Vasectomy :: How Long Till You Get The All Clear

Feb 12, 2014

I had a vasectomy on 24 DEC 2012, now after all this time & six sample visits, my consultant & surgeon writes to me & says, don't bring another for 5 months, which will be 19 months after my original operation.

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Yeast Infection - How Long It Will Take To Clear Up?

I found out I had a yeast infection yesterday. Got antibiotics from the DR. It's a 2 day deal. So today will be my second day. When will I be cleared up? How long till I can have sex again?

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Hepatitis B :: For How Long Can Peg Clear Low Hbsag Quanti

A patient with  chronic hepatitis B who had been taking drugs left and right and suddenly his hbsag quanti drops down from 5000ui/ml to 125ui/ml  .if this patient takes peg , since it's a chronic virus can it clear the virus? if yes for how long ? 1 , 2 , 3 , months or years ?

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Vasectomy :: How Long To Wait For Reversal

i had my vas in Jan of this year and have been in pain since week 2. The pain in my balls has subsided but where I was cut is still sore on both sides. The main pain is in my groin high where the hip meets. I can still do most things, sex is not painful so don't think it is congestion. After four months of this though my anxiety levels are rising. Do I wait longer or pull the trinket now and opt for a redo? Does a redo help if not due to congestion? I am assuming I have scar tissue causing referred pain

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Vaginal Health :: Clear Clot About Two Inches Long And A Half An Inch Wide

When i went to the restroom and erupted i got a clear clot looking thing it was about two inches long and a half an inch wide it had like a Brown tinge to it but more clear than anything what is it

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Vasectomy Advice? Pain And Discomfort How Long?

I'm 34 and my wife is 36, we have 2 Children who are very healthy, my wife fell ill after our first child (10 years ago) our 2nd child was through emergency c-section nearly 4 years ago now, from my own point of view I'd love just one more child however my Wife at 36 definitely does not and I respect her wishes completely.

On top of this my wife has come off the birth control pill as it's messing with her hormones/sex drive plus it may have future health risks if she keeps on taking it.

We would like to resume a more normal sex life and eliminate the risks, I don't like having to use condoms (like having a bath with your socks on) it's just not the same.

We felt the best option would be that I have a Vasectomy, that way we can have no more children, no birth control pills involved and hopefully we can get back to 'normal'

I've recently had my consultation appointment and I'm booked in for the snip in early June.

My expectations were pain & discomfort to start with but that will soon go after a couple of weeks, after reading some post's on here I'm now in a panic, worried I’ll get horrible infections, Erectile dysfunction and other complications it may cause years down the line.

Some people are saying it's the worst thing they've ever done.

I'm totally aware that these type of things don’t come without risk but it appears this is more risky than I first feared, the doctor explained its 1/1000 thing.

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How Long It Takes To Start Exercise After A Vasectomy?

I am getting the big"V" done tomorrow and was wondering how long I had to put aside running and let the boys heal.

If any of you guys have had one out there I would like to know how many days after did you start exercising again.

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Vasectomy :: Don't Go For It - Post Vasectomy Pain Syndrome (PVPS)

The best way about a vasectomy is to NOT have one. Anyone who thinks that they have got away without problems just can not say anything as PVPS can come on at any time until we die I know a friend who is in his mid-seventies and has more pain than in the whole of his life.

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: No Weight Gain Till 34 Weeks

I'm 34 weeks pregnant right now and I still haven't gained extra weight.  The doctor says the baby is growing good but I'm still worried that when the baby comes it won't be big enough.  What do you all think?

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Birth Control :: How Many Regestrone Tablet A Day.. And Till When?

i read about the reply for regestrone.. i want to know whether is any tablet that will both delay periods and act as a contraceptive.. if so how to take it?

also.. i want to know how many regestrone tablet should be taken a day.. and till wen.. ie. how long after stopping the pill will i get periods?

