Getting Red Spots Due To Lack Of Vitamins?

Mar 29, 2016

I have been getting spots that I never used to get. My forehead is never smooth anymore, and I have small red spots on my chin. My chin is also red most of the time and its really starting to embarrass me and reduce my confidence.

I wondered if a lack of a Vitamin could be a contributing factor?

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Vitamins / Supplements :: Herbs And Vitamins To Lower Cortisol?

I accumulated crazy belly fat around my upper ribs. I assume it's high cortisol because I was under a lot of stress and didn't eat a lot and lost weight. But I gained weight around my belly while losing the weight. I tried losing the belly fat, but it wouldn't budge. All I did was lose weight everywhere else. If I lose any more weight everywhere else I will be too thin. So... I tried rotated through different herbs to lower cortisol, like Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, Holy Basil. It made me have more anxiety. Then I tried Seriphos and it made me wayyyy too tired. I also took these herbs because I suffer from anxiety. I am in a vicious circle. Belly fat is stressing me out and keeping me anxious, so I take the herbs which are to help both, but I'm sensitive to them. I need to reduce the stress to lower the cortisol but the belly fat won't let me calm down. Any suggestions? Other vitamins?

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Penis :: Flesh Coloured Bumps/spots On Shaft - Fordyce Spots?

I have flesh coloured bumps on the shaft of my penis i haven't been sexually active so i have read that it's rare that they are genital warts but i'm still scared, i am hoping that they are just fordyce spots ...

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Penis :: White Spots On Shaft And Scrotum - Fordyce Spots?

Well Im a male and Im 16 and not sexually active. I have these a bunch of white spots at the base of my shaft and like two mid shaft. and they are all over my scrotum. When they are popped, a white pus type stuff comes out (like popping a whitehead on your face or nose or whatever) I don't pop them, but i did when i first noticed it when I was about 13 years old. I've looked around and the closest thing i can come to is that it's fordyce spots? I really don't want to go to a doctor as this is pretty embarrassing even though its their jobs and all but yeah. Btw when i was taking accutane for my acne they sorta went away? Idk i cant remember clearly but i think i saw less of them but i don't remember. I'm off accutane now but yeah.

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What Vitamins To Buy?

Could anyone give me advice on what vitamins to buy?

im looking vit d,c,b, and fish oil.

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Should I Take Vitamins With Orlistat?

I've been on orlistat for nearly 2 months, lost 5kg the 1st month, second weigh in tomorrow, I've gone from size 24 to 20 and feel really, can anyone tell me if I should be taking vitamins while I'm on orlistat

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Supplements :: Which Vitamins Are The Best?

I need to get an idea of which brand of vitamins is best. I've taken many different brands and would like to get on one brand rather than get a vitamin in one brand and another vitamin in another brand. I just don't seem to be getting any satisfaction from the typical supermarket or drugstore brands. I'll list the ones I take so maybe I can get an idea of what some of you members think.

Mature Multivitamin
Vit C-1000 mg
Vit D3-2000 iu
Magnesium-500 mg
DHEA-25 mg
Fish Oil-1200mg, Omega 3-360 mg

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Knee :: Vitamins?

hi everyone I'm 6 weeks post op and off to see the consultant today!  Although my leg feels a lot stronger I am still unable to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time it's really a nuisance because if I could get a decent night sleep I think I'd recover quicker.  I also heard or (imagined) that we should take a vitamin supplement like calcium or magnesium and vitamin D?  Anyone else know anything about this? I still cannot imagine how on earth I am going to manage my commute to work...

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Hip Replacement :: Vitamins Postoperative?

Interested to hear if any fellow hippies take vitamins post op i.e fish oils etc. Any benefit at all?

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Erectile Dysfunction :: Vitamins For ED?

So I've been having partial E.D and I looked up vitamins to help. I wanted to know if taking these all together were bad. If so which should I stop. Which will help. I got vitamin c 1000 mg, vitamin E 1000 IU, zinc 50 mg, magnesium, B1 250 mg, saw palmetto 900 mg and super b complex. Is that to much to do once a day?

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Best Type And Brand For Vitamins?

what's the best type & brand for Vitamins? want some E and C.

