Heart Disease :: Intense Cardio With Tachycardia And PACs?

Jan 28, 2016

I've started working out every day pretty intensely, as I'm trying to get very strong. I'm a seventeen year-old girl, and I was recently diagnosed to PACs and tachycardia, much to my surprise. I was completely unaware of these conditions until I went to my annual physical (which was the event my doctor discovered the conditions), two specialists, and had to wear a holter monitor for a day. My heartbeat is usually around 120, but the holter revealed it fluctuates anywhere from 56 to 173 BPM when I am not exercising. I have no idea how fast it goes when I exercise intensely or even at all.

Basically, I want to know if it's safe for me to be doing intensely strenuous exercises and intense cardio. I really want to be super strong and fit, and I know there are certain limits of mine involving cardio. Ex: I can't run a mile in under ten minutes because my heart prevents me from being able to breathe enough. But I use the stairmaster regularly and do intense muscular workouts, and I just wanted to make sure I'm not putting myself in danger.

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Heart Disease :: PACs - Small Flutters Again

I have pacs and they have been gone for a while, but yesterday they started up as small flutters very tiny.   and lots air when i have them i burp a lot. went all day today i can put my hand over my heart and feel it pause a beat/skip   is this my reg pacs or do ya think i should be seen, i have no other problems with this, except so stress lol, i feel them in my throat , not really in my chest unless i put my head on my heart.

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Heart Disease :: PVCs And PACs - Syncope With Erratic Sinus Rhythm

I am Nico, I am a 26 year old male who has been suffering from an array of symptoms since I was 17 years old. I am 5ft 8" and I weigh 235 lbs ( I've gained over 60lbs in the last year and a half) I have had a Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and dizziness (not vertigo) problem since 17 (nearly 8 years now). In 2009 I got into a car accident and fractured my frontal right sinus cavity and had to do a reconstructive surgery. In this accident I also got a concussion and was in shock and also unconscious for about an hour. The last few years my health has gradually been declining and my quality of life has gotten so low. I have seen a TBI specialist, a Neurologist, a Cardiac Electrophysiologist, a Psychologist, and a Psychiatrist for Psychotropic medication management

****(Since Wednesday Morning 10/7/15 I noticed whenever I am Sitting or Standing that My Heart Rate Is Super Erratic and Jumping around a lot, it goes into the 120s-140s when I stand "from a sitting 60-70 bpm" and then bounces all over the place, 40s to low 100s to 80s to 50s, etc. Also since this has started I have noticed an extreme shortness of breath made worse sitting or standing, made better by laying down on my side, my blood pressure since wednesday had also been very low for my normal average when standing, other symptoms with this are blurred vision and off balance/dizzy... I fainted for about 5 seconds friday 10/9/15 night after climbing my flight of stairs, earlier that friday morning I went to the Emergency Department to be evaluated and they said my chest xray was okay as well as my CBC and CMP blood tests.... I explained that most of my symptoms were POSTURAL and or ORTHOSTATIC but they kept me lying down till discharge and didn't let me show them, but on the monitor I was having 100s! of PVCs and PACs which is not normal for me to have that many, also the PACs were making my shortness of breath worse.... They discharged me even though I said I don't feel safe because these are new symptoms and they said well we need your room because we are busy and your cardiologist said all the Arrhythmias are from your Sinus Node so your fine and were discharging you.

. Here are the symptoms I have experienced daily or within this time frame:

*Panic Attacks
*Constant Fear/Adrenaline Rushes
*Always Tired
*No Sex Drive
*Easily Overstimulated (sensory Overload)
*Non-Rotational Dizziness
*Neck Pain
*Cervicogenic Dizziness
*Heart Arrhythmia (PVC's, and Sinus and or Paroxysmal Tachycardia)
*Sensitive to Sounds (Always have to wear earplugs)
*Sensitivity to Light (always wear sunglasses)
*Off balance
*Slight body tremors
*Chronic Neck and Muscle tension in Occipital and Trapezius Muscles
*Startled by normal everyday sounds (occasionally)
*Frequent muscle twitching (Eyelids, Stomach and Diaphragm, temple, legs)
*I can't climb a flight of stairs without feeling exhausted (2 years ago I used to hit the gym a lot)
*Always Feel Like I Am Dying or That I Have Some Serious Terminal Illness
*Elevated Blood Pressure
**Obstructive Sleep Apnea (Not using CPAP)
*Brain Fog Always
*Shortness of Breath
*Lump In Throat
* Every few months a random mouth and tongue become paralyzed for less than a minute when I eat then I get
Confused afterwards or Panic attack.

