Vaginal Health :: Clear Clot About Two Inches Long And A Half An Inch Wide

Apr 30, 2016

When i went to the restroom and erupted i got a clear clot looking thing it was about two inches long and a half an inch wide it had like a Brown tinge to it but more clear than anything what is it

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Vaginal Health :: Clear Kind Of Watery Discharge.

Experienced light spotting, during last period. After it ended, I started experiencing sore and itchy vagina, and muscle spasming in my legs.I have tried various over the counter things, and my legs have calmed down, but keep me awake a lot. I found a pill that calms the sore itching also, but comes back when I don't take the pill. I now have a clear kind of watery discharge. As well, last night a good gob of hair fell out on my vaginal area. What is going on? Also, I am nearing my next menstrual cycle.

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Vaginal Health :: Itchy Bumps On Inner Labia/ Clear Watery Discharge

about a month ago i noticed two or three small red bumps on my inner labia near the entrance of my vagina. the itching seemed to go away after a bit but the bumps were still there. in the past week the itching has returned and i have noticed a clear, watery discharge. I'm very worried! My boyfriend has been out of the country for nearly a year (in which time i have not been sexually active). I have an appointment set up with my gynecologist but i will need to wait 2 more weeks for that.

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Vaginal Health :: How Long The Shedding Of The Uterus Last?

Sooo...... how long will the shedding of the uterus last? 

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Vaginal Health :: How Long Should Be The String Of Coil?

How long should be the string of coil? Any one knows?

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Vaginal Labia Reconstruction Possible? Cut In Half During Baby Birth

20 years ago I had my large labia cut in half with scissors after giving birth by the Gyno. I still suffer pain. Haven't been to another Doctor since. Too ashamed of the sight of me. I get these twinges like a rubber band snapping down there. Is reconstruction even possible?

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Birth Control :: Month Long Period After Year And A Half Of Nexplanon

I had the Nexplanon 3 year birth control implant put in February of 2013 when i was 16 years old. Up until early-mid June, I had not had any periods. Now, I have had my period on and off for almost an entire month. It is mostly spotting but enough to require the use of tampons and refrain from sexual activity. I have been pretty emotional lately and was up last night with bad cramps. Nothing in my daily schedule or eating habits has changed therefore I do not understand what could be causing this. ALSO, I have been experiencing extreme fatigue. Does anyone have ideas as to why this is occurring? I would hate to have the implant removed because this is the first time it has given me problems so far and I'm not even sure it is the cause.

*I have had the same boyfriend for 10 months so i do not think STD's would be of any relevance*

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Vasectomy :: How Long Till You Get The All Clear

I had a vasectomy on 24 DEC 2012, now after all this time & six sample visits, my consultant & surgeon writes to me & says, don't bring another for 5 months, which will be 19 months after my original operation.

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Yeast Infection - How Long It Will Take To Clear Up?

I found out I had a yeast infection yesterday. Got antibiotics from the DR. It's a 2 day deal. So today will be my second day. When will I be cleared up? How long till I can have sex again?

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A Clear, Mucus-like Vaginal Discharge - Itches If I Think About It

I have:

•A clear, mucus-like vaginal discharge
•A slightly red vaginal area
•It only itches if I think about it
•It dries a yellow color

I've had yeast infections many times before but this is slightly different and then I grew pubic hair and I'm extremely embarrassed to go to a doctor. :$ I've had these symptoms for more than a year.

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Hepatitis B :: For How Long Can Peg Clear Low Hbsag Quanti

A patient with  chronic hepatitis B who had been taking drugs left and right and suddenly his hbsag quanti drops down from 5000ui/ml to 125ui/ml  .if this patient takes peg , since it's a chronic virus can it clear the virus? if yes for how long ? 1 , 2 , 3 , months or years ?

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Small Vaginal Opening, Difficulty In Intercourse

I feel my vaginal opening is small and tight, which causes pain and difficulty in penetration. I used to do digital penetration and am able to insert two of my fingers together, but it doesn't seem to dilate while penis insertion. What could be a possible treatment? Would dilators work or will I need to undergo a surgery?

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Vaginal Health :: Greenish Yellow Vaginal Discharge Without Odor

I've been having greenish yellow vaginal discharge with no odor. I've been sexually active with one person and always use a condom. What could it be? Should I be worried?

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Vaginal Health :: Small Bumps Around Vaginal Opening?

Today I noticed a cluster of small bumps around the bottom of the opening of my vagina, they're kind of red. I am sexually active with my boyfriend and I'm slightly worried he could have given me an std. We have oral sex too though and there's nothing wrong with my mouth.. We have sex a lot so maybe it could just be irritation.. I'm not sure but I'm scared. I have pictures but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post them.

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Vaginal Health :: Green Vaginal Discharge

I have a light green thick clumpy odorless vaginal discharge. I thought it might be yeast infection,but it does not itch.The only symptom I have is the discharge.Can you help me identify what this might be or what causes this or what do you suggest I use to clear this up.I have not contacted my gynecologist yet.

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Polymyalgia Rheumatica And GCA :: Dull Pain An Inch Above Eyes

I am presently on 7mg, and worry if GCA is starting: the dull pain I get is not at the sides of my eyes but about an inch above and slightly back. I do not have other indicators, such as jaw pain or sore head to touch, and am unsure whether all symptoms are likely to be present or only one. My GP seems to think I am OK- any advice as to whether the temple pain in GCA is by the sides of one's glasses or an inch or two above this?

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Accidents :: An Inch Of Leg Shortening After Bone Fusion Surgery

I am a 21 year old..i had a bike accident almost a year ago.I had a commutative fracture on the lower part of the femur which connects to the knee joint.The doctor had kept a titanium plate on it.Unfortunately my right leg has become 1" shorter after the fusing of the bone.Now the main problem is My physio has advised me not to raise the heel and has told me to walk normally as there is not much visible limping.He doesn't want me make the habit of walking with the raised heel in the future.But my doctor who did the surgery has asked me to raise the heel.when i told him about the advise from the physio,the doctor didn't like it.Eventually i decided not to raise the heel and took the advice of physio.Its been three months since i stopped using the heel raise.I have a slight discomfort while walking.few days back i noticed a small lump developed just above the but crack.I am in a great confusion.

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Lesion On Left Ovary Could Be Complex Ovarian Cyst (1 Inch Diameter)

I'm 37 years old .After having slight pain and tenderness in my lower abdomen I decided to go to the ER where I was diagnosed with a lesion on my left ovary that"could be a complex ovarian cyst;however,there is a small chance that it could be something more serious like a mass" is the way that it was writing my discharged papers. The doctor said its 1 inch in diameter. I've been experiencing this pain off and on for a few months. Now I'm freaking out. I am going to schedule a follow up with my gynecologist next week. Should I be worried that this is cancer?

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Vaginal Health :: Can't Feel When I Cum

In all honesty I don't know when i'm cumming... should i feel something? Before when I had sex (protected of course) I didn't know if I did and he kept asking me. I just said yes, and choose a random number of times (3).

I later felt the bed, and found it wet, was it from me? Did I cum? Was I supposed to feel it?

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Vaginal Health :: Bad Smells ?

I have noticed 2 or 3 months ago that there is some light yellow discharge somewhere between the actual skin of my body and the clitoral hood. It isn't always there but my period is irregular because I'm 16 and I can't tell whether it has any connection or not with it. It smells bad and I have no idea what it could be and why.

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Vaginal Health :: Big Clitoris - Genetics?

Is this a bad thing? I mean, I know a guy who thinks a big clitoris is disgusting. I don't mean huge, but.. just big. Does it just have to do with genetics or what?

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