How To Clear Hair On Body?

Jan 22, 2014

How i can clear hair on body forever without laser and such kind things.

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Shingles :: Bumps In My Hair/scalp Now Grows To Face And Body

Anyone else experiencing shingles type symptoms but it's not following the normal pattern?

I was diagnosed with shingles october 2013..... It was located on my right head/face/ear area. I remember having bumps in my hair/scalp... above my ear, weeks to few months prior to official diagnoses. Since then I have a continuous recurrence and take antiviral daily. However the pox shows up on other areas now on face and body.

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Early Puberty At 7? Breast Budding, Pubic Hair And Body Odour

My daughter is 7 yrs old and has had symptoms of breast budding, pubic hair, body odour and hormonal mood swings (really difficult in managing her distress) since she was 6. I had to attend GP 3 times before he would refer to Paediatrician. Waited 5 months for that appointment to be told yes she all the symptoms and come back in 3 months and we will monitor. I was told not to make a fuss and tests will be undertaken when they deem appropriate. I am really concerned that she displays PMT behaviours 3-4 days every month (same time each month) and is distressed herself as she says she cant help it, but doesnt want to be angry.. is any other parent experiencing this? I have now got school on board and awaiting advice/support from school nurse. I am also going back to GP.

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HIV Prevention :: Nude Body To Body Massge With Anus Fingering?

This might be Anxiety, but I am wondering if nude body to body massage with the masseuse vagina rubbing on my penis outside (no penetration/intercourse) but defo fluid exchange, no condom and she put her finger in my anus, would that be a risk of HIV?

I have been to the same masseuses and I have done test and they all negative after but the last time I went for the massage is after my last negative test so I am just being very worry?

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HIV :: Body Ache, Night Sweats, Hot Flashes Throughout The Body

I am 31 years old and had a vaginal sex with a girl of unknown HIV status using two condoms at a time. It was my first sexual encounter. I ejaculated twice and both times I used double condoms as I changed after first ejaculation. Both times the condoms seemed to be intact and I could see my semen inside the condom. It's almost over 28 days now and since the past couple of days I have developed almost all symptoms like pain in the back (I have a history of L3 compression and pelvic hairline fracture in 2007), cough with something in throat, body ache, night sweats, hot flashes throughout the body, had stiffness and pain in the back of neck, not visible swollen lymph nodes , had two time kind of diarrhea today.

Since the day after this exposure I was panic stricken with stress and anxiety and cannot sleep at all with insomnia like features and wake up at 2 or 3 or 4 am in the morning due to all sorts of weird thoughts.

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Risk Of Herpes :: Erotic Body-to-body Massage

I know this question may have been asked before but I'm really stressed out and i need some reassurance. Yesterday I had an erotic massage that involved body to body. She applied some oil to her body and mine and sat in my lap with sine grinding for a minute or so. Her vagina touched my lower shaft and scrotum and it only lasted about a minute or so but there was no penetration. She was 35 and seemed healthy without any visible herpes symptoms. I know there is a risk of contracting herpes in this fashion but how high is this risk? I am terrified and not sure what to do.

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STDs Risk :: Body-to-body Massage?

Like many others here, I am in rather deep despair. Although I have a girlfriend, I went to a body-to-body massage parlour. The masseuse rubbed her body over my body, using also her vagina (along my legs, etc.). I fingered her, mostly on the outside, but also briefly on the inside. Although our genitals did not touch (except perhaps incidentally very very briefly), I am very concerned about STDs. What are the risks? How long should I wait before having sex with my girlfriend? There was no oral, no visible sores, often a few seconds of digital penetration, but she certainly touched my penis after having been in contact with my finger that was inside of her (not immediately).

I would be very grateful for any advice/words from experience with this sort of thing. Has anyone here received an STD in this way?

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Hair Loss :: Anemia (low Iron Level) Losing A Ton Of Hair Each Day

I began seeing bald patches on my head: one rather large one and 2 smaller ones. I also am losing a ton of hair each day. I have been diagnosed with a ferritin level of 8 and an iron level of 28. I am taking 325 mg of iron 3 times a day along with other vitamins. Approximately how long before I see an improvement in hair fallout and regrowth. I am also seeing a dermatologist for corticosteriod injections to help with regrowth in the completely bald spots. I am strongly considering shaving my whole head?

