HIV :: Body Twitches And Fasciculations

May 17, 2015

Body keeps fasciculations throughout whole body causing problems with my legs and arm all throughout. I had 4 test done one at 2weeks one at 3 weeks 2 at 4 weeks oral and Hiv 1/O/2 and said was non reactive negative my doctor said it okay to have sex after all of that. I'm still having these body wide twitches that make me feel weak or take away feeling like I'm wasting or something

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Convulsive Twitches In Leg Muscles And Painful Cramps

Have suffered since childhood from cramps, mostly in legs but also in hands and arms. Now, in my sixties, suffer much at night with convulsive twitches in leg muscles or actual painful cramps - sometimes reaching my back up to shoulders. Usually accompanied by cold clamminess or hot sweats. When this happens sleep is not possible. Otherwise in good health.

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Nerve Disorders :: Involuntary Painless Muscle Twitches

I've been having involuntary painless muscle twitches all over my body but mainly my right thumb. My neck twitches as well, like a quick pull of my chin to my shoulder. I also get strong jerks (my whole body) while trying to fall asleep. I also feel lightheaded. What is could be causing this?

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HIV Prevention :: Nude Body To Body Massge With Anus Fingering?

This might be Anxiety, but I am wondering if nude body to body massage with the masseuse vagina rubbing on my penis outside (no penetration/intercourse) but defo fluid exchange, no condom and she put her finger in my anus, would that be a risk of HIV?

I have been to the same masseuses and I have done test and they all negative after but the last time I went for the massage is after my last negative test so I am just being very worry?

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HIV :: Body Ache, Night Sweats, Hot Flashes Throughout The Body

I am 31 years old and had a vaginal sex with a girl of unknown HIV status using two condoms at a time. It was my first sexual encounter. I ejaculated twice and both times I used double condoms as I changed after first ejaculation. Both times the condoms seemed to be intact and I could see my semen inside the condom. It's almost over 28 days now and since the past couple of days I have developed almost all symptoms like pain in the back (I have a history of L3 compression and pelvic hairline fracture in 2007), cough with something in throat, body ache, night sweats, hot flashes throughout the body, had stiffness and pain in the back of neck, not visible swollen lymph nodes , had two time kind of diarrhea today.

Since the day after this exposure I was panic stricken with stress and anxiety and cannot sleep at all with insomnia like features and wake up at 2 or 3 or 4 am in the morning due to all sorts of weird thoughts.

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Risk Of Herpes :: Erotic Body-to-body Massage

I know this question may have been asked before but I'm really stressed out and i need some reassurance. Yesterday I had an erotic massage that involved body to body. She applied some oil to her body and mine and sat in my lap with sine grinding for a minute or so. Her vagina touched my lower shaft and scrotum and it only lasted about a minute or so but there was no penetration. She was 35 and seemed healthy without any visible herpes symptoms. I know there is a risk of contracting herpes in this fashion but how high is this risk? I am terrified and not sure what to do.

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Menopause :: Migraine, Aura, Cramps, Dry Eyes, Twitches And Mood Swings

I have been reading over the time on this site some scared and desperate lovely ladies in need of reassurance. I know because i have been there and i just want to reach out a reassuring hand and say it probably is the start of menopause, of course get it checked out but don't feel you are alone and going mad! Here is some of my awful symptoms!



Panic attacks


Food cravings



Migraine auras

Leg cramps

Nose and gum bleeds


Hot sweats

Brain fog

Heavy clotty periods

Irregular periods

Eye twitches

Mood swings

Sensitive teeth

Brittle nails

Watery eyes

Dry eyes

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STDs Risk :: Body-to-body Massage?

Like many others here, I am in rather deep despair. Although I have a girlfriend, I went to a body-to-body massage parlour. The masseuse rubbed her body over my body, using also her vagina (along my legs, etc.). I fingered her, mostly on the outside, but also briefly on the inside. Although our genitals did not touch (except perhaps incidentally very very briefly), I am very concerned about STDs. What are the risks? How long should I wait before having sex with my girlfriend? There was no oral, no visible sores, often a few seconds of digital penetration, but she certainly touched my penis after having been in contact with my finger that was inside of her (not immediately).

I would be very grateful for any advice/words from experience with this sort of thing. Has anyone here received an STD in this way?

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Benign Essential Tremor Causing Muscle Twitches Involuntary Jumps And Cramp In Hands And Fingers?

Does anyone that suffers from Benign Essential Tremor suffer from muscle twitching involuntary jumps and cramp in hands and fingers?

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How To Clear Hair On Body?

How i can clear hair on body forever without laser and such kind things.

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Dermatology :: Pimples On Body

I've had these small pimples affect me for several months now. I suspect something std related, but currently my doctor has ordered a blood sugar test so I'm awaiting those results.

They are small pimples, they appear in one area and disappear after a day or 2 and appear in another area sometime. I get few other spots that a bit tougher and bigger, but not often. They can be itchy and also itchy even when there are no pimples, mostly in the thighs. I have had the pimples mostly on the thighs, but also legs, lips, and recently I've discovered some on my face, arm,  testicles and the foreskin of the penis.

Like I said I suspect std, most likely herpes. Herpes I know is a common and untreatable condition,but these pimple(at least on the legs) are continuous and does not herpes happen a couple of times a year?

