Gallbladder Removed - Severe Cramps And Constipation

Feb 16, 2014

I am a 55 y/o male, in 2007 I was diagnosed as having a gallbladder problem and the specialist / surgeon recommended I have it removed . She administered a test that involved a drug being introduced intravenously while in what I think was an MRI tube. I remember having stomach discomfort (dull pain) as soon as the drug was introduced. The attending at the time of test explained the discomfort was expected and was a confirmation of sorts, that that I did indeed have a problem with my gall bladder. A few days later the surgeon removed my gall bladder and I was sent home later that day.

Five days later I returned to work, and I seemed to be on the road to recovery. I existed on raw fruits and grains and such,as instructed and was given a list of foods to stay away from.(Fatty foods, dairy , etc.) This is really where my story begins. The surgeon/specialist never warned me of the potential problems that I might encounter if I elected to allow the procedure, now I can't eat anything that doesn't cause discomfort. I don't, nor have I ever had, chronic heartburn, before or after the removal, but have constant problems with severe cramps, constipation, I have to take a fiber supplement every day lest I have excruciating pain passing stool. Of late I have developed a nagging dull pain that is constant just inside of my bottom most rib on the right rear mid abdomen.I have no fever, and no urinary discomfort or bleeding, I occasion have red blood in my stool.

My general practitioner has put my on OTC Zegerid 40 mg 2 tid, after being on this for months I can't tell much of a difference. However this pain in my rib is of major concern as I can't sleep. Can the Zegerid cause this pain in my side ? I am currently unemployed and cannot pay for medical care and I am currently uninsured.

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Muscle Cramps All Over Body, Upper Thigh Cramps So Severe

Cramps so bad in thighs, I can't take the pain anymore

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Gallbladder Removed Yesterday

My surgery went well. Surgery was at 11 and I was discharged at 1:30. They did an endoscopy of my upper GI and all was clear. I am pretty sore in my abdomen area and omg my shoulders are killing me from the gas, and of course I have a sore throat. All in all I'm good...had some soup last night, did fine and I have been juiced today. Already the pain that went through to my back for months is GONE!! I had stones and sludge. I'm so in hopes my reflux will improve, its so bad I get acid in my ears and my mouth stays swollen with a scalloped tong. The worse my Gallbladder got the worse my reflux got.

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Coeliac Disease :: How Many Have Gallbladder Removed

How many diagnosed celiacs have had their gallbladder removed because of low function? Did removal help make you feel better in spite of having celiac disease?

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Gallbladder :: Removed, Bile Leakage?

So I'm a healthy 29 year old female. I had gallbladder issues and they removed it last week.

Well last night I tried to lay flat in bed to sleep and I felt comfortable enough to (for the first time since the surgery, I've been sleeping reclined since). Anyways, I fell asleep. I suddenly woke an hour or 2 later because I seemed to have breathed in too deeply and that caused a very bad burning pain in my upper right quadrant of my abdomen. The pain caused a rush of heat through my body and ever since I've had kind of a burning feeling in my abdomen. I'm very worried about a bile leakage. I'm waiting for my surgeons office to open this morning...

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Gallbladder Removed :: Fullness In Stomach With Gas

for the last month have had feeling of fullness in stomach all the time. Had gallbladder removed 8 months ago. bowels are looser but not diarrhea and continuing gas production during the day. minor pain around edge of rib cage. Anyone have similar experience and solution. i do have appt with my gastroenterologist in 2 weeks.

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Gallbladder Removed :: Mega Bloating?

I had my gallbladder removed 2 weeks ago.  Still have mega bloating.  Have history of "bloating" as unfortunately also have ulcerative colitis/diviticulitis and multiple sclerosis (not sure if this is relevant or not).

This bloating is so different as usually when I have problems with UC or diverticulitis my tummy goes down after sleeping.  I am a worrier (big time) has anyone else suffered with mega bloating - need my mind put at rest.

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Gallbladder :: Removed, Body Is Not Functioning As Normal

It has been 4 weeks since my gallbladder surgery,. I am light headed, unable to feel when I am hungry, cannot have a normal bowel movement without taking a laxative, gas pains that knock me to my knees, despite drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water I feel constant thirst and I eat a healthy diet. Lastly, I have painful episodes that feel like gallstone attacks.  My lab work is great, CAT and X-rays, nothing. I am taking pills for acid reflux.

