Gallbladder :: Pain For Over A Year

Jul 27, 2015

Im 40 years old and been having pain for just over a year. The pain is just under my right rib it comes and goes it lasts anywhere from a few seconds to 30 mins it's also very tender, it like a burning stinging pain i also get this pain on either side of my belly button but not as often maybe 10 times in a day this is also tender i have lower back ache bloating feeling sick most of the time never feel hungry but sometimes wake up with a really bad hunger pain, my right leg from the knee down aso swells change in bowel movements also bladder control has gone a bit, anyway had a ct scan it showed bulky ovaries with several large cysts and that my gallbladder neck is deformed but then they are saying that this is not the cause of my symptoms and put me on amitriptyline for pain management im so confused and they have sent me back to gps care.

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4 Year Old That Is Struggling With Legs Pain

I have a 4 year old that is struggling with legs pain. It's intense enough that sometimes she won't walk & just cries. I've been giving her Motrin. It seems to be in the morning & evenings mostly & from the knee down. Always the left leg. Could growing pains be this intense? She's been sick a lot the past month & her grandpa (dads side) has rheumatoid arthritis.

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Hip Replacement :: Extreme Pain Still After A Year

My mother has done surgery for a total hip replacement 1 year ago and is still in extreme pain.

I personally think she has two problems. First with her wound/scar and second with the hip itself.

The first because her scar/surroundings of the wound is still extremely painful and sensitive. Even looking at it already hurts and this makes it almost impossible even wear clothes. This problem I suspect must be related to nerves maybe encapsulated by the scar tissue or something. I am not sure.

The second problem must be her hip or the prothese or something related. She has extreme pains which start in the morning. While still lying in bed, she is almost without pain but then getting up and even walking to the bathroom is enough to invoke the pain again. Then during the day active or inactive the pain worsens till a point where she can´t do anything anymore. Sit, walk, stand it all hurts. Riding a bike is still best for her and walking small distances also but sitting is terrible. So why if in inactive state in the morning is she ok and when she starts moving the pain incurs? This must be because of the hip or prothese which must invoke the pain. Either the replacement is too big, wrongly placed, causing whatever. Right? I am not sure but still after 1 year no one, even a second opinion was able to shed some light on her state. No one is able to find a cause of the pain nor for the wound nor for the hip.

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Hemorrhoids :: Pain After One Year Of Surgery - Piles Again?

I have done surgery last year January, and it was all good until last week, but now i feel like pain in the surgical place. It's uncomfortable to sit or lay down sometimes.. Am i getting the piles again? 

I usually have nothing to do, so i just sit and watch movies. Can sitting alot lead to me piles again?

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Dislocated Right Knee For Year - Pain Getting Worse

Had a dislocated knee for years. Sever pain is getting worse. What's the most damage im looking at.

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16 Year Old With Breast Pain And Itching Nipples

I am a 16 year old girl and i have been really getting pains from my left breast. You can see veins and it hurts when i lay on it. Also it sometimes itches on my nipple. 

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Pain A Year After Bunionectomy Foot Surgery

I had bunionectomy surgery on both my feet last summer, so its been 16 months for my right foot and 15 months for my left foot. I had hallux limitus on both feet, and my doctor broke the bone on both big toes, shortened them, cleaned up the joint and bunions on both feet, and removed a bone spur. I was about 8 years into this problem, so my foot problem was getting to be a big issue. Walking has been my main form of exercise for years. I no longer have pain in the joints of my toes but my big toe does not lay flat anymore. My second and third toes take all the pressure, and my second toe feels like I am walking on the bone, starting to get very painful. I also have pain in the ball of both feet, and it is getting worse. I started exercise walking gradually but do it very little now....maybe 1/2 a mile once or twice a week. My podiatrist said there were no exercises to do after surgery, no pt. I went to a different podiatrist about 5 months ago, and he said he could break my other toes, and try to line them up with my big toe to try and relieve the pressure, but of course I don't want to do that. Anyone have an experience like this, or thoughts?