Here are the Medications I take everyday:

Clonazepam (Klonopin) .75 Mg
Diazepam (Valium) 5MG as or if needed
Aspirin 325MG

Here are TESTS performed in the last 7 years I will put a number next to it to indicate how many times I've had it done

* Head/Brain CT Scan   3-4 Times
* Brain MRI                    4-5 Times
* Neck/Throat MRI        2 Times
*Chest X-Ray              10+ Times
*EKG                           20+ Times
*Implanted Cardiac Monitor 4/01/2014(Still Implanted)
*EEG                           3-4 Times
*Basic Neurological Function Test            10+Times
*Echocardiogram Stress Test                   2 Times
*Echocardiogram                                     1 Time
*Stress Test                                              2 Times
*Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound  (testing for artery compression or insufficiency) 1 Time
*Neuropsych Testing  (TBI and cognitive function)          2 Times
*Blood Tests/Urinalysis   >CBC>CMP>CRP>Troponin>Metanephrines>Cortisol>Lipid Panel>Heavy Metal Compounds>Catecholamines>Thyroid Levels> and some others I can't remember.
*Pulmonary Lung Function Test (shortness of Breath)    1 Time
*Overnight Sleep Studies (In Lab)                  9 Times
*Cervical Trigger Point Injections (Marcaine/Lidocaine)      Done Monthly

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Heart :: PVCs And PACs Upon Exertion

Just looking for some advice on next steps here. I'm 46 (male) and have had intermittent PVC / PAC for probably 10 years. They have always been infrequent and pretty mild truthfully. Once in a while if I'm stressed, have had too much to drink, or had a big meal close to bed, I'll have a more prolonged and severe episode, usually when trying to sleep. Many of you have probably been in the same situation - rolling around in bed to try and get into a position where you can't feel the pounding and fluttering as much.

Anyways, I'm reasonably fit, not overweight, and have no other conditions (AFAIK). I usually have one cup of Half-Caf coffee in the morning and that's it. I don't drink soft drinks or have a lot of sugar or anything. I HAVE had panic attacks in the past, but have learned to control them pretty well, just through breathing exercises and getting myself to relax. Exercise had always helped too, though I'm not on a "regular" exercise program.

My father had a bad case of Afib, which was solved by an ablation. My identical twin brother has had Afib episodes as well, with a couple being severe enough that he needed to be "shocked" back into rhythm. There is some history of heart disease in my family with 3 grandparents dying (eventually) from stroke, and the other had a moderate heart attack in his 60s (but lived to 93).

From a lifestyle perspective, in my younger years up until probably 35 I was reasonably active but ate a pretty poor diet - tons of dairy, red meat, etc. Typical bad American diet. Despite this diet, I was never really overweight much (blessed with a fast metabolism), and my cholesterol readouts have always been borderline, though in recent years they've improved as I've improved my diet.

3 weeks ago I started to notice PVC and PAC whenever I would exert myself - we're talking walking up 1 flight of stairs, walking quickly to rush to a meeting, taking the dog for a walk. Yesterday a pretty strong one came on while I was carrying something heavy for a home depot return. I had a strong one while carrying it (but just one), then another small one a few minutes after I had put it down. Likewise, I usually will get one or two AFTER I have reached the top of the stairs and starting walking a little bit. I've noticed they seem to be worse if I've recently eaten a meal.

I went to see my PCP who did a resting EKG that was normal, normal BP, resting pulse 65-70 or so. You can predict the response - you're fine and they're benign. Cutout caffeine, exercise more, relax, etc. He did offer up additional tests if I wanted and so I did a 24 hour holter monitor, thyroid blood test, and stress test (just ekg and bp, no echo or thalidomide). The holter showed occasional PVC and PAC. The day I had the stress test was a "good" day - I didn't feel any PVC or PAC while I was on the treadmill (of course!) but the cardiologist did say he saw a few.