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Hypothyroidism :: Which Vitamins To Take - Ferritin And Vitamin D Low

So my next appointment with my endocrinologist is in 2 weeks. I need to stock up on some vitamins and wonder which brands/mixes are best for hypothyroid/hashimoto's. My ferritin, vit d are low and I'd like to take calcium/magnesium/zinc too

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Orlistat :: Which Vitamins Are People Taking?

Which vitamins are people taking? I know it's been discussed before but I'm Out and about and could do with knowing!

Have purchased some multivitamins - will that be enough?

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Which Vitamins To Take For Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

First off my name's Katherine and my mother has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. and I'm here on her behalf. She's in a wheelchair and in a nursing home. She's of sound mind but here lately she seems to be getting a cold and fever every month or so. I know those with MS has very week immune systems and have a hard time fighting off simple colds . My question is what are some good vitamins to help her keep from getting sick as much?

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Small Sperm Loads - Which Vitamins To Take?

I'm a 55 year old and I have a small sperm loads (about 1/8 tsp) every since I started masturbating as a kid, It has always bothered me. I read some message board that guys are taking zinc, L-Arginine, L- Lysine and Lecithin and it was helping them. Before I go running out and spending my money I wanted to ask if it really works or would I be wasting my money.

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Pregnancy :: Nausea With Prenatal Vitamins

Every time I take my Prenatal vitamins I seem to get very nauseated... what are some ways to stop it or calm MY stomach down?

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Dry Lips :: Lip Scrub, Balms Or Vitamins?

I have been getting really bad lips recently(they are normally white and not ew) not sure if its because of my medication or what not, but I have tried lip scrub and several lip balms and before I go to bed my lips look normal its only in the morning and day. 

Anyway, someone told me to try taking multivitamins, I may have a vitamin issue; my issue is are they ok to take? I am talking about the Seven Seas Complete Multivitamins for Adults. I have spoken to a pharmacist and she has said they will not interfere with my current medication. Or any advice on my lips?

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Vitamins / Supplements :: Hashimoto's And Selenium

I've been struggling with my Hashimoto's diagnosis. I am actually "alright" at this present moment, but it was a long and rocky road. My Endo is not very informative at all and does not answer my questions. Last time I asked her about taking supplements. She stated she is biased because she practices Western medicine and won't comment on whether or not she thinks it's a good idea to take supplements.

I decided a little over a year ago, to take 200 mg Selenium as an added supplement, because I've been reading on here, that it will help with getting the antibodies down and I must say, I can tell a difference in how I feel today from before.

Now here is where I'm confused: my best friend since Kindergarten got diagnosed with Hashi's last year. She's really been having a hard time with it. Last time she saw her Endo, she asked the Selenium question. Her Endo said don't take it, because your risk of developing diabetes increases! That's something I've never heard about. So all day today I've been reading and researching this and I'm reading either it's so good to take when you have Hashi's and then some study they did that confirms my friends' Drs' point about the increased diabetes risk. Any thoughts?

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Menopause :: Still Tired Legs - On HRT And Vitamins

Just been to the doctors to see if there was any thing else i could take with my hrt and vitamins was still feeling tired legs ache alot  Had to see a different doctor she told me she did not think i was prei but the first doctor said i was She told me i have to have internal and more bloods done plus urine test do not know what to think ...

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Hair Loss :: Where To Find Nioxin Vitamins?

I'm having allot of hair loss in the bang area of my head. I have redness all around my hairline. It is very flaky & what looks to be dandruff is all in my head. I couldn't sleep last night for scratching my head. A dermatologist told me I have psoriasis.

Does anyone go through this or have any idea what will help. The Nioxin vitamins for hair got my hair back, but I cannot find it anywhere. The last bottle I bought was in the beauty shop in Walmart, but they don't know what has happened to it.

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Pregnancy :: Prenatal Vitamins Make Me Sick

I Hate any kind of prenatal vitamin it makes me sick just thinking about taking them... I know my baby needs them but I can't keep them down.  What should I do about this? Anyone else with this problem I'm only 9w+4d .. yesterday I had these little baby cramps.. more like strong pain than cramps but I felt so bad like my baby was hurting because of it. I just don't know what to do .. all I know is I want a strong healthy baby boy or girl

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