Vaginal Labia Reconstruction Possible? Cut In Half During Baby Birth

Jul 24, 2014

20 years ago I had my large labia cut in half with scissors after giving birth by the Gyno. I still suffer pain. Haven't been to another Doctor since. Too ashamed of the sight of me. I get these twinges like a rubber band snapping down there. Is reconstruction even possible?

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Vaginal Health :: Clear Clot About Two Inches Long And A Half An Inch Wide

When i went to the restroom and erupted i got a clear clot looking thing it was about two inches long and a half an inch wide it had like a Brown tinge to it but more clear than anything what is it

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Birth Control :: Month Long Period After Year And A Half Of Nexplanon

I had the Nexplanon 3 year birth control implant put in February of 2013 when i was 16 years old. Up until early-mid June, I had not had any periods. Now, I have had my period on and off for almost an entire month. It is mostly spotting but enough to require the use of tampons and refrain from sexual activity. I have been pretty emotional lately and was up last night with bad cramps. Nothing in my daily schedule or eating habits has changed therefore I do not understand what could be causing this. ALSO, I have been experiencing extreme fatigue. Does anyone have ideas as to why this is occurring? I would hate to have the implant removed because this is the first time it has given me problems so far and I'm not even sure it is the cause.

*I have had the same boyfriend for 10 months so i do not think STD's would be of any relevance*

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Black Lump On Labia Next To Vaginal Opening

About 4 months ago I found a black mark on my labia, next to vaginal opening, it isn't painful, and hasn't changed size or colour during the time I've know it is there. Yesterday a lump appeared next to my clitorus it hurts when touched, is quite firm and is the same colour as surrounding skin. Will it go away? Is there something wrong with me? Please help I am really worried, oh and I am 15, not sure if that helps.

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Vaginal Health :: Lump In Labia Minora

I'm 17 about to be 18 in a week and a couple of days ago I found a pea size lump on my labia minora. I wasn't sexual active until 2 months ago. My boyfriend has been checked for stds and he was clean. Its fairly hard, skin colored, and can hurt a little if its touch. I did try to pop it and a little pus came out. However it hurt so I stopped.

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Vaginal Health :: Swollen Clitoris And Labia

I'm recently getting over a bacterial infection and uti. I was given antibiotics taken for 7 days. Then got a yeast infection on top of that. My clit was swollen and my libia was swollen at the time couldn't walk cause they were swollen so bad. I took all the med and the swelling went down. And now my labia and clit is swollen again don't have the discharge like I had when i had the uti and infection. Could it be something else that is causing the swelling?

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Vaginal Health :: Little Bumps Between My Thighs And Labia - Itchy

I had this little bumps between my thigh a labia and It kinda feels irritated not itchy just uncomfortable nothing popped or came out of it it's just irritated it's appeared about 4 weeks ago after I shaved and hasnt gone away its felt more irritated after I shaved again yesterday my mom said it's prob a ingrown hair but i can't see a hair in it I'm scared help What does this sound like..

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Vaginal Health :: Irritated White Patches On Labia (HPV)

I'm 18 and 7 months pregnant with my 2nd child. I also just found our my ex gave me HPV. We had had sex even after I got pregnant and it kinda hurt but I figured it was just the pregnancy b/c that's how it was when I was prego with my son but for months now my whole "area" has been itching and burning really bad. And now I have this really creamy discharge type stuff all over my labia and these little flat bumps. I'm not sure if they're warts or not. I still need to talk to my gyno. But I can't have sex and if I touch or scratch that area or pee is hurts really bad. But I'm worried b/c it hurts and burns and itches sooo bad and I've heard all kinds of things about cancer and warts and whatnot so I could really use some advice.

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Vaginal Health :: Pea Sized Lump On My Labia Majora

The last few times i had sexual intercourse i have noticed a pea sized lump appears on my labia majora along with the normal swelling, then it disappears after about 10minutes. after the swelling goes down, there is no trace of the lump. is this something to worry about?  

