Vaginal Health :: Clear Kind Of Watery Discharge.

Dec 24, 2015

Experienced light spotting, during last period. After it ended, I started experiencing sore and itchy vagina, and muscle spasming in my legs.I have tried various over the counter things, and my legs have calmed down, but keep me awake a lot. I found a pill that calms the sore itching also, but comes back when I don't take the pill. I now have a clear kind of watery discharge. As well, last night a good gob of hair fell out on my vaginal area. What is going on? Also, I am nearing my next menstrual cycle.

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Vaginal Health :: Itchy Bumps On Inner Labia/ Clear Watery Discharge

about a month ago i noticed two or three small red bumps on my inner labia near the entrance of my vagina. the itching seemed to go away after a bit but the bumps were still there. in the past week the itching has returned and i have noticed a clear, watery discharge. I'm very worried! My boyfriend has been out of the country for nearly a year (in which time i have not been sexually active). I have an appointment set up with my gynecologist but i will need to wait 2 more weeks for that.

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Vaginal Health :: Watery Liquid Discharge

sometimes at least one or to times a month . discharge watery.

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Vaginal Health :: Non-stop Watery Discharge

For the past few days i've been leaking non stop. It's a very watery discharge with no smell. Im going through underwear and pads like crazy. Ill cramp here and there but nothing serious. Should i be concerned?

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Vaginal Health :: 47 - Excessive Milky Watery Discharge

I am 47, and in recent months, after a combination of finishing my period and sexual intercourse w my husband, I sometimes have excessive milky watery discharge. It is not really itchy, but a little surprising as it comes out as a trickle of liquid. There is a smell however it is not too strong. He has had a vasectomy.

It usually goes away without issue.

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Vaginal Health :: White Watery Discharge And Flame After Sex

I'm 20 years old, after having a sex with my boyfriend I got a white water discharge. And every after the discharge, i feel a flame in my vagina. Can someone help me regarding this?

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Sexual Health - Women :: Excessive Watery Vaginal Discharge

I am 18 years old, sexually active

I have been having intercourse with my boyfriend regularly for the past 5/6 months and we never use any type of protection (yes I know, really bad) we always just make sure he pulls out and he does and everything is just fine. I know that a "safe" time to have sex is during my period due to the fact that the ovule that wasn't fertilized was disposed so that happened. I was around my fourth or fifth day of my period (my normal period lasts 7 days) and he finished inside.. It's happened before so I'm positive there is no problem with that.

When my period finished, I noticed that I have had a lot of discharge and I don't know what it is or why it's happening. It's clear and very watery and sometimes I notice a "different" smell to it, I can't explain it though, it's a bit strong but it's not a completely foul odor either. I believe I should be in my fertile days about know or soon but this has been going on for about 2 weeks now and I'm starting to get worried. Does anyone know what it could be?

Could it be some sort of infection? Or a natural cleansing process? Or something else? Should I worry? Please respond soon as to I am very concerned

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Am I Pregnant? :: Clear Watery Discharge

Clear watery discharge is this a sign of pregnancy

I usually get my periods symptoms two weeks before its started.but this month i don't get any periods symptoms.

And now i m 4 days late on my period

And I m having clear watery discharge now for about 2 days.

And its not my ovulation discharge bco its my periods date.

So is this means i m pregnant ??

I m going to have a pregnancy test a week later

Is anyone has this same symptoms?

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Am I Pregnant? :: Unprotected Coitus - Now Clear Watery Discharge

i'm 26yrs old & married for LMP was 17/8/2014.unprotected clear watery discharge from right nipple which start from last 9 days.i also feel discomfort in both breasts & pain in the lower abdomen.what can i do now ?

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Vaginal :: Watery Discharge With No Smell And Itch

i suddenly started having watery discharge. it doesnt smell and no itches. the first day it was yellowish. then it became very clear.