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Gallbladder :: Removed 2 Years Ago - Struggling To Lose Weight

Hey I'm really struggling to lose weight post gallbladder surgery I'm at my wits end it's really starting to depress me! Is anyone else experiencing this at all?

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Pros And Cons Long Term - Gallbladder Removed?

basically after being in alot of pain and after having a ultra sound scan i was diagnosed with Gallstones.

My doctors has given me the choice whether i want my gallbladder removed or not.

What are the pros & cons long term of having the gall bladder removed?

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Enlarged Liver (gallbladder Removed, 6 Years Back)

I am a 33 year old female I do not drink and do not have hepatitis or any type of disease. I was diagnosed with an enlarged liver but after a sonogram and blood work was told I just had a big liver. About six years ago I had my gallbladder removed I was told it was rotten and was functioning at 0%. My symptoms didn't totally go away but was better until about a year ago. I have nausea,severe back pain,pain and bloating in the upper middle and right side of my stomach,itching,a burning sensation beside my rib cage and I sometimes break out in a rash always on my neck and chest. None of this is normal and my liver has not always been like this I feel I have been misdiagnosed ...

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Gallbladder Removed - Constant Upset Stomach Everyday Since

Gall bladder removed just under 2 years ago and have had constant upset stomach everyday since. All ways feel unwell nauseous pains in stomach and have lost 5 stone in weight and tired all the time. Have been tested for crohn's and u c and some other things but Dr's still not yet diagnosed. Just come across other people's posts about this condition and was wondering if anyone had same symptoms as me?

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Gallbladder Removed :: Stomach Bloated And Lot Of Wind After 4 Months

Had gallbladder removed last November, and everything was fine, only issue that the surgeon had was bladder had adhered to other organs, hence look longer to remove. But all ok.

Everything was fine for 4 months, then started getting same dull ache/pain across top of my stomach. Along with this started to get bloated stomach and also a lot of wind. Lived with it for a time and started taking Buscopan again.Although have the ache during the day it gets worse when I go to bed and lie down, and can only sleep on my back.

Have been to the GP, who says it could be adhesions, however he has now referred me to the Consultant surgeon who operated on me.

Has any else had a similar experience after the operation.

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Gallbladder Removed :: Constant Bruise Type Pain Comes And Goes.

Ok I had my gb removed October 15. Prior to my op I would have occasional constant pain in gb/liver area this could last days at a time and was different from an attack as I could still carry on my daily tasks but always aware of this gnawing bruise like pain. I assumed this pain would go after op I'm thankful I no longer have those awful attacks but this pain still comes tho not as often as before.

Does anyone have the same? Should I be worried? Or is it just something I need to put up with? I had liver function and renal bloods done recently and all were normal.

I've also since December started to have burning stomach pain in upper abdomen but that probably isn't connected just thought I'd mention in case someone has had similar since removing gallbladder.

Thank you

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Severe Constipation And Having Piles

I am suffering from long term constipation. Everyday I have to move bowels at least 4-5 times a day. My bowels just won't empty in 1 go in morning. The stools I could not pass in one go then become harder. Now I got piles because of this. I try to eat 2 carrots per meal and an apple after meal. But the condition does not improve. I get immediate relief with a laxative - laxido. However I cannot use that forever. And when i leave the laxative, the constipation and piles returns in a week's time. Please has anyone seen such a case of constipation?

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Menstruation :: Constipation, Cramps And Discomfort In Both My Legs

Recently when i start my menstrual cycle i begin to get bad cramps and it also causes constipation and discomfort in both my legs it makes it hard for me to sit this normal or should i be concerned and what can i do to relieve this.

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Pregnancy :: 5 Weeks With Severe Constipation

I am only 5 weeks along and haven't gone in a week! I'm so constipated and have eaten tons of fruit. Nothing's working ! Please Help! I'm losing my mind!

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Bowel /abdominal Cramps - Diarrhea And Constipation At The Same Time?

