Anxiety :: How To Control Breathing During An Attack

Jan 4, 2016

How does everyone control there breathing when they have anxiety? Sometime I can't even feel myself breathing out my nose and can just hear me firing my breath in and out like an out of body experience or when I do it feels like my stomach is full of air

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Anxiety :: Panic Attack Or Heart Attack?

So I started freaking out real bad around 6:50 PM, I couldn't breathe and I started panicking my heart started racing and there's weird pains radiating from my shoulders to my chest, the pain isn't super bad, and it's fleeting, but I'm scared because it's now 8:37 PM and i'm still having breathing trouble, chest pain and the weird hot and stiff feeling. Am I going to die? I don't want to call the ambulance again because I was hospitalized on the 12th for a bad panic attack, I was given more ativan and sent home, I was a-ok for the remainder. I also got a prescription for 0.25 milligrams of Xanax, but have yet to get it. I'm just scared about my breathing and pain and tingling mixed with weird head symptoms. I feel like the heart attack is coming..

It's been 21 days since my fears of rabies symptoms showing. No surefire sore throat, headache, vomiting or anything, but neck and pains.. I haven't felt achy and fluish.

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Anxiety :: Manual Breathing. OCD Breathing Obsession

Anyone out there have to deal with this?

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Anxiety :: What Is A Panic Attack? How Long Does Panic Attack Last?

As I'm writing this, I'm shivering, trembling, feeling weight down. My chest feels heavy and I have trouble breathing. My senses are all on alert and my frightened. Am I having a panic attack? How long does it last? I have a sharp pain in my head that's coming and going. I hate this feeling. Has anyone experience this.

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Anxiety :: Diazepam 2mg Will Help Panic Attack?

Had a bad panic attack in the night last night. Tonight I feel worried it's going to happen again . Do I take a diazepam at 9 to keep me calm ? Will it work guys ? And I'm on my own too. Is it ok?

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Anxiety :: Having A Panic Attack With Alcohol?

I've not had a drink since last Christmas. But today I had a cocktail and I don't know if it's just my anxiety, but cocktails have hardly anything in, and now my head feels funny and I just feel weird. Is it the alcohol or is it just me having a panic attack?

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Panic Attack? Possible To Get Breathless With Anxiety?

Back again with something different this time.

So on Tuesday I went and had reflexology and she told me there was something about my left lung and where my gall bladder is.

Well I have asthma so I thought that would be the reason she says she could feel something around my left lung, but I seem to get a bit breathless so now I am worried that there is something wrong, is it possible to get breathless with anxiety?

I also now have a pain where my gallbladder was (I had it out 20 years ago) do you think I have anything to worry about

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Anxiety :: Phobia Of Having A Heart Attack

For about the last 8 months or so I have developed a phobia of having a heart attack. I have heard of and know some people who have had them and one was a close cousin of mine who was only 41 years old when she died from it. She also had other medical problems also. Just the other day I had my annual check up with my primary doctor and found out I suffer from high cholesterol. This is new for me so of course now I'm really scared. I have already changed my diet to lower it but still the thought of a heart attack won't leave my mind. Always afraid that any minute I may have one.

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(Age 25-34) Pregnancy :: Does Anyone Else Have Anxiety Or A Panic Attack Disorder?

I struggle with anxiety and it is so much worse during pregnancy!

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Panic Attack (anxiety) Due To Upcoming Endoscopy

i'm going to do endoscopy tomorrow, i'm so panic i cant sleep, its like im getting panic attack one by one, im terrified if i have a stomach cancer and im panic about risks of endoscopy if someone had cancer and if i use dat instrument of endoscopy i will have cancer too oh omg n list is going i know they r realy stupid thought but still they r on mind i'm 24 years old how was your experience?

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Anxiety :: Panic Attack On Plane During Flying

Two weeks ago I was on a plane on the way back from our holiday when I had what I now realise was a panic attack lasting 3/4 hours. As soon as I got on the plane I felt like I was going to faint and spent the whole flight trying not to pass out. I have flown many times and am not scared. A couple of days later I went into a shop and nearly passed out, I wasn't anxious beforehand at all. Over the next 2 weeks every time I go into a building such as a shop or dentist etc I panic and feel the need to get out. I'm so scared of this feeling, I've never had it before although I have always struggled with depression. I took prednisolone whilst away for a skin condition and wondered if this may have contributed? How can I suddenly become like this or is it the same for most people, fine one minute, then it just happens

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Anxiety :: Panic Attack - Fear Of Vomiting

I really have fear of vomiting and idk why i've been thinking i will vomit but i do not think i will. While sitting i was worried then felt like it will happen felt like a burn in my chest ( i do not have acid reflux ) also a fast really fast heartbeats, is that a panic attack? If so how can i avoid these or relax?

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Anxiety :: Panic Attack? After Argument With Friend

Last night I had an argument with my best friend I was crying during it but suddenly my whole body gave out and I found myself curled up on the floor rocking with my thumbs stuffed in my ears uncontrollably crying and screaming, nothing anyone did could make me stop and I started hyperventilating and eventually the police arrived, I think because the neighbours heard me screaming.

