an MRI scan that was normal according to my GP, I was given this as the consultant felt I may have a blocked duct that was causing the liver function abnormalities?? I am still waiting to see the consultant regarding the scan results.

​Daily I have sharp twinges just under my ribs on the right side which lets me know something is still going on.

​Can a gallbladder start to function again? Would an MRI scan show up a non functioning gall bladder?

​I am confused and surprised that the mri results have not backed u the other results. I cant get to see the consultant for another 3 weeks!

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Gallbladder :: Removed, Body Is Not Functioning As Normal

It has been 4 weeks since my gallbladder surgery,. I am light headed, unable to feel when I am hungry, cannot have a normal bowel movement without taking a laxative, gas pains that knock me to my knees, despite drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water I feel constant thirst and I eat a healthy diet. Lastly, I have painful episodes that feel like gallstone attacks.  My lab work is great, CAT and X-rays, nothing. I am taking pills for acid reflux.

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What Were Your Gallbladder Symptoms?

I recently had a liver panel (blood work) done and my alk phos (ALP) enzymes came back elevated. I'm scheduled for an ultrasound of the liver and gall bladder for this coming Tuesday.

My question is....what sort of symptoms did any of you have before discovering you had gall stones/gall bladder issues. I have what I call a "pinchy" pain that radiates from my waist up my right side to under the ribs and it's always accompanied by tons of gas!

At first I thought the pain could be muscle related...but now I'm not so sure.

I do not have any other symptoms of gallbladder disease...such as nausea, light colored stool, etc.

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Gallbladder :: Typical Symptoms?

A couple of weeks ago, after experiencing right flank discomfort for a week or so, I went to my primary care physician who suspected kidney stones and referred me to a urologist.  The urologist didn't seem overly concerned and doubted he would see anything on my CT, which is scheduled for next week. THe blood test and urinalysis my physician ran were all normal, together with blood pressure, etc.

Since I first went to the doctor, my symptoms have changed, whereas now:

-- My pain, a dull ache, really,  is primarily under my right rib cage, just below the final rib

-- occasional burning sensation in the same area and more toward the center/left of my ribs

-- occasional, more stabbing-like pain in various areas of my back, both right and left side, as far up as between the shoulder blades

-- some fatigue -- consistently falling asleep in front of the TV in the early evening.  Pretty new behavior for me

-- Occasional mild nausea (no vomiting)

-- an occasional very loud intestinal gurgling

Do these sound like gallbladder symptoms?  I;m wondering because I don't have any of the urinary issues that seem so common and no diarrhea/constipation, etc., No jaundice, etc., though I think I'm more burp-y and gassy lately.  What do you think?

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Gallbladder :: HIDA Showed A 35 % Ejection Rate But Symptoms Remain

I was in the hospital about 4 weeks ago with pancreatitis (I'm not a drinker) and was told it was probably due to my gallbladder. CT scan and ultrasound didn't find any stones or sludge, but my gallbladder wall was thickened. I also have a 9mm enlarged common bile duct. I have had numerous attacks over the couple of years, so my gastro dr. ordered a HIDA scan. Showed a 35 % ejection rate and he doesn't think there's a problem with my gallbladder, but did agree to get me into the surgeon I requested for a second opinion. My mother also had a gallstone that blocked a bile due causing jaundice and had to have her gallbladder removed. He did put me on Creon DR 24000, a pancreatic enzyme today to see if it helps until I see the surgeon.

I have lost over 15 lbs. in the last 4 weeks because I can't eat very much and have no appetite and stay nauseated 90% of the time. I've been on a bland diet during this time as well. I have a constant dull pain under my ribcage that tends to radiate around my back and right shoulder.

I'm very frustrated right now and would appreciate any input from others who might have faced the same diagnosis.

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Gallbladder :: Remove The Polyps Without Removing Gallbladder?

I have been diagnosed with multiple polyps in my gallbladder recently. They are all small except one with less than 5mm. I have a symptom recently with pain. My doctor has suggested to remove my gallbladder. But I am wondering if there are any surgery or technique that can take out the polyps without removing the gallbladder or get the polyps for biopsy test to see it is malignant? I really hope to keep my gallbladder as it is a part of body that god created. 


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Kidney Isn't Functioning Properly

So a year ago i developed excruciating right flank pain,which would leave me in tears and vomiting.

went to see gp and after many tests discovered the tube coming from right kidney to bladder was damaged. isotope test showed left kidney at 60% and right kidney at 34%. had an op in november.isotope test repeated last week.results show surgery successful ,left kidney still 60% but right now 30%. there is no explanation as to why and now im waiting to see what my gp wants to do next. obviously i've googled this and so any advice going forward if im just going to be monitored what should i be doing to help myself?

im female 36yrs old,no other medical conditions.well within my bmi etc.

i dont want to lose any more function of my kidney. thanks

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4 Years Old - Low Functioning Nonverbal Autism

my grandson is 4 years old and has been diagnosed for 2 years now with low functioning nonverbal autism, times can be hard but also very rewarding we are lucky he loves his kissed and cuddles but on his terms lol , the meltdowns can be mild but also very severe especially when it comes to cutting his hair , we are unable to put scissors near him for fear he will get hurt so we use clippers it is torture to see him in such a state , has anyone got any tips of how best to get this done without having to use so much force and upset on him any tips will be welcome

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Life Span Of Kidneys Functioning At 50%

I just found out about my dad's kidney problem, apparently they are only functioning at 50%. He sees his kidney doctor every year to monitor the problem.

