Had Three C-section - Nervous About The Fourth

Nov 28, 2014

I'm 39 and I've already had 3 c-sections and this pregnancy was a big shocker seeing how my kids are 12, 16 &20 so I'm really nervous about having a fourth and recovering. Has anyone had 4 c-sections or more? How was the recovery?

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Pregnancy :: Second C-section After Emergency C-section

Has anyone ever had a repeat C-section after the first one was an emergency, the difference is during my emergency c- section I was put to sleep. I appreciate the heads up with the repeat but I'm extremely worried. Any advice or past experiences to lift my spirits?

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Oraquick (2nd Generation) OR Third / Fourth Generation Tests?

I am female, I had one exposure exactly 30 days ago, (4 weeks) unprotected vaginal intercourse with a man of unknown status. I took an Oraquick in-home HIV test on day 23 then again on day 30 and both come out negative. The symptoms I have had are excessive urination and a rash on upper arm. So of course I started freaking out. I plan on taking more on week 6, 9, and 13. You can say I'm obsessive. Any who, how accurate are the Oraquick oral swab HIV test at 4 weeks post exposure. I hear many people say its nearly 90 to 95 percent accurate by this time, however are they referring to a third and fourth generation HIV test, because as you know Oraquick is only a SECOND generation, so does these statistics refer to the Oraquick test or not? When will antibodies be detected at the earliest for an Oraquick HIV test? Has anyone tested neg on an Oraquick oral swab HIV test at three and four weeks then later tested positive on a blood test or any other test?

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Nervous System :: Head Tingling

My cousin started to complain about head tingling. I do not know what it means at all, so I cannot help there. I would like to know what caused this, and is that serious. I really want to help him but I cannot since I have never heard someone has so many problems with tingling of head. Is there anyone with the same symptoms who might give me short explanation of possible causes?

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Nervous System :: Headache And Tingling

I have suffered from migraines ever since I can remember. But lately, sometimes when I get a migraine and it hurts on the left side of my head, then my right arm, more specifically my fingers, will start to tingle and sometimes go numb. Is this anything at all or am I just over thinking it?

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Nervous - Muscle Spasm, Twitching And Burping

For the last 3 days I've had muscle spasm on my right side-it doesn't hurt. It's more like twitching. I have been burping-maybe gas. I have worked out a lot but haven't since this started. I was just wondering if anyone gets these. I did soak in Epsom salts tonight but the twitches still happening. I have read people do get these-it just makes you nervous as you feel a loss of control over your body.

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Nervous System :: Feet Tingling All The Time

I do not know what is happening with my feet. I have this tingling sensation all the time. It is starting to go on my nerves. I should probably, go to see my doctor, I know that. For now, I would like if someone can tell me what that could be.

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Nervous System :: Tingling Reaction On My Face Whenever I Tap It

For couple of days I have been feeling very strange. I am not that old and that is why my state frightens me a bit. I have this tingling reaction on my face whenever I tap it. Also, I have a pain in my neck. I can not remember having any serious health problems in my past. Since I have no idea what is wrong with me, I was wondering if you can help me with some kind of explanation for this face tingling symptoms.

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Nervous System :: Feeling Tingling Feet

For the past half year I am feeling tingling feet. And now “electrical” pain is occurring. I am obese and my husband says it is because of that... could be...
Any other suggestions?

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Nervous System :: Hand Tingling During Urination

During the summer of 2007 I had a couple of days where I had a tingling feeling in my lower arms and hands during urination. Later in 2008 I had another 2-3 day spell. Now in March 2009 I have experienced the same feeling. Just wondering what could be causing this and whether there should be any concern.

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Nervous System :: Tingling Sensation In My Toes

For the past month i've noticed a tingling in my right foot. Its not painful but it causes discomfort. Also, if i rub a certain part of my skin and the tingling increases. The tingling isn't always there or if it is i don't notice it. Its as if it comes & goes. I was wonder if anyone knows what could be causing my problem.

