Health Anxiety :: Breathing Hard

Dec 11, 2014

I suffer with health anxiety and i never accept any symptoms are anxiety. I have diagnosed myself with every cancer going with dr google. I have had a back ache on my right for a few weeks, sickness and night sweats. I had loads of bloods took last week, blood pressure took and she listened to my chest and all were fine. I keep feeling like i can't breath properly and i am conscious of taking every breath, it feels like breathing through sludge. I have a feeling in the back of my throat as if i have been exercising hard or breathing hard. I am convincing myself that the breathlessness and back ache is lung cancer now.

I am not actually out of breath as in i am struggling to breath it's the feeling that i can't. The feeling has been here most of the day. Anyone else know this feeling?

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Health Anxiety And Breathing Trouble

I'm 19 years old, female. I think I have anxiety.. Mostly about my health. I'm always freakish out thinking I have cancer or something serious, I make myself think I have something wrong with me.. A few months ago I was sick and I could have gotten better sooner if I didn't worry so much, it took me a month to get better because I kept telling myself I was too sick and I wasn't getting better but once I stopped thinking about it, I got better. Also with my tonsils I always think they're gonna be swollen so they are when I think that. But my worst issue is breathing.. I always feel like I have trouble breathing even when I'm not having an anxiety attack just randomly I'll feel like I'm breathing shallowly or just not getting enough air and when I REALLY think about it I start hyperventilating and almost pass out until I call someone and they tell me to calm down. When I have anxiety attacks I get all shaky, I get dizzy, pale, feel like I'm going to pass out and have really shallow breaths.. Idk what's wrong with me I think it's from my past or because I'm always so stressed out about my family. I also I have a problem going to the bathroom.. Tmi sorry but I can't poop anymore I'm always constipated and it always comes out in balls or logs but lumpy, I really don't know what's wrong with me so if someone could help that'd be amazing. Also, when I was at the ER months ago they checked my lungs and everything and said everything's fine, just said I have low potassium, idek why but when I was sick I didn't eat for a week so maybe that's why?

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Anxiety :: Manual Breathing. OCD Breathing Obsession

Anyone out there have to deal with this?

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Pregnancy :: Hard Breathing At Times

I'll be 20 weeks on Wed. I've been finding it hard to breathe at times. Is that normal?

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Anxiety :: How To Control Breathing During An Attack

How does everyone control there breathing when they have anxiety? Sometime I can't even feel myself breathing out my nose and can just hear me firing my breath in and out like an out of body experience or when I do it feels like my stomach is full of air

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Anxiety :: Obsessive Breathing? Sensorimotor OCD

So I've had problems with anxiety for years but the past months I've had problems with my breathing. Basically I became so obsessed over it that I started feeling like I have to take every breathe myself (manually).

I can just about deal with all of my other anxiety symptoms except this one. It makes me feel like there's something else wrong and I'm going to die.

I mentioned it to my doctor and he said he's never heard anything like it before. I also mentioned sensorimotor OCD and he didn't really care, he said he'd look into a therapist for me. That was 8 or so weeks ago and I've still not heard, I've rang up countless times and am no further forward.

So my question is, does anyone else with anxiety have this? Does anyone suffer with sensorimotor OCD that has tips for me?

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Trouble Breathing? Altitude Or Anxiety?

A little less than a month ago now I moved from Florida to high in the Rocky Mountains. I didn't have any unusual trouble with the altitude change at first but about 5 days ago I've suddenly had a lot of trouble with my breathing. I feel like I'm not getting enough air into my lungs, especially when lying down (which makes trying to go to sleep a huge pain). I was actually just trying to sleep a few minutes ago but I couldn't stand it. It felt like I was being suffocated very, very slowly. Even now, typing this while sitting up straight, I still feel a little dizzy. Besides a slight cold there's nothing else wrong with me right now. I've actually always had very good health, and the only other time I've ever had any trouble at all with my lungs was when I got pneumonia when I was 13.

Besides the altitude, the only other thing I can think of is that I was prone to anxiety attacks in high school, and I have been pretty stressed lately, but besides the shortness of breath this just doesn't feel the same.

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? I really need to get over this quickly because I need my sleep! My new job is physically demanding enough without being tired all the time

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Anxiety :: Propranolol Worked But Breathing Difficulty

I started taking propranolol last last and it made a huge difference in my anxiety feel like a new person today.. but the only thing is after taking it i feel like i couldn't breath like my airflow was being restricted ?

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Anxiety :: Knot In My Throat And Trouble Breathing

I want to see what symptoms everyone else has had and maybe you will find someone who has had the same!