He's otherwise pretty healthy, so, my question is: will he be able to live a long life? What would his lifespan be with his kidneys functioning at 50%?

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Left Atrophic Kidney Is Not Functioning

Just had tests and found out only one of my kidneys is functioning, I also have blood in my urine. Just wanting to ask if I should be feeling so tired and drained. As far as I know the other kidney is ok dont know for sure until I see the urologist but the doctor who done my cystoscopy (which she said was fine)  looked at results from scan and told me the left atrophic kidney is not functioning at all the right one is fine. So why am I feeling so tired. Has anyone else had a similar experience and also she said I could have been born with it?? With what? A small kidney or a non functioning kidney?

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PreDiabetes :: Could Pancreas Quit Functioning Normally ?

I am a 41 yr old, thin, 95 lbs female. At age 19 had car wreck/ distal pancreatectomy with splenectomy. My A1C came back 5.7 pre diabetes. My question is how likely after 22 years could my pancreas quit functioning normally and I become diabetic. Would it be type 1 or type 2? I also have neuropathy in my feet.

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Functioning Alcoholic And Then Came The Morning Drink

Some days I read this page and I these people are drinking and they are functioning!  I can drink and function anymore.  I become a statue on the couch with the beer not very far from me and at least 2 packs of cigs.

I used to be able to function when I was drinking when I was younger...but what I believe happened to ME...was I discovered the "morning" drink about 15 years ago.

​About 15 years ago...after a family cookout...I felt soooo sick from drinking all day the day before....I was probably on line and learned about the "hair of the dog".  And I drove back to my brother in laws house...and raided the beer that was left outside in the cooler. 

I started drinking that day..and because I was younger...I felt so much better after the first drink...I kept going and I thought....I had the cure for a hangover!

​I was working back then so only drank at night during the week and didn't have those horrible hangovers in the mornings...but on weekends...I started drinking in the a.m. if I had drank too much on a Friday night to cure the blurry vision, the awful taste in mouth, that dragging feeling.

​This pattern led me to drinking continuously all weekend from morning to night...and that is when my alcoholism took a serious turn for the worst.

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Bladder Not Functioning At All After Kidney Stone Removal

My husband had a kidney stone removed November 2015. It was extremely large and dense. The surgeon was only able to blast 1/2 of stone, and a second procedure was scheduled. In the interim, his bladder stopped working. We are not sure if it was a pre-existing condition due to his Type 2 Diabetes. He is 6'1 and currently weighing 165. He is not a heavy man, and his Diabetes diagnose was only discovered from a Life Insurance test. He has had it for 15 years. After an stone attack in July, he knew it was time to finally attend to this stone. His urologist had been telling him for a very long time that he had an enlarged prostate and was also retaining urine after he emptied his bladder. As I said, he was told these issues, but life was "too busy" for him to take care of it. 

Subsequently after the attack, he sought a second opinion. This new surgeon (very prestigious surgeon) told me husband his prostate was not enlarged. "Music to his ears!" after years of being told it was, even though he had all the symptoms of enlarged prostate. You tell a man that, there's no looking back. He also did an ultrasound at initial consultation, and he said his bladder was empty. That was it!! Surgery was scheduled. I'm not even sure if they read his records that were sent over from his previous urologist. Seventy-seven days later, my husband has been catheterized. The second 1/2 of stone was removed, the stent removed, and he spent two days in hospital recovering after second surgery and experiencing extreme pain with bladder spasms. He has had the bladder test, and nothing. We have removed catheter weekly, wait, and then the pain is so severe, he needs to be catheterized immediately. Last time his bladder had 1400cc from 9:00am to 1:00pm. I had to rush him down to Dr.'s office. My husband is 57. He's a young guy still, and I am afraid he will never get full function of his bladder. He will begin self-catheterization next week, and we will be looking into another specialist in the city. He has suffered from spasms, UTI's, weight loss, and I feel helpless.

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Alcohol And Shaking (tremor) - Functioning Alcoholic

I am a mature adult female, I drink heavily. I'm a functioning alcoholic. I do not drink before work or when I have an appointment. But after I'm done for the day I often drink to the point where I cannot remember the next day. I have developed a tremor, that's an easy way of saying it, I shake during the day. Even after I've had nothing to drink for 4 or 5 days it persists. This is something that I noticed with my mother, who was also a functioning alcoholic later on in her life. I noticed it later on in her life. I'd like to know, is this a given for alcoholics or should I be looking for a deeper meaning?