I have been suffering depression for a little while but I've never had this before, I've been crying a lot lately but never in front of people and I was always in control, last night feel like I couldn't stop even if I wanted and I've never screamed like that..

The experience has really freaked me out and I feel really embarrassed because all my friends were there. And I can't stop going over and over it, the fact the neighbours heard someone "screaming in pain", and my friends must have thought I went insane, I can't look at anyone and I just want to never leave my room again, I couldn't go to my lecture. Today I've had to have headphones in all day playing really loud music and I don't understand why.. It's like me putting my fingers in my ears, all I know is that if I don't I feel horrible, stuck if I don't.

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Anxiety :: Tension Headache After Panic Attack?

One week ago I smoked weed for the first time after 9 months and something very strange happened which had never happened before. I felt like i was going crazy, everything felt strange to touch, I was having hot/cold flushes, was dizzy, every small sound was amplified and I just remember thinking it was permanent and I had caused myself to get brain damage from weed. Eventually after about what felt like an hour I dozed off feeling like I was dying. When I woke up about 3 hours later, I was feeling 90% normal but confused as to what had happened. After much research, the symptoms matched to an anxiety attack, which is strange because I haven't had any stress and I'm a really laid back person. No one else had any symptoms from the same weed, although they did comment that it was strong. But here's the real problem, from the day after I smoked the weed until now (1 week) I've had a constant pressure feeling in my head, just behind my temples on both sides. Paracetamol and nurofen have no effect at all but then again its not really pain, but its driving me mad. Nothing I do makes it better. What's happened to me? How long will this last? I can't go to the doctor because I'm not registered and living between 2 cities.

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24 Hours After Masturbation :: Anxiety, Shaking, And Vertigo Attack

19 year old, white, male.

This is kind of long. But I’m desperate and I need help. Thank you for your time!

First of all, a brief history of my medical issues.

6 years ago, I started having chest and back pains.

* Visited many doctors: Cardiologist, General Physicians, Chiropractors

- Figured out it was skeletal issues

* Found an osteopath who was able to "adjust" me every few weeks. Good temporary relief.

Began seeking out a more permanent solution.

* Heard of The Yardley Institute - a specialty chiropractic center that focuses on the Atlas bone

- Turns out my atlas bone was twisted 5.5 degrees, and was pinching my spinal cords, causing all kinds of pain

- They were able to adjust it, making me feel normal again.

- Unfortunately, the adjustments haven't really been holding, and I've been having to be adjusted every week or so.

Naturally, this has caused me some stress. I am constantly tired and unmotivated to do anything. I find myself short of breath, and in pain when simply standing. I loose balance, as if I were out at sea - my legs feel like they’re swaying underneath me. It’s difficult to walk very far because of this.

A month or so ago, I began having these strange attacks:

- Heart rate elevates significantly

- Excessive shivering/shaking. (Feels like adrenaline throbbing throughout my entire body.)

- I get clammy and cold to the touch

- Short of breath

- Pressure in head, like blood isn't escaping

- Pressure in chest and shoulders

- Naturally, very fearful of death.

- Absolutely no energy. I can barely move without being exhausted.

- Very dizzy + a lot of vertigo.

The first time it happened, I went into the ER, fearing heart problems again. They tested heart, blood, lungs, and did X-rays. Everything came back perfectly fine. They gave me some anti-anxiety medicine via IV in the hospital which seemed to calm me down and made me feel normal again. They dismissed me from the hospital without any medication because they didn’t want to say it was anxiety without more proof.

A few weeks later, I saw my life-long physician. He seemed to think it was anxiety, and gave me some minor anxiety medicine: Fluoxetine Tablets USP (10mg). I take these once a day, and they seem to calm me down overall, but do not prevent the attacks.

ALSO, I think the attacks I’m getting now that I’m on Fluoxetine are different than the attack I had which put me in the ER, even if they were extremely similar.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed something a bit concerning. Exactly 24 hours after I masturbate, one of the attacks happen. I notice that it originates in the back of my head, right where my neck connects to my skull. It always happens as I’m trying to fall asleep. Everything tenses up, and I feel as if I have to clench every muscle in my body in order to relieve this throbbing, dizzying sensation. It hits hard at first, causing me to jolt up, as if I wasn’t in control of my muscles, and then settles into the shaking, pressure, and clamminess. It comes in waves, each wave lasting 5+ minutes until it works it’s way all the way through my body after 3-5 cycles. I often have to hold someone’s hand or have physical contact with something sturdy in order to feel stable.

It is absolutely miserable and terrifying.

The last time I felt one of these attacks coming on, I was able to stand up, clench a pillow, and walk around for 4 hours, which prevented the full attack from kicking in. I was able to sleep eventually, but as soon as I woke up, all the symptoms came back, and the attack hit me. It’s was like I was able to hold it back long enough to sleep, but it HAD to get through my system, so it did so as soon as I was conscious again.