I'm experiencing some pretty intense abdominal pain and cramping. It began on Sunday, I woke up to these intense cramps (which I can only compare to what I assume contractions feel like), they are bad enough to make me stop whatever I'm doing and have to keel over. They last maybe 30 seconds and they go away. Yesterday, I woke up with the cold sweats, I was clammy, a fever, body aches, still had those cramps, I had pretty bad diarrhea, although I felt like I wasn't...getting it all out. I also don't have much of an appetite.

Is it possible to have diarrhea and constipation at the same time? It's also worth mentioning that a few weeks ago, I decided to continue taking my birth control rather than stopping for the week to get my period, so that I would not have it on a trip I was going on. Could that affect my body this way?

Today I'm feeling a little better, still getting the cramps, I'm trying to drink as much water as possible. I still have diarrhea every time I go to the bathroom, but still I get the sensation that I'm not getting everything out of there. I'm not as clammy and sweaty as yesterday, but I still am a little bit. No body aches though.

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Abdominal Pain :: Severe Constipation Due To Shingles

So nearly two months back my life changed, I used to have average bowel movements every day *3 on average* but I woke up one day and none of this exist anymore, I tried to play it off and wait assuming it was your normal constipation problems, I let it carry on for nearly two weeks before I tried laxatives and for the most part I only got good results from Equate natural Laxatives, enema's didn't work, suppositories didn't work, so I went to the hospital and found out I had shingles, when I got x-rayed for my abdominal pain n such I expected a clear diagnosis or at least some help but I only got subscribed polythene Glycol AKA Miralax, it gave me false hope thinking I just had terrible constipation, the Miralax worked to a degree for a while but it started producing less efficient movements as I used it, now I am not using anything and have very little gas passing through and I sometimes have oddly shaped small bowel movements, they're not complete and I strain for portions in the bathroom. As of now I have very slight abdominal pain that is in waves showing up in my left side and sometimes on my right. Not sure what to think, as embarrassing as it sounds it feels like my sphincter is really tight making it all troubling. I've started trying natural remedies such as oatmeal, water, and peppermint tea to help bowel movements. I don't know what to really do and I'm worried for my health...

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Severe Constipation And Genarlized Anxiety Disorder

Okay, so I'm 13 years old and I have severe constipation problems. I have had them most of my life, actually. At times it is worse than others, like right now. In the past, I have seen gastroenterologists who just told me they didn't know what was causing my constipation and that I should just drink two glasses of juice a day with MiraLAX. It didn't really help.I have showed up at emergency rooms several times because of this and they always run a few tests, a scan and an x-ray, which always comes back normal, so they tell me to drink some of that gross lemon-fizzy stuff (you know what I'm talking about) and send me home. I have been taking laxatives because my mom tells me to, as well as fiber supplements, and mineral oil. Still very bad pain. The constipation started to get worse when I started taking an anti-anxiety medication, but I HAVE to take it because I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and the doctors tell me I have to take it. I have chest pain, and very other terrible anxiety symptoms, but it's the constipation that is currently the worst. I'm so worried I have Crohn's Disease, but my mom won't take me back to a doctor because I have already seen so many and they always tell me I'm fine. But being a hypochondriac with anxiety issues REALLY bad, I am afraid. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm scared that this problem will only get worse in the future and that it might lead to an early death. I'm afraid I have an underdiagnosed serious problem, even though everyone says it's because I have had an anxiety disorder most of my life.

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Bowel Disorders :: Severe Constipation With Bloating And Pain

Im 22 and have suffered from severe constipation since puberty. I've been to doctors and tried metamucil, coloxyl, movicol, oral laxatives etc etc etc i have a high fibre diet, I'm active and i drink enough water. my constipation comes with the typical bloating and pain but also a feeling as though I am trying to digest hundreds of little needles. The only thing i have found to offer some reprieve is dulcolax suppositories. As unpleasant as they are they do soften enough so I can pass the initial blockage but nothing else. my first doctor refused to believe me until he sent me for an X-ray and seen that I was blocked up the wazoo. My second doctor handed me a referral to a dietician even tho I wanted to see a gastro specialist. I'm aware I'll have to see a specialist in the near future I was just wondering if anyone else has/is experiencing the same problem. when I say sever constipation I'm talking 3 weeks usually before I start to lose my marbles and opt for a suppository. 

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