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Hair Loss - Hair Has Become Small And Too Short

I suffer from the problem of hair loss before marriage at the age of 19, where he was my hair loss, which is a dense tuft and continues to now (24 years old) so my hair has become very small and too short

Use Pantene Shampoo

To know what to make .....

I want advice and guidance and your directions even know the main reason

What are the required medical tests ....

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Arthritis :: Pain Clear Up To The Top Of My Head

I have severe arthritis in my neck which also gives me pain clear up to the top of my head. Does anyone else have this and if so what do you do for it?

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Bladder Disorders :: Really Thirsty And A Lot Of Clear Pee

I've started to get really thirsty, and I drink a lot of water everyday. I have to go to the toilet about every 10 minutes, and the pee is clear. Maybe I should drink less, but I get really thirsty so I can't. I'm really tired to, but I don't know if has to do with it.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Clear Watery Discharge

Clear watery discharge is this a sign of pregnancy

I usually get my periods symptoms two weeks before its started.but this month i don't get any periods symptoms.

And now i m 4 days late on my period

And I m having clear watery discharge now for about 2 days.

And its not my ovulation discharge bco its my periods date.

So is this means i m pregnant ??

I m going to have a pregnancy test a week later

Is anyone has this same symptoms?

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Vasectomy :: How Long Till You Get The All Clear

I had a vasectomy on 24 DEC 2012, now after all this time & six sample visits, my consultant & surgeon writes to me & says, don't bring another for 5 months, which will be 19 months after my original operation.

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Urology :: Clear Pee Means You Are Well Hydrated?

So, if your pee is clear are you in the clear? Are you hydrated? Or is there more to it?

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Accutane Will Clear Fordyce Spots

Will accutane clear fordyce/sebaceous prominence, how much and fur how long should I take accutane for my chronic fordyce condition?

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Yeast Infection - How Long It Will Take To Clear Up?

I found out I had a yeast infection yesterday. Got antibiotics from the DR. It's a 2 day deal. So today will be my second day. When will I be cleared up? How long till I can have sex again?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Nipples Seeping Clear Fluid

Okay so im 19 almost 20 in a few more days and this is my first pregnancy I'm 13 weeks in and I noticed something this morning that I haven't noticed before.. my nipple where seeping clear fluid.. like not thick and sticky just wet.. i could force a little bit out but other then that when i woke up where my boob had been on my arm was a bit of a wet this normal or am I just going insane..

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Stroke :: Blood Thinners After Blockage Is Clear?

Ok my b/f has now had a duplex ultrasound of his carotid arteries, and they are completely 100% clear. He also had an ultrasound scan of his heart and it is fine.

He had a stroke in June 2012 because he had a 100% blockage in a carotid artery. He's been on Coumadin since then.

Would it not be reasonable to ask the doctor to take him off the Coumadin? Do most doctors try to get patients to stay on it even though there is no longer any blockage?

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A Clear, Mucus-like Vaginal Discharge - Itches If I Think About It

I have:

•A clear, mucus-like vaginal discharge
•A slightly red vaginal area
•It only itches if I think about it
•It dries a yellow color

I've had yeast infections many times before but this is slightly different and then I grew pubic hair and I'm extremely embarrassed to go to a doctor. :$ I've had these symptoms for more than a year.

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2 Surgeries But Unable To Straighten Knee - MRI Clear

I had a scope three years ago. Knee wouldn't straighten out and had difficulty walking( I played volleyball but nothing traumatic happened ), they found I had a discoid meniscus and took out a lot of inflamed tissue to "clean it out". After surgery was able to straighten my knee and was back to normal. A year later I started having the same issues(no sports this time, just running), so another scope and they removed more inflamed tissues and a small mass (tested negative for anything ) . Was good for about a year after surgery, am now having the same problem. MRI never showed anything the past couple of years, can't figure out what's going on

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Hepatitis B :: For How Long Can Peg Clear Low Hbsag Quanti

A patient with  chronic hepatitis B who had been taking drugs left and right and suddenly his hbsag quanti drops down from 5000ui/ml to 125ui/ml  .if this patient takes peg , since it's a chronic virus can it clear the virus? if yes for how long ? 1 , 2 , 3 , months or years ?

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