Even though I know that what the docs are telling is very likely to be true, my problem now is that I just don't FEEL right. I had gotten used to the occasional PVC and PAC and they were never a problem, even if I had 1 or two DURING exercise. Now they seem to be brought on by exertion and I just can't help but think about the cause being some underlying coronary artery condition, even though my PCP and the cardiologist tell me they're benign. Even though these seem to be brought on by exertion, my fitness level is BETTER than it's been in a while and when I do "power through" the PVC and PAC that I get when I commence exercise, I actually feel pretty good - 30 minutes on the treadmill at fast walk / incline and I'm not even breathing that hard. 6 weeks ago I hiked for 2 days at 11,000 feet, mostly going up and while it was hard, I did it and felt pretty good. I had a few PVC and PAC during that trip, but not many. It's only been the last 3 weeks or so when they happen consistently upon exertion.

I've read online that PVC/PAC CAN be brought on by exercise but I've also read that PVC/PAC with exercise can be a sign of an underlying heart condition such as coronary artery disease. At this point every time I walk up the stairs I'm afraid of what might happen and I'm afraid to do any real exercise. I would really like to have another test done to check for any sign of blockages and so on but I'm not sure what to do since the docs are telling me I'm fine and I should just live with it. I'm just concerned because of family history, lifestyle, and the fact that these come on when I exert myself (it also doesn't help my state of mind that 1 friend and 1 colleague at work are of similar age and had heart attacks recently). Anyone out there experience anything similar?

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Rhythm :: PACs In A Healthy Heart

This has been going on for about 2 years now, I was 26 then, now 28 (male) I went to the cardio when it started and nothing was ever picked up on the ekg so i had a stress (ekg) test and a echocardiogram, cardiac said I had a strong healthy heart with no blockages but did have a small murmur caused by a very mild mitral valve leak but it was nothing at all to worry about and that I needed to relax and exercise... fast forward another year and I start having a lot of pacs, or what feels like a lot, like 20 a day that I feel... so it gets my anxiety going and I go back to the cardio, still nothing picked up on the ekg, so for my peace of mind he's says we'll do another echocardiogram just to make sure the valve leak wasn't getting worse. Everything come back good on that and he said no need for another echo for 3-5 years... so he give me a 10 day event monitor where we finally figured out that I'm having pacs, he says they are harmless and no need to worry about them. My resting heart rate avgs between 50-60 which he said was good but with it being low it could be allowing the extra beats to fire off occasionally. I had blood work like 3 different times and everything come back good. So to this day I still have no idea what's causing the pacs, the only thing i can relate it to is it seems to happen more after eating so i got back on acid reflux meds when that spell started and it seemed to help, now I may go a week or longer without a single pac but then I might 2-3 a day for a few days and then they go away again as suddenly as they came... it really makes me think something I'm eating is triggering them. The reason I'm here today is because the devil makes sure to throw everything in front of me that will get me to worrying, latest example being the mma guy dying from heart trouble... so I go straight back to reading about my pacs and start reading stuff where they may cause afib, so now I'm literally a wreck scared I'm going to end up with afib. They say in a normal heart pacs are completely harmless but I worry that mines not normal bcuz of the valve leak, he said I didn't have mitral prolapse just that the valve wasn't closing as tight so it was slightly leaky but of no concern. Someone please give me some reassurance.

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Heart Rhythm :: PVCs / PACS? Should Be Worried?

I went to the doctor a few months ago for a routine physical and mentioned that I had been feeling an occasional (0-10 times a day) thump in my chest (which I thought to be some sort of ectopic beat after looking it up online). They did bloodwork and an EKG and said my blood pressure was a little high but the bloodwork and EKG did not show anything to be worrisome. My doctor said it could be stress related (because this was right after Christmas)  but I am still having them. She also told me that if they get worse to let her know, but they haven't got worse and I am just worried that I should be having them checked more in depth than what was done during my physical.

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Heart Rhythm :: When To Worry About PACs/PVCs?

I've been experiencing a flare-up in my ectopics recently.

My heart is healthy (I had an EKG and an echo done two months ago when my ectopics started to bother me again). I don't know if what I'm experiencing now is PACs or PVCs (none were found on my EKG) but earlier I had only PACs. I would assume that most of my ectopics are PACs.