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Pain After Gallbladder Removal

Last November I suffered severe pains in my stomach and back and after a scan was found to have gallstones and an inflamed gall bladder. I was told that I would need to have the gall bladder removed which I did five months after being first diagnosed. In that five months I eased the discomfort by cutting out dairy food and fried / fatty food (which I had little of anyway) . I did get pains but were manageable. I did lose a lot of weight though, I went from 13st 12lbs to 12 stone within about three months. This was drastic as I was still eating.

I had the operation to remove my gallbladder on 4 April and came out of hospital on the same day. Unfortunately one of the "wounds" from the operation got badly infected and an abscess formed. This led me being taken into hospital for 5 days for the infection to be cut away and put on a strong course of antibiotics. Unfortunately I haven't felt well since the gallbladder removal, leaving aside the abscess, I still get considerable pain from my stomach most days. I have to go to the toilet more which is quite loose and I get dreadful indigestion making me want to burp quite a bit. I was hoping to put on some weight as I am very thin but sadly if anything it has gone down a bit more.

My GP says I have to be patient and it will get better. Has anyone else suffered symptoms like this after a gallbladder removal ?

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Gallbladder :: Pain After Removal

I am 31 years old, female have one son and am married On Oct 12 2013 my life went straight to you know where! 2 weeks prior to Oct 12, I was experiencing horrible right shoulder pain, semi old injury didn't think to much of it, it hurt yes but I usually just suck it up. I am in college full time ( was in the Army for 7 years before all this) well Oct 12 came and all the usual first round symptoms one might get from Gallbladder issue, I lost 13 lbs in 2 weeks, just sick and now scared. The pain was crappy, the not knowing sucked more. Had a HIDA scan done since the doc I was seeing suspected GB issues, it came back abnormal. Took 4 hours just to show up and when they injected me with that CCK stuff, 3 min later I was severely sick to my stomach, reports go back to doc they refer me to surgeon, was supposed to be about a month, well I relay this to my husband, who is 1000 miles away training, and he notices now a difference in me as a person, it has taken its toll on me, this is Thanksgiving now...I am trying to tough it out since I had finals around the corner, well I didn't make it, I collapsed on my parents kitchen floor in agony and thought I was having a heart attack, just on my right side! Go to ER, doc there says he will admit, I need to talk to insurance, I went home called them got the green light, and was like well maybe its past, no more than 3 hours of being home, my husband calls I tell him I am about to go back and hang up, my Dad brought me and I was admitted, GB removed the next day. So normal after surgery pain, at this point I had not worked out since Oct 12, I went from running about 15 - 18 miles a week, I lifted weights and all that, I enjoyed it, now I looked like a shriveled raisin who looked like a swarm of beavers beat the crap outta me...So 2 weeks post op doing pretty good, I am eating yay! Until I sat down one morning and ate an apple, within 4 -5 min I doubled over in agony, couldn't breath, horrible cramps, more like contractions, and burning...lasted about 15 min, I am thinking what the hell! I couldn't help but ask my Mom if they actually removed it, so I made an appt with my surgeon, well it was his Boss, the older Doc, very nice, said I prolly had some grit that needed to be worked out, Im thinking ok, that plausible...I barely managed to make finals that semester, but I pulled it off Phew! Now we are around Xmas time frame, Husband is coming home on leave excited! Had some good days, still had pain, but I could handle it, wrong! From Xmas to New Years I spent in and out of hospitals. We moved me up here to North Carolina on top of stopping at different ER's along the way, the pain was just awful. The worst one was when we finally made it here to North Carolina, I unpacked as much as I could under the circumstances, my husband is now worried, which he isnt, and Im not one to cry over pain and well that's all I had done for 4 days of driving and ER trips, anywho we were about to eat some dinner and I started getting this burning sensation right over my BIG scar, I had a small open cholecystectomy, only like 2.5 inches if that....well of course my poor husband was like Ill take you to the ER here if need be, I was so tried I didn't want too, well about 3 min later I passed out in the living room from intense wave of pain and husband called an ambulance, when I got there I was tachycardic and sweating from bad pain, it was like an 8, pretty bad, well the doc wanted to do a CT scan with that stuff you have to drink the dye stuff, 3 big glasses...I discovered later on that the dye quite literally moves everywhere thru your body, worst thing possible for that day, I drank maybe have of the first glass and my pain shot up, mind you I had been given now two 1 mg of Dilaudid and was still in pain, well I pushed on and drank it down hit glass two, I wanted that CT scan to start, I downed the 2nd cup and I finally experienced level 10 pain...albeit it was more like 15, The burning pain in my Upper Right Quadrant was excruciating, it went into my rt shoulder, down my right arm, and I cramped so hard I couldn't breath, like constant contractions, I literally yowled in pain, didn't let up, then my heart rate went to 157 then dropped to 31, my husband now is on the edge of losing it, and I really thought I was dying, gets better , the burning pain started to travel under my right breast and half of my sternum, I honestly cannot put into words how to describe this pain, I was terrified, I seriously thought I was dying, on top of my heart rate going nuts and me going in and out of consciousness in small increments, well fast forward, more pain stuff and they are admitting me.

