Heel Pain :: MRI - Minimal Joint Effusion Is Seen Tibiotalar Joint

Jul 31, 2014

Hi Experts,

I have been into long distance running since long. Lately I started suffering from severe heel pain for which I had an MRI which says:

1. Minimal joint effusion is seen tibiotalar joint anterior and posterior recesses.

2. Soft tissue edema is seen in kager fat and anterior of ankle.

3. Minimal insignificant fluid in subtalar joint and intertarsal joints.

Its been two months I have not been running and I am feeling equal pain all the time. Pressing heel by thumb gives me worst pain. I can't move barefoot anymore. Orthotics insoles provide relief.

I have been dipping my legs in ice water and not running since 2 months but no relief at all.

I am 31 year old male, 5'11" and 78 kg.

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Arthritis :: Synovial Effusion But No Joint Damage ?

I am 22 years old. I have just read all the symptoms of Osteoarthritis and it matches to what i have been facing from 3 years. I have a consistent pain in my Right Hip joint it is felt when I move my leg. Im facing Limited range of motions in joint and my joint have also become weak i don't have strength in right leg to lift any weight with that joint. 

I have been diagnosed with all possible lab blood tests including (T spot and TB gold test) , Xrays, Mri and Bone scan. 

The report of MRI tell that there is some Synovial Effusion found in the joint and the open biopsy is recommended. Furthermore from X Rays and MRI its clear that there is no damage happened to the Hip Joint so far.

I want to get to know if there is no damage happens to Joint if its possible that its osteoartritis? 

If no what could be possible disease I could have with the same Symtoms like ie limited range of motion of hip, Loss of strength in the leg, Pain when you move it. 

Doctor thinks it could be tuberculosis but the blood tests (TB gold, T spot) to check TB are clear. Bone scan is clear. Lungs X rays are also clear.

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Temporomandibular Joint :: Total Joint Replacement - What To Expect?

So I have been advised by 2 different oral surgeons I need total joint replacement of both joints.

For those of who have gone through joint replacement, I would really appreciate knowing:

1) what questions I should be asking the surgeons about the surgery, about the outcomes; about post-op care; risks;

2) what your personal exerpience was - just want to know what to expect.

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General :: Joint Pain, Back Pain, Chest Pain, Fatigue

I'm a 17 year old female and I'm hoping somebody can help me out. I've been sick and out of school for over a month now. It all started with severe back as chest pains that were diagnosed as pleurisy. We later found out that I did not have pleurisy though. Through a series of blood tests my ANA came back very positive (I took it twice just to be sure, 2 weeks apart from each other) so my doctors were looking at lupus. Those were my only symptoms at the time though. Starting this past Sunday I've been having joint pains particularly in my wrists up my forearms to my elbows and in my hands. When I move my wrists they keep popping too which is strange to me. I'm always exhausted now which is so unlike me. I play lacrosse and am an in shape teenager but everything seems to be spiraling downward for me.

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Arthritis :: Severe Joint Pain

I have had moderate to severe joint pain since April, and was recently diagnosed with Parvovirus B19. Apparently the virus can cause severe Arthralgia that lasts upto 9 months.On good days my pain level is at a 3. On bad days it will go upto a 6/7. Yesterday I stepped on a metal wire and it got stuck in my foot. The urgent care center recommended I get a tetanus shot, since I have not had one in over 10 years. I asked what the side effects were, and they said my arm would be a little sore.

Well, " a little sore" does not quite describe it. My arm was in excruciating pain all night and still really bad today. I can't even lift it more that a couple inches. Also,  all my joints on my left side ( side I got the shot) were in excruiating pain 8-9. I just sat in bed and cried last night. I took 3 tylenol arthritis's and an extra Meloxicam that I have for joint pain and it did nothing, My arthritis continues to be really bad today. I called the urgent care and asked if I could come back in to get some medication to work until the pain stops. They said they could not do that, and that the tetanus shot would not aggrivate arthritis.

Let me know if anyone else has experienced worsened arthritis symptoms after a vaccination or shot. I wanted to get the flu shot soon, but I am scared now. Can the Flu shot make me hurt this bad as well? Let me know If I should tell the doctor and ask for additional pain medication. Or if the doctor will just tell me " No".

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Temporomandibular Joint :: TMJ Without Pain/clicking?

I suspect from my symptoms that I could be suffering from TMJ. I had to have two of my upper back teeth removed this year and also one wisdom tooth which I am sure is affecting my bite.

I spoke to the surgeon about my symptoms and he said that it could be TMD and that I would probably need to have a splint made. I am currently waiting to go back to my regular dentist for a new x ray and to follow this up.