I know that stress and anxiety is a major trigger, and what often happens is that I'm having one ectopic, I'm trying not to worry about it, then I have another one and I get a major rush of adrenaline, which makes the ectopics go wild and I'm having 5-15 a minute for a while (15-20 minutes) and suddenly they just go away.

The sensation is quite variable from event to event, sometimes I get the throat fullness sensation followed by a thump, sometimes it feels like my heart stops and then a thump, sometimes I just feel some fluttering in my chest for a second or two. I'm worrying about the latter as I fear it's a run of ectopics.

The problem is, I KNOW that premature beats are benign but still I can't stop worrying. It's like a fear of fear, because I fear that the ectopics will ruin my life.

I'm taking 100 mg Metoprolol (and some Propranolol as needed) and it takes the edge off my ectopics, but it's not a cure. Also, I'm on Zoloft for my anxiety.

Test results:
EKG: Normal sinus rhythm, 64/min, normal.
Echo: All normal.
BP: 115/75 at doctor's office.

At what point should I worry about ectopics (how many)? Is it common to have a fluttering sensation even with a single PAC or PVC? Is it normal to get those flare-ups where you feel ectopics several times a minute?

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Heart Rhythm :: Tips To Reduce PACs?

I've been experiencing PACs for the last 5 months, they seem to happen a lot when I am standing up, bending down or when I'm concentrating on something.

Does anyone have any tips or can recommend a supplement that helps reduce them? They seem to happen everyday and are driving me insane. They sometimes can make me feel dizzy and lightheaded.

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Heart Rhythm :: Severe Runs Of PACs

I went through a 30 day holter study due to what I thought were skipped heart beats. Luckily I had a couple of episodes caught on the holter and they were determined to be PACs. I've lived with them for a year and always just dealt with them. No biggie. But I fainted and had a seizure back in September so it prompted me to have everything checked out... anyway what I want to ask is does anyone else have severe runs of PACs? I'll get them for several minutes at times, and they'll come in irregular intervals... Like I'll get one on top of another, and then it'll switch to every 3rd beat, then every 4th beat, then back to every other beat... This usually only happens when my heart rate increases to above 120 and it stops when my pulse settles back down. I especially get them in a hot shower, or sometimes after a big meal. And I get them when I exercise and really bad during exercise recovery. I'm concerned about Afib.

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Insomnia - Intense Dry Mouth And Accelerated Heart Rate

Prior to 3 weeks ago, I always slept through the night every night. Then on the Friday before Christmas, I started experiencing the same issue every night: I have no trouble falling asleep, I sleep for 2-3 hours, then am awakened with intense dry mouth (tongue feels like sandpaper) and an accelerated heart rate. It usually follows a brief nightmare, too.

I take a drink of water, then fall back asleep…only to awaken an hour later for the same reason. This goes on every hour all night…wake up with dry mouth and high heart rate (over 100 bpm), drink water, fall back asleep, repeat. In the morning, I feel exhausted from the whole experience and my chest muscles are sore. The resulting frustration has led to anxiety attacks during the day, too.

I’ve tried every dry mouth remedy: humidifier, oral patch (tablet on the roof of the mouth that melts during the night), BreatheRite nasal strips, Biotene mouth spray, lip balm, etc. I also considered the possibility that this is a nutrition-related problem — I recently went to a low-carb diet, so to counteract any possible nocturnal hypoglycemia, I added some complex carbs to dinner (brown rice, oatmeal, etc). Doctor can’t find anything wrong…EKG, bloodwork, etc all come back normal.

Nothing has helped. I never suffer from dry mouth during the day this is a nighttime issue only.

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Heart Rhythm :: Sotalol Causes Rebound Tachycardia When Weaning Off

Does anyone know if Sotalol causes rebound tachycardia when weaning off of it (or if you miss a dose).  The last few days my resting rate when I woke was 84. That's not normal for me. My rate is low 60's or High 50's most of the time.I am a 38 year old male (very athletic and in shape) and I work out vigorously 6 days a week. I don't know what could be causing this. I had an Aortic Valve replacement in 1992 and has been stable ever since. I am 6'0" tall 197 lbs 11% body fat. Low cholesterol LDL 61, HDL 52, Triglycerides 82. It seems like my normal day rate is elevated about 12-13 beats. I am very confused by this and a little worried.