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Vaginal Health :: Is It Herpes Or Folliculitis? Bumps On My Labia

I have been with my current boyfriend now for 4 years. I have never had any symptoms of herpes, not even a cold sore on my mouth. My boyfriend has also been clean. About 6 days ago I noticed a two small bumps on my labia majora right in the hairline then there was another small bump down on my labia minora again in the hairline and on the same side as the one on the upper part of the labia. I of course began freaking out. I've never had a STD scare before and I immediately thought the worst. The bumps were slightly itchy, red, and it looked as though they had a white, almost puss filled, kind of top. I went to the health clinic 2 days later, the soonest I could get in, and the nurse told me it didn't look like any herpes case she had seen before, but she swabbed me to do a culture just in case. I'm still waiting for the results and the waiting is driving me insane. I've read every article I can find on herpes and how I could possibly have contracted it since both me and my boyfriend have been faithful to each other, and before I was with him I was with the same man for 5 years who I know was clean. I know it is possible for the disease to lay dormant for years, but still it just seems odd that it would wait this long to appear and my current boyfriend has not had any bumps or cold sores since we’ve been together.
I stumbled upon the condition folliculitis and I’m wondering if it could possibly be that. I do shave down there regularly. I’ve had razor burn before but nothing like this. Currently the two bumps that were on my labia majora have turned into a hard lump underneath the skin and the one on my labia minora has also turned into a lump under the skin. I’ve never had a cyst or boils before so I’m not really sure what I’m looking at. There is no puss coming out of anything, but they are painful when irritated. I am able to go without underpants once I am home, but during the day I have been wearing cotton underwear and I sit at a desk. I think this irritates the one on my labia majora because of where it is located so it is normally sore.
I have no other symptoms of herpes. No burning urination, swollen lymph nodes, or any sickness. I’m also not in a great deal of pain or anything like that. I’m just really unsure of what is going on and the symptoms of both herpes and folliculitis sound so similar. Folliculitis makes more sense to me, but then again that’s because I really don’t want to have herpes. There is one other issue I’m having that I can’t find online at all. It’s kind of hard to explain, but there is a white area in the fold of my skin that is above my clitoris. It’s not puss and it doesn’t hurt. I cannot find any pictures or descriptions of this online. I’m not sure if it could be caused from the large hard lump that is near it on my labia majora or not.
I’m not able to find out my results for at least another 4 days and I’m going to make a appointment with my gyno for next week as well, but I’m looking for any opinions or advice as I’m currently driving myself crazy with wondering and researching.

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Paper Cuts On Both Vaginal Lips - Shaving On Labia Majora

I'm 18 years old i shaved a few days ago & yesterday the hair was growing back causing an itch. i must have been scratching to hard because now i have little paper cuts on both of my lips & between them where the skin is suppose to be pink. it started to bleed so i grabbed a towel with warm water and rubbed it but i did it too hard and my lips swelled but the right lip is worse than the left. i thought it would help if i soak in a hot bath it didn't now today i have this whitish discharge no smell coming out of me the cuts burn like hell what should i do.

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Vaginal Health :: Itchy Red Bump On Labia, Irritated Vagina

Well for the past year on and off i've gotten urinary tract infections and they always come back because i guess I wasn't clean enough, I'm sexually active and I've been irritated for the past few months down there and no one seems to have any answers for me. I went to the clinic and they told me i had no infection in my urine but i had a cut so she gave me lidocaine cream and i've been using that but it hasn't helped at all. If anything it made it worse. I now appear to have this itchy red bump on the outside labia and I'm scared I don't know what it is and I don't know what to do. Because every time i have sex it burns I cant enjoy it and i want this to go away once and for all...