Blurred vision

Trouble breathing

Knot in my throat

Racing heart 190 BPM

Heart flutters so so so any




Pale skin




Lights in my eyes

Ears ringing

Ear fullness

Being scared all day


Empty minded


Chest tightness

Hand numbness

Mind you I'm only 26 and have been checked from head to toe and told this is all anxiety

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Sexual Health :: Ejaculation Before Even Getting Hard

I am having the problem of erectile dysfunction, whenever i tried to have sex i ejaculate within seconds of sexual activity even before getting hard most of times, and my whole body starts trembling (i don't know why). I am physically alright and healthy and also i have morning erections almost daily but unable to have sex with partner.. i am very stressed about this issue... kindly please help me what should i do P.S. I think i also have haircut fetish whenever i see girls short haircut i ejaculate with preseminal(pre-cum) fluid but don't get hard..

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Stress / Anxiety :: Trouble Breathing Lying Down At Night

So basically whenever I try to go to sleep at night I become focused on my breathing, I have the urge to take long deep breaths, because if I don't it feels like my breathing comes to a halt as if I stopped breathing. As opposed to normally when I stand up I don't have to take long breaths, or even be aware of my breathing.

Sometimes I don't have to focus on my breathing at night, especially if I'm distracted or watching tv when laying down. But if I take a deep breath I suddenly become more aware of my breathing patterns and fall into that urge to keep taking long breaths, otherwise it feels as if I'm not breathing at all. Any idea what this is? I googled trouble breathing lying down and got a few results, some saying it might be anxiety. Truth be told, I don't consider it anxiety except for the fact I have this urge to strain myself to take long breaths when laying down.

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Chest Pain :: Hard Lump On My Chest - Pain On Breathing, Exercising Etc

I am a 27 years old male and have been suffering from some left chest pain for the past two weeks. The pain worsens when taking a deep breath, exercising, lying down, and even talking. Along with the the chest pain I get a sharp stabbing pain in my back when doing all the same activities. The weirdest thing is I have a hard lump on my chest that is painful to touch. It doesn't get better with ice or heat and pain medications don't seem to help either.

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Agoraphobia :: Lopressor 25 Mg Being Taken For Anxiety Is Causing Slightly Suppressed Breathing?

lopressor 25 mg being taken for anxiety is causing slightly suppressed breathing which is felt around bed time.if i switch to inderal will the same problem continue?also i have started taking 1.5 mg lexopro/lorazepam yesterday for anxiety /sleep problems and it did make me fall asleep longer than usual.Just wondering how long can i keep taking lexopro before becoming addictive.?

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Anxiety :: Breathing Issue - Jerking/spasms/shocks In My Chest

I have had the breathing issue for about a month now and I get these weird kind of jerking/spasms/shocks in my chest sometimes and it's even scarier than the breathing issue

Does anyone else have this?

I went to the hospital the other night because I couldn't handle it

They checked blood pressure and heart rate and my blood pressure was a bit high probably just from the stress......

I'm thinking about getting an X-ray

I'm a smoker too so that makes me even more worried

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Women's Health :: A Large Hard Lump In My Breast

I had a mammogram 5 months ago because I had a little bump in my breast, and nothing was found. Two days ago I found a large hard lump in my breast. I had another mammogram today. The doctor wants a biopsy because it is a solid mass. I'm very freaked out. I guess I just want to know what to expect and how worried I should be. I don't know what to think. I feel like I should be planning something. Getting ready for something. But I don't know what.

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Women's Health :: White Hard Lump Near Clitoris

I have had a white hard lump about the size of a small bead on the left side of my clit for a couple months. Now it has gotten bigger softer and painful. So i took some advice off of this site and i popped it and thick white stuff then blood came out. Well now it is even bigger and has a purple spot in the middle. My question is is the reason it got bigger and has the purple make because i popped it and will it go away.

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Anxiety :: Prozac For Life? Hard To Come Off?

anyone else who finds it hard to come off Prozac?

My last attempt to come off Prozac lasted almost a year. I have tried so hard...but I am finally admitting defeat. I am going to ask for a new prescription tomorrow. It feels like this little capsule that twenty years ago was my savior has now become my captor. It is with feeling of utter failure and slight despair that I take these pills again. I feel I have no choice. The worst thing is, I don't understand why I hate it so much.