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Substance Abuse :: Functioning Methamphetamine Addict (snorting Only)

While I understand the negative effects of methamphetamine, in general.  I constantly read anything I can get my hands on about the addiction, but I've never found information that is directed toward me.  I am a 47 year old mom, who eats and sleeps regularly, plus I always take my vitamins.  I don't smoke or use meth by injecting, I've only ever snorted it.  I want to be clean, but am terrified of the comedown.  The thought of needing days to sleep it off seems impossible because I need to work in order to stay afloat and keep my family fed.  Most information I've read is for the person who binges, uses it for sex, or abuses it by smoking or injecting.  I'm a functioning addict, and have been for 20 years except for when I was pregnant.  My children are all intelligent beings with no emotional problems.  I'm a productive member of society.  I volunteer at school and I work very hard everyday.  I also have a very dirty little secret and need help to to stop.  Can anyone recommend any type of reading for a situation like this?  

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Cancer :: Swollen Lymph Nodes And Liver Not Functioning

I have had swollen lymph nodes now for around 6 months in my neck head and behind my ears.

My Liver Function is 3 times higher than what it should be and is getting higher every blood test I have.

My spleen is swollen.

Im suffering night sweats and breathing difficulty.

I am suffering severe headaches and my head is swollen all over the shape of it changes weekly with one side swelling or the top swelling etc.

My vision has depleted considerably over the last six months.

I am suffering ear ache because the nodes behind and in front of my ear are pressing against it.

My Doctor sat on this for 5 months saying it must be an infection and it would go down. When two nodes popped up in the top of the back of my head 2 weeks ago he booked me in for a biopsy on the nodes in neck and for some blood test and a x-ray on my chest.

My bloods have just come back and for the first time in the last 6 months the test for glandular fever has come back positive. I am still having a biopsy and my doctor suspects it is not just glandular fever.

I have been reading up on lymphoma and personally think I have lymphoma of the brain. Could anyone give me a second opinion on this I would really really appreciate it. I am 20 year old fairly fit male.

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Birth Control :: Depo In My System Totally Stop Functioning?

I've been off depo for a while, my last shot was Feb this year. My periods have been very irregular infact I have seen it only twice. What are my chances of getting pregnant, can I take the morning after pill if I have sex? When will the depo in my system totally stop functioning.

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Anxiety :: Just Have Physical Symptoms, No Mental Symptoms?

I admit I have had multiple Anxiety attacks, I am a cashier at Walmart, I usually get them if I had rude customer like after I had a nasty customer who came down from self-check to customer service towards me, I was in tears before that, then my manager told me to hide behind the Customer Service desk. My worst anxiety attack I had a lady who's coupons would not work, I took the coupon price off the items she could not understand that and told me to take the items off period and demanded I give the coupons back to her, I already did. My brain got foggy so I asked her if she wanted me to take the items off, she said yes so I kept doing it, suddenly I wasn't feeling to well, I went to go see my manager to ask for help when I started hyperventilating, my manager had me sit down right there at the empty register. Another cashier was able to take over and finish it for me. My manager helped me over to the bench at customer service, where I suddenly lost feeling in my hands, they ended up curling up from the pinky in. I tried prying them apart using the metal bench but that didn't even work. That scared me, the same manager asked if I was okay I told her that I couldn't feel my hands, staring down at my fists. They finally unfroze after 10 minutes. The lady was so upset with me she left all of her items.

Anyway I will get dizzy, like it ranges from feeling as though I am spinning, I have to clutch on to something to keep from falling over, to the world tipping around me with every step, to not being able to see, not sure if that's exactly dizziness, but it started with dizziness. I'll get flushed randomly. I'll have PAC's. There have been a few times I have almost fainted, one time it was from not breathing, like I noticed that I wasn't breathing, my body was just like woah what's the matter you aren't breathing, I had to have a manager finish while I sat down. I was up and doing my job before I was supposed to so I did not feel well the rest of the day. My arms will also get exhausted suddenly if I have to lift them to head level, like I can barely do a pony tail without them being exhausted, the kinda feeling you get after a hard work out.

I've had the flushing and dizziness when I was talking to my mom and hanging out with my friends. My friends all know and are really accepting if they need to stop doing whatever so I can sit down.

My doctor originally thought it was POTS if anyone knows what that is, I'm getting a tilt table test in 2 weeks, now he seems to think it's anxiety. I'm sitting down while working just in case, it does seem to help slightly. It's just annoying, this has been going on for 3 months and I'm sitting down because of the time I have almost fainted also. Anyway people will say you're lucky you get to sit down, I don't consider everything and almost fainting lucky.

I'm not sure if it is anxiety since it is just physical symptoms, I've had no mental or emotional ones. Just feels like mental ones from fear of my physical ones.

I've done a stress echo and a holter monitor and blood work done.

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