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Vaginal Health :: Itchy With Small Painless Bumps On Labia

A few days ago my boyfriend and i went to the beach. I left my suit on all day after swimming, and we walked everywhere. I'm pretty sure there was sand in my suit also. We had sex that night like most nights. The next morning my vagina was sore- externally not internally. It's been about 3 days, and now it feels like there a little cut right where the lips meet at the top, and it is extremely sore right outside the bottom of my vaginal opening. When i pee, the urine hits my vagina and it burns like crazy! I also have about 10 small bumps that are beneath the skin, they almost feel like zits, but are not painful at all. Those also didn't show up until yesterday. My boyfriend has been my only sexual partner for over 6 months, and before that i had sex once over a year ago. So i doubt it's an STD. This is the first problem I've had down there so if it's something obvious.

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Vaginal Health :: Herpes? Irritated Bump On Labia Majora

First I want to say that I am only 19 and I have been with the same person for 3 years and 8 months and I have never done anything sexual with anyone else and he has not either. I am pretty sure this isn't herpes from what I've read but I am concerned. Two days ago I became very itchy down there. I looked down and saw what looked like a big zit and with closer observation it looked like a canker sore with a white center. I also have a white to yellowish discharge. I am fighting a sinus infection at the moment so I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I was wondering what this could be and what I could do to get rid of it. It itches and hurts a lot.

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STD :: Hard Lump On Outer Labia Close To Vaginal Opening

I recently had a yeast infection and about five days ago it went away. The next day I had sex with my boyfriend a few times and was sore for a few days. Today I just noticed a tiny hard bump on my outer labia. He is clean, and I have had unprotected sex once with an ex at a party about a month ago....he was clean when we were together and had told me earlier he hadn't slept with anyone since me. I really don't think it's herpes, but what else could it be. Nothing itches, nothing burns, nothing hurts, but there is a solid bump, I was trying to squeeze it to see if it's an ingrown hair. I don't have insurance right now otherwise I would go to the doctor, especially after the unprotected sex. Help please? What could this be?

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Vaginal Health :: Itchy Bumps On Inner Labia/ Clear Watery Discharge

about a month ago i noticed two or three small red bumps on my inner labia near the entrance of my vagina. the itching seemed to go away after a bit but the bumps were still there. in the past week the itching has returned and i have noticed a clear, watery discharge. I'm very worried! My boyfriend has been out of the country for nearly a year (in which time i have not been sexually active). I have an appointment set up with my gynecologist but i will need to wait 2 more weeks for that.

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Vaginal Health :: Oversensitivity And Pain In The Upper Labia And Clitoris Region

For the past 2-3 weeks I have been experiencing oversensitivity and pain in the upper labia and clitoris region. It has become painful if the area is touched even slightly and when walking if my underwear brushes against, it's painful. I have haven't had sex and have not masturbated, the pain just randomly occurred one day and hasn't stopped. I'm not sure why it's happened.

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Vaginal Health :: White Tiny Worms And Eggs Near Vagina / Labia?

I found out on my own that each time i go to the bathroom i pee 1 or 2 white tiny worms.. and started yesterday zentel. today before going to sleep while looking at my vagina after 4 washing a day of this sensitive area, i've realised that there are some white stuff that are hard to be removed near the labia..i believe that these are eggs...

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Vaginal Health :: Scabs/open Sores On The Outer Edge Of My Labia Minora

The outer edge is a bit swollen or it might even be a lump. At first I thought it was dry but now there are like 3 or 4. They are flat too.

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Pregnancy :: Decreased Baby Movements Before Birth?

So people tell me that a lot of times a baby will decrease his or her movements the day or so before labor begins. And also that the baby may or may not drop before then. So my questions are:

1. How many felt their baby had decreased movements b4 beginning labor? Still moved of course, just movements felt differently, maybe softer? And..

2. How many thought their baby never dropped until right before birth/labor? Doc says my baby girl is dropping, but mentioned that she may not drop much before I start pushing. (She's my 1st)

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Pregnancy :: Zoloft - Baby Birth Defect?

Has anyone taking Zoloft and the baby has a birth defect they say it won't hurt the baby but I Sean on TV where it can

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