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A Clear, Mucus-like Vaginal Discharge - Itches If I Think About It

I have:

•A clear, mucus-like vaginal discharge
•A slightly red vaginal area
•It only itches if I think about it
•It dries a yellow color

I've had yeast infections many times before but this is slightly different and then I grew pubic hair and I'm extremely embarrassed to go to a doctor. :$ I've had these symptoms for more than a year.

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Vaginal :: Excessive Watery Discharge, No Urine Smell, Periods OK

I am a 22 year old female with excessive watery discharge. I soak my knickers sometimes. This does not smell like urine. Periods have been ok, although they sometimes come at different days of the month randomly. It's not really a new symptom and I've had it on and off. It usually happens at the back of the underwear and I'm having quite mild pain on the right side which can go to the left side as well, think it might be gas though since it does gurgle around there and I can feel the pain in my back a little as well. Been to the doctor, UTI and culture test came back negative.It was a bit better a few days ago with cranberry tablets. Could this be something related to my bladder or my vagina? I'm going to have a swab of my vagina next week to see whether there is an infection present. Thank you.

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Sexual Health - Women :: Watery Discharge Minutes After Sex

I used to have a discharge some minutes after sex which I don't understand

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Women's Health :: Brown Watery / Thick White Discharge

Okay I posted here few days ago about getting brown watery discharge. Today I had white thick discharge but in like HUGE amounts....has anyone had that before?

Yes am sexually active and yes I use pull out method although I know you can still get pregnant.

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Vaginal Health :: Greenish Yellow Vaginal Discharge Without Odor

I've been having greenish yellow vaginal discharge with no odor. I've been sexually active with one person and always use a condom. What could it be? Should I be worried?

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Vaginal Health :: Clear Clot About Two Inches Long And A Half An Inch Wide

When i went to the restroom and erupted i got a clear clot looking thing it was about two inches long and a half an inch wide it had like a Brown tinge to it but more clear than anything what is it

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Vaginal Health :: Green Vaginal Discharge

I have a light green thick clumpy odorless vaginal discharge. I thought it might be yeast infection,but it does not itch.The only symptom I have is the discharge.Can you help me identify what this might be or what causes this or what do you suggest I use to clear this up.I have not contacted my gynecologist yet.

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Vaginal Health :: Green Clumpy Discharge On Pee

I am 32 my boyfriend & i use condoms but as of lately i have noticed some discomfort little soreness/itching runny white discharge when i pee/an now green clumpy discharge no odor.

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Vaginal Health :: Noticeable Discharge And Odor Every Day

i have discharge every day and it comes with a  noticeable odor.when i take a shower im good for a few hrs then i start to notice a smell. i haven't had sex in months so i couldn't b related to that but when i do i am always protected

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Vaginal Health :: Discharge, Itch But No Odor

For the last 4 days I have had thin slightly brownish discharge that has almost no odor .If any odor at all, it smells kind of like mediciney. I have a lot of vaginal itching as well .My diet is very healthy .Almost no sugar, I take probiotics,Apple cider vinegar, and coconut oil ever day . I can figure out what's going on. The itchiness isn't as bad as it was. I have no pelvic pain .I have tried some alternative treatments such as tea tree oil and garlic .I have been with the same partner for 4 years and we are monogamous . We both were tested 4 years ago for std's and were negative .Except I tested positive for"trich" which is a little bug. We were both treated and my symptoms are not anything like those symptoms . Anyone have any thoughts? Also, I am otherwise in great health and feel great so I am trying to avoid going to a doctor for now .

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Vaginal Health :: 14 - Odor / Lots Of Discharge

I am 14 years old and I have noticed since I was around 12 I have like this fishy type smell odor that comes from my vaginia . It is really embarrassing because I can just be sitting in class and I will start to smell it and I don't know if anybody else can smell it. I also get very wet and often my underwear will be soaked by the time I get home from school so I have to change them. I am too embarrassed to talk to my mom about this because then she will think I'm sexually active or something when I'm not . I am still a virgin and I have never been fingered .

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