I was on Prozac for almost twenty years until I weaned myself off almost a year ago. This was one of many attempts. During those twenty years, I was never completely comfortable taking it. I was grateful for how it worked, how it changed my life, but for some reason that I could never shake off, I just didn't like the the idea of being on medication every day. I was not at ease with the idea of having to be on a prescription - of being dependent on this little green and cream capsule - simply to feel normal like everyone else. My GP could never understand when I talked about coming off it. He would more or less say, its working for you - why change things? Just take it, and forget about it. I still don't understand why I am so uncomfortable about taking it.

I thought in the beginning, that I would be cured of my depression and anxiety, and go back to the happy person I was, then when I was 'fixed' I would stop taking it. I was told then it was not 'addictive', and it WAS only for the short term. So how come, every time I came off...I not only suffered the most awful symptoms..I also felt 100 times worse than I did before I started taking it? It is like Prozac has changed my brain, so I am dependent on it simply to have any quality of life.

With Prozac, I am relatively content, I enjoy socializing, I can run a house and 'look after' my family and my ageing parents. Simply, I just get on with my life which is a good one.

Without Prozac, I am anxious and irritable all of the time. I feel far, far worse than I EVER did in the before I went on on it. I thought I was depressed then....but from what I remember it was never as bad as this. Its hard to explain, but it is like it is self fulfilling... like Prozac itself is causing my mental health problems. I panic at the thought of having to do anything that involves social evenings, sometimes I can't even cope with trivial or ordinary things like organizing meals, or making lists. It all seems too overwhelming so I just don't do it. I get completely worked up about nothing. I fly into rages and feel awful afterwards. I wake in the morning with a nervous tummy and terrible anxiety about the day. When I physically get up and get on with it I feel better...but I can lie for an hour in bed in the morning feeling sick with nerves, and cannot find a 'place' to go in my head that is pleasant. It is always doom and gloom, and anger and sadness....and recently I have been contemplating all sorts of ways of leaving it all behind me. I can't live like this any more.

I guess it is just a case of getting my head to the point where I can see Prozac as a friend and not the enemy. I guess I blame it for getting me where I am in the first place - totally dependent on it. It's like, I have no choice in the matter. This is not how I usually live my life. I feel defeated and overpowered, even though the outcome is to my benefit. Its hard to explain. I mean, what if they find out it causes tumors, or my doctor just decides to stop prescribing it down the line. I feel trapped, no matter how I look at it.

I guess I would tell anyone thinking of going onto this drug that it is like a pitcher plant. Once you are in, you are in it forever no matter how much you try to scramble up the sides. It is not just a case of take it till you get well, then thank it, and move on. Prozac has you in its grip forever. From my experience.. I would say only start it if you can accept the fact it probably WILL be for life.

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Sexual Health :: All The Sudden Go Soft, No Orgasm - Can't Stay Hard

I've been with my girlfriend for a while now. Typically, we will have sex 4-6 times a day when we are able to see each other. Around the 3rd or 4th time I get hard and aroused yet after having vaginally sex for about 15 minutes I all the sudden go soft, and I can't seem to orgasm.

Also, when she wants to have anal sex and I am inside her it feels cold compared to her vagina and I was wondering if that was normal? I also cannot orgasm during anal sex, she can, but I cannot.

The first couple times we have sex, everything is fine, I stay hard the entire time and I orgasm and it's great.

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Vaginal / Uterus Health :: Hard Lump Inside Vagina Lip

I have had a hard lump inside the lip of my vagina for at least two years now. I can't remember exactly if it is longer because it may be. I always remember it being there. I don't remember it NOT being there. It's like the size of a grain of rice and doesn't hurt at all, there is no itchiness as well and no discolouration where it is. I can move it around as well a little but not much. Just wondering what this is and if it could have any health implications?

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Health Anxiety - Obsessed With My Health / Death - Agoraphobic

I've suffered from severe anxiety for about six months now. It started with headaches and fatigue, then I started getting panic attacks a couple of months later and now I am obsessed with my health and when I might die.

Today, for example, I woke up with a heavy right leg and also pain in my thigh and calf. My first thought was blood clot and now I've wasted another whole day worrying about it. This happens all the time to the point where I've become agoraphobic and find it very difficult to continue with work and any activities I used to enjoy.

I've had six sessions of CBT so far and I'm not finding it great to be honest. I'm just so so tired of constantly being aware of my mortality and scanning my body for symptoms 24/7. Even when I'm out, like last night when I went to a comedy gig, the whole night I was scanning my body checking everything was ok and preparing to make a quick escape if necessary.

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Anxiety :: Cold Sensation In Nose And Throat When Breathing In Through Nose?

i'm having really bad anxiety about this and it goes away when i don't think about it or focus on it, could this just be a side effect of anxiety?

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