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Nervous System :: Constant Headaches For 7 Months

I seek your help and advices for I have been experiencing headaches EVERYDAY for the past 7 months. It seemed to have started with a bad cold or sinusitis at the beginning of February.

The pain level can go from 2-3, (usual daily headache), to about 6-7 where it’s close to a migraine and I can’t concentrate or do anything.

- I have had a MRI in
2009, due to a swimming accident where I hit my head on the side   of the pool, but nothing showed up.

- I have had a CT in
April 2011 and nothing showed up either.

- I’ve
seen a Sinus (ORL Specialist) and said that my headaches didn’t come from a sinus infection. I was prescribed various Antibiotics for sinus infection and
didn’t seem to help either.             

- I’ve seen a Neurologist and she prescribe me Elavils, which I took for a month and then stopped because it didn’t help the headaches, only made me sleepy all day and even more depressed.

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Nervous System :: Dizzy Spells For The Last 15 Years

I’ve experience dizzy spells for the last 15 years; perhaps less than 10 attacks from 1997-2011. I’ve had noise in the ear and plugged ear always the same one ear. I had multiple ear infections in childhood and have had a few head traumas. Sometimes my hearing can improve. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with cat allergies?

In 2004, I had a MRI show 5 bulging discs in my low back. L1-5, SI. I’ve had 2 car accidents hit on the right and left, no whiplash though.Recently, Dec – Jan 2012 severe Vertigo 5 attacks in the last 10 weeks, the vertigo went away after the 6th week, the loss of balance has continued intermittently with an impending threat of vertigo(PTS) I've have severe neck pain, jaw pain, cranial pain, headaches.

The ENT doc(s) have determined that I have Meniere’s (hearing loss, tinnitus, and dizziness) this is based on symptoms and hearing test. They have prescribed diuretics to remove fluids. The first time I took the diuretic I had adverse effects.Not satisfied, I pushed for an MRI. Good thing; it showed 5mm cerebellar tonsillar ectopia on horizontal MRI, vertical MRI can show much worse. The neurologist working with the ENT, said it was mild and unremarkable (typical response). CTE can considered dangerous in most of the online information that I’ve found especially if it becomes a Chiari malformation with the development of syrinx - a buildup of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF). The symptoms of CTE can be as follows: dizziness, nausea, hearing problems, ear problems, and loss of balance, head and neck pain, pressure in head (cranial). Now I have been reading about Occipital Neuralgia and the symptoms, which include dizziness. I’m getting confused, and frustrated. I’m losing hope in this effort to find the answer to my problem. I immediately improve with chiropractic adjustments; the problem is I cannot afford to go to the DC every other day. I’m requesting a second MRI (vertical) and a second opinion to rule out (hopefully) CTE or Chiari Malformation. At this point I would choose to have a surgery in hopes of a restored heath and vigor as opposed to taking medications that are supposed to address symptoms because they can’t find the solution.I used to be a person who went to exercise daily, I have a healthy diet, and drink plenty of water. I’ve never used recreational drugs. Drink very little alcohol. It’s really hard to feel like I’ve had a stroke or I’m debilitating. On a good day I am nausea free and almost feel normal, I feel my heartbeat in my ear,it feels like my brain and eyes are delayed not tracking when I move or like I’m moving inside my head, sometimes I feel pulled to the left, like I might fall over, last night I felt like I was going have another attack of vertigo. When I start to move with some momentum I all of the sudden feel uneasy and begin to feel a vestige of nausea Can anyone on here make some suggestions?

