Vaginal Health :: Bad Smells ?

Nov 9, 2014

I have noticed 2 or 3 months ago that there is some light yellow discharge somewhere between the actual skin of my body and the clitoral hood. It isn't always there but my period is irregular because I'm 16 and I can't tell whether it has any connection or not with it. It smells bad and I have no idea what it could be and why.

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Vaginal Health :: Smells Like I Am On Period

Okay so im 14, virgin and everything. I noticed that right after my period ended my vagina still smelled like i was still on my period. Its been smelling for about a week now and everyday the smell is different. At first it smelled like period blood but now it smells different, worse. It doesn't really smell fishy it smells like something died i swear. I've been making sure i clean it properly and everything but it won't go away. It seems like whenever my legs are open a tiny bit you can smell it. Im worried other people can smell it, and its embarrassing. My vagina isn't red or itchy, it just smells. My discharge is normal and doesn't smell. Im freaking out, i have a doctors appointment soon but my mom refuses to leave the room and if i tell her she'll think that i have an STD. What do i do? Or what is it?

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Vaginal Health :: Horrible Smells

I shower everyday or every other day, and my vagina smells like 1 day old urine, or lard.  I am so embarrassed to say the least.  I have tried Vaginal washes, Douching, just water, and nothing seems to get rid of this horrible smell.

Can someone please give me a solution as to what I should be smelling down there.  Some women smell like flowers, and some women have no smell at all?

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Vaginal Health :: Groin Smells

My groin smells sometimes, I think it is due to me sweating but I am not sure. Any suggestions on what I can do to treat and prevent this?

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Vaginal Health :: Random, Subtle And Stinky Smells

I am 19 y/o and have been having issues down there for about a year. i have always been prone to getting wet, however, i can tell there's something wrong/different. it can be excessive. all throughout the day, for 100% no reason what so ever. i'll be working/cooking/reading etc. it also stinks.. I have recently started using vagisil shower wash to try and balance pH levels and that makes a difference for a couple hours or so. then i can start to tell a subtle odor. The worst part is that i actually cum randomly. in public, work etc. it's so embarrassing because that's the one that smells the absolute worst. it actually just happened this too when i was cooking breakfast. i don't get the sensation of having any pleasure, i just feel it drip/gush out.. please help... i'm at such a loss... it smells and it's random and so so embarrassing.. i've even had the 'cum' situation while talking to my boss at his desk..

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Vaginal Odor Smells Like Urine

I have been having this problem for a few months now. Every time I take off my underwear to go to use the bathroom, before sex, go to bed, etc. My underwear has a strong smell of urine and its so embarrassing. I've been to my doctor and she took a blood sample and a urine sample and everything came back normal. Now she wants me to get an ultrasound to make sure all my organs are ok. I feel completely fine except for the smell. I don't know what to do. I feel like it's taking so long for my doctor to figure out what is wrong. So plz if anyone has any suggestions to help me with the urine smell let me know. It's so embarrassing. I'm constantly wondering if other ppl can smell it even when I have my pants on.

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Pregnancy :: Normal? Vaginal Odor And Smells?

Is it normal to have a stronger vaginal odor. I notice it more often and feel like I always stink and sweat down there. I am currently 39 weeks pregnant?

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Small Vaginal Opening, Difficulty In Intercourse

I feel my vaginal opening is small and tight, which causes pain and difficulty in penetration. I used to do digital penetration and am able to insert two of my fingers together, but it doesn't seem to dilate while penis insertion. What could be a possible treatment? Would dilators work or will I need to undergo a surgery?

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Vaginal Health :: Greenish Yellow Vaginal Discharge Without Odor

I've been having greenish yellow vaginal discharge with no odor. I've been sexually active with one person and always use a condom. What could it be? Should I be worried?

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Vaginal Health :: Small Bumps Around Vaginal Opening?

Today I noticed a cluster of small bumps around the bottom of the opening of my vagina, they're kind of red. I am sexually active with my boyfriend and I'm slightly worried he could have given me an std. We have oral sex too though and there's nothing wrong with my mouth.. We have sex a lot so maybe it could just be irritation.. I'm not sure but I'm scared. I have pictures but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post them.