The sensation I experience I would not describe as painful... annoying/uncomfortable absolutely!

It feels as though the left side of my jaw is in a constant spasm or as though something is pulling it back (hard to describe) I can open my mouth without any problems and there is no clicking.

I sometimes wake up and it is fine but then throughout the day it starts to come back. I notice this mostly when I sit down on my computer or lay my head back on something. It also goes away for a couple of days but then it comes back.

I do not think it is a tooth problem as I have had regular check ups this year and any problems I had have now been dealt with and now I just need to get implants made for the missing teeth when the gum is healed.

I wondered if anyone with a bit more experience thinks this is a TMJ problem or could it be something else like a nerve problem? Most symptom checkers describe TMJ as painful or with clicking noise from the jaw, which I am not experiencing. Hence the confusion!

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Cataflam For Joint Pain - Side Effects?

I have joint pain and my doctor prescribed me Cataflam. I know that Cataflam is strong medicine and I am not sure should I take it. I want to know more, also, about Cataflam side effects. My friend told me that Cataflam is strong and dangerous medicine. Is she right?

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Vomiting And Severe Back Pain - SI Joint?

I've been dealing with pain off and on in my low back wrapping around my hip bone on my left side. I have some burning in the back of my thigh and swelling of my leg.

This pain is excruciating when it comes on...sometimes it is manageable with meds and heat and other times I've landed in the ER with full on episodes of vomiting and pain off the charts.

I have had ovarian cysts and have been checked for those, negative. No kidney stones or masses showing in an abdominal CT. I did have SI Joint damage after an MVA years ago.

Is this possible this is SI joint pain? I was on long acting pain meds for years, only recently off them and that's when I've noticed an increase in pain. Perhaps the meds were masking the issue?

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Temporomandibular Joint :: Hearing Loss And Pain In My Jaw

I have noticed that I have a hearing loss in one ear along with a lot of pain from my jaw which is dislocated (same side). What can I do?

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Big Toe Joint Replacement - 10 Weeks Post Op, Still Pain

I had Big Toe Replacement Op 10 weeks ago, I am still in pain and also have Tendonitis. I go to physio and can bend my toe, but the pain is no better than before the op.

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Ramipril :: Joint Pain - Side Effect

I have been taking Ramipril 10mg for a few months now.

I have experienced the tickly cough, but not often so that's ok, the one problem I'm worried by is joint pain.

I went from 5mg to 7.5mg to 10mg it has been whilst I have been on this higher dose that my arm joint to my shoulder have started to hurt, with sometimes sharp pain, also a sharp pain in the base of my index finger but again very occasionally.

I worry that if I go and talk to my doctor he may try and treat the joint pain with yet another drug which itself might have side effects, and the spiral then goes on into old age.

I am only 51 and will continue to take the medication but will monitor my problems and eventually have a chat with my GP.

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Facet Joint Pain Caused By My Hyper Lordosis

After 13 ish weeks off work with back pain I visited an osteopath who finally told me I have a problem with my facet joints caused by my hyper lordosis. I've been given exercises but that's about it, looking to try and find out if anyone else has experienced this and has any advice? I can't do anything through the day without being confined to the couch in the evening in a lot of pain. I'm doing yoga to try and help too but I have a holiday to Florida booked for September and the last thing I want is it ruined by being in so much pain.

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Bone / Joint :: Bunion Pain Worse After Surgery?

I had bunion surgery on my feet last year, since then i have been in more pain than before i had surgery. To be honest they weren't actually painful before the surgery, just a pain to wear shoes and they were very bent. now my left foot feels weird and my right foot is extremely painful.
what to do? i regret having the surgery i want to go back to being my normal super active self. They hurt so much!

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Temporomandibular Joint Pain :: Naproxen (Aleve) Really Helped

I just wanted to share with everyone that I have tried Magnesium Citrate and Vitamin D for my TMJ pain and if anything, they actually made it worse. My wife recommended that instead of Advil (which does take the edge off a little) to try Aleve. I took (2) 220 mg pills right after dinner on a full stomach and noticed a big difference about 1-2 hours later. It kept me out of pain almost completely all night and I didn't even need to take more yet, knock on wood. I also noticed that a medical journal online posted that Naproxen had proven to be more effective than Ibuprofen or Tylenol for TMJ pain. Anyone else find this to be true for them too?

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Mirtazapine :: Diarrhea, Joint / Muscle Pain And Headache

I've been on Mirtazapine for 10 days... at first it was all fine. I wasn't tired, not tomboyish and feeling good. For the past two days I've suffered serious diarrhea, joint and muscle pain and headache. Anyone else experience this? Does the diarrhea go away?