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Pregnancy :: Alcohol - Drinking Till 6 Week 3 Days

For a little background I had been having some family issues recently and was drinking 6-7 shots most nights.  I live a healthy lifestyle besides the alcohol and am 26. I suddenly realized i had not had my period and found out I was pregnant.  My husband and I had an ultrasound the next day and found I was already 6w3d.  I immediately stopped drinking but I am terrified. Is there a possibility that the baby could come out of this ok? I know babies are most at risk for FAS in the first tri but I thought it was mostly apparent when mothers drank the entire pregnancy.  I need to find a way to move past this

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Men :: Small Genitals - Till What Time Penis Grow

I am 14 and have few pubic hairs around my penis and am wondering how long it is until my penis grow

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Eye :: Macular Pucker Surgery Wait Till You Are Unable To Drive

I am a 73 year old active male who was diagnosed with a macular pucker in my left eye a few years ago.

At that time I went to a retina specialist who said he would do the surgery but most people wait until they can no  longer drive. Also the surgeon was my age and I don't want someone my age doing the surgery so I started seeing another retina specialist and she agreed that we would keep watching it and wait until it got worse. Last June when I saw her she said my vision in that eye is getting worse and if it continues to decline at the same rate of speed she would recommend the surgery in one year. She also gave me an eye chart and said to check it once a month and if getting worse to call her. Well it has gotten slightly worse and I have an appointment with her this june so I am sure she will want to do the surgery but it hasn't effected my life style at all . I can read the newspaper although I am sure it is my right eye doing most of the work. I don't have any problem driving although I cant see as well at night  as I could when younger but I feel that is natural for my age group. I don't have double vision or any blind spot in my eye. She also removes the cataract at the same time which I know all doctors don't seem to do. my biggest problem , is I am a widower and don't have anyone to take care of me during the week or two of face down recovery. I guess I would have hire someone to come in. So I am wondering why I should go through all this for maybe a slight improvement in my left eye seeing fine print?

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Vasectomy :: Second Vasectomy - Failed First One

Hi I am looking for help I have just had my second vasectomy done just 2 weeks ago due to a failed vasectomy the first time. I have 2 large lumps 1 at the incision site and 1 and the opposite end of the incision and they are both causing me a lot of pain which runs down my leg I have seen my doctor but has told me to give it a couple of months but I didn't get any pain like this the first time. Can a second vasectomy increase any chances of side effects or chronic pain.

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How To Clear Hair On Body?

How i can clear hair on body forever without laser and such kind things.

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Arthritis :: Pain Clear Up To The Top Of My Head

I have severe arthritis in my neck which also gives me pain clear up to the top of my head. Does anyone else have this and if so what do you do for it?

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Bladder Disorders :: Really Thirsty And A Lot Of Clear Pee

I've started to get really thirsty, and I drink a lot of water everyday. I have to go to the toilet about every 10 minutes, and the pee is clear. Maybe I should drink less, but I get really thirsty so I can't. I'm really tired to, but I don't know if has to do with it.

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Am I Pregnant? :: Clear Watery Discharge

Clear watery discharge is this a sign of pregnancy

I usually get my periods symptoms two weeks before its started.but this month i don't get any periods symptoms.

And now i m 4 days late on my period

And I m having clear watery discharge now for about 2 days.

And its not my ovulation discharge bco its my periods date.

So is this means i m pregnant ??

I m going to have a pregnancy test a week later

Is anyone has this same symptoms?

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Urology :: Clear Pee Means You Are Well Hydrated?

So, if your pee is clear are you in the clear? Are you hydrated? Or is there more to it?

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Accutane Will Clear Fordyce Spots

Will accutane clear fordyce/sebaceous prominence, how much and fur how long should I take accutane for my chronic fordyce condition?

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(Age 18-24) Pregnancy :: Nipples Seeping Clear Fluid

Okay so im 19 almost 20 in a few more days and this is my first pregnancy I'm 13 weeks in and I noticed something this morning that I haven't noticed before.. my nipple where seeping clear fluid.. like not thick and sticky just wet.. i could force a little bit out but other then that when i woke up where my boob had been on my arm was a bit of a wet this normal or am I just going insane..

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