As far as diet and exercise: I do cardio nearly every day as well as take multi vitamins, fish oil, D, and C. I haven’t had alcohol or a smoke since my ER visit, but I hardly ever drink or smoke anyway. I’ve also avoided caffeine except for the occasional soft drink. I eat healthy, especially of late. I try to limit cheap, processed food, as well as sugar, just because I feel like it only makes my symptoms worse. I have been tested for allergies and anemia, both of which came back negative.

Some more - possibly helpful - information:

1. Throughout all these skeletal issues, I have had my neck cracked and twisted in many ways by doctors and myself. I try not to crack it, but sometimes, It helps reduce tension that builds up.

2. Occasionally, I get muscle twitches. My tricep, under my eye, my neck, etc. They don’t go away until I wake up the next morning.

3. For the last 6 months, I have been trying to find work and a car. On top of this, I am hung up on a girl. I want to ask her out, but I am unable because of all these physical and work/car issues. Spiritually, I am constantly terrified and confused. Basically, I have major worry about my future, and I can’t fix it.

4. My anxiety and symptoms always get worse near the end of the day. Sometimes, I can’t focus on anything during the evening’s without feeling vertigo/dizziness.

5. I’ll often wake up with symptoms, but they’ll go away as soon as I eat breakfast.

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Cannabis - Anxiety :: Mini Heart Attack With Weed

I'm 15 years old, the first time i tried weed was when i was 13. i have started smoking weed a lot more when i was 14 , i always got nervous to speak in front of a large group like a school presentation, but that nervous became more serious turned into anxiety, i just went to doc. today, my anxiety gets so bad at school i ask to go home because of it i look for every chance i can get to "escape" the uncomfortableness. i won't even read out loud at my own desk. i don't know if weed caused this because i love weed. i'm not a person that freaks out if i don't have it but if its in my face ill hit it. i went to a physiatrist for my first time she said i need to go to the docs.(which i did). IDK for sure but i think the doc. will give me med. i am just wondering if i can still smoke weed and take the med. without having my mini "heart attack''.

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Anxiety :: Panic Attack About A Year Ago Due Cannabis (weed)

I suffered a panic attack about a year ago from weed, and honestly haven't felt the exact same since. I've recovered almost I'd say 90% since then by cutting out weed, and started going on multivitamins and a sublingual B complex along with Fish Oil. I've started to recently get head shakes as my only real form of anxiety, and I'm thinking about stopping all of these natural remedies since I have no deficiencies and they might just be causing it at this point. Any thoughts?

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Anxiety :: Panic Attack - Heart Started Racing

So last weekend I was out with friends we had had a nice dinner and we're sitting talking when suddenly my heart started racing I wasn't panicked or anything and didn't really have any other symptoms bit short of breath and chest was bit tight my heart rate was 120 this last for about an hour and was nearly 2 hrs before my heart rate slowed to normal. Does this happen to you guys. I did go and get checked out and all okay.

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Health Anxiety - Hypochondria - Obsessed Getting A Heart Attack

I'm 23 yo with pretty bad OCD/anxiety and a whole lot of hypochondria. It's getting out of control. I've been obsessed with my heart for weeks now because it's always beating fast. And then of course I'll get the chest pain. And then I'll get pains in my arms and what I think are pains in my jaw which then makes me freakout and think I'm having a heart attack.... At 23 years old.

I've had a complete blood count test done to check my thyroid (mom has issues with hers) and everything came back perfect my cholesterol my triglycerides everything. Blood pressure is always perfect I eat healthy I've never smoked I could lose a good 5 lbs but I'm not overweight etc. I've had two ekgs done a chest X-ray but everyday I'm still convinced I'm going to have a heart attack or something because the aches and pains are still there. I'm starting to go crazy. I've been to the ER like 3 times this past week and have seen my regular doctor. I keep freaking myself because I tell myself "oh but you haven't seen a cardiologist". It's driving everyone around me insane and it's making it hard for me to be the mother and wife I was before all of this stuff started

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Anxiety :: Left Hand Feel Numb? Heart Attack?

help! i have anxiety problem but recently i feel normal again until today i felt my left hand feel numb and it makes me scared whether it is heart attack. however i have exactly the same experience with this last week and i have done ecg and it turned out okay. i also have done ecg many times and every times it shows okay. but im still scare and feels worried. is it normal for anxiety patient or not?

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Health Anxiety :: Breathing Hard

I suffer with health anxiety and i never accept any symptoms are anxiety. I have diagnosed myself with every cancer going with dr google. I have had a back ache on my right for a few weeks, sickness and night sweats. I had loads of bloods took last week, blood pressure took and she listened to my chest and all were fine. I keep feeling like i can't breath properly and i am conscious of taking every breath, it feels like breathing through sludge. I have a feeling in the back of my throat as if i have been exercising hard or breathing hard. I am convincing myself that the breathlessness and back ache is lung cancer now.

I am not actually out of breath as in i am struggling to breath it's the feeling that i can't. The feeling has been here most of the day. Anyone else know this feeling?

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