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Heart Disease :: High Blood Pressure / Slow Heart Rate

I have a heart rate most of the time from 42 to 50 BPM , my blood pressure is usually 145 to 160 over 75 to 80.  My cardiologist has me taking  75 mg, of Lopressor, 360 mg, of verapamil, .4 mg nitroglycerin  patch. And now he wants to add 10 mg of Ramipril ( Altace ) a day, my recent cardiograms have have shown sinus bradycardia. That's before starting the Ramipril , I'm just very leary about starting the Ramipril in first of all the highest dose there is, and second of all it could further lower my heart rate and send my heart into an AV Block that could lead to many things not good !

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Heart Disease :: Amphetamine Addict - Possible Heart Attack?

I'm going to be completely honest and as thorough as possible, I'm an addict, and I've had an addiction to stimulants for the last year and a half (consisting of about 95% amphetamine usage, never used methamphetamine). I usually keep my doses anywhere around 10-60mg cause I never wanted to over do it. Unfortunately, last week I dove in deep to my addiction due to a recent break up, about 4 days ago I did around 130 mg spread out through the day, I felt fine until I took my very last dose (30 mg about), at that point it only increased negative side effects.

After a while of feeling odd and stuff, I began to have trouble breathing and chest pains (I can't remember which started first), it kind of felt like they coincided, but I still would get very minor and infrequent pain without breathing, it felt like I couldn't take a full breath of air, and when I did the chest pain would kick in (more), it felt like a tightening pain. My left arm soon became somewhat numb and tingly, not numb like when you accidentally sleep on it, but just a little numbing that felt like it stretched down my arm through a single vein, the numbness was generally more intense under my armpit and bicep area, and would intensify when I rubbed certain areas. I had a very sore/stiff neck, especially around the area between my shoulder blades and neck, it wasn't on one side, it was mostly in the middle (my neck and back are still sore after this experience, as well as the tingling sensation in my arm but its not at all that bad, and it comes and goes). I had anxiety during this event, and I felt like when people would talk to me I wasn't truly comprehending what they would say, but yet I still was able to reply to them, I just didn't say much or think about what I was saying, I only could pay attention to what was happening to me. I felt like things were kind of slowed down and I was very fatigued and zoned out. I felt as if I was slowly meeting my demise. I believe I got cold sweats a couple times, but not much. I had some heart burn later that night, and the next but its gone.

It came across to me that maybe this was a panic attack but the pain lasted 2-3 hours, after that it wasn't horrible, but it was still somewhat there, and the mental aspect of a panic attack wasn't that intense. I also do think that my left arm may just have "mouse arm" (cant remember medical term), cause I use a computer a lot, a part of my muscle/tendon in my hand has been sore for a while, and it is somewhat acting up now as I type. I really am not sure if a lot of this is me overreacting, or just a placebo effect (I hope so). I've had minor chest pains since I was 13 (I just turned 18), and every time I went in to get my heart checked out, they said I was fine, and that I had a slight irregular heart beat but it was nothing to worry about and a lot of people have it but don't know.

I also have this weird problem with my thought process either that started the night of the incident, or I haven't noticed before. The only way I can explain it is as if my brain buffers for a moment when I go back and forth between two thoughts, it's like I over excite the neurons responsible for those thoughts and I end up overriding my brain for a brief second with confusion, then it's fine. I do have some chest pains now, but it isn't very often, and honestly happens mostly when I think about it or worry about it (same with the left arm), which is why I think I could be conning my self about this entire incident, because I've had panic attacks before but they weren't as bad and were more mental than physical.

It's dumb of me but I never went into the doctors cause 1. I was too paranoid to go in, and 2. I don't want to worry my mom or waste her money just so the doc's (possibly) find nothing. I haven't lately because all I've been doing is researching about this stuff, off and on I think I'm fine and then I don't. So I came here to settle it once and for all, I have a doctors appt. next week anyways so if you guys don't think its serious (I don't, but it could be denial) I'll just wait until then, if it is then I'll go now. I know everybody says "If its your heart then don't risk it", but every time I go in for my heart, it's always nothing.