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Vasectomy Reversal (after A Year) Testicular Pain And Burning

I'm 30 years old. I had a vasectomy done 1 year ago. Since I had the vasectomy operation I'm having an significant chronic pain on a daily basis. Testicular ache and a sharp burning pain radiating up to my abdomen. it's a very unpleasant feeling constantly. I'm so afraid that I have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. I take painkillers every day, which I don't like. Other then that I do not have any underlying diseases or medical histories. 

I wish to get a vasectomy reversal with the goal of relieving my “post vasectomy pain” so I can live a normal life again. (I don't care if I become fertile again or not, I just want to get rid of the pain).

I heard that a vasectomy reversal relieves the build-up of back pressure that may cause pain in the testicles.

But for other patients, the pain is not due to back pressure, but rather to chronic inflammation at the vasectomy site. If the urologist cut out the inflammation site and reverse the vasectomy, the pain will usually be eliminated.

The pain may result from microscopic amounts of sperm leaking out of the vas deferens into the surrounding tissue. This leakage can cause inflammation. 

What if I have an inflammation ?. 

Will the urologist be aware of this and remove the inflammation before he performs the vasectomy reversal operation ?

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Chest Pain :: After Gallbladder Removal?

I had gallbladder removed aug 2014.been in pain with stomach since. recently been in hospital 9 times with chest pains last night but has caught my right jaw and mouth. jaw feels numb like I've had tooth out

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Gallbladder :: Severe Pain After Removal

I had my gallbladder out a month ago after only a few weeks of severe pain, which I know is lucky compared to a lot of others. No stones were found. My HIDA scan found my function at 28% and I started vomited three days before the removal. Surgery went perfect and for the first days after, I slept and walked and took my pain pills and ate normally, although low fat.

Two weeks ago I began having severe pain in the RUQ, right where the pain initially began. My surgeons office suggested OTC painkillers (Advil, Tylenol, and Aleve). I tried all of them separately for a few days and they did nothing. A trip to the ER (no X-rays or anything were performed) said it was a muscle strain. I'm still having the same pain and I think my surgeons office is kind of blowing me off. Also, my acid reflux got about 100 times worse, and I have a bravo probe coming up and have had constant diarrhea since surgery.

Has anyone else had this pain after a normal surgery?

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Gallbladder :: Pain From Sphincter Of Oddi

I Have been hospitalized the last two weeks for severe pain caused by SOD. It is mind boggling to me that people in the medical profession can be so ignorant and expect for pain to be textbook. I was reaching out to see if anyone had any good ideas on treatment options. With that being said I have had a sphincterotomy performed several years ago and now I am starting to have more pain and nausea (obvious by my hospital admissions). The only analgesic that is able to help the pain at all is Dilaudid, can't be morphine as this causes more spasms. I had an MRCP tonight, will talk to doctor in the AM and find out results. Please let me know what's worked/not worked for you and any treatments/tests that you have had done. 