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Teen Health :: Vagina Smells

Okay so I'm 17 and I've never been sexually active . I would never be comfortable with just wearing underwear so I would wear party liners all the time but then I noticed a smell on my liners so I started using a Summer's eve spray for down there to cover up the smell. That worked but I got tired of wearing the liners so I stopped . Throughout the day I start to smell weird almost like the ph of my vagina is off . It's disgusting and embarrassing . My first boyfriend tried to go down on me and he said he didn't like the sent . It's was so embarrassing . What do I do to get rid of the smell . I wash with summers eve wash down there as well . I take care of myself but everything I've tried isn't working . Is it possible that I might have an infection ? But from what I've never done anything . I looked online and it said sitting in baking soda for 20 minutes helps balance your ph so I tried that and it worked for a few days then the smell came back . PLEASE HELP ME ASAP

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Dental Health :: Mucus Smells Really Bad

So for the past day or two I have had this terrible smell/taste from my mucus. I'd have to describe it as sweet smelling but really disgusting at the same time. It comes at random times. It usually is worse after I blow my nose or something. After a while the smell/taste makes me feel sick. I've also had some bad pains underneath my cheek bones recently too. If really appreciate some input... I'm starting to get scared!

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Sexual Health - Men :: Smells Fishy On Both After Sex

Every time my girlfriend and i have sex, after i have come (male) everything smells fishy on both myself and my girlfriend. After a few days the smell goes away on her but stays on my penis. It been happening for a while and is amplified after sex. What is it and how do i make it go away?

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Sexual Health :: My Sperm Smells Really Bad

my sperm smells really bad. Whenever it sticks to my hand it smells very bad...

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Sexual Health :: Glans Of Penis Wet And Smells

So over the last year I have found it almost impossible to keep the glans of my penis smelling clean. It used to be quite dry to. However now it's quite moist area.

My girlfriend, seems to have a problem with smells too. Both hygienic and both try our best to wash our genitals to the recommended way no harsh soaps etc.

One fried. Suggested it could be thrush but we have no other symptoms.

I recently went for a nhs sexual health screen and came back clear.

Would love to know what's causing these smells.

I could go for days with no smell down there as long as I had no sexual activity. Just really don't get what's happening.

I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years and had no other sexual contact with anyone else except from her in that time.

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Men's Health :: Virgin And Penis Smells Like Fish

My penis smells like fish. I was reading another thread about it by the way.

There was a comment about a sexual disease, but since I'm still a virgin, I don't think that would be it. What else could it be? After masturbating, I make sure my penis is clean, so I don't really think it's that.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Rotten Smells During Sex

i had a sex with my partner and i bleed during sex and it was my first experience i thought i had my period but the next day IT stop again and second from my vagina it smells like rotten things which i never experience this again before can you please tell what is this reason for.

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Oral Health :: Breath Smells Like Faeces (Poo)

I have this horrid poo smell from my mouth. I brush my teeth twice a day, floss, use Dentyl PH mouthwash, I have the best oral hygiene of anyone I know but I still have this smell. I am too embarrassed to even ask my friends or family to tell me my breath stinks. I am becoming totally reclusive because of it. Id rather go to my GP and tell him i've got an STD. I know i've got it coz sometimes people look around and ask if i've farted, and I see people with babies smelling their nappies when I speak. It really is starting to badly affect my life but I just can't pluck up the courage to go to my GP. How on earth can i ay "DR, My breath smells like poo!"

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Vaginal Health :: Green Vaginal Discharge

I have a light green thick clumpy odorless vaginal discharge. I thought it might be yeast infection,but it does not itch.The only symptom I have is the discharge.Can you help me identify what this might be or what causes this or what do you suggest I use to clear this up.I have not contacted my gynecologist yet.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Discharge That Smells - Pregnancy Sign?

Okay, I am only 16. I am sexually active with my boyfriend.. I have recently just been treated for a UTI . My medication is done but now I have a discharge that smells funky.. It smells like old period blood. But anyways after I had sex I noticed this very thick, sticky, milky white glob of something on my boyfriends penis.. I thought it was sperm but it ended up being me. I have never had it before. I need help. I don't know what it could be . I looked it up and it said it could be an early sign of pregnancy.. The mucus plug they call it.

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Vaginal Health :: Can't Feel When I Cum

In all honesty I don't know when i'm cumming... should i feel something? Before when I had sex (protected of course) I didn't know if I did and he kept asking me. I just said yes, and choose a random number of times (3).

I later felt the bed, and found it wet, was it from me? Did I cum? Was I supposed to feel it?

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