My family nor myself have a history of heart disease, diabetes, or just flat out obesity. I'm very fit, just oddly muscular for my age, but I don't work out as often as I should now-a-days. I also smoke cigarettes, and my heart pains/arm numbness do come back a bit when I have a cig, but then again it could just be my head. The last time I had any form of a heart test was probably about a year or two ago, it was an EKG and I believe a blood test, but my memory is a bit foggy in that area. My heart rate is normal, I don't know about my blood pressure, but I believe I got a test for it lying somewhere around my house. My last dose of amphetamines was today, yes I know its stupid, but it's literally my last dose (I weaned myself off).

Oh and I did have sex last night, being in the moment I may have over did it (I usually get this feeling just without the numbing), my heart pounded like hell, I got heart burn during it, my left arm and leg became pretty numb, I was kind of tremor-ish, and that's it. Once I orgasmed the numbing went away (except for under my armpit area), and my heart was fine, but beating pretty fast (110bpm).

So do you think I likely had a heart attack? Or do you think it's something else? Or a combination of things? Or simply nothing but a placebo affect or panic attack? And by the way how long does numbing of the left-arm and chest pains last after having a heart attack?

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Cardiovascular :: Trembling Heart - History Of Heart Disease

Recently my heart has been trembling a lot and i find it hard to sleep because i can feel it beating. I used to feel pain in my heart on occasion before, but i have not had that recently. When I drink coffee the tremors are more noticeable and more frequent. 

On my mother's side, she has history of high blood pressure and heart disease, her father died at 50 from a heart attack and my cousin (32 female) has a pacemaker. 

Other symptoms include: 

Redness under my eyes 

Pitted and grooved nails 

Personal profile: 

25 y/o male 

Smoker - 10 a day 

I used to use cocaine infrequently for around 2 years (a heavy session once a month)

I don't drink alot maybe once a week

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Disease That Causes Enlarged Heart?

what are the diseases that cause enlarged heart? and what can I do to help with this problem are I am doomed to die with it without notice? mine was inherited . my older brother has it and my son has it. just here lately found this out . I new about mine , but not of there's. I was told by a doctor twenty years ago after doing a stress test that the heart was slightly enlarged and he also said I had the heartbeat of an Athlete, meaning that when I worked out my heart would raise up and when I stopped it would fall back to normal beat quickly.

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Heart Disease :: Jaw Pain After Stent Placement

My Dad had a Stent placed after a heart attack one week ago.  He has been having jaw pain all day.  Should we be worried?

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Heart Disease :: Intermittent Vibration In Chest

I've been experiencing an intermittent vibration from the region of my heart for the last 5 months. It can occur at anytime but usually when I am at rest or sleeping. I also get PACs and tachycardia in the afternoons which occurs whenever I am standing or walking (approximately 110 bpm). Sometimes the vibration is triggered by a PAC.

I have done the following tests

- 24 hour ecg (normal)
- Echocardiogram (normal)
- Blood test to check electrolytes and thyroid (normal)

I am 31 years old and Male. I am currently taking medication for hypertension but have been assured this is not a side effect of the med.

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Heart Disease :: Ejection Fraction Is Calculated To Be 56%

I was diagnosed with an mild fixed perfusion at the cardiac apex wall near the apex and a infarct involving the apex and anterior wall near apex and my left ventricular ejection fraction is calculated to be 56%. My question is what does this mean in laymen terms and what medication,  treatments or diet may help this condition?

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Heart Disease :: Stem Cell Injections - Anyone?

looking for others thats had stem cells injected into there heart.

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Hormones :: Low Testosterone And Dropped Cardio

I have been diagnosed with Low T. I have been very fatigued over last couple months. My question is can low t affect your cardio? I am a runner and just completed a half marathon a couple months ago. Over the last month my cardio has dropped drastically. I can barely run a couple miles without having to stop. I have to walk for a while and then start running again. Could this be caused by the low t?

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Alternative Therapies :: Treating Heart Disease Holistically

We have a Facebook group dedicated to treating heart disease holistically. Search for it " Healing Heart Disease Naturally".

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