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Spinal Cord :: Neck Pain After 1 Year- L3-S1 ALIF PLIF

I am new to the board and am now one year out from lumbar fusion. I am a very physical person and a Personal Trainer as well. My low back pain has all but disappeared however neck and shoulder pain,stiffness and numbness are very concerning !!! I am currently treating with acupuncture and muscle relaxers. I also am a chronic migraine sufferer and believe this is partially being caused by cervical issues.

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16 Year Old Female With Dizzy Spells, Nausea And Stomach Pain

hi, I'm a 16 year old active girl. I'm low on iron but take my iron pills and just had surgery for a right femoral hernia repair . but I still have pain in my stomach on the left side. they said I had a displaced spleen after a X-ray then ordered a ultrasound to show nothing wrong, this was about 2 months ago. I also have been getting dizzy spells when I stand or even when I'm sitting, I usually put my hands in front of my face and they disappear and I get weak and numb. twice now I've went totally blind everything went black and my eyes were wide open and I have to catch myself falling when I get weak. it scares me because this second time I went blind it lasted longer. maybe 6-7 seconds.  I get nauseous throughout the day and I used to have vomit come up but in can never vomit completely. I get really sick and vomit just comes up and sits in my throat it's disgusting.  I don't know what's going on and I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions of what I could do or any idea of what this could be?

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Headache :: Head Pain And Pressure With Neck Stiffness For A Year

Started over a year ago with head pressure in back of head and upper neck causing nausea and dizziness. The symptoms also come with neck soreness and stiffness. Sometime it's a burning pain up the neck to where it connects to brain and radiates to forehead. It's so miserable. I have had sinus ct scans, Mri, mra, and tons of blood work and can't find nothing. The weirdest symptom I get and want to find someone with insight on is that during this my top of head and neck get ice cold to touch.

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Bladder Infection For One Year - Losing Weight And Back Pain

Since August of 2013 I have had 6/7 bladder infections. I have lost around 30 pounds without changing much about my diet or exercising more regularly. I have been experiencing pain in my lower back on the left side and want to know if it should be something I should be concerned with. I have had bad back pain for around 2 years now but this pain is a little more specific. August was the first time I have had a bladder infection however when i was 16 (21 now) when I went in for a physical and was told I had a bladder infection. I didn't feel any pain so I didn't take the medicine prescribed. I went in to see a doctor when I was overseas for another bladder infection and they took an X-ray of my kidneys about 3 weeks ago and they didn't find anything. They told me that I did have a problem emptying my bladder. I had an ultrasound done and had to drink water before hand and when I emptied my bladder the ultrasound after my bladder was still full. I don't remember exactly what they called it. I just finished a month long round of antibiotics for a bladder infection and it is still not gone. Before this medication about a week before I was on a week long medicine for a bladder infection and it returned a week later.

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Gallbladder Removal :: One Week Ago, Pretty Bad Pain

So I had laprascopic gallbladder surgery a week ago. I have healed up externally OK, but have pretty bad pain where my gallbladder was. What's going on?

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Gallbladder Removal :: Heaviness And Pain - One Week

Have been getting a heaviness across the stomach which is very uncomfortable, plus Lots of stinging and the Obvious aches and pains from surgery.

As have IBS, Barrett's Oesophagus and severe diverticulitis it's sometimes hard to know what discomfort belongs to what.

Have taken tramadol which 2 hours later is easing up. Is this heaviness normal.

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Gallbladder :: Remove The Polyps Without Removing Gallbladder?

I have been diagnosed with multiple polyps in my gallbladder recently. They are all small except one with less than 5mm. I have a symptom recently with pain. My doctor has suggested to remove my gallbladder. But I am wondering if there are any surgery or technique that can take out the polyps without removing the gallbladder or get the polyps for biopsy test to see it is malignant? I really hope to keep my gallbladder as it is a part of body that god created. 


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Gallbladder :: No Full Breathing And Pain In Neck / Shoulders

Can gallbladder problems cause you to feel like you can't get a full breath ? Also when i sniff or cough i get sharp pains in my neck/shoulder.

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