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Stop Taking Pravastatin - Joint Pain And Lost Of Libido

I am a 51 year old male. My cholesterol was 256 and my doctor convinced me to take a statin in Jan 2013. I started simvastatin but my joints got so stiff I couldn't walk down stairs.

I switched to pravastatin ..only 10mg. I felt my joint in shoulder stiffen constantly (little league pitcher) but Dr said take if I can tolerate. Since I had chest pains for a few prior years I continued on the statin. MY Total cholesterol has slowly went down. I had no activity until 2014 when I pick up ice hockey.
However it is my belief my testosterone sank to only 400 along with my sexual desire. I will monitor my mood which has been very low for a few years, erectile dysfunction, testosterone level and total Cholesterol.

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Clarithromycin (Klaricid) - Chronic Diarrhea, Muscle And Joint Pain

After taking a course of penicillin which had no effect on a nasty toe infection I was prescribed Klaricid 500 but have had to stop taking it after only 3 tablets.

Experiencing chest pain, chronic diarrhea, muscle and joint pain, tinnitus and coughing, The ghastly taste and smell I could have lived with but not all the other side effects.

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TKR :: Epsom Salt Baths Relieve Joint And Muscle Pain?

Has anybody tried Epsom Salt baths to relieve joint and muscle pain after total knee replacement surgery?

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Lyme Disease :: Joint Pain And Numbness Along With Some Balance Issues

For 2 yrs now I have been suffering with this debilitating medical issue, I can not walk, or function in a daily normal routine. I been misdiagnosed, had surgery, and now thrown to the wolves to figure it out on my own. In 2010 I had joint pain and numbness along with some balance issues and severe headaches ( sinus ), I was constantly getting sick , ( flu ) I had blood tests for just about everything and was told that my problem was Vitamin D deficiency, I took 50 k units daily for a month as directed, but still had my symptoms, more blood tests were done all negative. Then I was told all my symptoms were from bulging discs in my neck I needed surgery ASAP., I have have had absolutely NO RELIEF whatsoever from this procedure almost a year ago. My surgeon NOW has no clue what the cause is, and I have been advised to seek "other avenues " for care. So I had more blood tests and more MRI . My GP sent me to another neurologist who watched me walk and tapped on my knees and told me I was "a mess" and should come back in 6 months.

I live in northern Ct. in a rural farm based community, I am 51 years old and have been extremely active and healthy until all this. I am now disabled to the point of being housebound, I have never noticed evidence of a tick bite or the classic bullseye rash, but I do have a recurring rash on my neck that comes and goes and looks like a nice hickey at times and then goes away for a while . I have had this for many years now, MY gp says its a birthmark aggravated by shaving ? There are LOTS more symptoms that I did not list here, but I printed out the Lyme questionnaire and have almost all the symptoms on there ( 80+ % ), Moderate to severe. I am at wits end here, my doctors are basically done with me, they have no solutions nor any idea of where to turn for help ! so I am basically doing this on my own.

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Bone / Joint :: Pain On Ball Of Foot After Bunion Surgery

I had bunion surgery about 5 months ago. I'm 16 years old and have severe bunions on both feet. I play sports and am constantly running around and going through a lot of shifting and moving. before the surgery the pain was unbearable and felt like I had two broken toes. I went to the doctor after a few years to when the pain was just too much and he told me I needed surgery. I chose to do one foot at a time because I wouldn't be able to walk on it for about 6 weeks so I chose the one that hurt more. I had nerves being pulled on the side by the bunion and my toe was shifted to the side. Now 5 months after I am in the same about of pain as before and then some. My big toe is not only still numb( which the doctor told me was apart of the normal healing process) but the big toe also does not touch the ground. The pain is so bad when I am playing basketball that I need to stop. It's the bottom of my foot under the big toe and around where the bunion was removed that hurts it feels like pins and needles and like I'm walking on rocks. It's very tender on the area, should I be worried/get this checked out? Or should I just deal with it?

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Coeliac Disease :: Gluten-free Diet- Still Experiencing Joint Pain

I have an 8 year old who was diagnosed with Coeliac disease last May and has been following a gluten-free diet ever since.  Her symptoms previously were pins and needles in hands and feet, mouth ulcers, calcium marks on teeth, bloating, aching joints and bones, and small pink spots on the face. She is also quite small for her age.  Her symptoms have cleared up, However now and then she gets sick if we have problems with cross-contamination.  

My problem is that she is still experiencing a degree of joint and bone pain.  About 2 weeks ago was the last time she got sick because of cross contamination, but last night she couldn't sleep because of the pain.  Is this normal - does anyone else experience this?

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