I've been to a sexual health clinic several times and when they look at them shrug like it's not something they deal with or not recognise and therefore they do nothing. This clinic doesn't test for herpes as procedure, but I did manage a swab test on a pimple on my lip which was negative(however it was a burst pimple i.e. not a good sample). People that look also seem to not think it looks like herpes.

Basically what I'm doing is exhausting all possibilities because I don't want continuous pimples on my body. I can deal with it if I'm going to have outbreaks just not one big one.

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Orlistat :: Your Body Ejects Too Much Fat?

My doctor put me on orlistat last week as i have around 6 stone to lose.

I have started eating low fat meals, which surprisingly i have found quite easy.

I did however eat a cornish pasty yesterday and a chicken shish kebab but thankfully no after effects.

i have heard that if you consume too much fat, then your body ejects it, in a rather unpleasant way, is this true?

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Symptoms Of GCA In Body Other Than Head ?

Can anyone tell me if there are any symptoms of GCA to look out for in the body ? I remember reading a post a little while ago that said to check pulses and blood pressures. Do blood vessels protrude in your body like they do in your temples ? I have a small protruding vein (artery?) in my lower abdomen which my doctor says is probably a varicose vein.

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Whole Body Swells Up? (36 Weeks)

does anyone know anything that'll help out when your whole body swells up? I have been miserable all day.

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Pregnancy :: Tips For Body Acne?

I was wondering if anyone has any tips for acne. I broken out pretty much everywhere. Mainly my chest. Does anyone have any tips for body acne?

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Spasm :: Whole Body Wants To Stretch And You Can't Stop It

Does anyone experience body spasms kind of like your whole body wants to stretch and you can't stop it this only happens to me during the night .

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Pregnancy :: Extremely Itchy All Over My Body

I am 29 weeks with  my second and have been extremely itchy all over my body the last couple of days. Went to the doctor and am being sent for blood work  and was given a prescription. Have any other of you ladies been through this?

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Multiple Sclerosis :: Tingling All Over My Body

I'm aged 28 year old female and feel over all fit in myself i go to the gym etc. However for around 3 year's i have had this tingling all over my body. It all started one night when i felt all panicie and just in general detached from life i had night sweats i felt like i was on another planet and it was very very scary from then on i developed this tingling.

there is not a day that  don't have it I'm going out of my mind as I'm sure i have ms i also get other things like twitching,neck grinding,the tingling is worse after exercise the doctors don't seem to think there is anything wrong with me  

I have done boxing since i was 16 could this have something to do with it ? i have never been hit hard or anything.

the tingling is sometimes itchy and in wide areas like the top of my leg's,stomach, sometimes it's just in a very small area. it last for 1 sec to 5 sec

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Skin :: Battling Body Lice

For the past 3 months, my boyfriend and I have been battling body lice.  I have never experienced something so awful and horrendous as this in my life.  We have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it...prescription meds...over the counter meds...industrial bombs....showers...showers...showers...laundering everyday...we have spent almost $1000.00! AND STILL NO RELIEF...ACTUALLY...IT HAS GOTTEN WORSE!  I am at my wits and everything else's....END! I can't live like this anymore...covered in bites from head to toe...trying to "hide" them and pretend there's nothing wrong.  I am contemplating "awful" things like gasoline...kerosine....anything that will KILL these things, because I am beginning to think they will live forever!

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Body Twisted To Right With Mobility Issues

So I have no idea what is happening to me or to even speak to about this. The current state of my body is as follows. From top to bottom. My head veers towards the right. My vision is not what it used to be. I'm sensitive to light, and everything in the distance is blurred. Vision up close seems fine. I have trouble opening the right side of my mouth. This has made speaking very difficult. Looking to the left is painful in the neck and my right eye closes some. My right shoulder dips down and the left one up. Entire torso twists naturally to the right side. At the hips, the right side appears normal, but the left side appears to be sucked in somewhat. The mobility of the left leg from the hip is horrendous and kind of painful. It also looks considerably smaller than the right leg, which remains unaffected by anything. Totally normal. I have a very awkward gate and its difficult to just stand comfortably. I am 6'2", 170 pounds, and 25 years old. Now, at this point I've been to multiple chiropractors thinking that this was stemming from some kind of back problem, although i have no real back pain. I have also gotten some scans on the left side of my hip thinking that could be the problem. Both have been a complete waste of time and money. I exercise regularly and eat healthy. These problems have been on going and increasing in severity over the past 5 years. I have no idea what to do or what the problem is. This is ruining my life.

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Menopause :: Aching Body And Sick When Eat?

I finished my period yesterday and was on for a full week !!! I'm only normally on 3 days 4at the most my body body feels lethargic achy heavy just heavy feeling...feel quite sick and quite bad acid reflux which I keep monitored as I'm on medication for this....I don't feel well at all NOT myself I'm on medication Sertraline which has eased my mood swings ok some days are rubbish but I cope?!!.

but the aching body and when I eat I then feel sick,why?

soo since this last period all through this and even know I Don't feel right?

my body literally and constant ally aches I have no idea what is wrong with me ..I couldn't wait for my period to end thinking well at least tomorrow I'll be ok But i'm not so I if I don't know what is wrong how will I know what is good for me to take?

has anyone got any /some advice to help me out here?

infact I have know for ages that I was entering peri but they kept fobbing me off with oh you're too young mmm really I'm 46? And I'm still having normal periods not in peri you have to be 50/51 to be in peri!

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