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Nervous System :: Brain Abscess And Edema

Terribly concerned about my daughter, now age 53 who was a nutrition counselor and took excellent care of her health. She was transported to emergency 4 June 2013 after having seizure on left side. The CT/MRI results were brain abscess 8.45x5.71mm with edema 48x48mm in left parietal lobe. The SCAN with brain biopsy was on 6/6 removing as much of abscess as possible. Culture shows abundant growth of peptostreptococcus asaccharolyticus NOT group D. Subsequent CTs are showing abscess gone but still has some edema. After many rounds of high powered antibiotics, she is still with incision site pain, the extreme tongue/ mouth burning sensations as well as weakness in right arm. We were told it would be a long recovery but now wondering how long. She has had a lot of anxiety with this illness also but this has calmed somewhat. She takes Keppra to prevent seizures and Paxil..We also learned from brain CT in 7/16 that she had encephalomalacia which is cerebral softening which the brain does not repair.

Just wondering since this is a rather rare ailment if there were any others that have knowledge of recovery with this illness.

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Anxiety And Nervous Regarding Wisdom Teeth Extraction

I am getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow and I am very very nervous. I have severe anxiety all the time so this is not helping. I will be getting the sedation pills so I don't feel or remember the surgery. I am just scared about it and scared of the sedation etc. I just need some advice and encouragement please because I'm freaking out. I've been having so many complications this last month such as my jaw swelling and neck swelling on the same side as my impacted horizontal tooth. I got so scared that I had to make an appointment to get them out.

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Nervous System :: Constant Headaches In The Back Of My Head

For the past 2 years i have had so many different things happen to me, the main issue now is my head. i have been having constant headaches in the back of my head for about 7 months. i've been to the doctor and has been on all different types of tablets. one lot of tablets that were described to me was migran, which made my headaches WORSE! atm i'm on sandomigran. they don't seem to do anything.

i see a chiropractor so the cure isn't that. i have to see a specialist soon, but i want to know if you have any idea what could be wrong with me.
i'm sick and tired of not getting an answer.

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Flatfoot Reconstruction Surgery Concerns / Nervous About Recovery

I'm about a month away from having flatfoot reconstruction surgery and while I'm nervous about the recovery, I can't wait to have it taken care of.

I have a couple of concerns I'd love some input on. One is how you get from a wheelchair into bed when the bed is higher than the chair.

Another concern is I have very painful Plantar Fascitis in my right heel. I had a cortisone shot about 2 weeks ago which only helped for a couple of days.

My concern is that I'll be putting so much pressure/weight on my right foot after surgery and I can't imagine how I'll do that with the heel pain.

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Nervous System :: Weird Feelings And Negative Thoughts

It's been a rough two months. It started with possibly anxiety and then panic attacks. Fast heart rate, tingling feeling in hands, tight chest and as time goes by. Others symptoms. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid. I been on medication for a month already but still been feeling weird. I have good and bad days. Like yesterday, I was fine for the most part. Felt normal, then the feeling of being nauseous and thought of something is wrong with me came on. Lasted for about 40mins till I got home. This morning same thing, just a weird feeling. Discomfort in the chest area. Nauseous and the feeling something is wrong with me. I had an MRI of the heart, CAT scan of the brain and everything seemed fine. I do have to get an ultrasound for my thyroids and ct scan of the brain again to rule out MS. Other symptoms throughout the day (it varies) shooting pain in my right hand. Headache, dry mouth, chest discomfort, tired, anxious. Please, can someone help? I want to be my normal self again.

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Nervous System :: Numbness In Lower Lip After Drinking Night

After drinking night before woke up with numbness in lower lip. I'm presently on my menstrual cycle

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Hip Replacement Scheduled :: Feeling Nervous About The Amount Of Pain

Next Friday I am having my right hip replaced and I'm feeling really nervous , the main reason I'm feeling nervous is amount of pain I possibly could be in after the op and how much or little getting up and about when I get home . I'm 42 and really fit at the moment and exercise a few times a week , so I'm not looking forward to be house bound for a while . But I am looking forward to a few months down the road once everything starts healing (hopefully).

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When Should I Go In For C-section?

Can anyone tell when should I go for section c as my doctor says I will not have a normal delivery.

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